(Tom said that the Basilisk's poison worked slow to take away Harry's hope of surviving. Better not take any chances, right? And wizards use CPR because magic cannot do that. In Wheel of Time, Rand tries to resoruct a dead girl with the one power, but she becomes nothing more than a shell, walking, breathing, but not living. That's how I imagine it would be in the wizard world as well, if you do it by magic, and I'm sorry if anyone thinks I'm completely wrong.)

And now, a short résumé of what's happened so far: Fawks gives Harry the sorting hat and the sword, but leaves. Harry gets bitten by the basilisk, destroys the memory of Tom Riddle and is hanging between life and death somewhere due to the poison. Ron, Ginny and Lockhart takes Harry out of the chamber, but Harry's stopped breathing. They run into Draco Malfoy in a hallway, and he offers to help. Not knowing what to do, the good guys accept, and are waiting for Malfoy to return with what could save Harry. And that is where our story continues.

Chapter Title:

A what..?

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It was a good thing Malfoy was a slytherin, for once, because then he knew the dungeons, and it was important for him to get to Snapes office as quick as possible. The sound of his footsteps echoed down the hallway as he ran, but he knew no one would hear it. For the thousandth time, Malfoy asked himself why he was doing this, and for Potter, no less. There was no lost love between them, and he knew he wasn't really doing this for Potter.

The sight of Scarface lifeless, turning blue had bothered Malfoy. Not because Malfoy cared about him, as the chance of him caring about the boy- who-bloody-lived had been destroyed when his hand had been turned down on the behalf of Weasley and a mudblood. For all he cared, Potter could bite the dust then and there, had it not been for one tiny little thing. And that was strength. Malfoy had always considered Potter as strong, after all he had to be, to face the Dark Lord twice and live to tell the tale. No one weak could do that. Seeing someone you considered strong slowly fading away into nothingness could make anyone realize how vulnerable they were themselves, and that was never pleasant. If Potter survived, then he could hold onto the delusion that he would never die for a bit longer. Just a little bit, and he needed that. That was one of the reasons why his feet were thudding against the stone floor right now. Another might be the fact that this was a chance for Malfoy to seriously dent his fathers plans, hopefully without him ever knowing, and that itself was enough for the slytherin. It gave him the feeling of actually being in control, at least of himself.

And this was why he was now breaking an entry into Snape's office. He was as quick and soundless as possible in his search, not doubting that if he was caught, Snape would allow Filch to hang him by his thumbs for the night, not caring what his father or Dumbledore might say.

He found what he was looking for, and carefully wrapped it in a clean handkerchief of fine cloth, with the Malfoy family emblem sewn into it.

Soon his boots were beating against the cold stone floor once again, and Malfoy was greeted by the sight of the youngest Weasel, bending over Potter, blowing fresh air into his mouth as her older brother was trying to look away, ears burning red. Potheads lips had gained some color, but he showed no other sign of life.

The girl lifted her head to discover that Malfoy had returned, and he was holding something in his hand.

"What's that?" Ron asked suspiciously.

"A bezoar, Weasley." Malfoy sneered. Being friendly to muggle-lovers was something Malfoy would never lower himself to, no matter that he was just doing something he never thought he'd do anyway.

"And what's that?" Ronald asked densly

"Honestly, don't you pay any attention in class?" Stupid weasel. "It's a stone found in the belly of a goat, and it can save you, even if you are inches from death." Weasley's eyes seemed to light up, then he asked.

"What's he gonna do? Eat it? Cause I doubt he's able to."

"No, you git. He's not gonna eat it. A bezoar will save the human who touches it, but it can only be used once. That's why I'm not touching it myself. It would have been ruined if I did. Now get out of my way."

Malfoy unwrapped the stone, and carefully placed it in Harry's hand, before slowly backing away.

Several intense, excruciating moments later, Harry's chest showed signs of breath. Ot was weak and uneven, but he was breathing!

"He's breathing!" Ginny cried."Merlin, he's breathing." Then she broke down again, sobbing.

Ron stepped over to lift him up again, and Malfoy let him.

Before the redhead picked the unconscious boy of the ground, he stopped in front of the blond before him, look down on his hand as he wringed them uncomfortably. Malfoy sighed, guessing what was coming next.

"Look, Malfoy," Ron started, still not believing what he was about to say. "I just wanted to say..." He drew a deep breath. "Oh bugger this. I just want to say thanks, I wont forget it." Malfoy just smirked at him, and Ron's ears were burning worse than ever.

"Oh yes, you will." He said, and before anyone had a chance to react, he pulled his wand, and gave it a flick while muttering the word "Obliviate". Ron just stared at him, anger replacing the embarrassment that had been there previously.

"What the hell are you doing here, Malfoy?" He asked angrily.

"Might ask the same thing of you, Weasley." Malfoy smirked evilly. "If you have the time to answer, that is. Seems you should worry a bot more about getting your friend over there to the hospital wing." He sent a look at Potter on the floor, and Ron followed his line of sight. He suddenly seemed to remember where he was, and why. Noting the slow breathing from his friend, he ran towards him, Malfoy forgotten. Malfoy himself watched as Weasley picked up to skinny, black-haired boy and started walking towards the hospital wing. As soon as he and his sister was gone, he turned and walked back to the slytherin common room, leaving the hallway empty, except for Lockhart, who was having a rather interesting conversation with a picture of an old wizard with a wart on his nose. A horrible dresser, but really quite interesting.


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