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Warehouse District...

It was now 8 pm with the sky dark, stars scattered, and the moon being hidin behind some fluffy clouds. In the district is none other then Shin who's still in his black tank top and jogging pants as he was seemingly walking by each warehouse. The place was a random guess for him since Yomi didn't specify or even tell him of where she lives which made it kind of hard for him to figure. As he kept walking, a slight glimpse of a shadow on the wall of a warehouse caught his eyes as he was standing under the light of a street lamp.

Wondering if it was Yomi, Shin decides to call out to whoever was nearby. " Hey Yomi, its me Shin. Do you live around here?"

No response as the area was very silent and the devil hunter was still on the lookout for the same shadow that he saw. Whether it was the darkness messing with his mind, Shin tries to sense for any presence around him. As he kept focusing, a soft finger taps on his shoulder twice as Shin suddenly jumped a little with a surprised face with his eyes a little wide open. Standing behind him is a girl around his age with short green hair, yellow eyes that resemble that of a snake, her attire consisting mostly a tan sweater covering over her short black shorts and brown boots at her feet.

She gave off quite a mysterious feeling as Shin regained his composure and smiles at the girl. " Man you almost scared me there for a second huh?" scratching the back of his head while giving a cheeky grin. The girl kept staring at him as her mouth slightly opens a little.

" Hah..." she responded blatantly.

This was a weird response that he got as Shin was curious of the girl's personality and her interaction with other people outside her bubble as she shows no emotion. Both stood in there places for a moment before the girl spoke up again." Your Shin... right?" she asks as the devil hunter nodded.

" Yep that's me but I'm pretty sure that we've me somewhere." recalling to the other night when he came in contact with five girls who can dash in trees.

" Yes... I'm Hikage." she introduces herself as Shin smiles.

" Hikage huh. Sounds cute for a girl like you." he complemented which brought slight pink blushes to her cheeks as Hikage felt a little embarrassed. She's never had a complement ever since her step mother passed away as she rubbed her arm. The feeling was different to her for a different reason since it was not because of embarrassment but something else that she hasn't experienced yet. The devil hunter was chuckling a little as he can see that his words can even make some of the most emotionless girls blush as he wonders if it's from Dante as he's seen him from time to time be turn down from women.

" So I guess your one of Yomi's friends?"

Hikage nods as she motions him to follow in which he obeys as the two teens walk in the night full of stars. They walked four blocks from Shin's original position until they came across a warehouse filled with light as an aroma was leaking from the building and spreading outside which Shin picked up.

" Something smells good." Shin rubbing his stomach as Hikage looks back to him.

" It's Yomi's cooking, she's been working hard for when you come." she explains as the devil hunter nodded.

Tonight's dinner is something Shin is looking forward as he gets to eat some fine cooking while talking to mostly girls as he might have more luck with women then even Dante can muster even though his power is superior than his as Shin hopes to surpass one day. On the side of the building is a door with with it slightly open and some light let out as Hikage swings the door open and enters. Taking some calm breaths, Shin walks in with a casual smile, and normal walking gesture as he's now in the warehouse.

The place seems comfy even though its in an dirty, abandoned place as there were sleeping bags piled up in the middle, four stations in each corner that serve different purposes, and two girls setting up a large table with six makeshift chairs. One of the two girls is a short one with long black hair, wearing what appears to be a pink sleeveless shirt with a star in the middle, short jeans, and an eye patch with some kind of red cross on it while the other girl is a busty one with blonde curls, a pink bow on top, yellow sweater, and pink skirts.

Hikage made her way to the table as she took a seat, whips out a large knife and starts twirling it in-between her fingers as the blonde girl looks at her. " Hikage is he here?" she asks.

" He's right there." she answers as she points to Shin standing in front of the table with a small wave of his hand.

" Hey." he casually says as the blonde girl blushes as his muscular structure beneath his tank top as she makes her way to the boy.

" Welcome Shin, I'm Haruka and must I say you look handsome today." she welcomes him as Shin was surprised that he's already being complemented.

" Why thank you Haruka and you also look beautiful in this fine evening." as he takes her hand softly and gives her a soft kiss on it as Haruka was giggling to herself.

" Ara Ara, your more of a gentleman than the first time we met." she says as she motions him to a seat.

