I will do what I can to help you, Lady Summoner, but I fear it will not be enough. In this world, where fear of Sin, fear of the Dark, reigns, I will do my best to change the course of history. I will offer my wisdom and knowledge in hopes that it might help. It may not be much, but it is all I have to give, and, as someone wise once said, even the smallest person can change the world.

I hold on to that thought, clutching it tightly when my hope is waning, and somehow, it gives me hope that it might not all be in vain. You are still too young to have lost that hope, but you too will learn, and when you do, I hope that you will not give in, but that you will continue on your road towards an untimely death. I most certainly do not wish for you to die, but I know, as do you, that it is the only way to give some peace to this world. As many before you, you will sacrifice your life to a world that does not care, but that greedily takes whatever it can to save itself.

You will burn like the star you truly are, but you will soon fade and die, like all the others. But in your short time of radiance, you will have inspired hope in the people of this broken world, more so than you can imagine. And they are in desperate need of it.

Yevon is no longer enough to keep people from despairing. They are turning away from him, and their hope is slowly fading, leaving them with nothing to trust in but you and those like you, who die for their freedom. The ruins that litter this world as a testament to the power that is Sin are too many to be counted, and the nightmares that plague so many are too real to be called nightmares. People cower in fear of the great beast, terrible enough to make grown men breakdown and cry. And still, there are those who are able to overcome that fear, and take up the fight against the monstrosity that is Sin.

You are one of those courageous few, my Lady, and this worlds eyes are now turned to you, in hope that you might end this endless spiral. Your Guardians are right to believe in you, I see great strength and determination in you. It is a pity that you will have to give it all up in defence of an already doomed world. The Yevon clergy is corrupted, and they are all too eager to use you and your strength. I hope that you are strong enough to stop that corruption, and still defeat Sin.

Sin. This horrible nightmare. It will come back, again and again, no matter what you do. But you and you Guardians seem determined to defeat it anyway. Your self-sacrifice is admirable. Who knows, maybe you will find a way to banish it forever...