In the moonlight, Joey and Chandler returned to the marina together. They walked closely along the pier and were a bit nervous. Since they had fallen in love, this was the first time that they'd decided to have sex and properly consummate their relationship. It was all so new to them both, and they weren't sure if they were entirely ready yet, after all the years that they'd each slept with women.

Joey had been the one to suggest a return to his boat, to have the romantic night that they ought to have had after the bachelor party.

Chandler carried the photo album that Joey had given him, while Joey carried a picnic basket packed with a nice dinner for two. Even if they weren't able to go through with it tonight, they could at least have a romantic date and reminisce on all their years together.

It was nice to get away for a while from all the worries about Monica, and coming out, and reconciling with parents. Tonight would be just about themselves and their love. The rest of the gang were comforting Monica and dealing with the new announcement that Joey returned Chandler's feelings after all. Hopefully, Monica would recover and soon have a new love of her own, then the six friends could move beyond this awkward phase and be happy as a group again.

Arriving at the *Mr. Bowmont*, Joey hopped aboard first and set down the picnic basket, then he helped Chandler come across too. They stood there, lingering for a moment in each other's arms. Joey kissed Chandler tenderly, then suggested that they retire to the cabin.

Taking the picnic basket with them, they went inside and sat down together. Joey spread out the blanket and lit the candles. Then they opened the wine and had dinner. They talked a lot and kissed and looked through the photo album together, wondering why they'd never admitted their feelings before.

Chandler confessed that he'd occasionally wondered whether he was gay, ever since his father's coming out, and once, in Atlantic City, he'd even kissed some guy in a bar, only to chicken out and tell Ross that he'd done it only because he was drunk and mistook the guy for a girl.

"And you kissed Ross later at my birthday party," Joey added.

Chandler nodded. "I wish I'd kissed you."

"Me too. It--it could have been us in that storage room."

"Yeah. You know, when I told your sister I could really fall for her, I was really thinking about you."

Joey smiled and was touched. "Don't tell Mary Angela that. Or any of my family. Cookie would punch both of us."

"And your dad would try to kill me, I bet."

Joey laughed and kissed him. "It won't be like that. I promise." Whenever they were ready to tell the Tribbianis, Joey was determined to get his family to accept Chandler, no matter how much work it took.

Finally, Joey blew out the candles and packed up the picnic again, putting it and the photo album aside as Chandler pulled out a sleeping bag and unrolled it. He wasn't sure if he should get out the other sleeping bag as well, just in case, but Joey ended that dilemma by embracing Chandler and whispering, "I wanna sleep with you tonight, even if we don't... you know."

They kissed again and started to undress. This time, Joey didn't mind the way that Chandler stared at his nakedness, and they quickly got into the sleeping bag together, snuggling close in the darkness.

"Remember the shower?" Chandler whispered, running his hands all over Joey's body.

Joey nodded and kissed him. "If I hadn't been in so much pain, I might have noticed the way you touched me. I might have touched you back."

Chandler shook his head skeptically. "Or maybe you'd pass out because of the hernia. Then what would I do?"

Joey chuckled. "Anything you want."

They kissed each other warmly and started fooling around inside the sleeping bag. Chandler sighed and closed his eyes. "This is... definitely not because you're drunk."

"Definitely," Joey agreed and toyed with Chandler's responsive nipples. "Too bad you got rid of the third one, huh?"

Chandler laughed and bit Joey playfully. He realized that there was an advantage to their both being guys; they were already in familiar territory here.

Up until Monica's instruction, Chandler had always found himself sexually inadequate with women, having so little opportunity to study or practice on their "equipment" so to speak. Being gay meant that he already knew all the nuances of his own equipment and merely had to apply that personal knowledge to Joey.

So for once, Chandler wasn't sexually inept compared to Joey, and he enjoyed the added confidence. Any move that pleased or aroused himself would probably do the same for Joey.

"Oh God, Chandler!"

He smiled and murmured, "I love you, Joe."

"I love you too," Joey answered with a kiss. He certainly didn't regret giving up women now, breasts and all. He sighed, "Oh, I wanna fuck you so hard."

"Do it," Chandler said eagerly.

"You sure?"

"Yeah. Show me some Joey love."

Joey shrugged. "Okay, but tell me if I hurt you. We can do something else."

Chandler just kissed him and asked, "Where'd you put the condoms?"

"In my coat over there. Wait a sec." He unzipped the sleeping bag and got out to retrieve the condoms and lubricant. When he returned, he said, "You really don't have to, for me."

"I know." But he rolled over invitingly and added, "This doesn't mean that I don't get to do you too."

Joey blinked at that thought, then said, "Okay."

Getting back into the sleeping bag, but leaving it unzipped this time, Joey started out slow, trying to make sure that Chandler really wanted this. Since Chandler did respond favorably to some finger probing, Joey worried less and decided to go ahead.

Kissing Chandler's back all the while, Joey made love to him, and they both enjoyed it immensely. They certainly fogged up the windows of the cabin that night.

The End

[Assume that Monica goes back to Richard, hooks up with Rachel, or marries whoever you want. She's happy, and the whole gang gets back to being friends. Sorry, but I just didn't feel like working out the other characters' plots this time.

If the "equipment" observation sounds familiar, it's derived from an episode of the British show *Coupling*, though I think I've heard the sentiment elsewhere too.

Oh, and Chandler probably reconciles with his dad, and Joey finds a way to break the news to his family. Happily ever after, like always.]