Title: Bounty: Premonitions II

Author: Jonathan Evans

Author email: noggins@btinternet.com

Republic Saga Homepage: http://www.angelfire.com/scifi/republicsaga

Author's note: The first parts of this story can be found at http://www.angelfire.com/scifi/republicsaga/premon1.txt and http://www.angelfire.com/scifi/republicsaga/premon2.txt

Summary: Possibly the first ever Jango Fett fanfic! Obi-Wan and Anakin return to Novemia while a mysterious killer tracks them down...

By Jonathan Evans

The familiar skyline of Novemia came into view as the
Republic Cruiser landed once more on the planet where
bad memories were beginning to resurface. Obi-Wan glanced
at his apprentice warily but Anakin seemed not to notice.
"Are you okay?" he asked with concern in his voice. Skywalker
nodded silently as he watched buildings move passed his
vision. After the long silence that had filled the entire
journey he opened his mouth. "We're here," he muttered.

The cruiser landed on the docking platform and the two
left through the huge door that appeared as a landing ramp
came down from the hull of the starship. Obi-Wan looked
out for their host but no one was there. He glanced over at
Anakin who's voice had been lost again. "Having any bad
feelings?" his master asked.

"What?" His thoughts interrupted, Skywalker began to pay
attention to the surroundings. "I don't think so. Everything
seems oddly calm."
"Odd? How so?" Kenobi questioned him.
"After all that happened last time I expected some remnants
of what I felt last time. It was dark. Too dark."

Their conversation ended as an alien hobbled towards them. He
was of a species neither of the Jedi recognised but seemed
oddly familiar. "Ah, Jedi. I heard you were sent here by
Chancellor Palpatine himself." He smiled falsely and showed
them the way to the building's entrance. "It's nice to see
you're here under different circumstances."

Obi-Wan nodded and took the lead. Anakin followed as he
looked all around. The last time they were here they discovered
illegal cloning was taking place and now their presence
was to see if the facilities were still in working order
for Republic use. Things had changed in the years of Palpatine's

He stopped at a doorway where two Weequay guards stood with
blaster rifles protecting whatever was on the other side.
They eyed him supisciously until he walked on, catching up
with his teacher who was talking with the alien about the
resources on Novemia. "And you believe this would be adequete
if the vote takes place?"

"I'm sure you saw during your last, somewhat untimely visit,
that we have the correct equipment," Adave Dis'Frasado spoke.
"Most of it was taken away by the authorities but as long as
the Senate votes to allow a clone army I'm sure we will be
able to restore ourselves to our former glory."

The Jedi Master frowned as he looked around. "I'm sure you
will." He turned around to see Anakin running up behind him.
"Are you alright?"
"Yes, master. I was just observing the room back there."
Dis'Frasado span around quickly. He looked nervous. "And
which room would that be, might I ask?"
Anakin pointed back to the Weequay's who were still watching
him with their rifles cocked. "Back there. What's behind
the doors?" The alien signalled for the guards to stop their
spying before answering the question. "That would be where
our current experiments are taking place. So far there's
nothing that goes against current laws so you don't have
to worry yourselves."


After a conversation in which their guide continued insisting
no laws were being broken and that when the act was passed
things would be better for the Republic, the two Jedi returned
to the sleeping quarters that they had last seen three years
before. Anakin relaxed on the bed. "He's almost as bad as
Klassrik Qwant!" he said recalling the director of the
project during the previous visit. "But slimier. He's a good

Obi-Wan raised an eyebrow. "I didn't sense that he was lying."
"Exactly," the apprentice replied. "But I know he was. He has
to be. I could tell the guards were hiding something. Weequay
are weak minded enough to be resistent to the Force."

The elder Jedi stood up. "Then it looks like we're working
again. I hope you remember the layour of this place."
"I think I do," Skywalker smiled in reply. "Hidden passage
and all!"


Adave Dis'Frasado sat behind the desk, one of the few things
that was left behind in the office after Klassrik's confidential
files and property had been taken away. His fingers cracked as
he stretched them out and smiled at his visitor. "I think
you know how to get rid of them, don't you?" he asked.

The armoured warrior standing before him nodded. "I've dealt
with Jedi in my time. As long as you're more than a few metres
away their lightsabers won't help them."
"Glad to hear it. The Count does not want this interferring
any more with his plans."
"That's understandable."

A light on his console began to flicker. Dis'Frasado activated
a monitor where the images of the two Jedi were seen leaving
their room. "As expected. They've started snooping. I will
ensure they are separated, you destroy them."
"As you wish."

The director smiled as Jango Fett left the room, his armour
clunking as he moved, a powerful blaster rifle in his hand.
There was no way the plans of his master would be interfered
with now.


Obi-Wan moved ahead where he saw the two guards continuing
their duty, looking straight ahead with their weapons ready.
They were regimented in a way their race could never possibly
be. Weequay were wild, violent creatures but whatever they
were hiding must have been important. He walked passed them
and they began to shout in their native tongue.

