A/N: Hi, everyone, and welcome to Emma's SIX. This story is slightly inspired by SIX the Musical by Toby Marlow and Lucy Moss. However, you don't need to know about the show to understand this fanfiction. There is no section for SIX, so I'm placing the story under 'The Sarah Jane Adventures'.

This series of Emma Smith-White is going to be a little different since many of the main characters will be based on historical people. I have watched a musical I like recently containing these historical figures so there will be slight references to that. However, I hope that will not interrupt the story or make you enjoy it less. I will include a cast of the new characters.


Katherine of Aragon: Lauren Drew (UK Tour SIX the Musical)
Anne Boleyn: Millie O'Connell (Original London SIX the Musical)
Jane Seymour: Lauren Byrne (UK Tour SIX the Musical)
Anna of Cleves: Shekinah McFarlane (UK Tour SIX the Musical)
Katheryn Howard: Tamzin Merchant (The Tudors)

Please note that I am not casting Catherine Parr because of plans for this story.

I hope you enjoy it.


As I begin my travels with Luke, Maria, Clyde and Rani, my ex calls me, telling me which historical figures I can choose to travel with me, admitting that I'm Catherine Parr. "You need to find your future godmother and get her out of Kimbolton Castle. She died on the 7th of January 1536. She has cancer, but you can cure it."

I arrive at Kimbolton on the 6th of January. Upon seeing the woman that would become my godmother, I know what I must do. Katherine is a strict Catholic, and that may be the only thing I can use so she can come with me. I curtsey before Katherine, but before I can speak, Katherine does.

"My child, I knew you would come. My friend, Maud Parr, God bless her soul, talked about you. Are you Emma Smith-White?"
"I am, my lady."
"My lady, I can help you. I have equipment that will help heal you. Katherine, you do not have to die today." Katherine nods.
"While I live, Anne will never be Queen of England."
"Too right. People will always look up to you, as I do."
"Does my husband take any more wives?"
"After Anne, he has four other wives- one of them is me, unfortunately."
"What happens?"
"Many people sum up Henry's six wives in a rhyme that describes their fates: divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived." Katherine nods, tears stinging her eyes.
"How can people sum us up like that? There's no way they can do that! It does not explain who we are!" I can see the fire in Katherine; she is fighting for justice. "I fought in the Battle of Flodden!"
"And what incredible courage you had."
"Thank you. If I remember rightly, you said you could heal me." I help Katherine up, leading her to the TARDIS.

Once I settle the former Queen in the med bay, I give Katherine's ladies things to do so they can help their mistress. I keep scanning Katherine every few minutes as I work. As I do, Katherine appears to grow younger. Once the cancer is gone and I tell the ladies they can finish, they gasp in surprise.

Katherine looks like she aged back around at least twenty years. When she looks in the mirror, Katherine smiles. "I look… I look younger."
"I think the machine did something silly; I don't know what. I will look at it if you're not happy."
"I'm happy. Thank you."

She asks her ladies to leave, and they agree. Katherine stands in the console room with me. "What is this place?"
"This is the TARDIS, where the fun happens. I can put more chairs and other stuff in here."
"Maybe a bookcase?"
"If you like. My brother, Luke, and my friends, Maria, Clyde and Rani, are here. I have a few other people I have to save."
"What about my successors?"
"I meant that I would save your successors."

"Is there any music I can listen to?" I find my phone and press the button that says 'music'. "What sort of witchcraft is this?"
"It isn't witchcraft, but technology," I explain the concept of a mobile phone, how it works, and demonstrate it to Katherine before handing her some headphones and showing her how they work. Soon, Katherine is singing along to 'No Way'. I smile, knowing that she may not get on well with the next person who comes along. I leave Katherine in her little world as I piolet the TARDIS to the Tower.


