I did this at a writing workshop- we had to take a good guy and a bad guy from a TV show/movie/whatever that we like and write The Argument from both points of view. I edited it a little later, and now I'm posting it up on FF.net. Why? BECAUSE I CAN!!! I hope you like it.

The Coin

Every coin has two sides, and that cannot be denied. It is a fact that holds true for all coins and all currencies.

Some would choose heads.

The rest would choose tails.

We need the Escaflowne, Brother. It is the key to our plans, our perfect world. You don't understand; but I can't expect you to understand, not yet. After all, you didn't even recognize your own Ani-ue at first. This isn't a conquest, Van. I work to create a perfect world. We kill dragons, we kill beasts, we kill men, but we don't have to kill. Join me, Brother! Join the Zaibach Empire! It is true, some lives will have to be sacrificed, but is that not a fair price to pay if we can achieve perfect happiness? If everyone can have what they want? If my gentle little brother can throw away the bloody sword in his hands forever? Don't you believe in your Ani-ue?

…The coin spins…

My Ani-ue? I have no brother. You told me yourself, Folken- the day the dragon tore off your arm, you died. All I see before me is the Strategos of Zaibach, a murderer. You say you want peace? Then why did you let Dilandau burn our country to the ground? A perfect world? Why did you let him kill the Duke of Freid? Why do Zaibach's armies march across Gaea? How do you plan to give everyone what they want? I know what your perfect world is- a world under the banner of the Zaibach Empire, with you at Emperor Dornkirk's side. Peace! Ha! I repeat what I said- you are nothing more than a murderer, and I have no Ani-ue.

…The coin falls….

Heads or tails?