A Moment

By Rachel

A lie untold,

A truth revealed,

A broken heart,

Never healed,

One moment in time,

A decision made,

Lives to change,

Never the same,

Strands are tangled,

Webs are woven,

A strangled mess,

Based on a choice,

For in a moment,

One lie is told.

A/N: It's kinda short, but I'm not very good at poetry. This is the best poem I've ever written and was so inspired to do so after some guy in my English class won second place in a poetry contest. I decided to do it about something I really loved, and so Kristine's (Ashbear) story Crimson Lies came to mind. It's one of my favorite pieces of work out there so This is for you Kristine, and Nicole.

Also to Cassie, I love you sis!