"…And that's what this hospital aims to achieve." Bruce Wayne said as he finished his public announcement. The reporters wanted to press further questions, but Lieutenant Gordon had his forces keep them away while Bruce went with him to the parking area.

"Impressive work as always, Mr. Wayne." Gordon said.

"Glad to hear that, Lieutenant." Bruce said. "By the way, where's the chief? I was told she'd oversee crowd control."

"Eh, Lin's in one of her moods." Gordon said. "Get this, the Avatar's arrived the other day."

"I've heard about that." Bruce said. "Also heard she caused quite a bit of trouble."

"Eh, she's a teenager." Gordon said. "They're headstrong. She reminds me of my daughter. The Avatar's being trained at the Air Temple right now."

"Perhaps she and I could meet someday." Bruce said. Then, a black car drove on by and stopped in front of them. "That's my ride. See ya."

"See ya, Bruce." Gordon said.

Bruce got into the car and rode it away from the hospital. He sighed. "Gotta say, Alfred, sometimes, the reporters are the real criminals of Republic City."

The driver turned his head and revealed an unfamiliar face. Bruce wanted to see his butler, but instead, the face he found was younger with a long, black mustache.

"Not your usual driver, Mr. Wayne."

"Who are you?" Bruce asked. "Where's Alfred?"

"Your butler's fine." the mystery man said. "I just took this from him when he wasn't looking. It's just you we want to talk to. Don't worry. We won't hurt you."

"Who's we?"

"You'll see in a minute."

After a few minutes of driving, the car stopped at an unnamed building. A few new strangers opened the door for Bruce and gestured for him to walk through the door. Bruce was tempted to fight or run, but he knew he had to know more about what was going on. He got out of the car and entered the dark building.

Once inside, Bruce found a large, oval table at the center of a run-down room. At the far end of the table sat a man that's on a lot of protesters' posters. It was a hooded man with a mask covering his face. On the forehead of the mask, there was a red circle.

"I've heard of you." Bruce said. "You're Amon, leader of the Equalists."

"Always good to make an impression." The masked man said. "My apologies for the kidnapping, Mr. Wayne, but we don't have a lot of love or support. Besides, it would probably be best for you to keep this meeting secret. Please, have a seat."

Bruce found a chair and sat across from Amon. "Why am I here?"

"You're one of the most influential and powerful people in Republic City, Mr. Wayne."

"You seem to have me on quite a high pedestal."

"And you don't give yourself enough credit. Your parents helped build the foundation of Republic City. Wayne Industries stands as a legacy to them both. Sadly, they were taken before this city can be finished. That must have been unfair for you, to see that firebending monster take them away from you?"

"I am who I am today because of that night." Bruce answered. "I'll always honor my parents that way."

"Then honor them now." Amon said. "I am offering you vengeance."

"The criminal who did it is dead." Bruce said. "He had a heart attack in his cell."

"Not against Joe Chill." Amon corrected. "Against all benders. That criminal was merely a small part of a corrupt system that has plagued our world for centuries. You're not the only one who lost family to benders, Mr. Wayne. We both suffered the same tragedy. The only difference between us is that you got to keep your face. Benders get to decide the law. They believe themselves above nonbenders like you and me. And when they decide they don't need us, they'll cast us out and take everything that belongs to us. That's what the Equalists need to prevent, and we extend an invitation to you."

Bruce raised an eyebrow at this. "That sounds quite compelling. But what exactly is it you plan to do, eliminate all the benders in Republic City?"

"Actually, I plan to use a… different method." Amon answered. He uncovered four pieces of paper with lines on them and handed them to Bruce. "Come to our rally in three nights. All will be revealed at the Revelation."

"Still, there are going to be a lot of people who'll fight your cause." Bruce said. "After all, I hear the Avatar's come to Republic City."

"Yes, and that forces me to accelerate our schedule. Still, with what I have planned, even she won't have the power to stop me. No bender will. Look, Mr. Wayne, if everything goes according to plan, then every nonbender will have the happy ending they deserve, including me and you. We're going to do this with or without your help, but with it, it would be a great step forward. At least consider it. I promise, all will be revealed at the Revelation. You may leave now."

Bruce took the papers and exited the room while Amon watched him leave. As soon as he got out, he saw that the Equalists weren't anywhere near his car anymore. All he had were a few pieces of strange paper and a cryptic message from the leader of the Equalists himself.

Bruce went in the driver's seat and drove it to Wayne Manor. He to in and, much to his delight, his butler was there pacing around. He took a sigh of relief when he saw his master.

"Master Bruce." Alfred hugged him. "It's great to see you. When the car went missing, I began to worry."

"It's okay, Alfred." Bruce said. He then revealed his papers.

"What are those, sir?" Alfred asked.

"From the way Amon said it, it's the key to something bad." Bruce said. "And it's up to Batman to end it before it begins."

Author's Note: Christmas surprise! Another chapter update. I hope you all enjoy this. Sorry if it's short or undescriptive, but I feel it was a good set up. After all, Bruce Wayne can't bend, so it's natural for Amon to ask for his resources. Hope you have a merry Christmas. Any and all comments are welcome.