Inspiration taken from 'The Antichrist Cometh' for the character(although because of the level jump he is a liiiitle bit stronger. I kept the lore of the character but changed the name a bit because 'Father Blood' just sounds awesome. This Ainz is just easier to work with in a world domination setting, and is a lot more badass), for the idea I took inspiration from 'Death Parade of a Benevolent Overlord'(I love the idea, so I'm kind of stealing the twin adoption idea off of you… sorry not sorry). Read both of these they are amazing fanfics, and apart from AtheistBasementDragon, who should be writing books not fanfics, are the best I've read.

Ok, before I start, this was literally made because I was bored. There is no other reason apart from that 'Death Parade of a Benevolent Overlord' probably won't update anytime soon, and I really liked it, so I'm going to spin it off myself, just with a really aggressive Nazarick. Any feedback good or bad is welcomed, please don't give death threats or anything like that, doing that just shows that, like me, you have nothing better to do and would do well putting it into something more positive. I know this sounds cringy but it's pretty much a given that someone will send some sort of death threat seeing as I'm not J.K. Rowling, (Check them out, best fan fiction I've ever seen) and that I have a tendency to skip most of the necessary backstory, and move onto something more fun without stopping to proofread if it actually makes any logical sense, and that I'm not just slamming random words into something that vaguely resembles a sentence because my fingers can't keep up with ma brain.

In this story there is no in the level cap in the new universe, and as a result, Lazarus(Ainz) is extraordinarily overpowered, so is pretty much everyone in Nazarick. For reference, Voldemort and Dumbledore are at about the level of an orichalcum. Also even without reading Lucifer's stats, and only reading the abilities, you will realise that he is far stronger than any normal level one hundred player.


The young boy lying on the doorstep looked up at the fanged pale man standing above him above him. The boy felt no fear as he looked at him, simply a childish sense of curiosity, the same as he did with the snowflakes fluttering through the harsh November breeze. The Vampire swept aside his hair and revealed his lightning shaped scar. His burning red eyes brightened for a moment. A deep but kind voice could be heard from his voice, which is very different from what it should have been, yet fit him somehow. Even though Lazarus had only been in this world for three months, he had already discovered a great deal about the English war, including the fact that this child was at the core of it.

"I see. So you are the one year old saviour of this world, and the bane of this 'Voldemort'. Lazarus looked at the house Harry was in front of and found it scarily easy to believe the data he had on the nature of the family, and how they would most likely treat the child they were sent. [Greater Break Curse]. Harry suddenly felt a searing pain in his forehead as the horcrux was broken before feeling a calm sense of happiness and relief, as if a weight he never knew was there had been taken off of his mind. "Albedo, bring the child with us, I have a feeling that this boy will be very useful." "Yes Lord Blood." "Albedo, just calling me Lazarus is fine." "How could I dare use such an informal name Lord Blood?!" "-Sigh- ok just take the child." A moment later Harry found himself staring at a being which many would have a goddess. However, Harry, who had the mind of a baby, saw only motherly potential and reached out towards her. The woman hesitated for a moment, then allowed herself to be touched by Harry's delicate hands. She smiled gently, surprising herself with her tenderness towards towards the child. As Harry drifted off to sleep she giggled a bit and walked through the dark purple hole in reality. She thought for a moment, 'boy, you may turn out to be very, very interesting.'

"-And that is how I came to learn of this child, his past, his situation and his fate, and seek him out." Lazarus threw out his arms in 'arrogant king' pose 2. The guardians and Pleiades looked at him in awe and compressed their loyalty further into their souls.

Demiurge spoke before the others, "Truly we are blessed to be fortunate enough to serve such a wise and compassionate ruler that he would take care of even a small child. Lazarus just looked at Demiurge before speaking, "Thank you Demiurge, but about the child, I would like to leave him in the care of Albedo and Shalltear, but the Pleiades and maids may help put in their spare time if they wish to, or if the boy needs anything that Albedo and Shalltear may not have the skills to do completely. All present except Albedo and Shalltear are dismissed " He spoke out the last line with a regal sweep of his arm.