Mirai watched at the little exchange they had including Hikage who felt a little jealous but still doesn't understand the feeling behind it. Mirai looks in disgust as she hopes that the male guest would be done eating and be on his way out. Taking a seat at the head of the table, Shin sets both his arms on the table as Haruka stands beside him with interest in here face.

" Is there anything that you would like to drink?"

" I'll have water." he answers as the busty blonde girl walks away from the table and to the kitchen corner of the warehouse as Yomi and Homura are busy finishing the last dishes.

The two girls were in a hurry due to a little problem with some of the meat skewers missing pieces of meat since Homura is helping with the cooking. She couldn't resist the meat as she prides on meat being the best and that she'll eat anything that's meat. Having secretly eating some of them made Yomi annoyed as she scolded Homura for her behavior as she scratched the back of her head.

" Homura we can't ruin this, Shin is here, what do you think will happen if he sees that our meat skewers are incomplete?" Yomi in a bit of a panic while her squad leader shrugged.

" I can't help it, sometimes that meat just calls to me." she replies as Yomi face palms.

While the two were busy cooking up more meat, Haruka was jogged lightly into the kitchen as she was humming with happiness to herself as she got a cup from under the counter, grabbed a pitcher filled with water, and poured some in. Yomi glanced at her curly haired friend as she was curious of her happy personality until she catched a shimmer of what appears to be a glass vial that she pulled from underneath her sweater. The vial contains what appears to be a blue liquid substance which made Yomi alerted as she made her way to Haruka.

" Haruka, don't use any of your chemicals on Shin." she warned as the busty girl turned to her with a smirk.

" Why not, I'm just trying to spice the mood more. He's so charming that I can't wait to make him my personal doll~" she says with seductivness in her words as Yomi shivered.

" No we cannot allowed that, Shin is only here to eat with us and that's final, no tricks or anything funny, we must be on our best behavior!" Yomi with authority as Haruka placed one hand on her hip and looks at her with an annoyed look.

" Oh please, if he drinks the water with my special substance then he'll be ours." the girl says as she starts to have naughty thoughts of her and Shin.

The two blonde girls continue to argue while Homura was leaning on the counter with a bored look as she looks at Shin from inches away from the corner kitchen.

" Someone who's more powerful than me. I'll have to ask him for another fight so that he can go all out." she thought to herself as she recalls their last encounter in which she got her ass kicked and she hasn't even fought to her fullest yet but was defeated by someone with unknown power and who sees that she's not a worthy opponent. She'll show the devil hunter to not underestimate her as she can feel herself in the feeling of fighting him again. She wanted to test him even more and see how powerful he can truly become which can help benefit her in becoming the strongest shinobi in history.

Back with Shin...

The devil hunter was lightly tapping a single finger on the table while waiting for his beverage. It was five minutes and Haruka hasn't returned and the dining table was quiet with Hikage still flicking her knife in her hand, and Mirai who's scrolling through her phone. This was a boring dinner as he stomach starts to growl. As he was about to yawn, a finger tapped on his shoulder softly as he turned to face Yomi with embarrassment in her face as she was holding pot in her hands.

" I apologize for the wait Shin, there were some problems with the food but were quickly fixed so please enjoy yourself to some meat skewers and my homemade bean sprout stir fry." she says while bowing a little.

" It's alright Yomi but hey at least we can finally eat now." he reassures her as she took a breath of relief as she sets the pot down in the middle of the table.

Homura came to the table with three large plates filled with meat skewers and Haruka following behind with some plates and a cup or water. As the leader of the Crimson Squad set the plates down, she turns to Shin and gives him a quick wink as she sat beside Hikage. Haruka came to his side and set the cup in front of him while giving him a beautiful smile which kind of makes Shin question about the girl as she took a seat beside Mirai.

Lastly Yomi sat beside Haruka as the five girls start getting plates and filling them with skewers and bean sprout as Yomi served him a plate with a gracious smile. The black haired teen thanks her as he picked up a pair of chopsticks that were lying in front of him. The food looked delicious but the only problem is that he doesn't know how to use chopsticks as they were a pain in the ass for his fingers.

Mirai peered over Haruka's shoulder to watch Shin struggle with chopsticks as she snickered. Haruka notices her small friend as she flicks her forehead to which Mirai yelped and covers her forehead. " W-What the hell was that?!" she asks while stuttering when facing Haruka who gives her a close eye smile.

