I open the TARDIS doors to reveal Tudor England. 'We shouldn't be here,' I say and close the doors.
'Where are we?' Katheryn asks.
'Tudor England, 1543. We're in the middle of a battle, so we need to keep away.' I try to reset the coordinates, but the TARDIS resists me. I try again, but we're not moving. 'I guess we need to stay.'
'We need to leave if we stay, we'll die.'
'I was right about fighting. While the survival of the universe rests on me surviving, this is my battle. I have to be here. You and the other queens can stay here.'
'You're not leaving.' Katheryn positions herself between me and the door. 'You can't leave.'
'Yes, I can. You can't force me to stay.' Katherine and Jane walk in and see what is going on.

'Katheryn, what are you doing?' Jane asks.
'We're in Tudor England, and a fight is taking place.'
'What year?'
'1543. I want to fight, but Katheryn isn't letting me.'
'I can see why you want to fight,' Katherine agrees. 'I remember the Battle of Flodden. I want to fight too, but Jane wants me to stay. Katheryn has every right to stop you.'
'This is my fight. Agnes wants me dead, not the rest of you.'
'I know, and it will be a hard battle.' I roll my eyes. The last thing I want is my friends stopping me from fighting. Rani, Clyde, and Maria would never do this. They would follow me into battle, and we would fight to the end. Not even the Doctor would stop me unless she thought it necessary. This battle is essential.
'Fine, I won't go.' I head towards the wardrobe, but Katheryn follows me.

'Why are you following me? I'm not going to war.'
'I want to make sure you are happy.'
'Can I please have some time alone?' Katheryn doesn't leave. 'Katheryn, please. I won't go anywhere.'
'I bet you won't.' Katheryn folds her arms. 'You're going to war.'
'No, I-'

Anna, Anne, Katherine, and Jane walk in. 'Shall we give you a makeover?'
'No, Katheryn, I-'
'A makeover always makes me happy,' Anne says. 'Have you ever had a makeover?'
'No, but I'm not in the mood right now.'
'When you are, let me know.'
'Never let Anne do your makeup, she's awful,' Cleves advises me. I grin back. Anna leads Anne out of the room.
'I could do your hair if you like,' Jane says. 'Katherine can find some outfits you can wear.'
'That will be great, thank you,' I smile.
'I can do your makeup,' Katheryn says.
'I don't want to wear any makeup, but thanks for the offer, Katheryn.' Katheryn nods.
'If you want to talk, I'll be in my room.' Katheryn turns to leave, but screams.

I look up to see the Judoon there. I stand. 'What is it you're after, Captain?' I ask.
'We need you to break up with Katheryn Howard.'
'What? Why?'
'Your soon-to-be bride needs you to save her. If you don't, we will lock you both up until you agree to marry.'
'I want to know who my future wife is.'
'We are not at liberty to tell you.'
'That's not fair. I should know.'
'You already know her. We need you to break up your engagement to Katheryn Howard now.' I turn to Katheryn, and she looks back at me.

'I don't think we should do this,' Katheryn says.
'If we don't, I'll get locked up. My friends and family took months to get into the Shadow Proclamation and prove I was innocent. You will not have the chance to do this.' I take Katheryn's ring off and give it back to her. 'I'd rather have my freedom.' I turn back to the Judoon. 'Is there anything else I need to do?'
'We need you to go to Glouster on this date,' the Judoon hands me a piece of paper. 'You will find out who your future bride is there.' The Judoon disappear.

I turn to the other queens. 'I should go out there and fight. The only reason we are running is because of me.'
'If you are fighting, I'll fight too,' Katherine says.
'We must stick together,' Anna agrees. Anne and Jane nod. Katheryn smiles before nodding.

We go to find clothes suitable for war. I advise on them wearing trousers or breeches and clothes that will not get caught up in weapons. I grab my stomach, pull it out of my body and place it in my pocket. I am wearing a white jumper, a rainbow-striped t-shirt, blue capri trousers with yellow suspenders, blue socks and brown boots. I find a lavender coat with a rainbow stripe and navy lining. This is the look I want to go for.

