The ambulance arrived to the airport, and the paramedics were getting Milldred into the vehicle when they all suddenly heard a loud countdown. They all turned as one to the rocket ship, and watched as the empty machine started it's engines and took off, heading for Thra, with no Gelflings to take with it.

"Sorry you guys missed your ride." Penelope said sadly to her Gelfling friends.

The creatures of Thra chuckled and patted her head.

"It's alright Penny. We'll find another way home." Rian assured her. "Besides, I'm sure there's a lot more of Earth that we're missing."

"You can sightsee later." Dr. Joshua chuckled, recalling what he had said to the Stonewood when he first allowed him to walk outside of the lab. "Right now, we need to get Milldred to the hospital."

"What are you going to do now, dad?" Milldred asked him as she was pushed into the back, looking at him curiously.

"Well, first I'm gonna get everybody to the hospital so that we'll be there when the doctors are done with you." He started. "And then… I'm going to quit my job and come home." He smiled at her. "It's the right thing to do."

Milldred smiled and closed her eyes, allowing the paramedics to seal her head and take her away to the hospital. Dr. Joshua turned to his youngest daughter, Daniel, and the Gelflings. "Let's go. We mustn't keep her waiting."

They all followed the man to his car. There wasn't enough room for everybody, so a couple had to go with Daniel in the beat up Subaru. Rian was one of them.

Before he stepped into the vehicle, he stopped and looked up at the sky, just barely seeing the rocket ship flying to Thra.

As he watched it, he had a feeling, that it wouldn't be the last time he saw that rocket.

"Rian, let's go!" Daniel called from inside.

"We can't keep Millie waiting." Deet agreed.

"Coming." Rian answered as he climbed into the van and shut the door, allowing Daniel to start the engine and follow Dr. Joshua's black convertible Porsche to the hospital, all hoping that Milldred will be alright.

The End?