This is another version of Harry Potter and the Animetopoeia. The dark version. I decided I'd upload my other versions of the Animetopoeia.

The original Harry Potter and the Animetopoeia is the one I uploaded first and the one that goes by that title.

I will warn you, this story has a darker Harry. But not the darker kind of Harry Potter that appears in most fanfictions. I think I'll explain in later chapters, that way I don't spoil it too much.

In other news, I do not own Harry Potter.

It was hot that summer on Private Drive. And although it was relatively cool inside the house, Harry spend most of the time going on walks and generally keeping away from his relatives. Harry had been spending his time writing to his friends and his newly discovered godfather.

They hadn't written much back though. It was kind of disappointing. Harry pondered on this momentarily, then brushed it off in favour of rocking back and forth on a swing set.


Harry's head snapped up. A girl with purple, pink, and blue streaked hair stood in front of him. She looked…strange to say the least, in her sailor shirt and super short skirt, black high socks and vibrant purple and green boots with silver buckles.

But what startled Harry the most was the fact that he hadn't heard her approach at all.

"Correct me if I'm wrong, but your name is Harry Potter, right?"

Harry nodded dumbly,


The girl smiled, tilting her head to the side,

"You sound uncertain." She said humorously.

Harry shifted a bit. Was this girl a witch? She didn't really look like it. He hadn't met anyone with such vibrant hair before…it looked more like a muggle fashion than something a wizard might mistake for muggle fashion…if that made any sense.

"Yes," Harry said again, "I'm Harry Potter, who are you?"
She grinned widely,

"I knew it! Sorry, I had to ask because I kind of made a mistake last time." She looked down at a black cat wrist watch and gave a small, curt nod, "Right on time too."

"What's right on time?" Harry asked confused, he then closed his eyes as the wind seemed to pick up.

Raising his arm in front of him, he opened his eyes to see something coming at them from a distance. The girl didn't look concerned though, in fact, she was smiling.

As it came into view, Harry had to blink his eyes a few times. It looked like a cat…or bus…like some weird cross in between. It stopped in front of them, eyes wide and yellow. Its fur was sandy with black stripes and it was…smiling. Could cats smile?

"Who are you?" Harry asked the girl, "And what about the muggles!? You can't just…"
"Muggles?" the girl blinked a few times, "What's that?"

Harry closed his mouth, how could she not know what a muggle was? He gave her a strange look,

"Like…non-magical people?"

The girl gave Harry a strange look,

"That doesn't make sense. Everyone's magical, silly." She laughed, "Now are you going to get on, or what?"

Harry just looked at the cat-bus…thing, strangely,

"Why? Where are you taking me?"

The girl looked at him with a frown,

"You are Harry Potter, right?" a notebook appeared in her hand and she opened it up, scanning over the pages, "Yeah, right here, Harry Potter." She looked up at him expectantly.

"That's my name." Harry agreed, "Harry James Potter. But…who are you?"

The girl looked back down at her notebook and seemed to read something over a few times, muttering something under her breath. Her eyes widened,

"I see, that's what happened…" She looked back up at Harry, "Most people who know about me are otakus, anime fans, manga fans…you know?"

No, Harry really didn't know, and the girl could see it on his face.

"You can call me Animetopoeia, or Ana for short." She introduced, "I came into existence…sometime during the sixties I suppose." She smiled, tilting her head to the side, "I sure have changed since then…Not the point, bad Ana!" she knocked herself over the head gently with a closed fist and stuck out her tongue, winking one eye, "I know the names of everyone who has ever read a manga or watched an anime, whether they knew what they were watching or reading or not." She said factually, "Harry Potter, first anime was Pokémon, I believe."

Harry hesitated to say anything, he did vaguely remember watching something like that from the kitchen that one time.

"Anyways, the reason I'm here," the girl said, "I'm from the Goddess Make a Wish Foundation. See, those of us in the foundation interact with those special children in this world who are destined to die young. We basically grant a kid a lesson. We teach them something that may or may not change their fate." Her face broke into another wide grin, "That's why I'm here, I'm gonna show you all those things and more…plus, my list says you're in danger and will probably die before the age of seventeen, so…"
"I'm gonna die before I become an adult!?" Harry shrieked, suddenly reminded of his relation to his aunt Petunia (Good god!).

"You won't if you come with me." Animetopoeia huffed, "And you don't need to shout. Goodness, you sure have a good set of lungs."

Harry blushed,

"But…where will the…catbus take me?" Harry asked, eying the creature (Vehicle?) wearily.