He waited until the door was closed to look down at the tiny child on his lap sleeping soundly. His messy black hair made quite the adorable sight along with the faint sounds of breathing which Lazarus's vampiric senses could quite easily pick up. The two floor guardians knelt perfectly still, waiting for their lord to speak. Lazarus raised his head after a few seconds.

"As I said before, you two will be in charge of Harry and will raise him as one of your own. Albedo, you can consider Harry your son, and Shalltear you can consider him your brother. As I am adopting him as well, so you will technically be raising my child, so I expect for you to do a good job." Albedo and Shalltear looked up in surprise at this statement. Albedo decided to state their acceptance… and drew up the courage to ask for a request, "Yes Lord Blood, we understand, but I have a question." "Yes Albedo what is it?" "Well… as it is a child could you be so generous as to give me permission to rename him?"

Shalltear looked Albedo in shock. She normally hated humans, but for once the vulture had a decent idea, so why not allow her to name him? Lazarus just smiled to himself, while on the inside he was confused at the fact that Albedo had taken interest in a human. "Granted, though I am curious about what you wish to name him."

Albedo smiled brightly. "My Lord, I wish to name him Ash, first name: Ash, last name: Blood."

3 weeks later…

Albus Dumbledore had begun to stroll through the street that was privet drive to try to check up on how Harry was doing when a huge shock struck his system. He had just come into sight of the Dursley household when to his horror the magic security system hadn't been activated. It ran off of Harry's magic to keep in check and defend to kill two birds with one stone, so something must have gone very wrong. He rushed towards it thinking that something must be wrong but no matter how many times he checked it didn't change the fact that it hadn't been activated as it should have been. He quickly spread out his magic to check for any magical beings and there were none within the Dursley house. Muggles didn't have any magic of any kind, so it was quite easy to tell that Harry wasn't there by attempting to make his own magic collide with other sources of magic.

Dumbledore ran towards the Dursley house and frantically smashed the knocker against the door over and over again. A loud stomping came from the inside of the house. A few seconds later the door flew open violently an overly large man with an angry red face came into view and screamed in Dumbledore's face. "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT?!" Dumbledore forced himself to calm remembering what kind of people these muggles are and began to speak slowly to make himself heard over his heavy panting… and Vernon Dursley's audible rage.

Dumbledore began telling the man the lie he had told everyone else, "You were meant to receive your wife's sister's son as she has been murdered, did you receive him or not?." Vernon's face raised itself in a wolfish grin. "Petunia will be pleased to know that her sister is gone, but besides the good news we haven't received any orphan that you were planning to dump on us." Dumbledore's eyes widened in horror, what the hell happened to Harry? He spoke out a stammered thank you and then began to walk away quickly as the door slammed behind him, causing a nearby cat to yelp and scramble away. Unbeknownst to Dumbledore a humanoid creature with 8 spider-like legs watched him and his 'conversation' unfold. It quickly scampered back to Nazarick to report while another one of the creatures took over watching the old man.

6 years later…

Ash sprinted through the halls of Nazarick on all fours with the speed of 70 miles per hour while Albedo chased after him. Of course was going easy on him in this game of tag, but isn't all about victory. Albedo loved seeing Ash be happy as he sprinted away from her with his ever loving abyss wolf running at his side. The abyss wolf Shira was a present Lazarus had given Ash on 6th birthday after he saw how dedicated he was to getting stronger. As an abyss wolf, Shira could change her shape into things she had seen before and mimic their behaviour. Ever since Demiurge replaced his body with a far more powerful one when he had just turned five, he loved running through the halls, flying through the artificial skies of the sixth floor with his wings, honing his fighting skills with Sebas and Uncle Cocytus, and practicing magic. A year ago, even though he was only six, he could cast fourth tier magic and couple of fifth tier spells.

