A million sensations flooded over him, as if he could see in a panoramic three-hundred-and-sixty-degree view. There was no concept of direction. Up, down, left or right. He sensed from every direction, saw with eyes that were not eyes and unless you had ever bonded with a symbiote. You would never truly understand.

The Symbiote mimicked anything; today he strolled down fifth avenue in an expensively tailored Calvin Klein suit, that wasn't quite a suit. What most people didn't know, even if you had heard of symbiotes. Was they could even change and shape your appearance. The alien life form not so much organic life, but an inorganic biological entity comprised of multi-cellular parasites.

Regardless of that, they enhanced everything about the host beyond the species it was a part of. So, when you are one of the smartest and strongest heroes alive. Then you became like a gd. Mingling among the sheep in the bright New York glitz and glamour, it was not hard to see why Humans exterminated the lesser life forms around them. Lost in their cell phones and tablets, eyes averted and unaware from the danger around them, they had become like mindless ants, controlled by a collective brain that was the internet.

It made locating prey very easy, the need for likes and validation, to be seen and feel worth something more. The super powered among them were not immune from the disease. Cars rushed by causing a spike of colour in his head, registering the noise and cataloguing it for future reference. Audi A6.

The sights, sounds and smells were a treasure trove of sensation that heightened his focus. It was a concrete jungle, but a jungle none the less. The tingle and itch rose in him as he crossed fifth Avenue, eyes taking in the neon gds that dominated the square and millions of lives. Their identity tied to a very inanimate and easily decimated city. An Idea began to Form in his head as he entered Tiffany's.

The overwhelming scent was appalling, the need to mask one's pheromones with chemically altered fragrance was a mystery to the alien. It betrayed the raw essence of the being. The powder blue of the store was offensive simply because of its gaudiness. Though none of that was of any consequence to him.

Easily navigating the isles piled high with trinkets easily broken and smashed, testaments to greed and a need to fill the spectre of death looming. Though there was no stopping it, or even preventing it. For the prey today, her obsession with technology. Instagram snapchat and Face book were her undoing. When all day you post about what you are doing, what you are wearing and who will be with you. It is then so very easy to stalk and hunt one's prey. It eliminated almost all the effort.

All that really remained, and one could relish, was the kill.

"Excuse me, Are you Ms. Felicia Hardy?" The voice was instantly recognizable. Anyone who had been a fan or not of cinema, knew that voice.

Turning, the stunning five foot nine, platinum blonde set her emerald green eyes on the man and smiled. Nothing fazed her, though in her black, floor length cocktail dress, she was used to being the one to do the flooring.

"Oh, my Gd, your Brad- "

Recluse was not one to wait, swiftly closing the three feet, his hands shot forward. Sharp fingers elongated and pierced just under Felicia's ribs. Tearing their way into her internal organs. Liver, stomach, lungs as he lifted her on hundred- and twenty-pound frame off the floor. Her feet spasming, loosing a gilded silver heel as it clattered to the floor. The pain so intense, she bit down on her lower lip, blood foaming around her lips.

The crowd in the store began to scream in waves. First those who had witnessed the brutal attack and then others followed, because humans in crowds are stupid cattle.

He gave a sharp thrust and impaled her beautiful body deeper onto his talons. The terrible visage of Recluse broke through and his jaw elongated. Quickly he drew the dying hero into him and bit down savagely on her throat. Fresh, hot, coppery blood squirted into his mouth and he relished the taste as her life force spilled from her spasming body.

Finally, she was still, his wicked tongue lapping up the blood from her ravaged throat. Finished he tossed her corpse away and let out a terrible and apocalyptic roar that shattered vases in the vicinity for ten feet.


"What's he been doing?" Cap asked, standing outside the lab he watched Tony and Bruce watching Connor.

Inside the laboratory the man known as Connor Laughing Cloud was manipulating the holographic display with fast, precise movements. Eyes flitting back and forth, hands acting independently. Complex formula flared and died away to simply be replaced with another. Failed and succeeded, only to stabilize and be catalogued. In the centre of the colorful numerical maelstrom, a complex amorphous form pulsed. At his left side Zev sat simply, watching the light show go by without a sound or waiver. Since being here he had barely spoke, avoided most people and when engaged was very pointed, blunt and to the point.

