Fifteen wasn't a horrible age to be. It was just unfortunate that the boy, now fifteen had only been, a day ago, seventeen years of age.

He'd relished in his freedom, of finally not needing to have his placement or fate decided by adults. Only for it to be taken away as soon as he got it.

As soon as the war was over and Voldemort was dead.

"You ready, Harry?" A red toad asked him, jumping up onto his shoulder.

"Yeah…" Harry let out a sigh.

How the hell had this even happened?

Harry turned, feeling exhausted as the claps and cheers of the crowd grew louder. He'd done it. It was over.

There was so much to do. He helped with the injured and the corpses of the dead.

Finally, Hermione convinced him to go get some sleep in the Gryffindor dormitory. He lay down, going to sleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.

The next thing he knew, he was waking up on the streets of a muggle alley, very thoroughly confused.

He looked down to see a red toad.

"You're the one." The toad said.

"Uh…" Harry didn't know how to respond.

How was one supposed to respond to a talking toad anyways?

"My name is Chocolate." The toad introduced its self, "I'm from the Sugar Kingdom."
"The…" Harry trailed off, not sure what that was.

"A kingdom in another world." Chocolate explained, "I think…I'm supposed to help you. I sense the magic of my world in you. You're the one."
"The…I'm sorry. I must be going crazy." Harry shook his head, "I'm not the chosen one anymore. Voldemort is gone."
"Not in this world."

Harry's attention snapped back to Chocolate,
"What do you mean?"

"This is a reality different from your own." Chocolate explained to him, "I mean, he might be gone in this world…I don't know. He also might not be. Different realities mean differences. People living when they might be dead in another world. People dead in this world where they're alive in another. There's always a deviation point that causes the change."
"How did I wind up here?" Harry wanted to know, "How do I get back?"

Chocolate hopped a few times. Was this what a frog looked like when it was trying to pace? Harry wondered.

"You have a special power." Chocolate said, "The Blessing of Aphrodite."
"The…what?" Harry asked uncomfortably? He decided to try getting up off the ground, only for his legs to give.

He felt weak.

"You have the power to make anyone fall in love with you." Chocolate explained, "Men, women, anyone could potentially fall for you."
"Are you sure?" Harry asked Chocolate doubtfully, "And, wait, even if I could do something like that, I wouldn't. I mean, not unless I fell in love too. I mean…"
"I'm sure." Chocolate insisted, "Something pulled you to this world, I don't know what. But that blessing might be helpful to get you back."

"How?" Harry wanted to know, now finally able to stand.

"I'm here looking for the Sugar Rune." Chocolate explained to him, "The Sugar Rune is a talisman. It was lost a while back and…we think it's inside of someone's heart crystal."
"Heart crystal?" It was all so absurd!

"A heart crystal," Chocolate explained, "Is something all people have. It's something that the soul creates when its extremely happy. There are two different methods to extract a heart crystal. The first method is...well, it would kill them. The second method is to make a person fall in love with you."
Harry shifted uncomfortably,

"That's why." Chocolate looked up at Harry, "I need your help. I don't know how you got here…but I haven't seen anyone with the Blessing of Aphrodite in centuries! You're my only hope, and I think I might be yours too."

He was fifteen again. Fifteen years old according to magic. Which meant he needed to go back to school. Back to Hogwarts.

The year was nineteen ninety-five. The beginning of his fifth year in his timeline too.

Chocolate had been teaching him magic. Magic he hadn't even heard of before. Magic that drew power from love and light. It was something Harry had never seen before. More powerful than anything he had ever seen before.

He couldn't believe what he was planning to do…

The floo in Dumbledore's office blazed to life. Seeing the young man in the flames, he allowed him entry.

Harry stepped through.

The Dumbledore he knew was dead. This man…he needed to remind himself that this man wasn't him.

The headmaster's eyebrows rose with surprise as he looked Harry over.

"Ah, forgive me." Dumbledore shook his head, "You look so much like someone I know…What was your name again? Forgive me."
"Harry, sir." Harry spoke, feeling a tad uncertain.

The Harry Potter of this world had died when he was only an infant according to the papers. Still, his name drew a sharp breath from the headmaster.

"Harry Wintergreen."

Wintergreen was Chocolate's last name. She'd given him the name after using adoption magic. A magic unique to her world.

"This is Chocolate." He added, introducing the red and brown frog on his shoulder.

"A unique name." Dumbledore said oddly, "Both of your names. From your letter…you wish to seek asylum at Hogwarts, is that correct?"

"Yes, sir." Harry nodded, going with the story he and Chocolate had come up with, "My father was…he's aware Voldemort's back."

Dumbledore's eyebrows rose at the casual use of the dark lord's name.

Apparently, that wasn't common in this world either.

"He's been silenced, though." Harry looked away, "He wants me to attend Hogwarts to keep me out of the war."
"Ah." Dumbledore nodded.

That was reasonable. He had a feeling he didn't want to get into the circumstances. That was fine.

"Well, we are happy to accept you, Mister Wintergreen. I believe I received payment this morning. Would you like to sit down? I'm going to have to sort you. Do you understand how the four houses work?"
"I think so." Harry said, knowing there could be slight deviation (he wasn't too sure about how the whole dimensional thing worked exactly). "Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Gryffindor, right? Each house has their own dorm and you have a points system which rewards good behaviour and punishes bad."
"That's correct." Dumbledore said, "Those are the basics."
Harry wondered if the hat would even sort him twice.

Dumbledore took the hat off the top shelf which stirred awake.

"Beginning of the term already?" It asked drowsily.

"Not quite." Dumbledore informed, "We have someone transferring."
The hat grunted,

"Very well…how rare. Let's see his mind, then."
Dumbledore approached Harry,

"I must warn you, the hat can see into your mind. It will alert me if you're a Death Eater or mean Hogwarts any harm. Outside of that, it will say nothing about what it sees."
"That's fine. I don't mean anyone any harm." Harry said confidently.

Dumbledore nodded, not doubting it. His eyes twinkled as he set the hat on his head.

That being said…there was something about this boy. There was a reason he was here. A reason he did not yet know.

His sorting took a while. Nearly five minutes, which didn't make him a true hat stall.

"Gryffindor!" The hat announced.

No alarms, as he'd expected. He took the hat off of Harry's head, then placed it back on the shelf with a small word of thanks.