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Chapter One

Slowly, he opened his eyes. His vision was blurry, as if he was sinking in an ocean. Something had called him from his death... more like some one. He blinked a few times, causing the blurriness to leave his sight. The lights were dim. As he focused all his senses on whot was going on around him, he became frightened

Outside of the Control Room door raged a huge fire, flames engulfed everything in their path. He needed to get out before the palace ship blew up. Voices... voices were screaming, calling for help above him. The voices sounded familiar in a way... had the man heard them before?

His body sore, wounded, bloody, he pushed himself up to his feet. How it hurt to stand, to move, to breathe. Well, he sure didn't want to burn to death. The voices were louder now. He looked above him and found on the metal ceiling a vent. He could see light from the other side. He decided to try his luck.

"He... hello?" He said, his voice raspy. He coughed and called again.

"Help us! Please, Mister D! Please help us!" A girlish voice cried. The heat began to get to him, causing him to feel faint. Maybe they were injured. She had called him Mister D... was that part of his name? He couldn't remember.

He shook his head furiously and found boxes to stack onto one onother to reach the vent. Suprisingly, and fortunately, the vent was loose.

"Hurry, please!" A lower voice called. The sound of rattling chains came also. The man found a place to hold onto and then he pulled himself up out of the hole. It was a narrow squeeze and the edges of the metal tore at his already raw and beaten body.

He stood to his feet and looked around. Four mechas stood against the walls, their hands and feet in chains bolted to the walls.

"Dark Master! Help, the place will blow... we cannot get out of these chains! And Bea... Bearing..." The blue haired mecha said, tears forming in his grey eyes. The man they called the Dark Master sighed.

"Must you leave this to me? Bearing, whot about Bearing? Didn't you all die? And, why should I save you?" He said, glaring at the four.

The girl spoke next.

"Oh Mister D! He lit the fire! I heard him from the vent. He went to check to see if Jeala was here and he saw you. He yelled at you, but you didn't respond! So then, we herad him rummaging around through the item shelf and then... glass broke and it could have only been a Fire Bottle! He laughed, called you a name I will not repeat and then left!"

Glass shattered below. The fire now was right beneath them.

"The key! It is down there, in the metal box on the wall!" The fat mecha said, struggling with all his might to free himself from the chains.

"You expect me to risk my life for you? Whot have yo.."


The door flew off its hinges and fell onto the floor a few feet away from the man. Orane and red flames were creeping up the walls.

"Aw. shit!" The man said, jumping down the hole. He landed right in the middle of the inferno, with no way of escape.

The flames crawled up his legs and licked at his flesh. He screamed in fear as the flames rose to his neck but... he wasn't being burned? He stared forward into the fire, amazed that he wasn't harmed. For all he knew, this was just an illusion and he was only feeling a gentle breeze.

He began to walk to the walls. His vision was low, he had to feel his way around. Finally, his hand hit a sharp edge. He felt the glass pane and thrust his fist into it, breaking the glass and retrieving the locking key.

The girl screamed bloody murder. The man saw his entry way was now consumed with fiery tongues. Then it dawned on him.

He closed his eyes, focused all his energy on the floor above and said one word.


The flames dissappeared for a split second then reappeared around him once more.

He ran to the girl first. She always had been nice to him. If anyone would live, it would be her. He quickly twisted the key into each lock and moved on as the flames surrounded them. Finally each mecha was freed.

"Dark master, how did you survive the inferno?" The demonic mecha cried.

"Shut up! There is no time for that! Hurry, the only way out is through that broken window."

* * * * * * * * * *

Bearing chuckled. The Dark Master would surely be finished now. The huge glass window had just blow out and the raging fire was now climbing the outside wall. The smile continued to spread across his face. That asshole would never bug him again, and now he could have Jeala all to himself. She was so nice to him, the nicest human he knew. The Dark Master didn't deserve her. But.. she wasn't there.. whot if she was in there somewhere?

Just like a flash, the window a floor higher burst like a balloon, flames and glass flying into the air. But then... five figures flew out as well... Wire... Bolt... Ratchet... Shaft and... The Dark Master. His smile left his face. he was alive... and he would surely die.

* * * * * * * * * *

"...aster... Master! Please, wake up..." Ratchet said in a gentle voice, shaking the Dark Master. He could hear the fire yet and heavy breathing. He opened his eyes and above him stood Ratchet, Bolt, Shaft and Wire. Behind them was Bearing. He pushed himself up so fast, he felt as if he would pass out. He'd kill the bastard! He lunged forward, tackling Bearing to the ground.

"You bastard! You... tried to kill me? I'll kill you first! And you tried to kill Jeala! You ass..." The Dark Master said, his fists colliding with the side of Bearing's face. Bearing laughed menacingly.

"You were already dead. I didn't do anything to you, and I sure as hell would never hurt Jeala!" Bearing cried, rolling over and pinning the Dark Master to the ground, his claws ready to pierce his throat. He glared into the Dark Master's eyes. Hatred filled them. Bearing released the Dark Master and backed away.

"You are lucky, Bearing. And so are you, Bolt, Wire, Shaft and Ratchet. I will give you a new chance at life. We will rule the world... we will finish whot Medius did not. And I... I will be... the Neo Emperor... ruling it all."