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Things stay pretty much on track, it's just that there's no ending. Oh, sure Harry returns to his original world. He kicks dark lord butt and maybe even get's a bit of revenge…Sounds like most Harry Potter fanfics, right? Well, there's a few twists in there. For one thing, the anime doesn't stop with him returning to his own world.

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It was hot that summer on Private Drive. A massive heatwave had struck London that summer, and although it was relatively cool inside the house, Harry spend most of the time going on walks and generally keeping away from his relatives. Harry had been writing to his friends all summer and no one would respond to him.

Well, that was unfair, Hermione had written to him telling him that she couldn't write to him as it was too dangerous.

Harry snorted at that. Too dangerous how? He didn't even care anymore that they weren't going to talk to him about Voldemort or the war. He just wanted someone to talk to.

Even Sirius wasn't talking to him, and he always took risks to come see him! It was a little odd that he felt more betrayed over Sirius's not talking to him than Ron and Hermione's not talking to him. Harry pondered on this momentarily, then brushed it off in favour of rocking back and forth on a swing set.


Harry's head snapped up. A girl with purple, pink, and blue streaked hair stood in front of him. She looked…strange to say the least, in her sailor shirt and super short skirt, black high socks and vibrant purple and green boots with silver buckles.

But what startled Harry the most was the fact that he hadn't heard her approach at all.

"Correct me if I'm wrong, but your name is Harry Potter, right?"

Harry nodded dumbly,


The girl smiled, tilting her head to the side,

"You sound uncertain." She said humorously.

Harry shifted a bit. Was this girl a witch? She didn't really look like it. He hadn't met anyone with such vibrant hair before…it looked more like a muggle fashion than something a wizard might mistake for muggle fashion…if that made any sense.

"Yes," Harry said again, "I'm Harry Potter, who are you?"
She grinned widely,

"I knew it! Sorry, I had to ask because I kind of made a mistake last time." She looked down at a black cat wrist watch and gave a small, curt nod, "Right on time too."

"What's right on time?" Harry asked confused, he then closed his eyes as the wind seemed to pick up.

Raising his arm in front of him, he opened his eyes to see something coming at them from a distance. The girl didn't look concerned though, in fact, she was smiling.

As it came into view, Harry had to blink his eyes a few times. It looked like a cat…or bus…like some weird cross in between. It stopped in front of them, eyes wide and yellow. Its fur was sandy with black stripes and it was…smiling. Could cats smile?

"Who are you?" Harry asked the girl, "And what about the muggles!? You can't just…"
"Muggles?" the girl blinked a few times, "What's that?"

Harry closed his mouth, how could she not know what a muggle was? He gave her a strange look,

"Like…non-magical people?"

The girl gave Harry a strange look,

"That doesn't make sense. Everyone's magical, silly." She laughed, "Now are you going to get on, or what?"

Harry just looked at the cat-bus…thing, strangely,

"Why? Where are you taking me?"

The girl looked at him with a frown,

"You are Harry Potter, right?" a notebook appeared in her hand and she opened it up, scanning over the pages, "Yeah, right here, Harry Potter." She looked up at him expectantly.

"That's my name." Harry agreed, "Harry James Potter. But…who are you?"

The girl looked back down at her notebook and seemed to read something over a few times, muttering something under her breath. Her eyes widened,

"I see, that's what happened…" She looked back up at Harry, "Most people who know about me are otakus, anime fans, manga fans…you know?"

No, Harry really didn't know, and the girl could see it on his face.

"You can call me Animetopoeia, or Ana for short." She introduced, "I came into existence…sometime during the sixties I suppose." She smiled, tilting her head to the side, "I sure have changed since then…Not the point, bad Ana!" she knocked herself over the head gently with a closed fist and stuck out her tongue, winking one eye, "I know the names of everyone who has ever read a manga or watched an anime, whether they knew what they were watching or reading or not." She said factually, "Harry Potter, first anime was Pokémon, I believe."

Harry hesitated to say anything, he did vaguely remember watching something like that from the kitchen that one time.

"Anyways, the reason I'm here," the girl said, "You enjoyed Pokémon, you constantly tried to sneak a glimpse." Tears began falling down her face.

What was wrong with this girl? Harry wondered uncertainly. It was like she went from happy to sad in an instant.