" I suggest you pay attention on what's on your plate Mirai." she says pleasantly but there was something behind her words that made Mirai shiver as she turns to face her plate and continues eating without speaking another word.

" So Shin, how are you?" Homura asks while shoving a piece of meat into her mouth.

" Good." was his simple response as Homura was trying to spark up a conversation with him.

" Do you live around here?" Yomi asks wondering if the devil hunter has a home.

" Well no, I'm right now staying at Hanzo Academy." he responds as four of the girls were surprised except Hikage who continues eating while listening.

" Hanzo huh, may I ask why your staying there?" Haruka also asks which she became curious.

" Well I'm broke so I took a job as a janitor which included a free dorm for me to stay in." he explains while the others took in what he said.

" Hah a janitor, you must stupid cleaning the place!" Mirai remarked but was given a hard bump in the knee beneath the table by Haruka who was still facing Shin.

Shin looks at the girl with an annoyed face as Yomi was sweating a little as she didn't want any drama happening during dinner. " A janitor huh, then why are you also a Devil Hunter?" Homura asks while wanting to find out about his other affiliation.

" Hm, if I answer it then you guys might think that I'm crazy." Shin says as Homura tries to reassure him.

" No we wouldn't, after all you showed your abilites that are nothing we've seen." she says as the others nodded including Mirai who's interest started to rise.

" Alright then, I kill demons as my second job just rack in more cash." he answers honestly as the girls were either shocked or not surprised.

Demons were something that they haven't encounter in their missions but only Yoma. They were curious to see of what demons are and how strong they could be as they see someone around their age with a lot of experience. " Demons?" Yomi says as the black haired teen nodded.

" Yep, they exist and I have a long history with them." he explains as the girls were very curious of his history with demons.

" What are they like?" Hikage asks.

" Basically monsters of any shape, size, and appearance that are from the underworld." Shin says while finishing his meat skewer.

" Why are they here in the human world?" Yomi wondering about the presence of another supernatural force.

" Simple, to kill for blood and to conquer it for their Master."

Yomi shivers a little as she couldn't imagine people being killed by evil creatures as she put her chopsticks down. " That's interesting, is that why your strong?" Homura asks wanting to know how Shin is stronger than her.

" Well yes and also because I'm a hybrid between man and devil." he casually says.

" What?!" Yomi, Haruka, Mirai, and Homura shouted in unison while Hikage's interest has peaked.

" Oh wait I don't think I was suppose that." Shin sarcastically says while scratching the back of his head.

" If your half demon then do you kill people?" Homura who was now up in his face with curiosity in her eyes as Shin begins to sweat drop a little.

" Oh my Shin, could you be bloodthirsty?!" Yomi now a little worried.

" Is your blood more different to where it has unique properties?" Haruka licking her lips as the conversation has gotten more interesting.

" Uh wait one at a time." Shin trying to get things under control as Mirai decides to jump in on the fray.

" Since your a hybrid, are you into cows like them?" Mirai mentioning four of her teammates.

Hikage didn't have much to ask since she was interested in how the black haired teen will answer the questions as she finished her stir fry and yawns for a bit. After a good meal, one thing that she now wants is a good spar but with Shin as she seen his power that is beyond hers. She'll have to wait for the opportunity as she let her friends dump many questions onto him.

" Man and Devil huh..." she murmurs to herself as she got up to go out for a late night hike.

For Shin he wasn't ready, he thought that maybe he'll have an easy, smooth conversation with these girls but apparently since he revealed his secret is now having to answer the mountain full of questions in front of him as the girls were curious of getting to know him even more. This was going to be a long night as took a deep gulp of water.

" Oh boy..."


In an unknown location far away from Red Grave City that is isolated is a large forest with Evergreen trees everywhere and a mountain range in the distance as the sun was out and is currently noon. Within the forest lies animals from deer to wolves but also carnivorous demons that lurk in the shadows. However, deeper within a forest is a small shack in a small clearing where the sun shines its light on as it seems old and rugged of its structure. Beside the shack is a pond with a small fountain with water pouring from a nearby creek and sitting cross-legged beside the pond is a 17 year old teen with navy blue hair, his outfit consisting of a pure white, long, tattered coat with gray linings, underneath the coat is a short black vest over a navy blue shirt, black pants, along with a black belt, and brown boots on his feet. On top of his shoulders are metallic shoulder armor that shimmer in the sunlight and metallic shin guards on the pants.

