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" Come on Lex - the speed limit is 45." Clark said as he sat uncomfortably in the passenger seat of Lex's Porsche.

Lex smiled glancing at Clark and looking at him through his sunglasses. " Live a little Clark."

" I wouldn't say 'living a little' is going 60 in a 45 mph zone."

" Just trying to get back in time."

" You're that eager to get back to Smallville?" Clark asked amazed.

Lex glanced over and Clark again. " Isn't everybody?"

Clark didn't say anything. Actually he was glad he was going back home. It was finally summertime in Kansas and he had spent the first week of it in Metropolis trying to sort out all the college papers he'd had. Lex was generous enough to help him and his family by helping with getting scholarships. He was happy that his dad was finally starting to see who Lex really was.

The Porsche sped down the road making Clark feel as though he were testing a rollercoaster. He looked out at the scenery - typical Kansas farmland with a sunset in the background turning everything to a shade of deep gold. The sky was a swirl of blues, purples, and reds. He gave a relaxing sigh.

Suddenly Lex slammed on the brakes. " Shit!"

Clark looked at the road - meteor rocks were skattered all over it. He could feel the pain that they injected go into him.

The car got caught in them and went spinning across the road, flipped over once, and smashed into a small ditch.

Lex coughed and looked around. The hood of the car was dented inward and the windshield had a giant gash in it. He touched his lip and found it was bleeding. " Clark?"

Lex slowly opened his car door and got out. Then he clumsily walked over to Clark's door and opened it. Clark was leaned to one side, blood coming from a gash in his forehead. He was unconsious.

Lex pulled out his cell phone and dialed the number for the Smallville hospital, taking deep breaths do to the fact that the crash nearly scared him to death.

A nurse answered, " Hello? Smallville Medical Center."

" This is Lex Luthor. Me and a friend are stuck out at mile marker 143. I think my friend's unconsious."

" Alright, we'll have an ambulance out there right away, Mr. Luthor." the nurse said quickly.

" Thanks." Lex hung up the phone. He sighed and looked back at Clark. " Guess we're gonna be a little late."


Later that day, Martha and Jonathan Kent arrived at the Smallville Medical Center. Lex saw them and walked over to them. " Mr. and Mrs. Kent I -"

" What the hell did you do to my son?" Jonathan snapped out before he could finish. Lex swallowed, " There were some meteor rocks on the road, Mr. Kent. The car hit them and veered off course. I swear I -"

" If anything happened to Clark -"

" Jonathan, please.." Martha trying to calm her husband down.

Lex spoke up, " It's okay Mrs. Kent." he looked at Jonathan. " If something happened to Clark I'll be more than happy to pay for it. It was completely my fault and I'm sorry."

There was a moment of silence before a doctor approached them. " Are you the Kent boy's parents?"

" Yes, we're Clark's parents - is he alright?" Martha asked urgently.

The doctor stared at Martha as if he was trying to plan what words he wanted to say.

Martha held her breath. " Is he - did he -"

" He's unconsious, but not dead." the doctor finally said. Everyone sighed in relief.

Jonathan then asked, " So when can he come home?"

" Uh - I'm afraid he can't. Not yet anyway."

" What? Why?"

" He has suffered some damage to the head."

" Damage? What kind of damage? Is he gonna be alright?" Jonathan asked quickly.

The doctor pushed his thin glasses up to the top of his nose. He tried to remain as calm as he could. " Your son is - his sight is - it's gone."

" What?!" Lex said. Surely this wasn't true? He was in the same accident and came out with a few cuts and bruises.

" Not permantly - we hope. Dr. Brice is bandaging his eyes up right now."

" What are the chances that he'll get his sight back?" Jonathan asked.

" There is a 60% chance that he will get his sight back." the doctor said looking as though he was glad to get it off his chest.

Martha buried head in Jonathan's chest. He wrapped an arm around her.

" If you'd like, we'll notify you when he wakes up." the doctor offered kindly.

" Thank you." Jonathan said.

The doctor smiled and walked away.

Joanthan glared at Lex. Lex took the message and casually left leaving Jonathan and Martha in the hallway waiting to hear more about their son.

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