"Love, friendship, standing up against impossible odds, hope, dreams, adventure, fighting for all that you believe in with all your heart. That's anime, that's manga that's what it is. But you've lost sight of all these things, and I'm not just talking about anime. You've lost sight of love, friendship, hope, dreams, all that." She frowned, "And I, as Animetopoeia cannot allow that at all." Her face broke into another wide grin, "That's why I'm here, I'm gonna show you all those things and more…plus, my list says you're in danger and will probably die before the age of seventeen, so…"
"I'm gonna die before I become an adult!?" Harry shrieked, suddenly reminded of his relation to his aunt Petunia (Good god!).

"You won't if you come with me." Animetopoeia huffed, "And you don't need to shout. Goodness, you sure have a good set of lungs."

Harry blushed,

"But…where will the…catbus take me?" Harry asked, eying the creature (Vehicle?) wearily.

"To whatever anime that will aid you." Ana smiled, "They're all a world in their own right. When any artist puts their soul into their creation, that creation is given life. Humans are magical creatures, Harry." She danced around happily to the entrance of the bus,

"Now get on. You're about to go on an amazing journey." She paused, "Oh, and I'll be your lovely guide, of course."
Harry got up off the swings, wondering if he really should go, he reached into his back pocket where his wand was.

He looked around at the dull scenery of Private drive and came to a decision. Harry stepped up onto the bus.

"Um, Ana?" Harry said, sitting down. The cat seemed to purr as Ana took a seat uncomfortably close to him.

"What is it, Harry?" she asked curiously.

"I…" Harry looked about, "I'm a wizard."
"A wizard?" she asked, blinking her eyes rapidly and confused.

Harry took a wand out of his pocket, then, rather nervously cast a silent 'lumos' charm. The wand lit up and Ana clapped her hands.

"Incredible! Who knew that wizards actually existed? You're like a real life anime character!" she began bouncing a little in her seat. Then looked at the wand curiously, the notebook appeared back in her hands and she flipped through it,

"Let's see…what worlds are you assigned to go to? Ah! Wow, you sure have some interesting destinations. And what a weird order." She pouted, "Okay." She snapped the book shut, "Kitty, take us to the Tsubasa Chronicles!"

Harry tensed as the cat arched it's back down, letting out a loud yowl.

There was no way no one on Private drive didn't hear that, Harry thought.

The cat moved up and down, taking off into a super fast run that Harry didn't even think it capable of. Harry found himself jumping up and down in his seat with each turn and leap.

Then the cat simply disappeared beneath him.

He was floating. The world around him seemed to glow and warp into strange spiralling light. Harry gasped when he saw a boy with brown hair and brown eyes in a cloak floating in front of him. The boy looked just as surprised as Harry at the sudden appearance.

"Who are you?" a man who looked to be of obvious Asian descent in a black cloak and red head guard asked. He was just a bit behind the boy with the green cloak, along with a man with blond hair who smiled with squinty eyes. A girl in Pink appeared to be floating beside them, unconscious.

"Uh…" Harry said intelligently, before a bright white light seemed to engulf them all.

For a moment Harry saw something glowing in front of him. A giant stag that glowed green.

"Who…are you?" Harry asked confused, but before he could get anything from the creature, he woke up on the cold ground coughing.

The air was dusty, smoking. He let out an embarrassing squeak when he felt someone clutch his head and shoulders.

"Who are you?" a deep voice growled.

"Uh…" Harry mentally beat himself over the head, "I…my name is Harry."

"Harry?" the voice asked, then suddenly the weight was thrust off of him and Harry was able to turn around.

"Now, that's not very nice." A light airy voice said, tutting slightly.

Harry's focus moved to the smiling, squinty eyed blond man who had grabbed the angry Asian man with the red head guard off of him by the collar.

The man seemed to get out of the hold,

"Are you crazy, you could have choked me!?" the man shouted, suddenly seeming a lot less intimidating.

"You'll catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, Kuro-poo."

"Lay off! Wait…Kuro-poo, what the hell is that?" the man, 'Kuro-poo' shouted.

The blond shrugged helplessly causing the other man to scowl, reminding Harry vaguely of Snape.

"Hi there, I'm Fay." The blond introduced, but he seemed to be talking to the other people there as well, "I know we met before and all, but it's always nice to be formally introduced."

The brown haired boy nodded, clutching the girl in pink tenderly. She was very pretty, Harry thought.

"I'm Syaoran." The boy introduced, "This is Sakura."

"Kurogone." The Asian man in the head guard introduced reluctantly.

"I'm Harry." Harry introduced, "Harry Potter. Um…it's nice to meet you." He said awkwardly.

