A/N: My first Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective fanfiction! A series of drabbles and one-shots starring various characters, timelines, and genres.

I will be sure to specify which is which at the start of each chapter.

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New Timeline

I sit in Miss Kamila's house because Miss Lynne's at work and there's something called an "exterminator" coming to her apartment. He sounds scary, so it's probably a good thing that I'm not around.

I'm also a bit sad because Miss Kamila is over Twin Ribbon's house for a sleepover. I'm getting pretty antsy though.

NOT EVEN SISSEL'S HERE! Well, he is here, but he said he had to do something. (I think he got bored! BORED WITH ME! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!)

Oooooh, I have SO much energy! I just don't know what to do! There's nothing else to bark at!

Miss Lynne is nice to me, but she just doesn't get it. I HAVE to bark! I have to run around!

Miss Kamila is even nicer to me and thinks that I do the cutest things. She doesn't even chase me with brooms! Thank you! THAT MAKES ME HAPPY!

But I think I might be saved! I hear voices outside. I also hear the front door unlocking and I run to say "WELCOME!" to whoever it is.

What I see is the coolest thing ever! You bet it is!

I remember him! It's White Coat! But he didn't do anything like this the last time I saw him. (Well, he was pretty hurt too.)

But look at him! He's spinning! Look at that long tempting scarf! His feet are always moving! How does he spin like that on only two legs?


I run and rear up on my hind legs only to end up on my back. That's okay! I'll try again as many times as I have to!

I get up and run forward again and twist on my hind legs. I manage a half spin. Okay, that one didn't count! THIS TIME I'LL DO IT!

I run back further to get more speed, lean on my hind legs and twist. The room spins around me a few times and I fall to the floor on my belly. Did you see what I did, White Coat? DID YOU?!

White Coat laughs and gives a flourish of his arms. He stoops down and gives me a good scratching behind my ears.

"Weeeell, we got ourselves a liiiiiittle dancer here!"

White Coat pulls out a dog treat from his coat and tosses it in the air. I jump up to catch it.

As I finished the biscuit, I remember something important!


I know we'll be good friends too!


A/N: So, Missile meets Cabanela for the first time. I always felt that Missile should've been Cabanela's dog. They're both so full of unbridled energy! Also, I feel that while Sissel enjoys Missile's company and friendship, I think that he needs a break from time to time. Hyper-active dog and a reserved, cynical cat. One is going to get worn out a little by the other.

I hope you enjoyed!