Now, like I've done with all my other fanfic stories, I'm taking the time to thank everyone who reviewed:



Eliza Rosenberg


Thir 13en Ghosts- Elemental

Silence-endlessecho (I'm still happy that u liked my fic!)




Lavenderangel (I'm glad I made this fic was so realistic 4 ya!)



Midnight Driad (Thanx 4 the apology. It was really nice of u!)

The Die Hard (thanx 4 all that advice!)

Spider-Man Manic


CC79 (I finally finished Harry Potter!! YaY!! I read it when I was tired 2.)

MP119 (hey! Sup Mel? :o) lol)

Cherry (Thanx a bunch 4 the tons of reviews and e-mails u sent! Can't wait 4 your next fic. If it's anything like your other ones, IT WON'T STINK! :o)

And a gigantic shout out 2 David J. Duncan who was my beta reader 4 this fic. ThAnX DaViD!!!

Also I want 2 say "HoLLa!" 2 The Real Me1 and evillil1 who r my pals from skool!

DiScLaiMeR: Just 2 make sure I don't wind up in jail before I even get to college, I DON'T OWN SMALLVILLE! :o)

JuST iN CaSe: If I 4got ur name when I was thankin' everybody or I misspelled it, just e-mail me & I'll fix it rite up! ;o)

CoMiNG SooN: A will have a one-chapter fic coming to soon called 'Complete', which will have nothing 2 do with 'Trepidation' or 'Explicit', and I've just started on writing a sequel to 'Explicit'. If you have any ideas or anything a about a continuation, feel free 2 tell me!

C U N SmaLLviLLe!!!


- Electric Spyro :o)