Well, here's the next chapter it what should have been a one-shot. If the last few sentences seem strange, I blame it on just having read the first volume of The Sandman, called Preludes and Nocturnes. It is very good. Read it. Read it now.



I was wrong.

All is not lost in this world. There is still hope, there is still happiness to be found. I was not wrong to keep a tiny flicker of hope alive.

Sin is finally dead.

This is the Eternal Calm. Sin will not return. Sin was never the punishment for our sins; he was the incarnation of the Final Aeon. Summoners sacrificed one of their Guardians to become Sin, thus ridding the world of it for some time. But it would always return; the cycle could not be broken. Until you defeated it, once and for all.

You lost two of your Guardians doing this, Lady Summoner, and you had to give up a lot, the chance to live a normal life, for instance. Yevon was deceiving us all along; Sin could not be banished by complete atonement for our crimes. Yevon banned all use of machina, saying that it was the root to all evil.

They lied.

The teachings of Yevon are still followed, but many are turning away from it, saying they betrayed us. Maybe they did. But what people fail to see, is that hiding these truths from us was their way of protecting us. It may have been the wrong way to protect us, but it was the only way they knew. The truth was too terrible for the people to accept. There were but a few in this world who could see past their lies, and do what had to be done. And these few did the job they should not have to do; dying for a false cause.

The Al-Bedh are no longer despised the way they used to be. We need them. Without their machina we would not be able to re-build what Sin destroyed. But still there are those who openly oppose the machina users.

When Sin was defeated, the people rejoiced from the very peaks of Mount Gagazet to the sands of Sanubia. They are rejoicing still. There is hope for a brighter future, there will be a chance of a safe life for their children; they have every reason to be happy. So I will be quiet, bide my time, and let them be happy, before I tell my tale. I see it as my responsibility to tell the truth, and that is what I will tell them.

I will tell of your brave deeds, of your courageous Guardians, and of the losses you suffered. I will tell them of the deceit of the Yevonites, I will tell them of the slaughtering of the Ronso. But I will also tell them about Sin and the worlds past, for they cannot be allowed to make the same mistakes again. Some are born fighters. Some are born cowards. Some are born to be heroes. I believe I was born to not to fight brave battles, but to tell of them, and that is what I will do.

May be it will help to keep this world from falling apart. Maybe it will keep history from repeating itself. If I can do that, then I will have accomplished more than I could ever dream of. I hope my stories will be of some value to the world. If my tales die, so will all those who live within them. If the dreams are forgotten, so will the dreamers be.