There was a small moan, then a pink looking bunny…thing seemed to jump up. Harry had thought it was some sort of plush toy at first. Just a part of the rubbish that was laying around.

It let out a moan,

"That wasn't supposed to happen." The bunny thing frowned, then looked at Harry, "Hey, you aren't supposed to be here!"

"Uh…" Harry said uncertainly, "I…I'm sorry." He apologized, "I honestly just sort of came here because of Ana."

"Ana?" the bunny asked.

"Yeah." Harry said, deciding the truth was the best way to go in this situation, "She said…I needed to learn something, and in order to do that somehow I got stuck here."
The bunny shot Harry a strange look.

"Do you know what you're supposed to learn?" the strange blond asked Harry curiously.

Harry felt oddly suspicious of him, though he had been nice so far.

"Not…really. She said something along the lines of me loosing something important, that I didn't really understand what love, friendship and hope were anymore." He frowned, "I…I'm sorry, but where are we?"

"We don't know." Fay said, "We just landed here ourselves…at least it's not my world."

"It's not my world either." Kurogone grumbled.

"Not ours." Syaoran added in.

Harry looked around,

"It looks vaguely like mine." He admitted, "Besides all the destruction…"

They all turned to see a plain looking boy in a black uniform. His eyes were small and spaced widely apart.

"What are you doing? Are you crazy!? Get out of here before they start again!"

"Before who starts what?" Fay called back.

The boy looked nervous,

"Oh no, pray don't tell me you aren't from around here. The gangs. There's a gang war going on in this territory!"
"Gang war?" Harry looked around, reaching for his wand absently.

Kurogone's eyes narrowed at Harry's sudden alertness. Fay seemed to notice as well, eyes opening slightly, but with a passive expression on his face.

"Her face is so cold." Syaoran murmured out loud.

"About that," Fay said, then reached out and grabbed something off of Syaoran's cloak, "Would this be one of the girl's feather's?"

Syaoran's eyes widened, "Yeah, that's it…but that's quite a coincidence."

"Coincidence is a myth, my friend." Fay said, causing Syaoran to jerk slightly and look at Fay with wide eyes.

"There are no coincidences, there is only inevitability." Fay smiled, "Remember, that's what Yuuko said. I guess she knew what she was talking about."
Just then Harry noticed a fat looking man with a pink Mohawk that seemed to divide into two parts upwards. He wore a leather jacket and pants, much like the group of other men who came up from behind him.

Definitely lackeys, Harry thought, and the man with pink hair was the boss.

Another man, he looked younger with silver hair tied back into a pony tail and wearing goggles up on his forehead stood up opposite him on top of another mound of carnage. His kerchief around his neck seemed to blow in the breeze. He had a calm smirk on his face, and behind him were his own lackeys all wearing goggles either around their necks, over their eyes, or up on their head.

"Shogo!" the man in the leather jacket called out, "Today is the day, all or nothing. You aren't getting this territory."

"Oh?" the man with silver hair looked up with a smirk on his face.

"Get ready!" the man in the leather jacket said, "Fire!"
Balls of light formed at the fists of the people on both sides of the fight, they shot out and Harry's eyes widened. Could it be some sort of wandless magic? He calmed himself down slightly. It could be another sort of power…

"Watch out!" Mokona shouted, just as a ball of the light energy hit right in front of Fay and Syaoran. The feather Fay had been holding out to Syaoran was drawn into the air.

"Syaoran!" Harry shouted as the boy in the green cloak jumped up and began chasing the feather, right into the middle of the battle.

"Why would he do that?" the plain looking boy seemed confused.

Harry looked a little confused himself. Why? Fay leaned back in his spot,

"People do peculiar things for love." The blond said softly. The small eyed boy looked down at the girl in the pink clothing.

"He's doing this…for her?" he wondered.

Harry looked at the girl in pink curiously. She was unconscious, but her face looked so…gentle. Like it had never been formed into a harsh expression all her life. What was so special about that feather? Harry wondered.

"Watch out!" Mokona shouted again.

But Harry was ready this time. He whipped out his wand,

"Protego!" he shouted.

A shield formed around them, letting the orb of light bounce right off them. Fay looked at Harry with surprise,

"You're a wizard?" he asked curiously.

Harry looked back at Fay,

"Um, yes." He shrugged slightly, not sure what he ought to say, "I'm still learning though. Are you a wizard too?"

