Alright. This story is going to be pretty crazy and Harry is not going to be the main character. I mean, Harry is going to offer a lot of hints and insights, but the story is mostly going to focus on James and Ron and…well, you'll find out. I have a few surprises I want to add in and it would suck to spoil it all so soon.

I don't own Harry Potter.

All the characters belong to J.K. Rowling. Save for June. June is mine, but…she's not a really important character. Not yet.

"So, that's it?"

James blinked his eyes open in confusion. His head was foggy.

A dream?

A man stood in front of him. He was tall. Wearing long, black robes and a red mask with black stripes along the cheek and black encircling the eyes.

"You're just going to abandon him?"
"Abandon…who?" James wondered in confusion.

"Your son."

James tensed and the fog cleared.

This no longer felt like a dream.

"No. Not Harry. Never."
The man stared at him,
"Then what do you choose?" He asked James, "You can move on…you can be with your wife. Or you can go back and protect him."
"Protect…How?" James wanted to know.
His memories were catching up to him. Voldemort had come and…and then…he'd died. The killing curse had struck him. He was dead.

"Who are you?" James whispered, "Are you…Death?"
The man shook his head,

"No. I'm a necromancer. I'm giving you a chance. Your body is rotting in the ground, but…Voldemort is still alive. He'll be trying to kill your son. I can create a new body for you and put your soul inside of it. But…in exchange for this chance, you have to help defeat Voldemort, the man known as Tom Morvolo Riddle for good.'
"Tom…" James paused, "Is…that his real name?"
"It is." The man said amusedly, "You didn't think that his parents named him 'Voldemort' did you?"
James felt his face heat up.

Something glowed into existence in front of James. It was…a ring? A silver ring with ancient symbols engraved into it and a blue gem in the center.

"That ring is special. It's called the Ring of Apollo. It holds the power to bring you back to life. All you need to do is slide it on your finger once…Or leave it be an move on. Wait for your child to reach the afterlife and be reunited with you then."
James stared at the ring. He let out a sigh,

"You know what I'm going to choose, right? I mean, a dad hears their kid is in danger, of course, he'll do whatever he can to protect them."
Without any hesitation, he reached for the ring, grabbing it in his hands.

He didn't know that coming back to life was possible. But despite all the feelings of goodness that the afterlife had to offer…Harry was more important.

James's world faded to white.

The man's voice echoed,

"One more thing…that ring is one of the rings of the gods. There are other ring bearers…Maybe you'll meet someone you know. And in times of trouble, never forget…Egos Dios."

"Egos…Dios?" James whispered.

Then, his eyes flickered open.

"Jamie?" Someone called out, "Jamie Apollo Summers, you get down here this instant!"

"Huh?" James wondered.

He was in…a bedroom? The walls were painted blue and he was laying on a bed next to an open window. The summer breeze filtered in, causing the curtains to move up and down as though they were breathing.

"Jamie Summers!" The voice came again angrily.

"Um…y-yes?" James wondered.

Was that person…talking to him?

The door opened and a woman with long, brown hair entered, blue eyes glaring at him.

Who was she? What was going on?
And then, James saw himself reflected in the mirror at the end of the bed.

A young boy of about ten or eleven with blond hair and blue eyes. He looked quite handsome. In fact, he looked a lot like how James had looked at that age, but with all the wrong coloring.

"There's…a woman here." The woman that James was unfamiliar with said, "She says that…" She shook her head, "Just come with me for now, Jamie. Hopefully…hopefully we can get this all sorted. I hardly believe it!"

James, confused, got up out of the bed, wondering what the hell was happening. He looked own, noticing that he was wearing a ring on the ring finger of his left hand.

It hadn't been a dream.

This was…reality? But…he was so confused.

He followed her down the stairs anyways, then relaxed when he came across a familiar face.

It was Professor McGonagall!

But…what was she doing here.

"You are Jamie Summers, is that right?" McGonagall asked him.

"Um, yes, ma'am." James said.

Well…he wasn't, but…he still had no idea what was going on.

That weird necromancer guy…he's said that he'd put James into a new body…He hadn't put him into some kid's body, right?

"Jamie is my sister's child." The woman from before told McGonagall, "I'm his aunt. June. My sister, April ran away when she was eighteen. We didn't hear anything from her but…about a month ago, April died in an accident. I didn't even know she had a son until child services informed me. I just…don't understand any of this." She shook her head.

You and me both, lady, James thought privately.

"Do you know anything about his father?" McGonagall asked June curiously.

"No. Nothing." June shook her head, "Only that, I suspect he had a strange taste in names. Apollo is not a name my sister would choose…that's Jamie's middle name." She seemed to be rambling. Like a woman in hysterics.