Most of his free time was spent in the lab the last five days. Assessments, tests and lab workups.

"I believe," Tony shrugged "That is a working Theoretical Theological M theory."

"English, Tony." Steve said.

"Not only do those equations solve for universal consciousness, it solves universal equilibrium."

"Did he go to school for this? The military maybe?"

Bruce shook his head. "Not a single credited hour"

"What's more, is this isn't his only project." Tony flicked his wrist out and a crimson gauntlet formed over his wrist, then projected a mini holo glyph. It showed a globe and Stratosphere, along with multiple coloured waves. "This is the possibility of the future. Free energy. He calls it Pulse Waveform Reverberation and Electromagnetic Harmonics."

"Tony." Cap raised an Eyebrow "English"

"Cap," Bruce stepped forward. "He is essentially harnessing the power of the planet to provide free energy. He built what Tesla couldn't, or didn't have the time, too."

"This would take us directly to a Kardashev level II society, skipping one." Bruce told him "He is knocking on the door to something monumental. We aren't even at a Level one yet. "

"Amazing," Steve looked at the man inside the lab. "Weird"

"No" Wanda said stepping in, having recently returned from Westminster. One arm hugging her chest. "I'm weird. He is Autistic, somewhere. I've seen it before."

"She isn't wrong" Tony seconded.

"He could be a savant," Bruce scratched his head. "It's hard to tell."

It was both true and not quite truth; From the second he touched down at the Avengers compound he was odd. The man could fight like hell and heaven combined, he had a very smart mouth and quick wit. At moments he could be very outgoing and personable, though over whelmingly. At moments he was sensitive to light and sound and Gd forbid if two people tried to talk to him about two different subjects at the same time. Sam had a fat lip from that lesson learned.

For hours he was quiet or walking around with just his head phones in. Nothing else mattered.

Then there were the moments like this, what Tony called moments of Chaotic Genius, where he would write on deep philosophical insights or complex scientific theory.

"Not all of it can be explained that way, Wanda." Bruce told her. "You aren't wrong, but."

"But?" She raised a manicured eyebrow. "How do you explain it then?"

"This." Tony extended his arm, palm up and another holo glyph Flared to life and began to slowly rotate. "Friday?"

"Outside of the obvious Genetic telomers and markers for Autism, as well as Brain activity and interconnectivity in conjunction with Brain biology I find a high probability indicating the presence of Savant talent. Another anomaly is present with in the genetic Helix. The presence of Gene HSM33A"

"The X gene." Steve mumbled to himself.

"He's a mutant?" Wanda said, remembering her first encounter with him. He had been silent since Natasha brought him in. Assessing, petting his dog. Weary eyes took in everyone and everything, not one person in that room had any doubt he had assessed who to kill, what he could use and the fastest way out. Before she said a word to him, Connor had closed the distance when she walked into the room. Coming well within a socially acceptable comfort zone, Wanda raised her hand to greet him and said "Hi"

Connor simply responded by bringing his own hand up, tracing his fingers up her palm and locking his fingers with hers. Hers closing reflexively on his. There they stood and no one said a word, not even the pair. For one reason or another he had taken to the Witch.

She in turn had done her research. She was Romani and Jewish, he was First Nations (Plains Cree and Siksika) and Jewish. Both five seven and slight of build, yet he was deceptively large for such a small man. She had stared into those burning, fiery bronze azure orbs and seen the 'other'. There was something more to him, half here and half there.

"We aren't capable of dealing with this," Steve Rogers admitted "We need to go to Chuck."

"Shouldn't be to hard to collaborate" Tony flippantly said, "They just found the body of one of their own in uptown."

"Who?" Wanda asked

"Jubilation Lee." Bruce told her somberly

"No," Wanda covered her mouth

"He took Black Cat yesterday." Tony added. "He is more confident, daylight. CCTV caught it and now the public is going crazy."

Steve was shaking his head. To many lost in such a short time. Bucky's death still haunted him. It hadn't sunk in yet nor had he let it out, he would wait for the appropriate time. "Send a message to the Xavier institute, Wanda. You're our resident X-Men liaison. Please"

She nodded and left the room. Their eyes fixed back on the man. His hands darted to and fro with ever increasing intensity. Pieces falling like Tetris, connecting and failing. The more he failed the faster his hands moved.

