Ash: Hey Charpika! Do the disclaimer!

Charpika: No! Charmander do it!

Charmander (Char): Get off your lazy buns and do it yourself! Or better yet, let Pikachu do it!

Pikachu (Pika): Fine since everyone here are lazy mudrays.

Charpika, Char, Ash: Hey! We detest to that!

Pika: Quit your whining you know it's true! Charpika doesn't own anything but the plot (No matter how much I want Charpika to).

Pika, Char, Ash, Charpika: On to the story!

Kalos league

3rd Person POV

"Greninja and Mega Charizard X are on their last legs! What will they do!?" the commenter commented (obviously) loudly.

Ash saw Alain about to attack so he quickly yelled out "Water Shuriken" at the same time as Alain commanded "Blast Burn". Greninja quickly took out a major orange-ish shuriken made of water and threw it and right before it hit, Charizard X then inhaled and breathed out the most powerful fire type move ever, Blast Burn.


There was a big explosion and both Charizard X and Greninja were standing. Charizard X stumbled a little and then, suddenly, Greninja fell! "The Winner of the Lumiose Conference is Alain Megaflame of Lumiose City!" Goodshow stated. The crowd yelled wildly congratulating both competitors on their hard-fought battle and Alain for winning.

Serena's POV

Oh wow! Alain looks hot as a winner. I think he is probably gonna be a wayyy better lover than the weakling Ash Ketchum. I wonder how if he has all these amazingly powerful powerhouse they call Pokemon of his, then why can't he get at least one win? Man, my taste in men really needs to get better. Well I guess it's better now because it finally shows how Alain is the better lover. At least Alain isn't dense of my not so subtle hints.

Clemont's POV

So close! If only he had been a little bit stronger. Wait- a little bit stronger! He should've been more than that, he should've been way stronger. Maybe if he used his old Pokemon he might've won. I mean he did go through 5 regions! I wonder how his other friends feel about this? I think I'm gonna talk and try to convince Ash to give up his dream to become a Pokemon master. Like really! what is the difference between a Pokemon master and a champion or trainer?

Kalos Airport

Ash's POV

I'm really happy that I was so close to winning! "Hey Pikachu, aren't you glad we at least made it to the finals!" Pika Pi, pika chu pi kapi! "Ash, of course I am!" Pikachu exclaimed. "I guess we should start heading home." Ash stated. "Race you there Pikachu!" Ash exclaimed. Pichu, pi ka chu cha! "No, I'm totally gonna beat you there!" Pikachu declared. Pikachu then jumped off my shoulder like it was a springboard and used quick attack to get more speed. "Hey that's cheating! I'm still gonna beat you though!" I exclaimed. I was right behind Pikachu pouring on the speed when I bumped into my old friend...

Weird Monologue Thingamajig

Who is this mysterious friend? How do Ash's other friends feel about Ash's loss? Will Pikachu get ketchup? The world will never know!

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