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Chapter Three
"She's getting away! Neo Emperor! The girl is escaping!" yelled Neo Wire, grabbing on the railing and watching as the girl flew down the last twenty-one steps, her cloak billowing behind her. His eyes were mad and furious.

The Neo Emperor quickly arrived at Neo Wire's side, his eyes red and flashing. The girl was gone.

"Dammit." he muttered, resting his forehead on the railing. "I needed her for my plans. I will find her... make no mistake." The Neo Emperor unsheathed his beloved sword. The blade shimmered and glowed in the dimmness. A spooky smirk made its way onto his face.

"Whot do you plan on doing to get her back?" The man said, turning to face him.

"That you do not need to know! You are just a ploy, a mere distraction. My plans will be secret until I act. Do not ask me again!" The Neo Emperor said, bringing the blade under Neo Wire's chin. Neo Wire backed away, bowing his head.

"Yes, your Highness. I only thought you would be gracious enough to let me help."

"Well then, you thought wrong! Now go, I need to think..." The Neo Emperor said, focusing all his attention on the blade of his sword. Neo Wire quickly entered a side room and slammed the door.

"If this bunch is like the other, I will go insane! Now... My loyal Servant, is this whot loyalty is to you? Must you learn the hard way, never try to defy me? Poor, poor Jeala. You will die in due time for your actions. Death Master... teleportium!" The Neo Emperor cried.

The blade of the sword began to glow a deep purple color. The jewels on the hilt emitted light in their own colors. The Neo Emperor loosened his grip oand the sword was gone.

"This should be easy." He said. HIs laugh echoed thorugh the entire palace of Dianova. The walls resounded with the same grimmace as the Neo Emperor made his way into the Control Room.

* * * * * * * * * *

"But Mr. NE. How will we know when to attack? How will we even know where they are?" Neo Ratchet started, spinning in her chair until Neo Shaft stopped her.

"Neo Ratchet. I have this all planned out. You will go to the city and fool them... befriend them... kill them. One by one you will take their lives. Leave Sodina to me. You harm her in any way and you will pay with death, understood?" The Neo Emperor replied, the five humans bowing their heads in agreement.

"Good. Neo Ratchet, you will go to Kant first. Come back with proof that tiy succeeded and give us the progress. Then, Neo Beraing, you will go. Then Wire, Bolt, and then Shaft. You may leave whenever you wish, Neo Ratchet." The Neo Emperor said, tapping his fingers lightly onthe arms of his chair.

This time his plan to rule the world would succeed.