"When he gets angry, Steve," Tony took his arm and looked into Caps eyes. "Steve, he gets faster and smarter."

Those all-American Blue eyes fixed back on the Autistic Mutant in front of him. The first of his kind, by all accounts. Never had they encountered an autistic mutant. A flare from the room and the settled form produced an impressive looking tetrahedron. Connor walked his way around it, inspecting it for a perfection only he could gauge.

Shooting a stare over to the clustered group of heroes, his eyes a destructive burnished Bronze now. "Can your AI build this? The dimensions and specs are all there."

"What is it, Bud?" Tony asked, "Seeing Delta waves and a complex equation involving Planks constant and something else."

"Vibrational Phase Pulse Mirroring." He responded, flipping the image and looking at it once more.

"Which translates to?" Bruce asked

"I can teleport."


Connor sat on the floor, legs crossed. Zev rested his fluffy head on his right thigh. Soulful puppy eyes faithfully watching his every move, Connor alternated between items. Single mindedly perusing the completion of his task. Whatever mental checklist he was working with. In front of him lay a collection of coloured fidget spinners, gloves. Wires, solder. To any one else this would be confusing and clutter, for Connor, it was organized.

Everything had to be in its place, even if it looked like a mess, it wasn't close to it. A mess was a carefully coordinated and thought out system of fall backs, choke points and weigh stations in his over all defense. And when he worked, nothing went without being tested over and over. The maxim had been drilled into him long ago: Verify, reverify and reverify the reverification.

And that he did. Since coming to the Avengers compound, he had been collecting data, researching. Gathering data and points on everything to know who he was really dealing with. Seeing them on the news was one thing, but he needed to be sure. Outside of that, he had to admit, Stark and Dr. Banner were very accommodating with their lab and resources. If they really wanted him to be an Avenger, they had shown nothing to make him doubt it.

In the short time he had been here, Connor had also completed work on his part of the bargain. Among a group of Super Powered individuals and a Hulk. One had to be able to hold his own. All he had was his intelligence and military training. Which both Natasha and Clint assured him was more than enough. He had always admired Hawkeye, as a kid seeing him on the news, he had loved the archer whom was just a guy in a world beyond his capabilities. Yet, he did the unthinkable.

Taking a break from his work, he scratched Zevi's head. "Just you and me, boy. You get me and I get you. Zevi Kelevra," The softness of his fur and quiet, gentle demeanor soothed him.

"You speak Hebrew." Wanda's Slavic lit filled the room. It neither shocked nor surprised him. He had felt the presence of another at the door. It was just one of those spooky things he had picked up in Iraq and Afghanistan. Connor half turned. She was gothic for sure. In a black tank top and plaid mini skirt with black thigh high socks. Rings adorned almost every finger. She was Unique and her own person. Weird, like him. Connor understood weird.

"How did you know?" Connor asked equally intrigued now. Hebrew wasn't easily recognized by the average American or European.

"Zevi Kelevra," Wanda smiled as she walked into the room and knelt across from him, sitting on her legs. "Zevi though, isn't really standard is it, Zev. Wolfy Bad dog?"

Connor smiled, the first real crack in his visage since he came here. "You Speak Hebrew?"

"Enough, Romani, French, Hebrew and a little Greek." Her Green eyes sparkled

"I can read Greek because I speak Russian, but I can't translate it. How did you learn Hebrew?" He asked, his enthusiasm was like a child's now.

"I'm Jewish, well, at least my Father is Jewish. Which I guess doesn't make me Jewish in many people's eyes."

"To me it does." That is awesome. "Do you practice? Shabbat?"

Wanda laughed merrily "I am a witch, my powers bestowed on me from a demon."

"And? Solomon controlled demons and used them, he was still Jewish."

"Your logic is not false," She smiled wide. Her eyes focusing on his cornucopia of tools and what looked like scrap. "What are all of these?

Connor picked up a modified spinner. "Phasic X17, splits at a very odd angle. A force of nature itself. A bit of tweaking and I can teleport or make someone else teleport."

"Seriously?" She asked, "what about this?"

Following her finger, he saw she was pointing at the glove. "Behavioural Pattern interrupter" He said matter of fact, as if Wanda was going to understand exactly what he was saying. "Meant to disrupt an opponent's mental focus during a fight or immediately prior. Disorient. The claws" He flipped the glove over. "Are shuko for combat and climbing. The knuckles are reinforced poly carbonate, ceramic. Fashioned with ridges like a shark's tooth. Kinda like being hit with a sledge hammer with teeth."