Fay regained his smile,

"It just so happens that I am. I refuse to use magic though…not anymore."

Harry blinked a few times, something about that statement sounded…ominous. His attention snapped back to Syaoran, he let out a gasp when a ball seemed to hit him, only to be burned away when Syaoran caught fire.

Harry watched in awe when a wolf like creature made of fire appeared in front of him. With a lack of expression, Syaoran spoke,

"Thank you for saving me." He said much to calm for someone who had just put his life on the line, "I have no right to ask this of you, but will you please help me protect Sakura?"

The creature nodded, then took off to the sky, fighting off the light orb things.

"Woah, your friend has a kudon too."

"A kudon?" Harry asked looking over at the small eyed boy.

"Yeah, and from what I can tell it's a really powerful one." He said in a rather serious tone.
Harry's attention went back to the fight, where Syaoran's kudon, or whatever it was called, managed to overpower the light orb things, sending them everywhere.

"Retreat!" the gang leader in the leather jacked ordered.

Harry watched with awe as all the men ran away from the fight. Well, accept 'Shogo' and the guys who were wearing goggles.

"Impressive!" Shogo called down, looking at Syaoran, "My name is Shogo Asagi." He introduced, "And what do you call yourself."

Syaoran looked up at Shogo and answered without hesitation,


"Well, Syaoran." Shogo said, he glowed blue a moment, then a giant stingray kudon appeared above him, "Do you know what happens when water meets fire?" he smirked, "If you didn't before, then you're about to find out."

Harry watched with anticipation as the two stared each other down. Then he heard the distant sound of sirens.

"Shit, Shogo, it's the cops!" one of the gang members said.

"That's terrific." Shogo said sarcastically, "Let's fight later, Syaoran." He smiled, and Harry was a little surprised to see it wasn't malicious. He watched on confused as Shogo and his gang fled.

"He didn't seem…bad." Harry said uncertainly.

Fay noticed his confusion,

"There are different reasons for fighting, Harry." Fay said, calling his attention, "It seems that Shogo saw something in Syaoran that he liked. Some people fight to get better, or because they admire their opponent. It doesn't have to be for bad reasons." His eyes opened slightly, and Harry caught sight of blue, curious orbs that made him seem far more serious than he had been before, "You seem like the type who hasn't had that sort of fight though."

Harry nodded hesitantly,

"I've had…duels, I suppose, but they were just for school." He admitted, "They weren't a fight, you know?"

"I do." Fay smiled, "A spar and a fight are two different things. A spar gives us time to work and improve, to notice our imperfections and work on getting better during the time we spend doing it. But in a fight, you aren't focused on yourself, but your opponent. Right?"

Harry nodded hesitantly, it was weird hearing it worded like that. Fay looked him over curiously,

"You don't do a lot of physical training, do you?"

Harry shook his head hesitantly and Fay hummed,

"You have the instincts…but there's more to fighting than just waving a wand…and I'm assuming that's your conduit." Fay said eyeing the wand in his hand.

"Um, yes. It is." Harry nodded.

"You thinking about taking the kid under your wing?" Kurogone sneered.

Fay shrugged,

"Don't know. Do you want me to teach you a bit about fighting, Harry?" Fay asked tilting his head to the side slightly.

Harry wasn't sure what to do at first. He opened his mouth to say something when he remembered what Ana had told him.

"You probably won't live past your seventeenth birthday as you are now…."

"I…" Harry blinked, "Would you? I mean…" he looked down almost ashamed, "I…there's someone after me. He killed my parents and…he's been planning my death ever since I was one. Ana told me, she was sending me here so that I could learn."

Kurogone raised an eyebrow,

"And why is this man after you? You were just one, right?"

Harry suddenly felt frustrated,

"I don't know." He admitted, "No one…no one ever tells me anything. I feel like I'm the only one back home who doesn't know why he's after me."

Kurogone's eyes narrowed,

"Then find out on your own. It's your life on the line, kid. Do what you can to survive."

Harry looked away from his penetrating gaze,

"People keep telling me I shouldn't know." He said uncertainly.

Kurogone raised an eyebrow,

"Then those people are idiots."

"They say I'm too young." Harry murmured.

"You're old enough to wield a weapon, and fight a war." Kurogone said, "Get up off your ass and quit making excuses."

Harry shook slightly,

"Yeah…I…" something inside him seemed to harden and he looked up at Fay with determination, "Please teach me whatever you can. I want to live through the war when I return."