"You haven't seen anything," he said calmly and their growling
came to an end. "You will let us passed."
The first of the guards walked to a sensor device which
recorded his eye signature. The second did the same and the
huge metal door slid open. Obi-Wan offered Anakin the chance
to enter first. "Age before beauty," the apprentice quipped.

"I'm not *that* old yet, Skywalker," Kenobi grinned back. "I
think it's your turn." Anakin nodded and took the lead as
he walked in. Suddenly the door slammed shut before Obi-Wan
could enter. He turned to the Weequay and focused the Force
on them. "You will let me in." They went into the positions
and the scans took place but to no avail. "Okay, now I do
have a bad feeling."

A blast flew passed his ear. He jumped to the floor and rolled
away to avoid further shots and began to run down the corridor,
pulling his lightsaber from his belt. The blade appeared in time
to deflect a blast heading towards him. He span on his heels
to face his enemy but in the darkness there was nothing. He
closed his eyes to feel out with the Force but the first thing
he sensed was a blade coming towards his chest. He flew into
the air as it went under his feet and stuck in a nearby wall.

As he got to his feet, Kenobi flew ahead to find nothing.
The guards were dead, shot through the skulls at what had to
be close range. He looked at the door controls to see that
they too had been destroyed before someone entered. Feeling
the metal Obi-Wan could tell that it had been opened since
Anakin had gone in. He tried to stab his lightsaber into
it but it suddenly deactivated. "Cortosis," he frowned out
loud. He knew that he was getting in that way.


Anakin jumped as the door slammed shut. Obi-Wan wasn't there
with him. Something was wrong. Looking at the controls he
could see it could only be opened from the outside. He stretched
out with his feelings, trying to force it open. Something budged
as a dark presence filled the room. He ran to the end of the
room and jumped to the ceiling, grabbing onto power cables that
were still hanging free. He quickly shielded himself from the
deadly energy that could have ripped through his body as a figure
walked in an looked around.

The Jedi Padawan cringed as the pain ripped through him as he
tried to maintain his concentration. His eyes started to go
fuzzy as the intruder walked in and looked around. His breathing
became tense as he forced himself to stay conscious.

Below, Jango eyed the room up and down. The computers were like
he'd only seen once before back on Geonosis, only here the
Republic would know about the "processes". Right now, he was
sure he saw the younger Jedi enter this room. How could he be
hiding. He pulled out a blaster and took aim above him. A shot
hit one of the cables and Anakin swang to the floor. Before Jango
could find him the lights went out engulfing the room in darkness.

This was it. Skywalker had the Force and the upper hand. He pushed
his pursuer into a computer console and ran for the exit as fast
as he could. The only light that filled the room was his lightsaber
as he tried to Force the door open. In his mind he entered the
locking system, visualising the catches moving out of place. There
was a hiss as the blast door opened up and Anakin jumped out,
slamming it behind him.

Obi-Wan was waiting for him. "What did you find?"
"Holding power cables is bad."
Kenobi smiled. "Anything else?"
"This place is being shut down!"
"I was getting the same impression. Where's Dis'Frasado?"
"Only one way to find out."


The two Jedi burst into the director's office to find it empty.
All of the equipment had disappeared, seemingly without a
trace. Obi-Wan looked carefully at the floor and noticed a
footstep made by someone who had been walking in mud recently.
"What is it?" his apprentice asked.
"I recognise this. Only one military organisation wore that
kind of armour. The Mandalore."
"The Mandalore? I've never heard of them. Could they be
involved in all of this?"
The Jedi Master shook his head. "Doubtful. they have not
been heard of for a long time and many believe them to
be extinct, but their armour sells on the black market
for a fair price. Most of the buyers are bounty hunters."
"You think that's who was trying to gun us down?"

Kenobi nodded as he got to his feet. "No doubt our friend
inside has escaped. We'll have to inform the Chancellor but I
doubt this project is going to go forward. After this sham,
trying to kill Republic ambassadors, the director running
without a trace... There'll be no cloning on Novemia."


Adave Dis'Frasado walked to the back of his starship where
a communication was waiting for him. The flickering image
of the darkly clad, figure that appeared before him struck
fear in his heart. "Master Sido-Dyas, your honour, sir... I
have some bad news."
"I've heard," the figure replied frowned. "I shouldn't
worry. Novemia was only a decoy. Work is going as planned
on Kamino."
"Decoy...?" Dis'Frasado began to worry. He looked at the
holographic projection and realised that he wasn't long for
this world as he felt his neck crush from within...


A loud explosion ripped through the corridor in the research
facility and Jango Fett emerged from the smoke. He looked
around to see the Jedi gone. The two faced director would
have escaped long before. He frowned under his helmet and
walked towards Slave 1, his awaiting starship. He had a job
meeting on Coruscant with a very important client.

---------------- END --------------