In fact, James wondered if she wasn't under some sort of spell, because no he had a good idea as to what his background was.

"I suppose it's possible he was a wizard…" McGonagall seemed to contemplate this, "Alright. An introductory, then. I am Minerva McGonagall. The Deputy Headmistress of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Your nephew, Jamie Summers is a wizard."
"Um…" James trailed off, not sure what to say here.

Well, duh? He knew that? But…they didn't know he knew that, so…

"I suppose it's a lot to take in." McGonagall said sympathetically. "Perhaps a demonstration?" She took out her wand, then with a wave, she transfigured the vase on the coffee table into a bird. It flew around the room, then settled back on the table and returned to being a vase.

James blinked.

Was this what it was like for muggleborns? This was the introduction into the magical world?
"Perhaps you've noticed strange things happening around you?" McGonagall drew James's attention back to her, "Things you can't explain?"
"Um, well…" James tried to think back to some of the accidental magic he had done as a kid, "I can make people's hair change colors. I can levitate objects around if I concentrate…"
June's eyes widened with surprise,
"Truly?" She wondered, "Well…I suppose you haven't been here that long for me to notice…" She looked more convinced now, attention traveling to McGonagall, "And…Jamie can attend this school of yours…Hogwarts?"
McGonagall nodded,
"I have his acceptance letter here." She looked down at James and smiled somewhat softly, "Would you like to read it?"
"Yes please." James said without hesitation.

He was still reeling from the fact that he was a kid again!

He opened up the letter and let out a gasp.

This wasn't a Hogwarts letter! He tried not to let anything show on his face.

To James Potter

By now you know your background. June Summers always wanted children but is incapable of it. I used the DNA from the corpses of April Summers and your own dead body to create the body you are currently in.

Harry Potter starts his first year of Hogwarts on September first.

Darkness stirs at Hogwarts. Make sure your child doesn't fall victim to it.

Your Necromancer

And then the words started to morph. Moving around on the page, until James recognised it as the standard Hogwarts letter.


Headmaster: Albus Dumbledore

(Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorc., Chf. Warlock,

Supreme Mugwump, International Confed. of Wizards)

Dear Mr. Summers,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.

Term begins on 1 September. We await your owl by no later than 31 July.

Yours sincerely,

Minerva McGonagall

Deputy Headmistress

James bit his lower lip, then looked over at his aunt,

"Er…can I go?"

June paused, thinking about it,

"May I see the letter?"
James handed the letter to her. She read it over, thinking about it.

"Where are we supposed to get the supplies?" She looked up at McGonagall, "I mean…I can't imagine most of this stuff is sold at your local mall." She shook her head, "And…what about fees? How much would this cost? I mean, a magical school is brilliant and all, but what about other things? What if Jamie would rather pursue a career in the non-magical world? What classes do you offer?"
McGonagall discussed options with her and told her each and ever class they taught, explaining them all in excruciating detail.

Was this what it was usually like for muggleborns? James wondered.

June seemed worried about all this.

"Would you like to go to Diagon Alley?" McGonagall asked, "We can set up a date to go. I'll take you."
James knew this part.

June hesitantly nodded her head. She knew that the chance for any kid to study magic was something that couldn't be passed up.

But she still worried.

Harry…if Harry was attending his first year…

That meant he was eleven-years-old.

Harry was eleven.

He'd missed ten years of his son's life.

James felt his hands clench into fists.
He needed to see Harry. He wanted to see him now. He wanted to run to him…only he had no idea where he'd be running to.

It was a horrible feeling. It left him helpless and confused. Restless and annoyed.

All he could do was wait and it felt horrible.

McGonagall left leaving James to become better acquainted with his Aunt June.

June was a kind woman, James discovered. She had a steady job working at a law firm and made quite a bit of money. She could probably afford a much bigger house. But the house they were in had once belonged to her parents and she had many fond memories there.

Jamie Summers was her last remaining family.

Her parents had died in a car crash and her sister, Jamie Summers's mother had died from a drug overdose.

June had been sure that her family line was over. Until Jamie came.

According to the papers, Jamie's mother had dumped him with a neighbour and she'd rarely come around. Jamie Summers hadn't known his mother at all.

Apparently, her name had been April Summers and she'd lived a life of drug abuse, going in and out of rehab clinics after being forced their by her sister saying that if she wanted any money from her, she'd go there.

And she had…briefly.

June was a bit doting, actually. She reminded James vaguely of his own mother. She wanted to spoil him, and tried her best to hold back. But James got the sense that if he really wanted something from her, he'd probably get it.

He decided not to push it though. It didn't feel right. He was basically an imposter…even if he was, technically, genetically related to this woman.

