This is one of the many side stories of my "Showing the Show" series

FanFiction names and the shows they belong to

What It Takes to change the future: My Hero Academia

When a God decides to show their Miraculous World: Ladybug and Cat Noir

All right, let's begin!


I smirk as I finish making the second theater ready, "perfect!"

Unlike the theater I made for the My Hero Academia Cast, this one was smaller, about the size of a regular classroom, beanbags placed on the ground in rows, with those more in the back on a second level. Sitting on each beanbag was a remote with three buttons, a rewind button, a pause/play button, and a Dream Food button.

"Now... how am I gonna get them here...?"


Marinette stares dreamily at her all time crush, Adrien, as the class progressed. She didn't even notice the strange man floating in the middle of the classroom until...

"WHERE IS CHLOE!!!" I shouted, mentally grinning at myself for my impression of an Akuma, 'man now I understand why Gabriel makes these things! To bad he's doing it for evil! I bet he would've been the life of the party if he wasn't such a bitch!'

I watch as the students try to leave but I grins madly, "I am Kami! And I decide if you leave or stay!"

I make the doors and windows vanish, turning them into walls by pointing a purple remote, a gift from Hawkmoth, thanks to a bit of trickery...


"Ok... gotta give a negative emotion..." gripping one of my many tv remotes, I allow myself to get anger, watching around me for a purple butterfly to fall into my trap.

Meanwhile at Hawkmoth's lair

"Ahh such rage..." Hawkmoth grinned, "this will be my greatest Villian!" Holding out a hand, a white butterfly flew to Hawkmoth's hand and dark energy corrupted it, turning it into an Akuma, "Fly my little Akuma and evilize him!"

Back with me

I see the Akuma and smirks evilly before running to the bug and swiping my remote onto it, allowing myself to be caught.

"Hawkmoth is my name, and Kami is now yours, I don't know what your rage is pointed to but-"

Smirking, I stop my act and return to my normal and happy self, "gonna stop you right there Gabriel, first off, I'm not Kami, I'm just a lower god, no one special really..."

My remote oozes the purple ooze and turns me into an Akuma that looks like a mix between Son Goku, Monkey D Luffy, Naruto, and Ichigo from their respected worlds, "and Second, I'm just using you so I can kidnap some people from your world, including Paris' finest heroes, so I can show them all something awesome and give a free, no risk wish, to Ladybug."

I smirk as I disconnect my connection with Hawkmoth before flying to the school that the miraculous Duo share.

Flashback end

"Ladybug will stop you!" Alya shouted.

I smirk, "how can they when I already defeated them?"

I watch both Adrien and Marinette's eyes widen at that comment, knowing that half isn't true but not knowing If I was right about their partner(Adrien is thinking of LB's safety and Mari is worried for Chat's).

"What are you planning on doing with us!?" Marinette shouted.

I make her float up to me and smirk, whispering in her ear, "careful, your Ladybug side is showing."

Watching Marinette's eyes widen, I push her away into a wall, making her stop before impact, giving everyone the idea that Marinette was tossed across the room.

In the smoke created from Marinette's fake landing, a floating mask made of a dim light covered her face, my voice echoing in her head, "pretend to be hurt, I'm not a bad guy, just acting like one so everyone won't flip out right away."

Marinette let loose a gasp, most likely to make it appear like she got the wind taken out of her, which only made a certain blond angry, "Take this!"

I turn my head to look and a backpack hits my face, "oof!"

I shake the pain in my nose away before looking at Adrien, seeing that his arms were in a thrown something postition.

"You know... that could've hurt someone if it wasn't me!" I could feel Kirishima and Testutestu from the My Hero Academia watching theater already complaining of another copycat, but I shake the feeling away, "it's to late now tho, I got you all where I want you!"

Flicking my fingers, the room transforms into the theater I had set up earlier, causing confusion to appear on everyone's face.

"Where are we!?" "What is this place?" "IF YOU DONT TAKE ME BACK, ILL SICK MY DADDY ON YOU!"

Shaking my head, I pull out my Akuma holding remote and smirks, "first off... time to get this stupid form off me!"

I watch as the classmates of Ladybug and Chat, as well as themselves, stare in shock as I break the remote, the purple fog covering me over, returning me back to normal, my green eye and blue eye shining, "ahhh much better! I felt so confined in that damn form!"

Eyeing the Akuma trying to find a way to leave, I smirk, "no you don't you nasty bug!"

I nearly laughed in amusement as everyone watched as I produced a Ladybug themed yo-yo, "I always wanted to do this... Time to de-evilize!" I launch the yo-yo at the fleeing Akuma, capturing it. I pull it back towards me and releases the Snow White butterfly, "later, little bugger."

Tossing the yo-yo at the tv, "Miraculous GodlyBug!"

The yo-yo bursts into a swarm of ladybugs and flies into the tv, vanishing, "there, that otta fix up your classroom before I send you back..."

I turn and see everyone's face still in shock, "Well... this is akward... would being able to watch the life of Ladybug and Cat Noir Fix your broken minds?"

Alya was the first to recover, which made me nearly regretting to pick showing this world their tv show, "WE GET TO WATCH LADYBUG AND CAT NOIR!!!???"

'Maybe being a chaotic neutral god is bad for my health...' I thought before smirking...

'Ehh, being sane and healthy is boring anyways!' "YEP! But it's up to them, and also which episode would you guys wanna start with first? Their Origin story which is episode 25 and 26 of Season One or start from the beginning? Be warned, your identities will be revealed, as well as Rena Rouges, Carapace, And the other heroes, as well as Hawky."