"To whatever anime that will aid you." Ana smiled, "They're all a world in their own right. When any artist puts their soul into their creation, that creation is given life. Humans are magical creatures, Harry." She danced around happily to the entrance of the bus,

"Now get on. You're about to go on an amazing journey." She paused, "Oh, and I'll be your lovely guide, of course."
Harry got up off the swings, wondering if he really should go, he reached into his back pocket where his wand was.

He looked around at the dull scenery of Private drive. He was going to die…not knowing any home or any life other than this? He came to a decision. Harry stepped up onto the bus.

"Um, Ana?" Harry said, sitting down. The cat seemed to purr as Ana took a seat uncomfortably close to him.

"What is it, Harry?" she asked curiously.

"I…" Harry looked about, "I'm a wizard."
"A wizard?" she asked, blinking her eyes rapidly and confused.

Harry took a wand out of his pocket, then, rather nervously cast a silent 'lumos' charm. The wand lit up and Ana clapped her hands.

"Incredible! Who knew that wizards actually existed? You're like a real-life anime character!" she began bouncing a little in her seat. Then looked at the wand curiously, the notebook appeared back in her hands and she flipped through it,

"Let's see…"
"How come no one knows?" Harry asked her suddenly.

"Huh?" Ana looked up at him suddenly.

"I mean…" Harry trailed off puzzledly, "I've studied a lot of magic and…no one seems to know about goddesses or gods…"
Ana nodded knowingly,

"Well, that's because part of the deal is that you can't tell anyone about us."
"Huh?" Harry wondered.

Ana's eyes seemed to lose all emotion,

"We, of the Goddess's Make a Wish Foundation will offer a lesson to a child in exchange for their bad karma. However, the other price for that is that if you tell a soul about us…you will turn into a golden light and fade away."
Harry felt his lips part, his eyes widened.

Ana shrugged her shoulders,

"Usually, we don't really mind, you know? These rules were put in sometime…around a thousand years ago? Humans got greedy and tried to topple the gods. It was a pathetic effort, but it angered a lot of us."
"Oh…" Harry whispered.

"I decided…you interested me." Ana said, "So, I asked to be put on your case specifically. I'll take you wherever you what to go."
"Where…" Harry repeated.

"Different worlds." Ana said, "Worlds that could teach you any lesson you wanted. Friendship, since you have such shitty friends. Magic, since you seem to have it already, you could learn to utilize that. I could teach you about family. I could teach you to survive, since this world is very intent on destroying you." Ana gave him a slight smile, eyes dimming again, "Even some man called Albus Dumbledore has planned your demise to occur at age seventeen. My notes say…he is your headmaster?"
Harry's eyes widened,

"I…he wants to…" Harry looked down at his lap, feeling ill.

Harry tensed as the cat arched it's back down, letting out a loud yowl.

There was no way no one on Private drive didn't hear that, Harry thought.

The cat moved up and down, taking off into a super fast run that Harry didn't even think it capable of. Harry found himself jumping up and down in his seat with each turn and leap.

"So…what's your motive?" Harry asked her slowly, "I mean, if you're like…the mediator in this whole thing…"
Ana shrugged her shoulders,

"Well, Fate was upset with how things were going for you. You're one of her chosen, so she asked the foundation to look into it. The Goddess Make a Wish Foundation is technically a charity organization. Although, those that take on cases get fueled by the bad karma that people like you give us. Bad ends that can be traded for some really interesting things…or we can use it ourselves to gain a little extra punch. If you can survive each of these worlds and return home after the tests are over, then that bad karma belongs to me.."
Harry drew in a sharp breath.

Okay…It wasn't lie he wanted…bad Karma or whatever. From the way Ana spoke though…it seemed likely that he might not survive wherever she sent him.

But if he survived whatever worlds Ana sent him to…

He opened his mouth, about to say he wanted to learn how to survive. No, that wasn't right. That would be oh so simple.

No one would train him to fight Voldemort or fight the Death Eaters. He was just a kid to everyone else. Not mature enough. Not an adult…even though he had probably faced far worse than any of them.

"I want…" Harry whispered, "If I survive these worlds…" he began, "Then…I'll learn whatever lesson I want, right?"
Ana nodded.

"And…whatever I want to learn, it has to be a possibility to me, right?" Harry said slowly.

"Anything you wish to learn can be possible." Ana told him slowly, "What do you want to learn?"
Harry swallowed hard, realizing just how messed up his desire was.

"I want to learn to be a capable killer."

A smile slowly made its way onto Ana's face,

"Oh? I didn't expect that…

Then the cat simply disappeared beneath him.

He was floating. The world around him seemed to glow and warp into strange spiralling light.

Everything vanished.