Chapter 1

It was late in the evening on Thra in Stone in the Wood. Hours have passed since the 7 clans of the Gelflings came together to fight the Skeksis out of the forest and Brea had found the missing shard to the Crystal of Truth in the handle of the Dual Glaive. Many lives were lost in the battle, and the Gelflings were honoring those lives by sending them back to Thra.

Rian, Brea, Seladon, Gurjin, Kylan, Naia, and Aughra were amongst the funeral, but Deet still hasn't returned yet after she had wandered off. This worried Rian, afraid of what could've become of the Grotton after he had seen the purple veins and her purple eyes.

Baffi, Maudra Fara's Fizzgig, was snuggled in Seladon's arms as they both mourned the Stonewood Maudra.

"I know, Baffi," The Vapra said to the creature as it whimpered. "I miss her too."

"She was a good Maudra." Rian complimented. "She will be missed by all of her clan."

"Who will be the Maudra of Stonewood now?" Brea asked. "Maudra Fara had no daughters."

"... I don't know."

"Bah! I'm sure you'll figure it out." Aughra scoffed as she started walking away. "But I won't be here to help you do it."

"You're not staying?" Brea asked.

"Hmm, of course not. My job here is done. I see a bigger role in my future, and I must return home to prepare. But, be warned. The Skeksis are not finished. They will be back, possibly with better weapons."

"We'll be ready." Gurjin boasted. "There's nothing we can't handle."

Suddenly, there was a strange sound in the air. It sounded almost like a whistling wind. The Gelflings all looked up, and were shocked and horrified to see some kind of flying machine passing by overhead, heading deeper into the forest.

"What in Thra is that?" Naia asked in astonishment.

"Not from Thra." Aughra answered.

They watched as the machine flew over the forest before it suddenly stopped, hovering in the air before slowly descending into the trees. Rian's eyes widened as he realized the machine was landing close to where he had last seen Deet.

"Deet… DEET!" Rian suddenly began running in the direction of the machine.

"Where are you going?!" Brea cried out as she ran after him.

"Brea! Rian!" Seladon followed, Baffi still in her arms.

"Well, I guess we better follow them." Gurjin shrugged, and that's just what he, Naia, and Kylan did. Even Aughra couldn't help her curiosity with the new strange machine and followed them.

"The machine has no song. It is NOT from Thra."