I arrive at Anne's cell at the Tower of London. "Anne Boleyn?" Anne turns to me. "I'm here to save you."
"The swordsman from Calais is here. All this for so little a neck."
"I can save you. You don't have to die on the scaffold."
"It's what the King commands. Can you resurrect people?"
"I highly doubt it." I quickly grab Anne's hand and lead her into the TARDIS. "I need to check something."

"Whoa," Anne breathes. "It's bigger on the inside." Katherine takes her headphones off."
"Finally!" I say. "Anne, if you come with us, this will be your home."
"Is it magic?"
"Some of the best science can be mistaken for magic."
"It's incredible."
"Of course, it is!" Katherine says. "It's the TARDIS; everyone finds it incredible."

"Look at what the cat dragged in! Did she resurrect you?"
"She has a name, Emma, two syllables. I'm sure you can manage it, and no, she did not resurrect me. She saved my life." I finish looking at the monitor. I'll only be able to resurrect Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour and Katheryn Howard.
"I can resurrect you. If you go out onto that scaffold, I can save you."
"Thank you."
"I have a request if you want to join us."
"What is it?"
"I want you to be polite with the rest of Henry's exes. Can you do that?"
"For you, I will do anything." Words like these can have an underlying meaning, but I don't ask Anne about this. Instead, I let her leave so she can face her fate.
"Wait! When they renovate the Tower, they identify your body. I just need to check- Yes!"

"What? What is it?"
"If I have some of your blood, I'll be able to resurrect you from that."
"Should we do it now or…"
"No, you'll be late for your execution. I'll have to do it there. Do you know what the scaffold looks like?" The three of us exit the TARDIS and look out of the window. "There's already someone standing beneath it. If I go now, I'll get under there. Katherine, return to the TARDIS. I've programmed it to land in the green. It can blend in, so don't worry about it." Katherine enters the TARDIS and shuts the door. As we watch, the TARDIS dematerialises. I pat my pocket, knowing I have the vial there.
"If you need to be under the scaffold for this, you better get going." I nod, using my sonic to unlock the door. At least this one does wood.

I am under the scaffold before the crowd grows too thick. Soon, Anne herself walks out with her ladies, climbing the steps to the platform. "Good Christian people, I have come here to die. According to the law and by the law, I am to die. Therefore I will speak nothing against it." Mentally preparing myself, I stand underneath where Anne will kneel, vial out so I can collect her blood.

As soon as the sword strikes, blood spills across the scaffold, dripping into the vial and all over me. I'll need a shower and change of clothes later. When I leave the platform, Katherine joins me. "Can you take this to the med bay, please?"
"I will," Katherine takes the blood-filled vial and returns to the TARDIS, with me bringing up the rear.

Once I'm showered and dressed, I join Katherine in the med bay. "Can I help you with this?"
"Of course." I find the equipment needed to bring Anne Boleyn back to life. If someone ends up reading this, I won't go into detail. Seriously, I don't want people coming back from the dead. After living in a grave for hundreds of years, there's no telling what would happen to them. They can turn into zombies or vampires. We don't want that. Keep all zombie apocalypses in the media. Plus, someone might sue me.

Once Anne Boleyn takes her original form, I hold my hand up. "What's that for?" Katherine asks.
"It's a high five," I show Katherine how to do it, and she smiles.
"The future seems incredible."
"Ladies, can I have a hand here?" Anne is wearing in the clothes she wore upon her death. At least I don't have to worry about anyone else I bring back to life being naked.

Anyway, I should probably show them the wardrobe. Once Anne is on her feet, I lead them to the closet so they can change if they wish. Maria, Rani and Sky are there and offer to show the queens how modern clothes work. Katherine quickly picks out a pair of skinny black jeans, a dark yellow t-shirt and a charm bracelet. The charms are a crown and a heart. Anne takes ages to get ready, so I ask Katherine if she wants to join me with saving Jane Seymour.

When Anne finally emerges, she is wearing a choker necklace with the letter B in gold, skinny black jeans with a dark green hoodie tied around her waist and wearing a dark green tank top. "Very modern," Luke says. Anne winks at him.
"He's my boyfriend," Maria says.
"Yeah, Anne, don't be a homewrecker," Katherine agrees. We all stare at her. "What?"
"That sounded modern. Katherine is right, Anne, don't take my boyfriend."