After seeing how eager he was to get more powerful, Uncle Demiurge had developed a method that could allow him to forcefully inject magical power into him that would increase his affinity for magic, allowing to get up to the seventh tier in a few days. Ash had gladly agreed, and he had begun to learn some performance enhancing spells as well as his usual destruction magic, that Lord Lazarus could use as well after learning that could level up further, becoming level 155 and taking ten levels in the job class, even if it wasn't his specialty. Ash knew the whole story of his own past as he had been told when he was around six and a half, but he didn't really seem to mind and argued that he doesn't remember his true parents anyway, and besides, Nazarick is his family in all ways including blood seeing as he got a brand body from them.

Ash doesn't remember when he wasn't treated well by the denizens of Nazarick. He knows there was a time when he first came to Nazarick as a human, then having his body replaced with a combination of a pure vampire, a demon of destruction and a few other things. The only person that Ash is a bit scared of is the eight armed, two legged psychopathic ghoul, Horror. He works as Demiurge's assistant and the area guardian of the maggot spawning grounds and is completely insane. Ash has often seen him on the seventh floor, dragging screaming humans with grotesque mutations and augmentations, or broken ones with multiple holes on their bodies filled with maggots. He is completely silent unless spoken to and has a rasping voice. In the place his mouth should be is a curved cut which stretches from ear to ear like a smile. Inside the cut are rows upon rows of teeth. He likes to crawl up into hidden cracks in the wall or into caves and crawls across ceilings like an insect. He acts more like a spider than a sentient creature. He is just generally just freaky.

Although he does call Lord Blood 'dad', that might be because he is the only major male father figure in his life that he doesn't consider an uncle. He considers the Pleiades, Shalltear, Aura and Mare siblings, considers Albedo a mother, and considers the other floor guardians uncles. When he learned that his father Lazarus Blood was originally known by the name Momonga and changed his name, he asked why. Albedo told him that his father is the most powerful of all vampires and was the first ever vampire in existence. He held the title of Lord Blood as a result, so he decided to change his name into something that made it more obvious of what he is. Also this is the reason why Shalltear calls him Father instead of Lord Blood. Ash felt a surge of pride at this fact. He became a little misanthropic after that and began to believe that humans are lower creatures, as a result he had become a regular visitor to Neutronist to get his demonic habits out of his system. He gained a hatred of the fact that he was once a human, and if he hadn't been rescued by his father, he would have grown up with the same boring life that all other humans take so much pride in for some reason.

When he developed the Prince Of Death class, he began to be called the Prince Of Nazarick, and when Ash told his father of his success, Lazarus laughed happily and told him that he expects great things from Ash. He told him that his only limitation is his skill, not his talent, and that he will stop time for him to study and train for long periods of time if he wishes to, it won't be a problem as Ash is now immortal and can change his appearance at will due to being partly made out of a doppelgänger. Lazarus said he might try it out on himself to save time and gain more time to research and train. As a result 50 years passed for Ash, 300 years passed for Lazarus, while 2 years actually passed for everyone else. Due to this Lazarus has levelled up to 285, has the skill to cast 17th tier spells, and could theoretically get up to the stage of 24th tier, so he has been focusing on training instead of levelling grinding at the moment, he also now has far surpassed the strength of a level 100 party after learning some buffing skills and taking more levels in combat classes, magic classes, and racial classes. Ash has the skill currently to cast tenth tier spells, On Ash's 10th birthday, a year before Ash was due to go to the local Wizarding School 'Hogwarts', Lazarus decided it would be best if Ash would meet some human wizarding children, and make some friends. (To be continued…)

Ash's Stats at age 9(There will be no difference for Ash at age 11, apart from gaining the Wand Mage class of level 20. Seeing as Ash started training at the age of 5, he is incredibly strong.)(Harry Ash gained a whole load of racial classes naturally without him levelling them up, so only the total of his job levels shows his overall level and exp needed to get to the next level.


