This story is mostly gonna focus on my Oc having to deal with Shinobi girls and fighting demons.

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On a beautiful night, the skies are dark but brightened a bit by the moon while some clouds passed by. Tokyo has many secrets that only a few would know which can be either fables, tales, or even legends. But one of the darkest secrets of Tokyo are the monsters that come from hell.

The underworld has waged a long war against the human world as the Demon lord Mundus seeks to rule it but was betrayed by his most powerful general. The demon that saved the human world and defeated his own kind is the Dark Knight Sparda. Sparda was once very respected by his own kin before going to the human world and having a change of heart to them that he even fell in love with a woman named Eve.

After pushing back the demon forces back to the underworld, Sparda then sealed Mundus and the underworld. The human world was at peace and praised Sparda for his actions in which he became legend. But years after the war, demons have now found ways in getting back to the human world to wreck havoc and kill Sparda.

To combat invading demons, a certain business was opened up in Red Grave City by a certain white hair man who's taken on the alias Tony Redgrave but is actually one of the sons of Sparda and his name is Dante.

The young demon hunter would take on requests and other missions that mostly involve slaying demons and receiving payment. So far the demon slayer has expanded his business to where not only will he take requests on slaying demons but also do other jobs that normal human beings do.

With Dante is Trish, a hot demonic woman who once was the pawn of Mundus before Dante convinced her to change and now works at Devil May Cry. Lady a woman who has many big guns, hunted her father down to unravel a mystery that has been haunting her. Nero a young demon slayer who can sometimes be hot headed and is Dante's nephew. Finally one more member who Dante found and decided to take him under his wing to turn him into a demon hunter and his name is Shin.

A man was walking back to his apartment on the starry night as he came back from his job at a local supermarket. He was tired and wanted to be back in his humble bed until he heard strange noises around him.

" Huh?" he said as he looked around to see what was making the noises.

Appearing from the ground and surrounding him are five large ants with a demonic and disgusting appearance as the man fell on his butt in fear. These monstrosities are known as Empusas who are out for human blood as they got closer to the man. The man cowered in fear as he felt a wet spot in his crotch and noticing that he pissed himself.

" Somebody help me!" the man cried out as he covered himself with his arms.

Suddenly a swing of a sword was heard as the man peeked between his fingers to find the five Empusas' heads decapitated. He then turned around to face a teen who's around 17 with black hair and crimson eyes. His attire consist mostly of a black dirty school uniform with a black trench coat over it. A large sword was on the teen's shoulder with the blade having a purple glow emit from the cracks of the sharp edge, green curved markings at the lower part of the blade, and the front of the hilt having the face of a dragon.

The teen had a bored expression as he brushed off blood from his sword. The man was confused but still scared as he tried to muster something to say.

" W-W-Who... are... you..." he stuttered.

" Oh just a guy passing by while getting rid of pests." the teen replied simply as he walked away, leaving the man on the ground.

Who is this guy?

The next day...

The teen was slumped against a wall with his eyes closed as people passed by with confused looks at the him. A small can is in front of him with a few yen in it, sometimes he can get lucky with a 100 yen but will mostly get 90 yen and below.

He slept for a bit until he heard a soft and cute voice in front of him. " Mister are you alright?" said a girly voice as the teen opened his eyes to find Hibari standing in front of him with concern in her innocent eyes.

The teen was surprised that the girl is cute and blushed a little bit remained chilled as he answered. " I'm alright, just needing some money to get through." he said calmly while Hibari seemed a little relief.

" Here take this." she says as she gave him 500 yen which he smiled as he gladly accepted it. He placed the money in his pocket as he stretched while yawning.

Hibari had many questions about the teen which he seemed mysterious to her. However before she can ask again a familiar voice was heard as she turned to her friend not far from the both of them.

" Hibari come on." Yagyu shouted to her friend.

" Coming!" Hibari replied while looking back to the teen who's getting ready to leave with a small can in his hand containing some yen.

" I hope we see each other again mister." Hibari said with a cute smile while the teen nodded to her.

" You too." he replied.

" I'm Hibari. What's your name?"

" The names Shin. Nice meeting you Hibari." Shin answered as he walked away with Hibari waving goodbye to him.

10 minutes later...

Shin was now sitting on the roof of a restaurant with an ice cream in his hand as he licked it. In his other hand is a flip phone with Dante's name on it which is trying to call him. The teen was in a bit of a sour mood that he didn't have enough money for a plane ticket back to America.

He thought that he finished his mission at hand but it seemed as there's more to it. " Devil May Cry." said a familiar voice as Shin brought the phone to his ear.

" Dante, I need more money for a plane ticket back home so can you send me some?" Shin asked.

" Sorry buddy but we're low on cash at the moment so your stuck there for a while." Dante replied simply.

" What?!" Shin yelled at the phone.

" Jesus, did you have to be loud?" Dante asked while complaining.

" How the hell am I suppose to get back?" Shin asked with disappointment in his tone.

" Find a job or wait until we have enough cash." Drake replied.

" Dammit Dante." Shin said with defeat as he heard chuckling on the other end.

" Relax Shin, I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy Tokyo for a while so just suck it up and be a man." we're his last words as Dante hanged up.

" Bastard." Drake muttered as he got off his butt with his ice cream finished and jumped down into an alleyway.

He shouldn't have accepted the request of slaying demons in Tokyo which he didn't realize before leaving that he only had enough money for one plane ticket. Needing to look for a job, Shin then noticed a flyer glued to a wall on the side of a drug store.

He looked through and his eyes brightened as he finally found a job that could help him survive as well as many opportunities that await him. The flyer read: Hanzo Academy, Help Wanted for Janitor. Free housing. Salary: 100,000 yen.

" So Hanzo Academy Huh. Being a janitor won't be that bad." Shin muttered while reassuring himself and made his way to the school. This was his best chance at making money in order to get back home but unknown to him his job will be a lot more interesting than he can ever imagine.

There we have it for the first chapter and I'll improve in future chapters as my Oc's character will development more.