Things are not always what they seem.

Chapter I: A heros death

Author: Culf

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or any other character in this story. Nor do I own the Chamber of Secrets, or anything else. Authors Note: This is my first Harry Potter fanfic, and I'm not even english, so it might not be great. But, please, review!


Harry stumbled as he walked over to the unconscious Ginny. She was so pale. There wasn't much time left...

"Remarkable, isn't it, how quick the venom of the basilisk penetrates the body? I recon you'll be dead within a minute." Tom smiled. Harry fell to his knees beside Ginny. He slowly pulled the basilisk fang out of his arm.

"You'll be with your mudblood mother soon." Harry felt rage flow trough him at the mention of his mother. This was the man that killed her. Or would be killing her. Riddle knew how his words stung. That was the reason behind it all. Keep stinging. He was not to have a pleasant death, after what he did to his future self.

"Funny, the damage a silly, little book can do. Especially in the hands of a silly.. little... girl." Oh yes, he knew Potter had feelings for this girl. Undiscovered and unnoticed, yes, but they were there. Or they would be. He watched as Potter eyed his diary. Those sheds of paper, that had caused so much harm. That would kill the boy-who-lived! Then, something unexpected happened. Potter picked up the book.

"What are you doing?" He was raising the basilisk fang, as if to strike... Wait... "Stop. NO!"

Harry stabbed the book, again and again, as the memory of Tom Riddle, pierced by lightning, exploded, and then... gone. Ginny woke, and saw Harry, the last person she had expected to see, but still, she had hoped he would be her knight in shining amour. And there he was. He probably knew everything, but she had to tell him anyway,

"Harry, it was me. But I swear, I didn't mean to. Riddle made me. And..." The she noticed, all of a sudden, the bloody arm. "Harry, you're hurt!" But just as she had always thought, he didn't put himself first. He was worried about her.

"Ginny, you need to get yourself out. Follow the chamber, and you'll find Ron." Ron? Was he down here too?

"Harry... I can't just leave you."

"There's nothing you can do, Ginny. It's too late." Too late? For what? She doesn't understand. Doesn't want to. But she can see the giant snake, and the fang, and the wound on Harry's arm, and she knows how to put two and two together. He had been bitten, and was going to die from the poison. And it was all her fault. If she hadn't opened her diary, this never would have happened. Non of the people in the hospital wing would have been petrified, and Harry wouldn't be kneeling beside her, dying slowly from snake poison. She felt warm, salty teardrops stream down her face as Harry no longer could sit upright. As he was about to fall, she caught him, and lowered him down, resting his head in her lap. He struggled to breath, and was shaking slightly. Ginny saw his face go pale, even in the dark room. She placed her hand in his, and held it. He was trying to say something, but she couldn't make out what. She just squeezed his hand, but he didn't squeeze back. He couldn't. He never could, ever again.He was gone, forever...

Ginny removed his glasses and closed his eyes with one movement of her tiny hand. And she wept. She just held him and cried her eyes out, rocking slowly. She didn't hear the voice that was drawing nearer. A voice that was shouting her name. And .. his name.

Ron saw the red hair, and instantly figured out that his sister was alive, to his great relief. But why was he hugging Harry so fierily? Or sobbing so loudly? He moved closer, and made out Harry's glasses on the ground. Harry's glasses? Why wasn't he wearing them? He couldn't see a thing without them! Surly he wouldn't take them off to give his baby sister a hug?

"Ginny? Harry? You alright there?" he said. Ginny seemed to notice him, but she only sobbed louder, and clinged to Harry even more.

"Ginny? I'm sure Harry could do with some air." He tried a joking voice, to lighten the mood, but it didn't help. She only sobbed even louder.

"Don't you see, Ron? Can't you see? He doesn't need air. I wish he did, but he doesn't." Her eyes were bloodshot and teary. Doesn't need air? Everybody needs air!

"He'll never breath again, Ron. Never! And it's all my fault. Me and my stupid diary!!!" Never breath again? But that can't be right. Then he'd be... No, he couldn't even think the word. He couldn't, cause then it'd be true. The moment you said, or thought that word, it was too late, and it wasn't. Dumbledore would never let that happen.

But Dumbledore wasn't there. He wasn't on Hogwarts anymore, and Harry was pale, and his lips drew no air. And it was too late. Too late... Harry was gone. And everything felt cold....