Racial Classes:

Level 40 Demon Of Destruction

Level 30 True Vampire

Level 15 Doppelgänger

Level 10 Living Unstable Mana (due to the whole demon of destruction thing combining itself with the pure mana injected into Ash's system)

Level 10 Demon Of Apocalypse

Level 5 Beast Of Oblivion

Level 5 Intellect Devourer (Makes Ash a whole lot smarter)

Level 2 Human

Job Classes:

Level 35 Demonic Mage

Level 30 Berserker

Level 20 Demonic Mage

Level 20 Destruction Mage

Level 15 Brawler

Level 10 Avatar Of Destruction

Level 5 Collapsing Star (This just means that Ash has the energy of a Collapsing Star, and can use black hole skills and the like.)

Level 5 Prince Of Death


Passive Skills (can be deactivated and cost no mana):

Father Of All Vampires:

As the first ever player to choose vampire as a character, non-player vampires who are weaker than you will automatically obey you. You have a near obsessive hatred for humans and love slaughtering humans in mass. You are very well versed in physiological and physical warfare against humans. You are very protective over your vampiric children and other allies. Gain title: Father Blood/The Blood-Father. Gain active skill: Wrath Of The Blood Father.

Nature of the Vampire God:

You have an unmatched sense of ambition, you will do anything to achieve your goals, and see mortals as below you in every way. You are extremely misanthropic and have no care whatsoever about mortal's death. You are very intelligent(four hundred IQ to be exact) and arrogant, yet prefer to get to the point instead of basking in your own glory. You are merciless, and will never forgive someone if they betray you. You take pleasure in killing, but take more pleasure in torturing and feeding on living humanoids. You are very sadistic but are protective of friends and allies, especially those who you acknowledge as your children(the denizens of Nazarick, especially Ash).

World Class Enemy:

You have been acknowledged by reality itself that you are something that should not be messed with, after getting maximum negative karma, you have used a world item that Is considered one of the twenty to unlock the limits of your power. You must have a mix of Physical and Magical job classes. Stats all gain +25. Mana +500%, Mana Cost -75%, Spell Power +500%, Physical Power +500%, Psychic Power +500%.

Passive Skill Gain: Weapon Master:

You can use any weapon will the skill of a master, with no limitations. You may wield two weapons of the same type with no drawbacks.

Active Skill Gain: Mana Burn:

Create a single spell which burns 50% of your remaining mana. This can be combined with 'affinity combining' and 'spell combining'. This is not affected by 'infinite mana'.

Unholy Presence:

The air itself seems to shiver when you walk into a room with this active. Weakens good aligned enemies, and strengthens evil aligned allies.

Aura of Fear I-IV

Steal identity:

Disguise yourself as someone who you drank blood from. You look like them, talk like them, act like them, and even have the same habits as them. Combination of illusion and knowledge magic.

Hive King Of The Dead:

Undead nearby will automatically fall under your control if they are not being controlled already, or their master is at least forty levels below you. You share an almost hive mind like bond with your undead, and can send a 'message' to them instantly without spending mana. You can share all of one your undead's senses at will, and can take over their body for a short amount of time without damaging your own. Your undead act like a hive mind protecting their queen, and have an inbuilt 'kill switch' which becomes one of the undead's abilities when you take control of them. The kill switch, when activated by the undead that the kill switch is embedded in or the master of the undead, will explode releasing hundreds of parasitic worms which will burrow into the nearest living thing, infecting them with a parasitic disease which will take control of the creatures brain, and march them towards a designated location where they will be secured and readied for 'processing'.