Fay smiled brightly,

"Alright, Harry. I can't teach you a lot about magic, but we will work in that area. Of course our training will be more physical training."

Harry smiled brightly,

"Thank you, Fay."
Fay smiled,

"Not a problem. It seems we're going to be stuck with each other for a while anyways. We might as well do something to pass the time."

"There you are." A man said, approaching them from behind. A pretty and quite looking woman walked beside him.

"My name is Sorota and this is my lovely wife, Arashi. We were sent here by Yuuko." He grinned.

"Yuuko?" Fay asked, "You're acquainted with the dimensional witch?"

Sorota grinned,

"Yeah, we kind of owe her big. So we came here to offer you lodging." He explained, "It would do no good to sleep out on the street. Especially that girl, Sakura, right?"

The boy with the small eyes was apparently called 'Masayoshi' which Harry thought sounded a lot like a Japanese name. Thinking on this a little, Kurogone, Syaoran and Sakura all sounded a lot like Japanese names.

Wasn't 'Anime' Japanese? He wasn't entirely sure, not having paid much attention to the muggle world after he began attending Hogwarts. It was then that he remembered what Ana had told him, about people being magic and imagination bringing worlds to life.

He wondered if he'd be able to obtain the manga or anime Fay and the others were from. What had Ana called it? He couldn't remember. He supposed he could ask her later…

Arashi and Sorota had given them some new clothes, some which actually fit Harry rather well. The couple had insisted he keep the outfit, considering he had been clad in his cousin's rags before. He now wore a pair of blue jeans, a rather gothic looking black shirt with a skull and a dark blue sweatshirt overtop to pull it all together. Not exactly something he thought he'd ever manage to pull off.

Apparently they were Sorota's old clothes from when he was in junior high when he'd gone through a 'faze.'

Masayoshi took them to an okonomiyaki restaurant. Harry had never had okonomiyaki before, but it sounded interesting.

As soon as Syaoran met the chefs though, he started acting weird.

"Your majesty!" he exclaimed suddenly.

Harry shot Syaoran a confused look. The pancake chef? A king? Was there something going on that he wasn't getting?

Syaoran didn't exactly seem like the joking type...and the pancake chef looked equally confused.

Syaoran reddened slightly,

"Sorry…you look a lot like someone from my home country." He murmured.

The man smiled slightly in understanding,

"I see. You're not from around here then?"

"None of us are." Harry said, speaking up.

"Yeah, you all have an accent." The chef added, "It's not really noticeable though, except with you." He said to Harry.

"How about I get you a seat." The waiter, a man with silver hair and round spectacles, much like Harry's suggested.

He led them to a window booth.

"So what was that back there?" Harry asked Masayoshi curiously.

"Well, this place has a lot of gangs, you know, they fight over territory and stuff. Shogo's gang isn't all that bad though. He actually protects us from the bad guys, protecting those that are weaker than them and stuff." Masayoshi explained.

Harry tilted his head, he'd never heard of a 'good' gang before. But Shogo hadn't seemed all that bad when they'd met him.

"The other gang leader you saw, Kanio, he's always picking on those weaker than him." Masayoshi said, clutching his glass slightly, "Him and Shogo have been fighting over that particular territory for a while now. Shogo has been trying to steel all of Kanio's territory from what I can tell, that's why things are so heated between the two of them. If one falls the rest will, and it will be a lot easier to snatch more territory and stuff." Masayoshi reddened, "Or, that's what I've been able to tell."

Their food arrived and Harry was a little troubled by the whole chopsticks thing. Fay watched him amused,

"Never used chopsticks?" he guessed.

Harry flushed,

"You could tell?" he joked, "I come from Britain and it's usually just forks, knives and spoons over there."

Fay hummed,

"Here." He said grabbing his hand and putting it into the proper hold, "Hold this part like a pencil, there, like that."
Harry still struggled with it, but it was easier than before.

"That's going to take some getting used to." He sighed, then managed to get some food into his mouth. Even Kurogone thought it was funny.

"Right, I've been meaning to ask, what's up with that feather you got yesterday? I saw it vanish inside Sakura, that's that girl's name, right?" Harry asked Syaoran who nodded, jaw clenched.

"Sakura…her soul was shattered, turned into feathers, then placed in different worlds. I need to travel to find all her feathers, each one is a memory."
Harry raised an eyebrow,

"And…she didn't have any before?" Harry asked, thinking back to what he knew about souls, but that was only limited to the soul sucking creatures called dementors which fed off of happy memories.

