Taste of surrender

Warnings/notes : Treize/Quatre, shifting focus, non-episode-oriented fic

Disclaimer : I don't own Gundam Wing.

written at 11th may 2003, by Misura

This fic would never have been written if not for Kasra and Jessie.


The room was small, save for a table and two chairs, its walls a pure white.

On one chair, a tall brownhaired person wearing the uniform of a highranking OZ-officer.

On the other, a frail-looking blond boy clothed in casual clothing, his blue eyes calm.

Nothing to indicate one of them was a prisoner.

And yet ...

"Quatre." The name a whisper from his lips.

Why are you here?

Why are you doing this to me, forcing me to make a choice?

Forcing me to either hurt you or risk being branded a traitor?

"General Kushrenada."

The mouth that usually wore a smile was drawn into a thin line now, showing only coldness.

The clear blue eyes that usually shone with joy and laughter were frozen over.

And Treize found it hurt him more than he could ever imagined.

He is my enemy.

Quatre calmly returned the gaze of the OZ-general, showing not a hint of what he was feeling inside. At least he hoped he was able to hide it.

If he only knew ... he would use it against me.

His heart is cold, like an ice-cube. The only thing he cares about is power.

A man like him can not be allowed to use the Gundams.

Treize did not reply to his title. Quatre started to feel uneasy.

Why does he keep staring at me like that?

It makes me feel ... uncomfortable. It's like he's trying to look directly into my soul.

Treize didn't understand why Quatre's words and behavior made him feel hurt in a distant way he could not quite grasp or point at.

Or maybe I do, only I don't want to admit it even to myself.

I want him to like me, to trust me.

Why that is, I can't explain ; there's only the need inside of me.

"I would prefer it if you adressed me as 'Treize'." he said stiffly. "That's my name, you know." he added as some sort of explanation.

*Do* you know that, Quatre?

How much information on me and my life have you read in preparation for your missions?

As much as I have gathered about you?

I justified it by claiming I suspected you of being involved with the Gundams, but now ...

Now that lie comes back to haunt me it seems.

OZ will want to question you ; they won't simply take my word for your innocence.

You really must have scared them, you and your friends.

"Yes, I know." Quatre replied. "What do you want of me, Treize? Why am I here?"

Does he know I'm a Gundam-pilot or does he merely suspect me to be?

What should I tell him to get out of here fast and in one piece?

What lies would he believe?

Treize smiled suddenly. It made Quatre even more uneasy.

"You are suspected of being a member of a dangerous terrorist group."

Even I find it hard to believe anyone would even consider accusing you of such a thing.

You look so innocent, yet I know what you really are.

I have read your files ; how you defied the family-tradition of peace to fight this war.

Maybe those small hands of yours have never killed anyone bare, yet there's still blood on them.

As there is on mine. There are no angels in this world.

Quatre widened his eyes. If Treize hadn't known better he'd have sworn the boy was utterly surprised at the accusation.

No angels, just people who look like them.

"What do you expect me to say to that?" Quatre asked. He hated lying, really, though he could and would do it if the situation required it.

How much evidence do they have on me?

If they have anything real I will have to destroy it before escaping.

"How about the truth?" Treize replied, outwardly still calm.

Will you confess to having killed?

To having piloted a machine of destruction?