August 2018

It was around 6 p.m. when the heat wave finally broke.

Rory sat on her childhood porch steps watching Aiden running around on the lawn with the sprinklers blasting.
Her trusted 'Canon' rested in arms reach. Time with Aiden was always summoned camera worthy moments.
Watching him fascinated her. Happiness easily oozed out of the child.

"I can't believe he's nearly three." Her mother voice interrupted her thoughts.
Lorelai Gilmore sat down next to her daughter offering her the second cup of coffee in her hand.

"I know." Rory agreed, inhaling the luxurious smell before taking a sip. "It's crazy."

"How unreasonable it is for you to have a kid that likes the outdoors." Lorelai wondered at loud.

"He likes broccoli too." Rory added, "That's his father fault. I did my best to talk him out of it."

"Well he's not a girl, and not a Gilmore." Lorelai shrugged, "So I guess that's a loophole in the rule book."

The younger woman looked at her mother astonished.

"Don't look at me like that. It was you who decided to let him take his father's name." Lorelai pointed out.

"You wrote the book!"

"I didn't write the book. The book writes itself." Lorelai defended.

"You know, that wasn't really up for discussion when we decided to co-parent." Rory started, "Logan was very adamant about it."

"Well Logan can be very adamant when he set his mind to it." Her mother agreed vaguely.

"Mom." Rory started again, pulling on the edge of her t-shirt, "I need to tell you something about Logan…"

"Mommy look!" The boy called her attention. He covered the sprinkler's head with his small hand.
Making the water spray in different directions. Doubling over with laughter.

Lorelai cheered loudly which caused him to repeat. "You were saying?"

Rory went to speak but stopped when she noticed the driver sat in the car approaching the drive way.

She watched Aiden switch his attention from the sprinkles to the automobile.
Her hand instinctively reached for the camera to capture the enormous grin that broke on his face.


"I'll tell you later." Was all that left her lips as she snapped the picture of the wet toddler leaping into Logan Huntzberger's arms.

Rory sat in her mother's kitchen, staring at the images displayed on her laptop screen.
She must has done this a million times before, looking up the old pictures of Aiden and Logan.

"That's a good picture." He mother's voice gestured at the image from today's afternoon.
Logan, barefoot in his dress-shirt and slacks, chasing Aiden around in the sprinklers.

"It is." Rory admitted. "Coffee?"

"Have we met?" Lorelai pressed the coffee maker into action.

Rory chuckled at her mom's antics.

"So… what was it you wanted to tell me earlier?" Lorelai busied herself with locating appropriately clean cup.

Rory discretely peered into her childhood room. There on the bed laid her son and his father fast asleep.
One exhausted from the day's activities, the other from trans-Atlantic jet leg.

She quietly closed the door.

"I slept with Logan."

"Yes. Old news, that's why we have Aiden." Lorelai responded, pouring the coffee unfazed.

Rory stayed silent, worrying her lip.

"No. I mean I slept with Logan, recently." She said slowly.

Lorelai's lips fell into a silent "Oh."

"Oh? All you have to say is 'oh'?!" Rory whispered loudly.

"Well…. how recently are we talking about?" Lorelai questioned. Coffee maker forgotten.

"Before he left to London." Lorelai watched Rory bury her face in her hands.

"Ha. That recent."

Rory peeked through her fingers at the elder Gilmore, "Mon, what am I going to do?"

"That depends. Do you think you want to do it again?"