This young man is currently meditating at the least as his eyes are closed and the gentle breeze of the wind was flowing into him. Suddenly the sound of a projectile was coming his way at a incredible speed as the boy's instincts kicked in and in a split second caught the projectile in-between his two fingers as it. The projectile seems to be a glowing blue sword as it shatters into pieces and disappear into the air but that wasn't the end of it as more were aimed at him as disappeared in an instant to avoid. The swords flew into a nearby tree as each one impale into sturdy wood. The teen reappears as he lands on his feet with his eyes open and revealing two silver eyes of seriousness.

One hand disappears into the dark depth of his coat to pull out and reveal a long sheath with ancient symbols on it that are hard to transcribe. With one hand holding the sheath and the other the grip of a katana, the boy swiftly pulls it out as the sound of a fresh blade being pulled fills the air. The sheath vanishes from his other hand as the teen twirls the weapon around with quick swings before going into a fighting stance to prepare what's in front of him. The silver katana being almost as tall as him with the top of the blade curved a little back with three small sharp pointed edges on the back, the hilt consisting of curved edges that revolve around as the guard, and a black handle.

As the blade was readied in front of him, standing a few meters away is a tall man in his mid 30s with white, swept back hair, attire consisting mostly of a blue coat, underneath it is a black sleeveless vest, dark blue pants, and dark blue boots. In the man's hand is a long sheath containing a katana within as the man stares at him in anticipation of attacking. The boy blitzes forward with great speed as he swings his katana left, right, over, and under from every direction as the man single handily blocks them with his sheath that shows no sign of a scratch. The boy then prepares to go on the defense as he parries off an onslaught of attacks by the man as he starts to become overwhelmed.

The man then puts one hand on the hilt of his katana and wields it out swiftly at the teen only for it to be blocked in a nick of time as the two blades clashed with their respective wielders trying to push back with their strength. The boy gritted his teeth as he can feel the man's power overwhelming him with his blade being pushed forward close to his face. Having to break off the clash, the teen vanishes and appears behind the man with a swing of his katana hoping to land the finishing blow but was met with the man's katana blocking his back.

" Quantum burst!" the boy exclaims as he starts to emit a bright white aura and starts running around the man with ridiculous speed along with afterimages of himself being displaying. The man went into a stance as he waits for the anticipated attack as five afterimages including the boy broke from their run and rush forward at the man with intense speed with their blades in front. Seeing the opportunity, the man spun himself with the heel of his boots propelling the motion as his swings his katana in a round circle, slicing the after images in half and the boy receiving a sharp wound in his cut as he falls to the ground in front of the man. The man swings his blade out with fast reflex as blood came off of it and the blade retaining a clean display as the man carefully slides his katana back into its sheath.

" You lack power and precision in you Quantum Burst Zane." the man says as he helps the boy off and brushing dust off his face and coat.

" S-S-Sorry Master Vergil, I thought that speed was enough." the boy name Zane answers as he coughs a little from the dust while holding one hand to his gut as he can feel a trickle of his blood.

" Speed is part of it but it shouldn't be the only thing to focus on." Vergil advises him as his pupil nods who also places his katana back in its sheath.

" That'll be enough training for today, each year you seem to be improving which I'm satisified but you still have a long way to reach your highest potential." his master reminds him as he makes his way back to the shack.

Zane looks at his weapon as he grips it tightly, even though he isn't around his master's level of power he's still strong enough to take on powerful enemies. His wound stops bleeding as his regeneration kicked in with it being fully healed as the blue haired teen follows after his master into the shack. The small building only comprising of one room with the middle being the place to cook and eat, two makeshift beds on opposite sides, and a small closet used for bathing. In the middle is a fire is blazing with a teapot set on top as it is puffing out smoke and making a sizzling sound, signalling that tea is ready.

Vergil walks over to lift the handle of the teapot as he sets it on a small table with two wooden cups as he pours a good amount in each one before setting the pot on the table. Zane sits across from his master as he takes the cup and blows a little so that it can cool down while Vergil went straight into drinking it with the heat not bothering him. The two took this moment to enjoy their favorite afternoon break as each day it was training and hunting down powerful demons that could pose a challenge if they have the power to withstand the two hybrids.

