Chapter 1

The So Random music played as the stage lit up.

"Are you ready to get So Random?" the announcer's voice played.

The audience cheered and Zora walked out onstage into a Wonderland-type set dressed as Alice.

"What type of wonderland is this?" Zora asked.

Hip-hop music played and Devon jumped out dressed as a hatter.

"It's not Wonderland!" Devon cheered. "You're in Hip-Hop Land!"

"Who are you?" Zora asked in a scared tone.

"I'm the Mad Scatter!" Devon cheered.

The audience laughed as Devon began to rap.

"So you've found yourself here in Hip-Hop Land!" Devon rapped. "We hip-hop more than you can stand! We hip and we hop and we pip and we pop! And the water here goes 'Drip drop! Drip drop!'"

"I want to go home!" Zora shouted.

"Nonsense!" Devon cheered.

Devon began dancing.

"It's so much fun here in Hip-Hop Land!" Devon rapped. "When you hip-hop more than you can stand! Come on and hip, come on and hop, come on pip, now you pop! I hear the water going 'Drip drop! Drip drop!'"

Zora began dancing.

"Whoa look at me here in Hip-Hop Land!" Zora rapped. "Can't you see me? This is grand! I can hip, I can hop, I can pip, I can pop!"

"And the water here?" Devon asked.

"Goes 'Drip drop! Drip drop!'" Zora rapped.

The music stopped and the audience cheered. Zora and Devon bowed.

After the show, Devon and Zora sat in the prop house.

"That was so much fun," Zora said.

"Sure was," Devon said.

"We should write more sketches together," Zora said.

"Zora?" Devon asked.

"Yes, Devon?" Zora asked.

"Will you go out with me?" Devon asked.