"Who's next?" Anne asks.
"Jane Seymour, Emma said I could go."
"She's such a Catholic! You'll love her." ~
"What did you say?" I growl.
"Sorry." I go to the console room. "Not sorry. Don't lose your head."


I can't talk to Jane, asking her if she wants to come. Her body is lying in state at Chapel Royal before its journey to Windsor. Thankfully, I have a back-up plan. A fake body.
"Will it work?" Clyde asks. "More importantly, do we want another queen here? We've got enough trouble with Aragon and Boleyn." In the background, I can hear Anne singing Don't Lose Ur Head, with Katherine moaning that she shouldn't have let Anne listen to it.
"I know what I'm doing; trust me."

"Will it work?" Katherine asks.
"Trust me; I'm an improviser." We remove Jane's body from where it's resting, replacing it with the fake. "Let's go." We carry Jane to the TARDIS when the King walks in.
"Stop!" I click my fingers and the TARDIS doors open. "Thieves!" We run into the TARDIS, and I slam the doors shut. "I've never done something as exhilarating as that before," Katherine says.

Once we're in the med bay, I notice Anne is there. "Oh," she says. "I guess you want this space for my successor."
"What are you doing here?" Anne takes me to one side as Katherine lies Jane on the table.
"Is there anything that will heal my scar?"
"What scar?" Slowly, Anne undoes the back of her chocker, removing it from her neck. Underneath, I can see a scar that runs around Anne's neck. "Does it hurt?"
"Sometimes I think that I'm back at the scaffold. That's when it most hurts." I find some cream and gently apply it to her scar.
"That won't heal it, but it might take some of the pain away."

Katherine shrieks. We turn to her. Jane screams. "Whoa, whoa," I say, running to her side. "You're safe, Jane. You're safe."
"Who are you? Where am I?"
"My name is Emma Smith-White, and I'm sure you remember Katherine and Anne, your predecessors?" Jane weakly nods. "What do you remember last?"
"I… I had a son… Edward. It is all very; I cannot remember much."
"That can happen."
"Where's my husband? I must see him."

"NO!" Katherine and Anne yell. Jane moves sharply.
"Jane, if you meet Henry, histo- the future- will break. It would never exist. As everyone thinks you are dead, you can't return to Court."
"What am I going to do?"
"Why don't you come with us?"
"I have no other plans," I ask Katherine and Anne to take Jane to the wardrobe, and I'll join them soon.

"How goes the queen business?" Mummy asks.
"Jane's alive. Only two more to go, then it's my turn."
"I'm Catherine Parr, my ex confirmed it."
"She might be lying. Have you considered that?" Mum asks.
"I had no reason to until the whole break-up." Tears prick my eyes as my parents pull me into a hug. "Over the past day, I felt worthless."
"Is that why you stopped hunting? A Qetesh has her way of knowing, so don't ask me. To those three queens, you are giving them a new life, hope. I will only say this once: Never, ever let anyone make you feel worthless. If it turns out you are Cathy Parr, we can get you."

When I return to the queens, Jane is changing in the cubicle. "Everything sorted?" Anne looks up from her book.
"Yeah. Everything's fine." When Jane emerges, we all fall silent.
"Is it that bad? I can go and change." Jane's blonde hair is loose around her shoulders, making it look like spun gold. She's wearing a white t-shirt with a silver snowflake. Unlike the other queens, Jane's wearing loose black jeans.
"No, no. You look incredible."
"You think so?"
"I know so."
"I could add some colour."
"That would spoil the outfit. Wait a moment," I hurry to the jewellery, selecting a pearl bracelet and a silver hairband. Showing Jane how to put them on, she completes her outfit. I take her over to a mirror.
"I look…"
"Amazing," I assure her. Katherine nods. Anne gives her a thumbs up.
"What does that gesture mean?"
"It means you look great." I lead the three queens to their rooms and tell them that if they see a red ribbon cutting them off from the rest of the corridor, it means that it's out of bounds. I tell them where to find me before leaving them to it for a while.