Undead Hive Breeding:

The parasite moves down from the brain into other parts of the body, allowing the host to regain control, not that they can move anymore. The parasite begins the 'processing', as the user has regained control of their body, this is extraordinarily painful. The mouth is cut out and replaced with a tube which forcefully propelled nutrients, oxygen and an anti-aging potion into the host to keep them alive, permanently. The heart is turned into a den for the parasite, allowing it to spread the appropriate drugs throughout the bloodstream to prevent illness and spread nutrients throughout the body, the kidneys, bladder and digestive system are removed, any waste is recycled. The reproductive organs are converted into an asexual breeding ground for maggots. At this point the host is now a 'spawner', a slave with no gender, in constant agony and constantly produces a maggot every few minutes. Maggots are different from normal maggots, and are undead creatures that hatch from eggs inside of humanoids, they spawn inside of corpses and are produced by hive parasites, they are about the size of a thumb. Maggots are very weak by themselves, but have the unique ability of being able to combine themselves to create stronger undead like death knights or lichs(the size of the creature doesn't matter, only the power and level does). The strongest known undead was 'Fleshzilla'. A player combined thirty billion maggots into an amalgamation which he wasn't strong enough to control, as he wasn't level one hundred. It took over two hundred level one hundred players to kill that thing. Needless to say, after Momonga played for so long, he gained over ten million breeders(enough to auto-make five death knights a second), and has enough stored maggots to make over a thousand Flesh Zillas, and keeping control over them.

Infinite Mana(Stage three only)

Active Skills:

Create undead(uses corpse)

Reform Maggots

Destruction Magic

Blood Magic

Death Magic

Negation Magic

Unholy Magic

Soul Magic

Illusion Magic

Reality Magic

Time Magic

Space Magic

Elemental Magic

Biology Magic

Creation Magic

Knowledge Magic


Spell Combining

Affinity Combining(two affinities can be combined)

Spell Creating

Full Magic Control(basically can change if someone can use magic, and can make magical energies pick stuff up and throw it around, and other stuff depending on what affinity Lucifer is commanding). Can be used like telekinesis or utilising the raw energy of the affinity that the user is bestowing the nearby mana with.


Create Vampire(uses living humanoid)

Create Unholy(uses alive or dead sentient holy creature)

Create Vampire Bride(uses dead female humanoid)

Amalgamate(uses two or more corpses)

Mind Control

Infest(creates a maggot inside the target)

Make Slave(changes target's loyalty to user permanently)

Bloodlust(stage two only)

Intimidation(stage two only)

Adrenaline(stage two only)

(Once Per Two Hundred Hours)Wrath Of The Blood Father(Stage three only)

True Form Conversion.(basically imagine a blood red, humanoid Cthulhu with Dark Young tentacles.

Stage One: Voice turns into true form, senses increases tenfold and stats double.

Stage two: Body becomes that of the true form, active skills Bloodlust, Intimidation and Adrenaline are activated at no cost. All stats double again.

(Once Per Two Days)Stage three: All skills, except Steal Identity, are made active at maximum power at no cost with an AoE effect. For example being in the vicinity of a graveyard will fill that graveyard with undead servants, Vampire brides and amalgamations. Infinite Mana is active: All spells can be combined and cast with no cost. Wrath Of The Blood Father can be used if not on cool down, this skill casts every spell you know instantly in a single mass of carnage, then replenishes your mana to maximum. It doesn't matter what spell it is, it casts it. The skill however will only cast offensive spells, and none of these spells will affect vampires, or those who have been marked as allies. Stats double again.

Twin Blades of Ainz Ooal Gown

These two swords were forged from the seed that created The Universe: [The Singularity], the strongest material in the universe, and sharp enough to cut atoms . This seed could only be obtained by finding the first fruit of Yggdrasil, which fell from the world tree at the dawn of time. Each sword has two halves with a Strip made of a [Soul Of The Death God]. The Death God has two souls, and each one was used in the creation of the swords. The hilt is made of the children of the god of poison. The sixteen children were captured alive and turned into [The Gold Of Life]. The material which the god of life uses to fill worlds with life and prosperity. However, these snakes were subjected to a direct cut by a sword made of this material. [The Gold Of Life]'s purpose is to create life, not heal things. So the snakes absorbed the gold, and were revived over and over and over. Until they turned into statues of [The Gold Of Life] and suffer eternal torment, forever stuck on the bridge between life and death. This agony is used to power the swords, and they were forever known as the strongest blades in existence.