"How do you think of these things?" She asked leaning forward on her hands to get a better view. She was so close Connor could smell Pantene from her shampoo and a trace of love spell. He laughed a little.

Her head tilted so she could take in his gaze. "What?" Her smile was radiant.

"I just think it's ironic, how a witch wears a perfume or lotion called Love Spell."

Wanda sat back with a look of amused shock on her face. "How did you know that?"

"I never forget a scent. Scent has a colour just like sounds, and voices. Especially if its one of my favorite scents."

"And you see it in Colour as well?" She asked puzzled yet amazed.

"I always see in colour. It's like looking through a constant heads up display. The normal is like this white noise TV of bluish white light."

Something inside of Wanda nagged at her. "When was the last time you ate?"

A look of utter confusion crossed his face, she could see him thinking. "I don't know, yesterday? I don't even know…" He paused "What time is it?"

"Eighteen hundred give or take a few," she said softly.


"Connor, it's Thursday."


Henry 'Hank McCoy's powerful, heavily muscled furry form walked into the Professors office impeccably dressed. His lab coat open and flowing out behind him. Though he looked like a wild animal or the 'Beast' for which his nom de guerre originated. His mind was true beauty.

"What do you think Hank?" Charles Xavier asked his old friend and colleague.

"I think two things." Hank began removing his glasses and polishing the lenses. He continued "One, is that we need him to be here as soon as possible. Captain America was right, in the realm of Mutant Kind, he is better off here."

"So, he is assured to be one of us?" Doctor Jean Grey asked sitting across from the Professor. Her fiery mane of red, tied with a single yellow bow. The green pant suit was a complimenting mix with her flowing locks.

"Very much so, all the samples Wanda and Tony sent over confirm it."

"Your second point, Hank?" Charles asked curiously.

"It should initially be kept quiet. Except for the psychics and may actually require a mental block." Hank looked at the pair. Both trusted friends. "He isn't anything we have ever encountered. He is literally a mutation within a mutation."

"So, he is a mutant but also an other unknown?" Jean asked for clarification.

"No, he is a known, but we have never dealt with a mutant who happens to also be Autistic, let alone an Autistic Savant." Hank pointed out "Thus this is completely new territory for us as well."

"I have reached out to his mind, it is such a land scape as which I have never seen," Xavier admitted. "His abilities are subdued, stunted. It is as if the X gene was retarded somehow."

"It wouldn't be the first time the Government had experimented on mutants." Jean added sourly.

"This is different, he was aware I believe of what he was getting into, but not of what he was." Professor Xavier stated, "He had no idea he was Autistic or that he was a Mutant, those abilities were exploited."

"What is his official Diagnosis in your Opinion, Hank?" Jean asked

"I would say Asperger's Syndrome, it was classified once on its own, but is now simply lumped in with ASD diagnosis"

"I will begin researching it and possible interventions immediately, its effects, as well as best how to intervene here."

"I think," Xavier interrupted, gazing out the front lawn at the flowers and the fading sun filtering between the trees. "We must understand that, he is as different from us, as we are from homo sapiens."

"Are you saying a whole new class of Mutant?" Jean asked

"It is a mutation within a mutation, one in which we always knew could happen, but Asperger's is so rare, Autism as well. That the likelihood was small I had thought."

"This would be a single Generation mutation." Hank stated, "It could destroy the very concept of Darwinism."

"Or prove it right Hank," Jean Said, "What if we are witnessing nature working as we speak."

Everyone was silent for a moment.

"I shall prepare the danger room as a welcoming place, it's right off the landing bay. We can bring him in quietly or Tony can bring him here."

"I think the Avengers should come here for now, our greatest strength lies in numbers and coordination now. Wolverine, Storm and Wanda have worked with them on numerous occasions."

"Agreed," Xavier seconded Jean Greys opinion. "What ever Recluse is I can't find him using Cerebro, but I fear a mind so twisted as Peters' and retaining his intelligence, is planning something massive. The sooner we get them hear and get moving, the better."

"I will contact Avenger's tower." Hank nodded.

