Another old fic of mine. I think this might have sort of been based off of the song Outer Science. You can look it up on youtube if you want. I'm sure a lot of people already know it though.

So, yeah. I don't own Harry Potter. At all. Really wish I did.

The war had changed him. It was such a clichéd thing to say. War changed people and Harry knew that more than anyone. He hadn't realized how much it had changed him, however, until after he'd been poisoned to death by his own wife.

He woke up in a black void. There was only darkness, and he had no idea how long he'd been floating there, but a light slowly started to appear above him, as though someone were slowly turning up a dimmer switch.

Your wife poisoned you.

The information entered his mind like a ghostly whisper.

Would you like to life again?

Was life even a verb? Harry wondered. And that was how he became certain there was something wrong with him. Of all the things to question…that really ought to have been at the bottom of his list.

He couldn't help but feel reminiscent of a video game.

Game over

Would you like to play again?

Of course, that wasn't too far off.

Would you like to life again?

"Why?" Harry asked dryly. He found the whole thing to be kind of stupid. Was this a god or the God talking? The thought of him being rude hadn't crossed his mind when he questioned it, he just wanted to figure out what he'd done to deserve a second change.

You are the master of Death. You may choose to do whatever you want. Would you like to life again?

Harry shrugged,

"Might be nice to live for a change. Sure, I'll life again. Then I'll come back here and see my mum and dad. Maybe disappoint a few people, cause some trouble…" he didn't know what he was saying and he kind of hoped the voice would stop him.

Let the life begin.

New Game?



Harry woke up. Eyes open, only to find himself without any limbs.

"Shit." He said. Of course, this life would be…oh, wait. It took him a moment to realize he wasn't the only one without limbs and his tongue was forked.

"I'm a snake." Harry sighed, realizing only then that he'd been speaking parseltongue. His…he supposed they were his siblings, they couldn't speak.

"How is it you can already speak?" a much larger snake regarded him puzzledly.

Harry couldn't help but think about how beautiful she was. Her scales were a dark green, not that unusual.

"I remember my past life." Harry offered.

Well, that seemed to creep her out, Harry observed uncaringly.

"Death said I am his master and can be reborn as many times as I wish. Do you wish to kill me?"

"I kill all my children." His 'mother' hissed, "There is no food down here. None can thrive, and so…this way my children do not suffer this pain."

"Okay. Bye." Harry didn't really care, but for some reason, as his 'mother' tried to eat him, he moved to the side and swerved, then bit down on her lower lip, causing her to let out a howl.

How strange…he still had survival instincts. He tried moving around and found his movements to be oddly easy. He would get out of here…he just needed to be clever. To think.

There was water, Harry observed, looking at the surrounding underground stream. It was heading out of somewhere, and also headed towards something. With any luck…

He jumped into the stream and held his breath. He could see, though vaguely, a small hole in the wall. One which he had a feeling he could get through. He wiggled towards it and surely enough, he barely managed.

He fell off a small waterfall and into the daylight.

Down the stream, he started wriggling as best he could, until he managed his way towards shore.