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Who Do You Turn To?

            Torrie Wilson sat in her dressing room.  The tears cascading down her cheeks smeared her makeup but she didn't care.  She was alone, and she was crying.  And for right now, that was all she needed.

            She needed time to wallow in her pain and anger.  It wasn't fair.  She had done what Dawn wanted and she was still going to lose her father.  Not only that, Dawn had promised she would reveal what had happened in the hotel room that night at Armageddon.

            'So much for everything I've worked for' she thought bitterly. It had always been her dream to become a top female wrestler, but now the fans, the people who could make or break a superstar, were going to see her as nothing but a slut.  It would all be destroyed in however much time it took Dawn to play the footage at Armageddon.

            Torrie glanced at the clock on a nearby table and realized they would be closing the arena soon and she would have to leave.  Hotel rooms still made her nervous, and she saw absolutely no reason to return to her home, so she decided to find some place where she could get coffee and think.

            She left the arena, climbed into her car and drove a little ways until she came to a 24-hour diner on the side of the road.  She sat down in the back and ordered a cup of coffee.  She had just taken her first sip when the General Manager of RAW, Eric Bitch-off [a/n-his real last name is Bischoff but I DON'T CARE!] approached her.

            "So…"he said smoothly, reaching out to stroke her hair. "I hear we participated in a little…HLA the other night…"

            Torrie smacked his hand away. "Leave me alone."

            "Now what kind of attitude is that to take with an old friend?"

            She was about to reply when a second male voice interrupted.

            "I believe the lady asked you to leave her alone, Eric."

            Torrie looked over to see Shane McMahon standing face to face with Bitch-off.  She concealed her surprise as best she could while the two stared each other down.

            "Is that so, Shane?"

            "Yes.  And unless you want me to get the cops on your ass for harassment, I suggest you leave."

            Again, the two men had a brief glaring contest.  Bitch-off then stalked off, muttering about '3 minutes' and 'HLA'.  Torrie stood up and faced Shane.

            "Thanks." She smiled.  It felt odd, almost like she had forgotten how to in the past two weeks.

            "Hey, no problem." He smiled back and they hugged. "Anything for a friend." The two had known each other for a long time and had grown quite close, even with the downfall of the WCW/ECW Alliance.

            "So, what was he talking about?" asked Shane as they sat down in the booth where Torrie had been previously sitting alone.

            "Do you think we could talk about this in private?"

            "Sure. Come on, we can take my car."

            "Where do you intend on taking me?" she raised an eyebrow before standing.

            "I'm staying with Steph.  In an actual house, by the way."

            Torrie nodded, smiling in spite of herself.  She realized she had forgotten about her car, but then remembered it was a rental and it was highly apt to break down if anyone tried to drive it.  She looked out the window and trailed off into thought until the car stopped and Shane got out and opened the door for her.  She smiled again.  It had begun to feel more natural, as if she was remembering how.

            "Thanks." She took his hand and they walked into the house together.

            "Now," he said, once they had sat down on the couch in the living room. "Tell me what happened."

[Steph's P.O.V.]

            Steph was looking for Chris, and almost walked right into the living room when she saw Shane in there…with a girl no less.  She turned, left quietly, and found Chris in the kitchen, making a late night snack. [a/n-you gotta remember, people, it's like 1 or 2 am!]

            "You wouldn't happen to know who my brother's in the living room with, would you?"

            "I think it's Torrie Wilson, actually.  I saw their car pull up."

            "You know, it probably has something to do with her thing with Dawn Marie right now."

            Chris simply shrugged. "I guess."

            Steph made a gesture with her head. "Let's find out."

            "Won't Shane be pissed?"

            "He should know by now that being a McMahon means having spying, deviousness and cunning in your blood."

            "True." He put down the jar of mustard he had been using and together they snuck into the hallway joining the kitchen and living room and waited, listening.

[Torrie's P.O.V.]

            "…So now not only is she going to show the footage at Armageddon, but my father is still going to marry her!" Torrie finished tearfully.

            "Damn." Shane whispered.  He said nothing else, and sat in silence for a while, letting Torrie cry.  He could tell she needed it.

            "I'm sorry." She said after a bit. "You don't deserve to be burdened with my problems."

            "It's fine, really.  I know how you feel.  Back during the Invasion I began wondering if my father even cared anymore.  I still wonder today."

            "I'm sure he does.  After all, he's not getting married to some whore that's 20 years younger than him, is he?"

            "Not that I know of…"

            "I just want to thank you so much for listening to me.  You're the first person I've been able to talk to since this whole thing started.  Stacey and Trish are on RAW, Lita may as well have disappeared, Molly just doesn't care anymore and Maven's disappeared, too.  I feel so…alone and helpless a lot of the time.  Like no loves me, even."

            Shane hugged the blonde close and rested his chin on her head. "Someone loves you Torrie.  You just don't see it yet." [a/n- ok, that sounded corny, I know, but I absolutely LOVE IT!!!]

            Torrie leaned back to look at her friend. "Are you saying…do you…?"

            He nodded silently. 

            Slowly, her sadness temporarily forgotten, Torrie leaned her head up until their lips met in a soft, warm, kiss.

            They separated not long after to stare into each other's eyes for a while.  Then, Torrie finally said the words she had been wanting to say since they first met.

            "I love you, too."

[Steph's P.O.V.]

            "That is so sweet!" Steph whispered.  Chris hugged her around the waist.

            "Almost as sweet as us."


A/N- This was chapter 1 of an at least 5 or 6 chapter series.  I originally intended for this to be kind of like DCFanatic4Life's series "Hugs & Kisses", but I know it won't be a) as good or b) as long.

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