"Holy." He paused "Shit."

Connors eyes watered, Wanda laughed innocently. The man had been very open to exploring food. It seemed with food, he was adventurous. However, the Sakovian spice was a bit over powering.

"You can't handle the heat?" Wanda teased her new team mate.

"No, I love spice. But Damn. It kicks." Taking a large swig of Gatorade, Connor sat it down. My body will get used to it. He smiled. Once I have had something, it doesn't take long."

Taking another bite of Lo Mein, she noticed how he used Chop Sticks, easily and effectively. Naturally. "What do you mean it doesn't take you long?"

"I mean, my body. It's why I don't take pills. The effects are full blown the first time I take something. Then, after that. It stops. They are ineffective."

Wanda chewed slowly, deep in thought. Her Green eyes watching him eat. Thinking.

"Has Tony spoken to you? Anyone?"

He nodded slowly.

"So, you know you're a mutant right?" She asked. There was no easy way to break the news. Like Autism, it was a bandage best pulled quickly. Again, Connor nodded.

"So am I, you know." She grinned at him, dipping her head to catch his eye. "I'm only enhanced by the demon. But I am a mutant to."

Connor laughed. "Do you know how improbable this seems to me?" He laughed merrily.

"What is that?" Folding her arms on the table and leaning into them.

"We are both Indigenous and Jewish, both Mutants. You were cursed by a demon and I was cursed by Hashem." He paused "I know I'm a Savant, I was diagnosed three years ago. I don't fit in, anywhere."

"You will here and with the X-Men. You will fit in. This I promise." She reached out and touched his arm. "You will discover your true potential."

"What are your powers?" He asked, "Or is it abilities?"

"Either works," She shrugged sitting up and taking her fork in hand. "I am weird."

Her laughter was infectious "Chaos magic, I could conjure a sentient, talking black hole if I wished. Rewrite reality, I can also move things with my mind."

"That's amazing," He said through a mouthful of Lo Mein. Swallowed "I would love to talk to a sentient Black hole. Do you know the level of physics questions that could answer for me?"

Of all the things he could say, that one floored her. "Connor, do you know how amazing that statement is?"


"Most people would be terrified of the prospect." She washed the Lo Mein down with a long draw from her water.

"I'm not most people," He gave a half shrug. "I like the idea of exploring new worlds and the universe. Seeing it."

Wanda's green eyes sparked, and she smiled. "Have you ever been off world?" She paused "I mean that you can remember?"

"Nope," He responded sadly "I guess you have?"


"Ok, Tony" Cap said "Let's prepare to load up. Get the quin jets loaded down for bear. I want to be in West Minster by midnight or sooner."

The spacious, multi-tiered sitting room was bustling with motion and conversation as The Avengers assembled prepared to evacuate the compound and move all operations to the X mansion. The consensus between the two teams was that seclusion and circling the wagons was the best bet to formulate a working strategy on defeating Recluse.

Cap and Tony both agreed with Charles' thought that, if Recluse had gone and taken his namesake literally, then it was because the alien was planning something huge. What it was none could venture, and Charles couldn't locate the creature mind. The tortured genius that was once Peter Parker. A malicious and murderous hunter with almost no weakness and which was a one-man army backing them all up against a very small wall.

"Rhodie, how long until we are ready on the ground elements?" Steve asked the black and grey armored Avenger.

"Ground elements are ready and loaded, air is standing by to clear our way."

"And our fail safe?" He questioned

"In place and waiting."

Shouldering his shield, Cap looked over the Holo manifest on the Plexi glass tablet in front of him. Though technology advanced and changed the way in which wars were fought, what didn't change was the hecticness before the battles, before the war was fought. The preparation and anticipation, it was even worse when transitioning into another phase or worse, retreating.
If he was being honest with himself. That was exactly what this was, a retreat. They had been beaten, bested and bloodied. They had no intelligence or possible location of their enemy and it had all the advantages. No, there was nothing left to do but retreat.

With a somber mood settling over him, Captain America shut down the tablet and picked up the weapons crate beside him. Settling the weight of the three-hundred-pound crate, the star-spangled Avenger set off to load it onto one of the waiting quin Jets and hasten their escape into the relative unknown.