"You seem distant," Maria says.
"I'm trying to work out who to save next. I've always had a problem with Howard due to my grandmother. Can I ever trust her?"
"I can't say. You don't have to save Katheryn."
"I will do it, I'm saving the rest of Henry's exes, so I'm also saving Katheryn. Don't try and stop me. It will be unfair if I leave her out."


"Surely we don't need the other two-"
"Shut up, Anne!" Katherine says. "If Emma wants to save them, she can."
"I don't see the point of it."
"Of course, you don't."
"Stop fighting," Jane says. "Katherine is right. Emma has to make a choice." She turns to me, asking what the plan is.
"We're saving the other queens," I say. "We've got this far, so we should continue."

When we arrive at Chelsea Manor, we go to meet Anne of Cleves. "Anne?" I ask. "Do you remember me?"
"Emma? Emma Smith-White?"
"That's right. Can you stand up?"
"Ja," Katherine and I help Anne up and into the TARDIS.
"We have to get Anne to the med bay. Like you, she might have cancer. The sooner we can cure it, the sooner we can go." We place Anne in the med bay.

Jane holds Anne's hand while Katherine and Anne Boleyn help me out. Once the cancer is gone, we help Anne get down. "Someone will have to change their name," I say. "We have two Annes, and we will have three Katherines. I will keep my name, but this is something we need to discuss before Katheryn Howard arrives."
"As a child, I was called Anne," Anne of Cleves says. "Will that help?"
"It will, Anna. That leaves two Katherines, but we'll talk about it when Katheryn arrives."

I ask Anna and Katherine to come with me. I know Anna from before, and Katherine has been in the TARDIS for the longest. I can trust them. We go to the wardrobe so Katherine can help Anna change. I begin finding pyjamas for the queens when Anna asks why I'm taking them out of time. "I wanted some companions. Travelling around time and space can be lonely when you have no one to share it, which is why I came looking for you. My friends and family are on board, but only until I get to grips with things, I think."
"You think?!"
"How come I never saw them?" Katherine hurries out, having unpinned Anna from her dress. Jessie hurries through, a smile lights up her face.
"They lifted Article 0," she says. "We can go home."
"Home?" Anna steps out in her chosen outfit. She is wearing a red t-shirt, a black faux leather jacket, black jeans and black high heels.
"What do you think?"
"It looks amazing," Jessie says.
"Oh, Anna, this is one of my daughters, Jessica. We all call her Jessie."
"Hi, Jessie, great to meet you," Anna says.
"Thanks," Jessie blushes a little before turning back to me. "That was I wanted to convey to you. See you later." Jessie hurries out of the room. Huh, I never saw Jessie act like that.
"Was it something I said?

"I don't think so," I say.

"Who's next?" Anne asks.
"Your cousin, Katheryn Howard. I don't know if she was beheaded or not as she had her marriage to the King annulled in 1541. He married my grandmother by mistake."
"Why did she take Katheryn's place?"
"She wanted to kill me. Katheryn wanted to be in a relationship with me. That was in 1540, possibly before my grandmother replaced her."
"Do you have romantic feelings for my cousin?"
"I haven't seen her for a long time. As such, I don't know."

"Did you know someone wrote a musical about us?" Anna asks as I'm thinking. "We're up to 'Get Down' so far. The others don't want to listen to the other tracks without Katheryn." I can understand why as the next song is about her.


Upon arrival at the Tower again when Anne found a biography about Katheryn Howard, I knew what to do. I can't let a second wife of Henry VIII's get executed. When I see Katheryn, she almost weeps into my arms. "I've got you, Katheryn. Shall we go to the TARDIS?"
"No, the King said I must die. I have no choice."
"It doesn't have to end this way, Katheryn. You always have a choice."
"Not this time, Emma. Thank you for coming back." Katheryn stares at the block again. "I want to come, but I can't. I have to die here."
"Can you stay for the night, please? It will bring me some comfort." I nod. Nothing too wrong can come from it. I go back to my TARDIS, so I can get the vial I need before Katheryn's execution.