We all head outside, onto the battlefield. We are now somewhere else, not Whitehall. Of course, I haven't been everywhere, and so may not recognise it. At least we are close to the building where the King must be. We go inside, and I smile when I see Alistair and Edward talking together as they walk into the throne room. We follow them, and I am blown away by the splendour in the room despite the war raging around us. 'Your Majesty, we may have to surrender,' a man says.
'I will not do that, Seymour,' Henry snaps. 'Emma is my wife, and I will not let her life slip away because of some stupid Englishmen decide that their lives are more important than the life of their Queen. Jessie, Alistair, are you sure your mother won't come here?'
'Mummy is terrified of Agnes, especially after what happened last time. She'll never come back unless Agnes is dead,' Jessie says. I turn to the other queens.
'Keep watching them; find out their plans.'
'What about you?' Katheryn asks.
'I'm going to conquer my fear, something I should have done when I heard Agnes was back.'
'What's the plan?' Jane says.
'If they find out you are here, keep them away from the enemy camp. That's where I'll be, hopefully dispatching Agnes. I blew up her stomach once, and that didn't work. I'll have to use another tactic. Now, I'll leave you to it.'

The room is silent. We turn to find everyone staring out of the window. 'Agnes is closing in,' the King says. 'But we're not handing Emma's life to someone who wants her dead. Besides, we don't know where she is.' I stare out of the window. 'Of course, Agnes will be hiding as we are. There is no way we can easily reach her without dying. The only way we can be certain is to- no,' I realise that the King saw us, and I curtsey. 'We cannot hand Emma over. To do so can lead to the death of everything and everyone we know.'
'You don't know that,' Edward Seymour says.
'We need to protect Emma, and sending her away is the best way to do that,' The Doctor is standing up for me. Why is she doing that? 'We have to keep fighting for her and never give up.'
'Hear, hear,' Anne agrees. Everyone turns to us.
'Jesus, Anne,' Katheryn says. 'You couldn't keep quiet for one more minute!'
'What? She's right, protect Emma at all costs.'

'You shouldn't be here, Mummy,' Jessie says.
'Well, too late for that.' I turn to Henry. 'I want to fight.'
'No, you're not,' Henry shoots back.
'It's the only way we can kill Agnes.'
'No, we are not sending you to your death.'
'You won't be sending me to my death; you'll send Agnes to hers. I never said anything about leaving.' I find my stomach and pull it out of my pocket. 'We should lead Agnes here; make sure fewer people die.'
'And who or what will be the bait?' Mary asks. 'To set a trap, you need bait.'
'I'll be the bait. Agnes wants me dead anyway; I may as well do it.'

'Emma, no,' the Doctor stands in front of me. 'I won't let you do that. You are an incredible woman with so much to offer the universe. Should your spark of life die now, then I think the whole universe will blow cold.'
'I don't need your approval now, Doctor. I need to follow my instincts, and this is what they are telling me to do. If you don't like it, then that's your problem.'
'Emma, don't do this, there must be another way,' Mummy says. 'There's always another way.'
'Not now, there isn't.'
'Please, we can talk about this. You don't have to risk your life.'
'There is nothing to talk about now. Agnes will never stop until I'm dead. Someone needs to go over into enemy lines, let Agnes know I am here and ready to give up.'

'Edward Seymour, you are to go,' Henry says. 'If you're lucky, Agnes will spare you.'
'If not, I'll probably see you later,' I add. Edward is about to leave when Agnes enters. Here we go.

'Hello, Emma, so the rumours are true.'
'Yes, they're correct. We have two options for ending this war. We can either fight it to the death, the two of us, no one else can intervene.'
'And the other option?'
'We can sit down and talk. No one else will need to die if we can find an agreement. We won't have to fight anymore.'
'You will want to fight me when you hear about what happened on Zelos.'
'What do you mean?'
'The societies of both Zelos and Gallifrey are lies. Both were built on the lie of the Timeless Child.'