"How did you lose your memory?" Wanda asked, taking looping strides in her stockinged feet. They both made their way lazily down the hall way back toward his room. Connor was slightly distracted, eyes darting back and forth. Zevi trotting ahead of the pair happily working a cone only he could see and smell.

"Had a massive seizure about four and a half years ago, I seized for like, twenty minutes, then just gone. No breathing, nothing. When the medics brought me back, they said it scared the shit out of em because I came back screaming and then went right into another seizure that lasted eighteen."

"My Gd, Im sorry." She offered, looking upon the man beside her.

"For what, you didn't do it." He replied with a half shrug. "I came back weird, strange they said."

For a moment they were silent as they neared his room. Zevi darted in in front of them, doing only a dog knows what at the moment as they both paused at the door way. Wanda searched his eyes, there was such a puzzle there, such hurt and yet so much passion and determination, if it was given power could burn the world down to ashes.

"What do you mean, weird?"

He was about to speak, to reply to the strange bewitching woman in front of him. When every muscle tensed, his eyes lost focus and his stomach dropped out. The world narrowed in front of him and he knew he was seeing with eyes that were not his own.

Wanda watched it happen, one moment he was here and the next he was gone. His pupils focused on a point somewhere only he could see, and his body was rigid in place. She had seen it before in extreme meditative states, states commonly induced and not that easy as to simply slide into it. She could see the tension carried in the body, what world he was in, she had a guess.

"Ok," She whispered instinctively, not knowing where the knowledge had come from, but she was used to the weird manifestations of her powers. Slowly, Wanda reached up and gently scratched the back of his neck with her crimson coloured nails. Slowly the tension eased from his neck and shoulders, though those burning blue orbs stayed rigid.

"Come back to me," She soothingly sung, her voice a sultry magic, calling him back from the reaches and depths of the void. "Come back to me,"

He turned his head to her, his face a mask of hardened steel and fire, she swore his eyes were ablaze with bronze fire. The flecks were more prominent and defined. It seemed he was about to speak when the lights went out.

Conversation ceased. No one moved within the spacious sitting room. The silence within that great hall was tomb like. Outside the large glass terrarium style windows, New York blazed with ambient lights and neon strobes. Sam Wilson turned slowly, cautiously, eyeing the elevator and catching the worried look stitching itself across Widows face. The assassin drew both her pistols.

Clint gave a sharp jerk to his walking stick and the Stark tech Bow formed into the archers formattable two-hundred-pound draw monster. With fluid ease, an arrow was knocked, and he was scanning, swinging back to back with Natasha. Casting a quick glance down, the two moved to a predetermined tile and Clint depressed it with his boot heel, a deep red light flooded the room and illuminated it.

"Cap came striding into the room carrying his shield, gaze flicking between Iron Man and War Machine. "Look Alive, we- "

Before Cap could finish his thought, the large, multi-story glass shattered with a deafening pop.

"What is it?" Wanda said on reflex. There could be no doubt as to what it was or, more importantly, who.

Connor turned toward her, pulling on his gloves and pocketing a few of his inventions. "War."

"How can you be so sure?" She asked, trepidation in her voice. Though she knew the reality, the horror had come home to them, yet against all hope she could wish. Though before Connor could respond to her, they heard the crystalline echo of glass shattering and showering a hard floor in millions of musical impacts.

Natasha and Clint both drew down on the body that rolled to the floor, face down it didn't move. Concealed, bloody and battered beyond recognition. Cautiously, Natasha edged forward, Hawkeye covering her. War machines powerful GAU 7 Shoulder mounted mini gun was poised to shower the offender in a hail of bullets that would turn the intruder to pulled pork in mere seconds. Silence purveyed, one toe sliding in front of the other, Widow kept her poise and control, reaching the body, she knelt and rolled it over.

"It's Sabretooth," She called out. "What's left of him anyway."

"Dead?" Tony asked, puzzled at the possibility

"As a door nail," Natasha confirmed. "How I don't know, no signs of regeneration at all."

"How's that possible?" Rhodie asked, offsetting Tony as the two Iron Avengers gazed down on the body.

"Tony's the genius, so you guys tell me." Widow fired back, her eyes up and scanning the skyline outside.