"I thought about what I will say in the morning," she says when I return.
"Oh?" I ask, curious. "What is it?"
"Why would I tell you? You won't like it, Em."
"What did you call me?" I laugh.
"Em. Do you like it?" I never had a nickname before. Do I like the name Katheryn gave me? I guess I'll find out soon enough.

As we talk, Katheryn keeps glancing back at the block. "I don't want to go through with this."
"You don't have to; we can find someone to take your place, or use a decoy. I wanted to use one of them, make sure that they work well."
"But I have to do it." I shake my head. "No, don't argue with me, Em. What is that for?" She finally notices the vial.
"It's a vial. When you die, I will have to collect your blood to bring you back to life."
"I see. So, you don't need the body?"
"No, but then again, no one identifies your body. You don't have to die."
"Are there any accounts saying that I never died?"
"Then, I must die." Whenever I try to bring up the conversation later that night, Katheryn would shut me down by pointing out that history says that she dies.

When the sun rises, both Katheryn and I curl up together. "Can you resurrect me using my body?" Katheryn asks.
"I could, potentially. I'll have to park my TARDIS in the chapel. When your time nears, I will do it."
"Wait," Katheryn begins knocking on her door, attracting the attention of her jailer, John Gage. When he arrives, she asks him to allow me to return to the cell once I parked my ship in the chapel. Alarmed, Mr Gage glances at me.
"I will not do any damage," I assure him. "You will barely know I am there."
"I will have one of the guards with you, so you do not lose your way."
"Thank you," I allow the guard to enter my TARDIS before landing it in St Peter Ad Vincula. He leads me back, and I ask to be with Katheryn when she is going to her death. They agree. All Katheryn and I have to do is wait.

When the guards unlock the door at nine in the morning, we are ready. I clasp the vial in my hand, dreading the next few minutes. But I don't need it now. All I need is Katheryn's body; no one will know any different. I watch Katheryn, who is wearing a black velvet dress, walk out of the door. Following, I see her shake. I reach out a hand to her, which Katheryn takes. "Thank you," she whispers to me.
"You're welcome." We remain like this as we walk through Tower Green, walking together. The crowds pass to let us through. Katheryn stops at the steps of the scaffold.
"I don't know if I can do this." Katheryn begins gripping my arm, and I help her climb the steps as best as I can.
"We can still go."
"No! Emma, I am not leaving. I will go through with my execution." I nod and am about to step back when Katheryn grips my arm tighter if that could be possible. "I want you to stand by me."
"Of course," I agree. Katheryn turns to the crowds.

"Good Christian people, I have come here to die. I deserve a thousand deaths for defying the King and his sacred body, and so humbly accept my death." She then looks at me, and I nod at her. She must continue. Turning back to the crowd, I feel Katheryn's hand begin to shake. "I'm sorry for doing this to you, Emma," she whispers. In a louder voice, she says: "I die a queen, but I'd rather die the wife of Emma Smith-White." The crowd begin to gasp, horrified at the change of events.
"Katheryn!" I cry. "What did you do? They will be after my head next."
"No, they won't." Katheryn holds her pouch out to the executioner. "Allow Emma to take my body to the chapel." The executioner nods. Katheryn turns back to me. "Good luck, Emma." Katheryn finally releases my arm, and I step away, joining the politicians, those close to the King who will see the teenage Queen take her last breath. Katheryn kneels, placing her head on the block. I turn away as the axe raises, sunlight shining upon it.

When the axe falls, I act quickly. I wrap Katheryn's broken body, but I know I cannot carry her. Master Gage comes forward to help. I take Katheryn's head, watching her blue eyes flutter close.