Setting his cup down with the tea almost empty, Zane decides to ask Vergil about his next assignment. " Master, is there anything else for me to do?"

" Hm, I've seen the past few days that you have something on your mind when it can distract you." Vergil points out as Zane tenses up a little.

" Your right, I been having this feeling that someone that's part of my past is still alive."

The statement reminded Vergil of his past when a certain incident splited him and his young brother apart and for years he's been on his own searching for power that will make him above his father Sparda. During those years, the eldest son of Sparda still clings to the feeling that his younger brother is still alive and that one day they will meet and their blades will clash which that day came.

If his feeling in the past is similar to Zane's then he wouldn't turn it down which he believes that fate has something in store for his apprentice. " Part of your past huh, who is it that you speak of?"

" Well someone who was once my best friend but not anymore." Zane said with little anger in his voice as he clenched his fist.

" May I ask why?" Vergil having some interest in his past.

" When tragedy struck us, we were supposed to survive and overcome all obstacles together but instead he fled, leaving me to run for my life." Zane's voice becoming grim.

" This grudge that you have against your former friend, it still hurts you huh." Vergil taking another sip.

" Indeed but I know that he's still alive somehow." Zane looking down in his cup at a little reflection of himself in the tea.

" If you want to grow stronger then find your friend then, test his strength and see if he's as strong as you but if he's weak then kill him." Vergil says in a dark tone as Zane looks up with his eyes in fear.

This was something that he didn't want to do but for almost three years of him being alone to survive before meeting Vergil made him develop the intent of doing so. This was his chance to confirm his feeling that his once so called best friend is alive and that he'll destroy him with the power that has been contained within him. Rising from up, Zane bows his head down to his master. " Thank you master for this opportunity, I once I see him then I'll show him his place and he'll witness why he should never abandon someone like me." his ton having both determination and coldness.

" Very well, you may start now."

The next day...

Back with Shin...

The black haired teen was deeply asleep in his bed after last night dinner that resulted in him revealing what he is and having to deal with the questions being piled on him by the girls. Haruka gave him the chills as she talks about making him her personal puppet to which he didn't like, the smallest girl Mirai was an annoyance to him as she complains about how he isn't fit to have such power even though he threatens to kick her ass if she tries to insult him further. Yomi is a kind girl as when they both met the first time which she also had some ridiculous questions about his demonic heritage of whether he hates bean sprouts, Homura is interesting since he made the girl more pumped on sparring with him even more when he has free time but sometimes made some flirty comments about how he fought against her the first time. Finally Hikage which she barely shows any emotion, Shin had to admit that her eyes were cool, and that she left him which he didn't get to strike a conversation with her.

Last night kept him awake as he thanked the girls for a tasty dinner and had to walk back to Hanzo Academy in the dark. When he was making his way back, his posture was that of a guy who drank five bottles of high quality alcohol as his eyes wanted to be shut and his body wanting to fall to the ground and lay there. He had to overcome these which he was able to make it back but with the cost of having to break his window open and hopping inside onto his bed as he was still in his tank top and jogging pants.

The teen continues to snooze until the sound of someone knocking on the door starts to wake him up. " Five... more...minutes please..." barely speaking as he tries to sleep off from the knocking. Suddenly the door bursts open with Katsuragi jumping in and landing on his back as Shin's eyes went wide open. The sound of his bones cracking as Shin can barely move.

" What the hell!" he shouts as Katsuragi giggles.

" Your awake, I had to let myself in you know." she says innocently while keeping him pinned on his back on the bed.

Two other girls entered the room who appear to be Yagyu and Ikaruga as the class representative has her hand on the hilt of a katana in its sheath slinged to her school uniform. " Shin, your are to come with us peacefully, any further action and will resort to using force." she stated with authority in her tone while Yagyu was looking at him fiercely with what seems to be an umbrella in her hand.

" Come on big boy." Katsuragi teasing him as she jumps off of him and lands beside her fellow classmates.

" What's going on, what did I do?" Shin asks with confusion since his morning is now strange.

" You will know if you come with us." Yagyu replies with a cold tone.