"No big loss though," Tony commented as Natasha stood and slinked away from the exposure. A loud metallic 'thunk' sounded against his armour. Looking at his chest, Tony saw a round silver disk. "The Fuc- "

A pulsed electro magnetic shock front, blasted outward at the speed of sound from the device, sweeping across the room and neutralizing all electronics in the area. Both armoured Avengers were powerless and prostrate. Before Tony could execute an emergency extrication due to a catastrophic loss in power, a massive black tentacle swept in and propelled him out of the window and to the street one hundred and twenty stories below.

A black figure swung into the open area, both Widow and Hawkeye let loose, but the assailant twisted and spun with a precognizance that was super natural. There rounds and arrows missing easily. Weaving and dodging the fire like a dancer in a macabre performance, the symbiote enjoyed its demonstration with cackling laughter. Quickly it stood erect like a matador and shouted.

"Ole!" From its hand above its head grew a long, javelin like weapon. Spinning on a heel, Recluse let the slimy, black oily looking spear fly. It sailed true, blowing through the front of Rhodie's suit with the sickening sound of tearing metal, shards of iron, electronics and bone erupted from the heroes back and blood flowed from the gaping wound as the spear punched through and embedded into the wall. The once formidable armour now, nothing more than an expensive, iron casket.

Pitching forward, Recluse rolled to his feet and shot into the air in a tight, spinning side flip. A glob of sticky projection spit out and struck Natasha in the face, partially covering mouth and nose. Dropping she clawed at the offending substance futilely. Clint knocked and fired an arrow in response, the symbiote easily plucking it from the air before it struck true.

As Recluse hit the floor on his feet, Clint activated the arrow and it exploded in a blinding shower of directed white phosphorus that ignited and burned across the symbiotes chest. The alien reacted with a violent and rage filled scream which was cut short by a metallic 'thwang'.

Captain Americas shield connected with the symbiotes head, sending Recluse stumbling backward. Cap easily caught the returning Vibranium disk. Spinning into a powerful strike. Shield refit to its maglock gauntlet, he drove the edge of it downward. The strike would have split a normal man's skull as it snapped toward the floor. A powerful up stroke on the return caught the creatures full face on the surface of the circular weapon.

Clearing Recluses body, Cap drove a flying knee into the Symbiotes chest stumbling it back and a superman punch with his shield hand split open the symbiotes visage, cutting deep and drawing very red, very dark, human blood. Having closed the distance, Cap unleashed the fury contained within him at the death of his closest friend and many more allies.

It was an impressive display of courage and skill, but the alien had recovered and sent a wall of symbiotic fluid toward the super soldier and sent him sailing across the room and into the opposing wall.

Righting himself, Recluse prepared to counter, but found he couldn't move. Perplexed at the inability, the Churning black and brown visage looked down, only to see its ankles and feel locked in place by gossamer bands of scarlet energy. Looking up, Recluse saw the Scarlet Witch. Eyes a glow and hands swirling with their crimson energy. The alien let out a loud, deep roar of protest and rage.

An unknown entity strode toward the symbiote monster. The calm demeanor would have been unsettling for anyone to witness in the situation, as if this were a daily occurrence in the man's life. His toe clicked a hidden panel in the floor, a thin, long crack immediately opened in front of him and without breaking stride palmed the pistol grip of the M4 Carbine that sprang from the recess.

Confidence in his grip, he dropped to a shooters stance and shouldered the weapon. Letting loose two rounds in rapid succession. Two perfect shots to centre mass, a brief pause and then another loud thundering clap. The round striking Recluse directly between the eyes, striking his forehead and stunning him.

As if she could read his mind, Wanda released the creature from her ethereal hold and without missing a beat, Connor's hand slid down and found the trigger for the connected two oh three launcher cradled below and fired. The forty millimeter round resounded with an audible thump and the directed kinetic energy shell connected with his target's chest and in a dazzling display of white and blue light blew the symbiote violently back ward and out of the window. The creature impacted the building adjacent and spiderwebbed the wall, shooting plumes of dust, brick and mortar into the air.

Connor stepped up to the window as Cap drew alongside. "How'd you know Bucky's rifle was there"

"Security schematics. Memorized them."

"How'd you know it was a DK shell and not an explosive charge?"

"I didn't" Connor shrugged nonchalantly.

Cap gave a tight little laugh and clapped the mans shoulder. "Avengers!" He yelled "Disassemble. You know where we're going, split up, multiple targets. Make it harder for him to track us."