'The what now?' I ask.
'But that is Gallifreyian history, how do the Qetesh have access to that?' The Doctor demands.
'Qetesh always said that the Timeless Child would marry the first hybrid girl to reach age. That girl is Emma.'
'So Emma's due to marry the Timeless Child? Who is that?'
'You don't know,' Agnes chuckles. 'Well, okay. I want to keep it that way for now. Gallifrey is still flourishing. I saw it myself. At least, until a psychopath came along and destroyed it, he did it on the lies both the Time Lord and Qetesh societies are based on. Whoever the Timeless Child is, I wish them luck. And Emma? No peace treaty needed. I will withdraw my armies as long as you go searching for the Timeless Child. She is to be your wife.'
'So as long as I search for the Timeless Child, you won't kill me?'
'No. As soon as you stop searching as you haven't found the Timeless Child, I'll reconsider.'
'And if I find her?'
'I'll never seek you out again. Come on, Emma. It seems like a fair deal, right? Peace in exchange for you seeking the Timeless Child.'
'Seems fair,' I nod. 'When do I start?'
'When you pack. You have to keep searching no matter what time or place if you want the peace to last.'

'Can I travel with someone I want to, at least?'
'You have to travel with the Doctor. Other than her, you can choose who you want.'
'Well, I don't like the way you are choosing who we have to travel with,' the Doctor says.
'The Judoon already told me to break off my engagement with Katheryn. Wait, the Judoon said I have to save my future wife. Does it mean that I have to protect the Timeless Child?'
'Plenty of times.'
'Where do I meet her?'
'You already met her.'
'Where did I first meet her?'
'Torchwood, 2006.'

Whoa, whoa, whoa. 2006? Torchwood? 'Emma, did you meet any other Time Lords beside me?' The Doctor asks.
'Not that I know,' I say.
'You don't have all of your memories,' Agnes says. 'Jack had to wipe some of your memories. You met two Time Lords for the first time at Torchwood in 2006.' Great. That makes my life harder.

'Why do I not have my memories?' I can work out the Time Lord later. But why don't I have my memories?
'If you had your memories, everyone you care about will be dead.' Agnes walks out, back to her army.

'Right, we need to find the Timeless Child,' the Doctor says. 'Emma, I'm afraid you'll have to come with us once you're finished here and packed.'
'That might be a problem because Catherine Parr is meant to stay at Court until 1547.'
'We can come back in time now and again to make it seem like you're here.'
'Fair enough. I guess I better start getting ready to go.'

'But you just got here,' Edward Seymour says.
'Let her go, Seymour,' Henry says. 'Emma didn't want to be Queen, and she needs to be back in her own time. Emma, you may go.' I curtsey to Henry before leading my friends and family out of the room. 'Jane? I want to give you my key to the TARDIS. She will obey you now. Take her wherever you want to go. Who knows? We may meet up.'
'That will be fun,' Katherine agrees. 'We'll keep her safe for you.'
'I have a couple of bits to pack first.' Jane nods, and we head outside.

The army and tents are gone, instead leaving yellowed grass in its place. I walk over to my- Jane's- TARDIS and go into my room. I pack the pictures I have of the Doctor, my clothes, everything that I brought with me from the Doctor's TARDIS. When I exit for the last time, the Doctor is waiting for me. 'Do you want me to take some of that?'
'Yes, thank you.' Graham helps as well, and we head back to the TARDIS.

'Doctor, while you are searching for the Timeless Child, can you drop us back on Earth?' Mummy asks. The Doctor turns to her.
'What about Article 0?' I ask.
'The government found out what the Human Party wanted, and it included the annihilation of every other planet other than Earth. In the end, humanity destroyed it. Harriet Jones would have loved that. Yes, I can drop you back.'

We all enter the TARDIS, and I realise it had redecorated. There are now platforms leading off to different hallways, but most of it is the same. I smile at the familiarity of it. I am glad to be home.