On August Eighteenth, James and June met up with McGonagall in a small café near The Leaky Cauldron. The transfiguration professor took them to the entrance to Diagon Alley and James had to force himself to look in awe or to look surprised when he saw it.

A good frame of reference was June's face.

Diagon had changed a bit, James noted.

There were some new shops here and there. He didn't really have time to slow down and look. They stopped at Gringotts first where June exchanged some money for Galleons and Sickles, opening up a vault for him for future use.

They then walked down the alley and James was allowed to take a look at some of the newer stores. A broom store selling a Nimbus Two Thousand. The newest model or brooms.

James nearly drooled over the display, but held himself back.

A new sweets shop, a clothing store. The apothecary had been updated with new paint and a new color scheme…

They stopped there to pick up some things for potions. Then they got a telescope, a set of scales, a cauldron, the standard for first years.

Then the robes. Standard black robes, a hat, and a nice cloak.

Then there were the books. Some of the books were different from what James had gotten in his first year originally. The defense book, although that was always different considering all the teachers that came and went…it looked like the transfiguration textbook got an update to a new edition, as did charms.

"Were you thinking about getting a pet?" McGonagall asked them.

"Pet?" James looked over at June, wondering if she'd let him have one, "The letter said, cat, owl or toad, right? Owls are used to deliver letters, right? That way, we could stay in contact."
"Actually, we have some school owls which are free for anyone to use." McGonagall said, interrupting them.

James weighed the pros and cons of getting an owl, then decided he was fine without.

"That's fine then. I'm not sure what my schedule will be like, or if I'll have the time to look after a pet properly…For now, maybe we should talk about this next year…or something?"

June smiled, looking quite proud of him,

"I think that's an excellent idea. We'll revisit the topic next year. And now that I know about the owls, you'd better send me letters. Maybe not every day, but…every week or every other day. Just so I know you're okay."

James nodded. He could definitely do that.

He still felt guilty over his intrusion on her life.

It wasn't fair…But he couldn't drop the charade. He needed to make sure Harry was okay. If he dropped it and June abandoned him…he might not ever get to see his son. He might not have any chances to protect him.

It made him feel awful…but there was little he could do.

"Now, last on our list, a wand." McGonagall said, "Just this way."
She led them down towards the other end of Diagon Alley.

Ollivander's Wand Shop.

One of the shops that definitely hadn't changed.

Actually, James didn't think the place had changed since it's founding three hundred and eighty two B.C.

It was rickety and grey. Tattered as though it were half-rotted.

The only thing keeping it structurally sound was magic. June looked nervous as she entered the building with James and McGonagall.

Ollivander was there, putting a box on one of the shelves. The wand-maker looked down at them. His blue eyes landing on James. He then descended the ladder.

He turned to them again, eyes traveling back to James.

"Odd." He said, "I seem to be getting the most peculiar sense of Déjà vu…I can't claim to know why. That seems to be happening a lot lately…"
James's eyes widened.

He didn't recognise him…did he?

He quickly tried to pretend like he had no idea what he was talking about.
"Well then." Ollivander said, "Step up here, young man. Let's get you measured."

James approached the wand maker hesitantly. He was honestly worried that too much time spent around him might give away his identity.

"Raise your wand arm for me." Ollivander said.

James raised his left hand and Ollivander started measuring…everything.

Yup. Just as James had remembered it.

"That's an interesting ring." Ollivander's eyes fell on the ring on James's left hand ring finger.

James looked at the ring and shrugged his shoulders.

"May I ask where you got it?"

James looked over his shoulder, noting that June appeared curious as well.

"I didn't buy it for him." She shook her head.

"It's a memento." James lied, "It belonged to my dad…supposedly."
His mother was a muggle and if Ollivander recognised the ring as magical, then there was no way he'd be able to explain away that discrepancy.

Ollivander hummed,


"Is there something strange about it?" June asked him.

"Not strange per say…But if I'm not mistaken, I'd say it was some sort of magical heirloom."
"You're sure?" McGonagall asked him.

"These eyes don't lie." Ollivander said, "That ring was, at the very least, made with magic."

"So…that means my father was probably a wizard too?" James said innocently.

"That…would make sense." McGonagall thought about this, "What do you know about your father, Mister Summers?"
"Nothing." James said, "I don't even know what he looks like or if he's even alive."
Hopefully, they wouldn't look too much into it.

"You don't think his father might…I mean, that he might…take Jamie?" June was a bit worried about this.
"I can't say for certain." McGonagall told her, "If I were to guess…I'd say Jamie was born during the last wizarding war. A lot of wizards died. It's possible to get his heritage checked at the ministry. They tend to keep track of old bloodlines. If his father is from a more recent bloodline, however, you might not find anything. Still, you never know. Maybe your father left you something."