I don't have long. Master Gage leads the way into the chapel, and I follow him. "I can take it from here, Master Gage, thank you."
"I don't think you understand."
"You know that Katheryn is dead, so when Jane Boleyn dies, the cannon will fire and notify the King of their deaths. All I need is Katheryn." He nods and leaves the body on the floor. I throw open the doors to my TARDIS, saying that I need Katherine, Anne, Jane and Anna. The four women run out—Anna sobs when she sees Katheryn's body. "Katherine, Anne, Anna, take Katheryn's body. Jane, I need you to go to the med bay and find a needle and thread, match it as close to Katheryn's skin tone as possible." Jane nods, hurrying into the TARDIS. Together, the four of us get Katheryn into the med bay.

Carefully laying Katheryn out on the examining table, I turn to Jane. "You can sew, right?" Jane nods. "I know I'm asking a lot of you, but I'm only asking you because I can't sew. I need you to sew Katheryn's head to her body." Jane nods, turning pale. "Can you do that?"
"I can do that." Jane turns back to Katheryn.
"I will hold the head for you," I say as Jane knots the thread. Holding the head up, I watch as Jane begins her work with tiny stitches. When she finishes, the stitches fade away, leaving a light scar, but nothing that we can't hide. I find the equipment I used on the other queens to either cure them or bring them back to life. I begin using it on Katheryn, hoping for something to happen. Katheryn wakes up.

"Where am I?"
"You're in the TARDIS," I tell her. "Do you remember me?"
"Em." I nod, and we both smile. Jane helps Katheryn get to her feet, and I take Katheryn to the wardrobe. I tell her to find clothes that seem comfortable, and she eventually dresses in a pink tank top, skinny black jeans, a black denim jacket and black boots. I smile, take Katheryn's arm, and we go into the console room. "I'm thinking about changing my hair a bit."
"What are you thinking? A different hair cut or a different colour?"
"Maybe a different colour. Maybe pink?"
"Why don't you have pink tips rather than dying all of your hair pink? It will look unique."
"I'll think about it," Katheryn begins to tense a little as we enter the central area. She spots Anna and starts talking to her

I watch as Katheryn begins interacting with the other queens, but she's shying away from them. Instead, she takes refuge behind me. "Katheryn, they don't want to hurt you," I say when I find her in the library. Alistair walks in. Katheryn begins cowering. "Katheryn, it's only my son. Alistair, what is it?"
"The Doctor was right about you being Catherine Parr. I thought I should let you know."
"Thank you." Sensing the tension in the room, Alistair decides to leave. I turn back to Katheryn.

"What happened?" I sit down next to her.
"Thomas Culpepper?" Katheryn nods. "Oh, Katheryn…" I pull her into a hug, and Katheryn stays there for some time. "Not everyone is like him. It will take you some time to build your courage up again, but I'm sure you can. Maybe you should see a counsellor…"
"I don't want to see a man."
"Would you prefer it to be a woman?" Katheryn nods. I pull out my phone.
"What is that?"
"It's a mobile phone; it allows you to talk to people who are a distance away, send messages faster than when a servant sends them, and things like that." I quickly text Mum, telling her to come to the library. I take Katheryn with me, explaining that we will meet Mum there.

"What's going on?" Mum asks when we arrive. I explain the situation, and Mum nods before going to sit with Katheryn. "Katheryn, or would you prefer Miss Howard when we begin our sessions?"
"I would prefer Miss Howard, please."
"All right, Miss Howard. I will be your counsellor if you like that. I will not pass on any information you don't want me to, and our sessions will be private. I will have to take notes so I can help you with your mental wellbeing, but I hope that you feel you can talk to me."
"Can Emma be with us?"
"Of course she can. We'll need to find a date that will be suitable for all of us. As Emma will be Catherine Parr soon, we might have to schedule it for a later date. Is that all right?"
"Thank you, Miss Howard. We can meet here on Wednesday to discuss when we want our first session to be."
"I will like that, thank you." Mum leaves the room.