I watch Adrien almost pull off a chat like smirk at Hawkmoth's nickname I gave him, "I'll allow you to send your Kwamis as your voice of will you or will you not watch. So think wisely."


After waiting for the heroes to secretly talk with their Kwamis, by making everyone be inside a soundproof box so anyone who is not Ladybug and Cat Noir won't hear the heroes, I stand in front of the screen with the Kwamis.

"So what's happening," I look at the two Kwamis.

"Do you have any cheese?" Plagg, the black cat kwami of destruction, asked.

I smirk and flick my fingers making a large wheel of cheese as big as a old fashioned TV set, "go nuts, but first tell us what A- um Chat said."

Plagg groaned, "he said, and I quote," Plagg coughed and made his voice sound like a poorly impression of his holder, "'Whatever Bugaboo wants, I'll respect, tho I'd purrfer if we watch, it'll help us catch Hawky' and then he started laughing... now if you excuse me, there is a wheel of heavenly goodness calling my name!"

Everyone sweatdrops as the floating cat dived into the cheese wheel, "Ok, Tikki, what did M- ern Ladybug say."

The bug Kwami stares at me, "she wants to know a few things..."

Smirking, "let me guess, will we remember? Or is it the how can we trust you question?"

Tikki nodded, "both actually."

Looking at the room filled of teens, "yes you will remember, and the answer of trust is you don't have to trust me... oops, I just noticed..."

Turning my head to Lila, "I didn't mean to grab a lying bitch like you."

Gasps could be heard across the room as Alya stood up, "she is not a liar."

Smirking, I turn to Alya, "really? You believe that huh? To bad you are wrong... after all, she works for Hawkmoth."

I smirk as I watch Lila try to back away and get away, "and where do you think you're going, Volpina?"

Everyone gasp as they saw Lila backing away to a door, which made me smirk, "funny thing is, I didn't want to expose her and her twisted lies until she makes her appearence in the show I'm showing you all."

Alya could only stare, "is it true..?"

"He's lying! Can't you tell he's an Akuma?"

I chuckle at Lila's attempt to save herself, "really? Cause I know you all seen me free myself from an Akuma, plus, Tikki and Plagg here can prove I'm a deity."

"He's right you know," Plagg popped his head out of the giant cheese wheel lazily and floated up, "if anything, he's as strong as all of the Miraculous stones combined, if not stronger. Right Sugarcube?"

Tikki groans at the nickname the cat Kwami gave her before nodding, "I sense it too, and I already know that she's lying because she claims to be Ladybug's best friend, which she isn't, in fact my holder didn't even know she exists until watching her lie on the Ladyblog."

Alya stares at Lila, "So everything you said was a lie..?"

Lila looks down before smirking and charging out the room.

"Well... can't say I didn't expect that..." I frown before widening my eyes, "fuck! If she finds the powersourse of my realm she'll kill us all!"

Looking at the miraculous cast, "we need to find her fast! Everyone, spilt into teams of two, Adrien and Marinette, you follow me!" I grab the two and charge out of the room.

Everyone stares at where we left for a second before following suit, spilting up to find the liar.


Once we were far enough away, I look at the two mortals, "don't just stand there, transform already!"

Marinette and Adrien's eyes widen, but I stopped them from over reacting, "yeah, yeah, she's your lady and he's your kitty, now make with the spots on and claws out! My realm isn't something to be thinking it's easy! Lila could already had found the power source!"

The two look at each other shyly before nodding

"Tikki, Spots on!"

"Plagg, Claws out!"

Replacing Marinette and Adrien, were Ladybug and Cat Noir.

"You two can talk later about this, first let's save my realm!" I start running, leading the two heroes to the power source.

Stopping short before the master control room, which holds the power source, I look at the heroes, "before we go in, I need to make clones of your civilian forms."

Before the heroes can question it, I point to the many hallways the lead to the master control room, "your classmates are all about to come down here, if you are both here instead of Marinette and Adrien, they'll figure you out, plus, even if I can't erase Lila's memories, do you really want her to know your secret?

Seeing the look in Ladybug's and Chat's eyes, I take a string of both of their hairs and create clones of them.

Marinette clone yawns while the Adrien clone stretches. The blue haired clone looks at the Blond clone then "eeps" and blushes.

"Wow they're purrfectly lifelike! Tho I'm curious..." Chat started to pounder out loud, "why are you like that around me, M'Lady?"

Ladybug blushes, still trying to resister that her partner, the biggest flirt and worse pun making Cat of Paris, is the guy she is crushing on, "Well Marien-err Adriette-ugh! Chat, I... like you... a lot..."

Shaking my head, "Ok you two, let me make it easy on you two so we can move this along for the readers," smirking at the mention of the Fourth Wall, and at the confusion of the two heroes, I continue, "Marinette loves Adrien and Chat loves Ladybug, so you two are in a love square that is composed of two people! Now lets drop the subject since your classmates are almost here."


Yeaaaaaa... the first two chapters of this, unlike the My Hero Academia version(which I combined the two chapters into one in a rewrote version of the story since people complained about it being short) will be an Ladybug and Chat saving my realm from the lying Lila, as well as everyone who fell for her lies to see the truth...

Yeah I hate that bitch, but if she ever gets Hawkmoth's miraculous, she'd be the best villain around cause she can cause Akumas just with lies alone lol, but still I hate her with my very soul!

Ja Ne!