"Does that mean anything to you, Harry?" Fay asked him curiously.

Harry shook his head,

"No, not really. I was trying to figure out if I knew anything that might help." He admitted, "In my world there are these…creatures which eat souls. Dementors. They slowly suck out your happy memories. The only time they lower their hoods, er, they kind of looked like cloaked figures." Harry elaborated, "And the only time their lower their hoods is when they give you the 'kiss.' They basically suck out your soul."
Kurogone raised an eyebrow,

"And how do you kill them? I'm guessing there's a method, otherwise your world would be run over by them."

"There isn't a way to kill them that's known." Harry said slowly, "But there is a way to repel them, the patronus charm. They can be reasoned with and controlled too. I know the ministry of magic has them guarding the prison of Azkaban."

"They feed off the prisoners?" Fay asked grimly.

Harry nodded,

"Yeah…what's worse is my godfather was thrown into that place for about twelve years. Until he managed to escape. First person to ever do it too."

Kurogone raised an impressed eyebrow.

"Then he must have had some way to dampen the effects, I imagine." Fay reasoned out loud.

"He's an animagus." Harry said, "A wizard with the ability to turn into an animal. Animal emotions tend to be less complex than human emotions. His form is a big black dog. But he was skinny enough at the time to slip through the bars. Then after walking out, he swam from the island prison to shore."

"Impressive." Kurogone said admiringly.

"Why was he in prison?" Syaoran asked curiously, "That is…if it's no trouble…"
"It's fine." Harry said, noting how formal Syaoran seemed to be, "He was wrongly imprisoned for killing thirteen mu-people and betraying my parents to Voldemort. Um, the man who tried to kill me when I was a baby." Harry added.

"How do you know he was wrongly convicted?" Kurogone challenged.

"Because I found the real killer, a man who was supposed to be dead. He confessed to everything, but he was an animagus too. A rat animagus." Harry sneered, glaring down at his food.

"You need better control over your emotions, kid." Kurogone said.

Fay said looked at Kurogone, "Coming from the man who basically attacked Harry here when he first met him."
Kurogone shrugged,

"Suspicions first, question everything. I wasn't about to just let him try to attack us or something."

Fay smiled a bit wider, while Mokona, the weird bunny creature jumped up on the table from his (Her?) spot on Masayoshi's lap.

"I thought Harry was suspicious too. I even contacted Yuuko about it. She said it was okay though."

"Oh?" Fay asked and Harry knew he was fishing for information, "She knew about Harry's arrival, then?"

Mokona shook his head,

"No, she had no idea Harry would be here." And it was obvious from his voice that he was rather confused about that, "She had no idea at all. But she said his presence might be a good thing. She said he's here to learn a lesson, but she didn't say anything more."

"Who's Yuuko?" Harry asked curiously, "You mentioned her before…"
"She's a witch." Kurogone said distastefully, "She'll grant any wish, but for a price of equal value."

"You're just upset that she took your sword." Fay teased, then turned back to Harry, "You see, Harry. We all made a wish with Yuuko. Syaoran's wish was to travel from place to place looking for Sakura's memories. Kurogone's wish was to return to his home world. My wish was to travel to any world but my own."
Harry looked at Fay curiously,

"You're on the run?"

Fay nodded,

"I sealed away a powerful mage into a deep sleep in my home world…when he wakes up he's going to try to find me."

Harry realized he was being purposefully vague, but decided not to press the matter.

"Anyways," Kurogone interrupted them, "I want you to meditate with me." He told Harry who looked at the man in surprise.

"Why?" Harry asked.

Kurogone grumbled,

"Ally or not, I'm not going to have a companion who losses control at the slightest provocation. Learning to clear your head, and getting your mind sorted out greatly helps."

Harry decided he should probably take the offer. Half thinking it might actually be useful, and half not wanting Kurogone to murder him in his sleep because he refused.

"I think I might be able to sense the feathers." Mokona said.

"Really?" Syaoran asked, all attention on the pink rabbit thing.

"Uh huh. I picked up the energy from the last one you found and I think I felt it again on the bridge."

"The same feather?" Fay asked.

"Nuh uh, this one was different." Mokona insisted, "But I can't sense it now. I remember it just seemed to disappear."

"It disappeared?" Harry wondered how that was possible. Maybe it was blown away.

"Yeah, like in a 'pop'!" Mokona explained.

Fay placed two fingers to his chin,

"How strange, I wonder what that could mean…"