"Who was that?"
"That's my mum, Ruby White."
"She's amazing."
"Of course she is, she helped me during difficult times."


When it comes to my turn, I don't know what to expect. I know that I am at the wedding, but I can't interact with her. I also told my younger self that I was her mum, probably in a state of panic. What can I do?

Before I can think of a solid plan, Henry's other exes find me and take me to the wardrobe. Haus of Holbein is playing on the speakers; I think Anna chose that song as we are trying to find something suitable for me to wear on my wedding day. As we can't find anything particularly useful when the song ends, it repeats itself for a second time, and a third. We begin singing and dancing to it, forgetting what we should be doing.

Eventually, other people grow annoyed by the racket we're making in the wardrobe, and someone (maybe Clyde) asks us to shut it. We do knock it off and decide to focus on the task of finding me something suitable for me to wear when I go to Court. Eventually, I settle on a white chemise with stockings, a kirtle, a blue gown with a matching French hood (thank you, Katheryn) and a blue bead necklace. I didn't want to wear a farthingale, but Katherine was determined. After all, I would be her goddaughter, so I should dress appropriately.

Once I am ready, the other wives are happy to release me into the world that is the Tudor Court.



I am walking down the aisle in a silver and gold dress, approaching the King. I know what I must do now, how I can keep history in order. I have to marry Henry. "Let me guess…" Henry says before the bishop begins. "Emma?" I nod. "Again? What's the reason this time?"
"I'm keeping history in order. The Doctor and I… let's say we aren't compatible with the other."
"Oh, I'm sorry."
"Don't be. It's not your fault." We go through the ceremony, and the priest pronounces us husband and wife. I never wanted to marry a man, but maybe I can warm to Henry a little.

Snap out of it, Emma. What are you thinking? I must be going mad. How can I begin to imagine how I can live with Henry?

Our wedding night comes around, and my anxieties reach a new level. I don't think I can go through with this, and I want to remain in control of what will happen. Please, don't let this happen. I will do anything, anything.

"You okay?" A man asks.
"Yes, thank you."
"You don't look like it, Emma." I stop when I hear the familiar voice, concern filling his voice.
"What are you doing here? You broke up with me."
"My older self contacted me about it," the Doctor kneels beside me. "Do you remember Agnes?"
"How can I forget her?"

"Excuse me, young man?" My new husband butts in. "Who are you? I don't think I've seen you before?"
"I'm the Doctor."
"Emma's ex?"
"Yeah, you could say that."
"You either are, or you are not. Which is it?"
"I am a past version of her ex, so it's happened to Emma, but not for me." The Doctor turns back to me. "Remember Agnes?"
"How could I forget her? She's the reason I came here in the first place."

"She's come back. I'm so sorry, Emma. She has more control than before; she's the reason the Doctor forgot about you."
"Is she going to kill me again?"
"She's certainly going to try."
"What should we do?" Henry asks. "We need to protect Emma at all costs."
"The best thing you can do is to move the Court as much as possible, make Agnes confused. She only has a historical record to go by now. Maybe moving the Court isn't enough. I'm sorry, but I'll have to take Emma with me for some time. It's for her good."
"I see," Henry nods. "I was thinking of a campaign against France, but I can't do that if my Queen is on the run. What should I do?"
"When you're away, that is the time when Emma will be most vulnerable; she'll need as much protection as possible. I can bring her children here. One of them can see the future; another can read minds. They will do anything they can to protect their mother." Henry nods, saying that my children can come. "Mind if I take Emma for a while?"
"Please bring her back safely."
"I'll try my best. Oh, and Henry? Your exes are alive."
"All of them?"
"All of them." The Doctor takes me to his TARDIS, where I meet Martha and Donna.

"Hello, Emma," Martha hugs me. "It's been a while."
"What year did you come from?"
"2008. You?"
"2018." The TARDIS doors shut and it takes off.
"I didn't do anything!" The Doctor says. "We're taking off."