James shrugged his shoulders,

"I'm not sure I want to know. Mum seemed to resent him."

It was the only excuse he could come up with for not going. If he got tested, his own name would come up and he definitely didn't want people to think he'd cheated on Lily!

June seemed uncertain,

"You know, it's okay if you want to find out, Jamie. If you don't want to do it now…I think we should try to find out at some point in the future." She finished up.

She didn't want to be selfish. Jamie might have a father out there, and it would be a nice thing if they had a relationship.

"Alright…" Jamie trailed off, trying to think about the best way to put off that revelation as long as possible.

Ollivander scampered off, disappearing among the shelves. He returned with a bundle of boxes in his arms.

He set them down on the counter and opened one of them up.

"Try this one." He said, "Fourteen inches, Rowen, phoenix feather core. Give it a wave." He gestured for him to comply.

James gave the wand a wave. A vase exploded into a million different pieces of glace.

June gave a small jump, but Ollivander hardly paid it any attention at all.

"Not that one." He said, taking it from his hand and replacing it with a new one.

"Eleven twelve and a half inches. Ivy. Dragon heartstrings."
James was about to give it a wave before it was snatched away from him.
"No, no! Try this one."
James felt something warm pass through his arm when he took it. This was the one. He knew before he even waved it.

Well, third time's the charm, it seems.

Red sparks shot out from the top.

"Yes, perfect! Bravo! Thirteen inches, mahogany with dragon heartstrings. Good for transfiguration." Ollivander applauded, "I'm sure we'll be expecting good things from him in your class, Professor McGonagall."

McGonagall's lips twitched up into a slight smile,

"I suppose I'll have to keep my eye on you, Mister Summers."
Jamie beamed at her.
She had no idea…

James pretended to crack open his textbooks and read them. He already knew all this stuff though, and it was all ridiculously easy.

He felt restless. Hogwarts was getting closer and closer. He wanted to see Harry so badly. And Lily…

Honestly, he was just starting to feel terribly lonely.

He missed his family. His wife and son…

June was nice though. She seemed to notice he was feeling down and though she tried to talk about it with him, James wasn't able to reveal the truth. Not to her.

How was he supposed to tell her something like that anyways?

But she tried to cheer him up as best she could.

James pretended like it was helping, even though it wasn't really.

He had learned a little bit about Harry thought from his time in Flourish and Blotts.

His son was famous for surviving the killing curse. Something that shouldn't have been possible.

That meant that Lily's sacrificial spell had worked.

So why was Voldemort still alive? How was he still alive?

The person who had brought James back…who was he? James knew that necromancy was illegal, but only because those that practiced it only controlled corpses of the deceased. Not actual dead people. Inferi were terrible creatures that just kept on attacking until their victims were nothing more but ribbons of blood and flesh.

He'd come across them during the war. They weren't something to mess with.

But bringing someone back from the dead? That should be impossible.

But James had felt his pulse several times. He had a heartbeat. This body was a living, breathing human body.

As for the ring…James looked down at the metal band around his finger, there was something strange about it.

He knew it was a powerful magical artifact. Mostly likely, it was activated using that phrase…What was it again?
"Egos Dios?" James spoke, only for the ring to shine, then envelop him in a soft glow.

"W-what? What's happening?" James wondered.

When the light faded, James could feel waves of power washing over him. Like…he could feel his magic in a way he never had before.

In his hand was a golden staff with a sun design in the center suspended by a round frame.

He was wearing white clothing. A white, loose top held up with a golden chain that went around his neck. Loose, white pants that went down to his mid-calves and strange looking sandals tied around the bare parts of his legs. There was something on his head…
He turned to the mirror to see that it was a white, transparent veil. On top was a ring of leaves, or vine that went around his crown.

"What…the hell?" James wondered, "Why do I look like a bride?"

The power of the gods…

James tensed a bit.

Who was that?

He looked around the room. He'd heard someone speak…just now.

"The power of the gods?" James wondered, "What, so I have…god powers or something?"

He shivered a little, then waved his staff around. He gave it a small test, trying out various things. The staff transformed into a bow. When he drew back the string, an arrow appeared made out of some sort of magical energy.

It vanished when he wanted it to.

"This is crazy." James thought out loud.

All he needed to do was just…think about something and it happened!

Then, the outfit dissipated. He was back in his normal, muggle clothes. He looked down at the ring on his finger.

That was dangerous.

This ring…it was definitely powerful.

Hadn't that necromancer called it the ring of Apollo?