I'm sorry but this story is officially up for adoption. I've been feeling the writers block settling in since I started writing the third chapter and it hasn't gone away. Also some people were asking for a lemon (I'M THIRTEEN YEARS OLD! I'M NOT WRITING A LEMON!), which just makes things weird, but probably the main reason is that I couldn't find an ending. In my head I had the next four years of Hogwarts planned out, with Lazarus establishing himself as a teacher, Ruby(if someone does adopt this please find a name for her) using unholy and soul magics that just pissed everyone of and Ash going supernova in the middle of a potions class. But please do not feel that you have to follow this timeline if you adopt this.

But thanks to everyone who supported this story, and special thanks to Paxloria(my unofficial beta reader) and Thristan(my morale support guy). You both gave a lot of constructive criticism and a lot of ideas which I hope will be used if this gets adopted. Please PM me if you want to adopt this story. Thank you to everyone who has read this.