Hey, time for another Chapter of Captain Jake and the Neverland Pirates Meets PJ masks. In this Chapter, Luna Girl comes out if the portal, and Gekko runs to her and picks her up. I'll add more as I go...

Chapter 5 Luna Girl arrives

Luna Girl's POV

As I was inside my Luna fortress, with my little sister Mothzuki I was wondering what my boyfriend Gekko was doing.

"Mothzuki, what do you think the PJ masks is doing right now?" I asked her.

"Well, I heard that the PJs, went into Neverland." Mothzuki said to me.

"Then that's where we should go." I said to her as I got on my Luna bored and we both went to the second star to the right, and straight on till morning.

Izzy's POV

As I was cuddling with Captain Jake on the couch watching TV, Greg came in crying.

"Aww, Greg, what's wrong?" I asked him.

"Cubby threw a coconut at my nose." Greg said to me as Captain Jake came back with an ice pack.

"Thanks Captain Jake!" Greg said to him.

"Anytime Greg." Captain Jake said to him as Cubby came over.

"I am so sorry Greg, please forgive me." Cubby said to him with puppy dog eyes.

"Aww, okay I'll forgive you Cubby. Not only you gave me the puppy dog eyes, but you are so cute and adorable." Greg said to him as he pinched his cheek.

"Aww, thanks!" Cubby said to him.

"Well, both of you are cute and adorable." Connor said as he and Amaya came onto the living room.

"How was your Makeout session outside?" I asked them.

"Oh, it, it was amazing." Amaya said to us as A portal opened and out came a girl with white hair, and a moth.

"Luna girl!" Greg said as he immediately picked her up and kissed her.

"Hi Greg! aren't you going to introduce me to your new friends, or are you just going to continue kissing me?" Luna Girl asked him as we all laughed.

"Oh, Jake Izzy, Cubby, this is Luna Girl. Luna girl this is Jake Izzy, and Cubby.

You'll meet Skully, later on." Greg said to her as he introduced us to her.

"So what's going on? why are you guys here?" Luna asked them.

"It's Romeo, he asked Captain Hook the team up with him and now both of them on going to destroy Neverland." Connor said to her.

"Or, I think Romeo is just using Captain Hook as bait just to get rid of you guys for good." Luna said to them.

"How do you know that?" I asked her.

"Because by the looks of it, Captain Hook's coming this way and he's upset." Luna said to us as we all looked out the window.

"Captain Hook what happened?" Jake asked him.


Romeo's POV

As I was telling Captain Hook my evil plan to get rid of Jake Izzy, Cubby The PJ pest, and Peter Pan, he was going on and on about how he hates, Jake his crew and Peter Pan.

"That is enough! I don't need you anymore, I can rule Neverland by myself." I said to him.

"Oh yeah Captain Hook, the Jolly Rodger is now MINE! Hahaha!" I said to him.

"WHAT?" Hook asked in shocked.

"Sorry hook goodbye." I said to him as I threw him over bored.

"Can you at least send down my canoe?" Hook asked me as I cut the rope.

"Thank you." Hook said to me as I ignored him.

End Flashback

Amaya's POV

"That's horrible." I said to him.

"Well, since you're here you can team up with us, so we can stop and Romeo together." Jake said to him.

"If you stop bothering us, and just leave us alone." Izzy said to him.

"That's not going to happen, but I will try to be nicer." Captain Hook said to her.

"Fair enough!" Cubby said to him.

"So, where do we start?" Izzy asked us.

"We should go back to our hometown, go back to HQ and figure out what Romeo is planning." Connor said to us.

" Good idea Connor, besides it's night time anyway." I said to him as I kissed his cheek.

"PJ masks we're on our way, into the night to save the day!" we all said including Jake Cubby, Izzy and Captain Hook.

Time ship...

Once we arrived back into our world, we saw Jake, Izzy Cubby and Captain Hook like we never seen them before.

"Whoa, we look all different ." Cubby said to himself.

"You said it, my hair is even more shiny then ever." Jake said to him.

"Why do you always worry about your hair, Jake?" Izzy asked him while giggling.

"I want my hair, to be perfect and spiky." Jake said to her.

"I'm going to go buy some hair gel, see you guys later." Jake said to us as he was about to leave but Catboy grabbed him with his cat strips.

"Hey, Catboy." Jake said to him annoyed.

"Jake this is not about your hair, besides all of the stores are closed." Gekko said to him.

"Aww, man." Jake said to himself disappointed.

"Gekko, what are you doing?" Cubby asked him.

" I'm just Pinching Luna girls cheek." Gekko said to him.

"Well you got to admit, I am cute and adorable." Luna Girl said to us.

"Uh no. the only person that is cute and adorable around here, is me." Izzy said to her.

"No pirate girl, I'm cute and adorable." Luna Girl said to her.

"Actually, I'm cute and adorable." I said to them.

While we were now arguing on who was cute and adorable, we didn't realize that Jake Cubby Catboy and Gekko, was gone.

"I guess the boys went inside HQ." I said to the girls as we went there as well.

once the girls and I went up to HQ, we saw the boys standing there.

" what took you ladies so long? Jake cubby and I got bored so we decided to pinch Gekko's cheek." Catboy said to us.

"We all decided that we'll all cute, and adorable. Besides, Gekko is cute." I said to them as I pinched his cheek next.

"Who's a cute Gekko? You are." I said to him.

"Hehe, thanks Owlette." Gekko said to me.