The devil hunter wouldn't mind jumping out the window and running away but that'll just make him look bad as he sighs and follows the three girls. With Ikaruga leading in front and Katsuragi and Yagyu following behind Shin, the four teens made their way to what seems to be an ordinary wall until the class representative slightly pushes it. The wall then swiftly rises up to what seems to be a secret room as the four enter in and the wall closing behind them. With Katsuragi and Yagyu at the back keeping an eye on Shin while Ikaruga stood in front of him waiting for something.

The room they were in seems very spacious for training of a certain group as Shin looks around to see who's the mastermind behind his interrupting sleep. A sound of something rattling on the ground echoed as a large smoke screen appears out of nowhere with a the shadow of a strange figure behind it. The smoke clears up as the stranger is a man in his forties with messy gray hair and wearing a business outfit as he his were on the devil hunter with suspicion and caution as his arms are behind his back. It was quiet with the entrance of the man that there was suddenly slow clapping as Shin was clapping with a bored look as the three girls look at him with confusion.

" Wow, such a classic and boring entrance you got mister, could you at least be creative?" Shin mocking the man as Ikaruga unsheaths her katana and has it pointing at the black haired teen's neck with the point of the blade touching the flesh.

" Silence, another word and I'll end your life." Ikaruga threatening as her face shows seriousness and not hesitating.

" What's up with her?" Shin thinking to himself as the sound of the man clearing his throat brought his attention.

" At ease Ikaruga, restrain yourself for the moment, I'm only here to ask questions." the man says as the class representative quickly pulls her katana back into her sheath as she bows to the man.

" My apologies sensei." she says as she steps aside to join the other two classmates who are watching to see what happens next.

" Your Shin the new janitor of this academy, I'm Kiriya, a teacher. We may be staff members but I've my suspicions have been increasing ever since you arrived here. Things have been odd about you mostly around night." Kiriya explains while Shin remains relax and unfazed.

" Well here's something that you should know about me. I don't like it when people who I don't know start digging into other people's business." he says with a snarky attitude as Yagyu and Ikaruga tense up while Katsuragi was trying not to laugh.

The boy was starting to annoy him, he wonders why of all people would Hanzo hire someone who's young and disrespectable like him. The reason he wanted him here to find out what's going between him and Asuka who's in some sort of coma after discovering her abscence hours ago. Even Hibari is drawn to him and admits that she wasn't suppose to tell him of what happened the other night that resulted in Asuka being in a coma. This was important since his duties are to ensure the safety of his students and to make sure that they're prepared to be full fledged shinobi.

With Shin around, things were a bit different since the four girls of the five talk about him but mostly Katsuragi always going on long chats about the janitor's muscular figure and how he's the opportunity that a girl wouldn't want to miss. But now that the supposed janitor is here, he'll find some answers as to whats going on.

" Shin what are you?" Kiriya asks as Shin raises an eyebrow.

" I'm a young guy that needs a job, that's all you need to know about me." he answers to which the old teacher wasn't satisfied with.

" This isn't a game, there's something about you that is dangerous and mysterious. What are you hiding?" Kiriya pressing him more on the subject as Shin tries to dodge the question.

" Well I'm speaking the truth simply." Shin lying as the three girls were curious and their instincts have raised even more.

Yagyu wanted to know the most since she doesn't fully trust the janitor around Hibari to which she believes is dangerous since he's hiding a mysterious aura. Ikaruga was prepared if anything were to happen but also wanting to know who Shin is and his true goal is. Katsuragi couldn't decide whether the black haired teen is serious or not as she starts to worry whether he's telling the truth or not since she's likes him.

The suspense was growing as Shin felt as if it is a waste of his time and decides to get it over whether once he spills the beans gets to keep his job or be kicked out as he took a deep breath. " So you want to know so badly huh." his voice with little annoyance but seriousness as Kiriya nods his head while giving a glare.

" Of course, you'll only make it less insufferable if you speak to truth." he stated as Shin looks at him with a casual look of 'ok'.

" Alright but let me ask you this, do you believe in demons?"

That's the end for this chapter, after a weird dinner with the Crimson Squad with him having to reveal himself, its only a matter of time before others would grow suspicious of his actions and to find out what he is. Now someone of Shin's past who claims to be his best friend is after him with Vergil's approval, how will the two meet and how will it turn out.

Also something to add; I plan on some other crossovers in the future with my oc and the DMC crew such as Blazblue, Strike the Blood, Honkai Impact, testament of sister new devil, highschool dxd, etc... I'll come up with a decision soon on which to do but stay tuned!