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A Gift of Hatred

"So we're doing this again huh?" I looked over at the woman wearing a white Haori.

The short woman gave out a small sigh and shook her head. She picked up the little notebook on the table separating us then said aloud "You're an insufferable bastard. You know that right?"

She picked up a pencil and tapped it on the binding of the notebook. "You have what?" She seemed to try and read something from the pad. "Three days before you go to central."

As a little bit of sweat came to my brow I said, "Yep." letting out a pop on the p.

"You don't want to say anything before your trial? Nothing at all?"

A small rattling sound perforated the room as I pulled up my hands. A large shit-eating grin came over my face as I said, "Well, what do you expect me to say, with accommodations like these?"

I put my hands down rattling the long-chain, that led back to my cell.

"Maybe you should send the clown back down here. I'll tell him all about how I've been keeping his personal cell all nice and cozy!" I said, while the girl grit her teeth.

Her spiritual pressure started to coast around the room as she twirled on her feet. The two long pigtails on either side of her hair twirled around and she said, "I think we're done here."

Trying to push her just a little bit further I put my hand on my heart and said: "Oh, woe is me! That hurts right here. Are you still bitter after your black cat left you again?"


After I succumbed to my wounds, I surprisingly didn't wake up in a hospital bed like I was expecting. The first thing I noticed was the aches all over my body and the blaring sound of my alarm clock. The events of last night came rushing back to me as the feeling of something missing blared in the back of my mind.

I turned from my side to look out my window. The same beige curtains from last night were up, and the window...was fine? In slight disbelief, I put my right hand on the window. That was one hell of a d-

Interrupting my train of thought the same rasping voice from before came forward into my mind It wasn't a dream you imbecile.

I jumped a little bit as the voice in my mind let out a small drawl of laughter. Then what in the hell happened? How did I get back here...wait what about Ichigo and that Rukia chick!

I ran forward to my closet and started to throw on my clothes. It took me a few seconds but I was dressed in a familiar light blue summer uniform. "Shit where are my shoes?" I said aloud.

After a quick escapade under my bed looking for my brown slip ons I finally started on my way down the stairs. Reaching the bottom of the stairwell I saw a sight I was all too familiar with. On the living room's single recliner sat my estranged mother staring at the T.V. As it droned on about a new law finally going into effect.

My mother hearing my footsteps turned to look behind her shoulder. Her dark brown hair and dead fish eyes stared back at me. At the pathetic sight of the woman, I started to feel a well-known emotion rise up into my chest.

A cold stare of indifference stood in front of a burning glare of hatred. The feeling started to spread throughout my body as I felt a familiar tingle on my figure tips. Control yourself. The voice from last night rang in my mind

I tried my best to clamp down on my emotions and the feeling slowly backed down as well. Why. My mother, no this woman deserves it.

The voice flashed some amusement then said Go ahead if you truly think you can. I've seen everything you have. I know what she has done. Although I think you'll regret it in the end.

Meanwhile, the harlot I have to call mother sat in the empty living room and continued to flip through channels on the T.V. I let out a long-suffering sigh then grabbed my bag and proceeded to the front door. I pushed open the door only for it stop at about halfway.

I peaked my head out around the door and saw a small newspaper-wrapped package with a note on top. I leaned down and picked it up. The note had the words 'A gift from a friend' written on it with a small cartoon logo on the bottom right.

The logo was the head of a man with shoulder-length blonde hair wearing a green and white striped bucket-hat tipping it to the reader. I flipped over the note to the other side and it read 'Urahara Shoten'

Huh, where have I heard that before? Wasn't it some small candy store across town? Yeah, Ichigo mentioned his sisters frequent the place or at least the younger one.

Not thinking much of it I pulled off the newspaper wrapping and long brown string the reveal a stylized black box. The box was surprisingly heavy for its size. I pulled open the flaps on the top of the box to reveal a handle of a sword.

What kinda wacko puts a sword handle in a box? I thought.

I felt a small sense of curiosity come from my overly talkative imaginary friend.

Pulling it out a bit the handle was that of an average katana with black wraps along the handle and a small red tassel on the end. I started to pull it out of the box some more and noticed it kept coming and coming. A full traditional Japanese katana with a black handle and sheath came out of the box.

A look of surprise came over my face as I thought How would you fit and entire sword in such a small box? The voice in the back of my head suddenly spoke in a quick fervor. Hurry push your reiatsu into the sword!

Still a little stunned I stupidly said: " what?"

The voice sounded almost annoyed now and said Your reiatsu! Your spiritual energy. Oh God damn it. The energy you used to electrocute the hollow last night!

I remembered the feeling for last night and tried to call it forth again to no avail. The voice let off a small tch of disappointment then said Use your emotions. Preferably the less pleasant the better.

I responded with You can't just expect me to-

Memories were forcibly pulled to the forefront of my mind.

My Mother coming home late.

Her "friend" staying the night

My Father and her yelling in the kitchen.

I felt a pulse of heat come from my chest and defuse throughout my body as my latent anger started to stir. I directed the energy down my right arm into the sword. To my surprise nothing much changed except a small symbol engraved itself on the hilt.

A black hexagon appeared on the hilt of the blade. Inside the hexagon was a red star with arrows pointing outwards. (AN: There are differing pictures of it online, but it's supposed to be the imperial standard of the Sith empire)

After I kept pushing more and more energy in, I started to feel a little drained as my thoughts drifted away from my anger to the sword and better yet...

Who in the hell are you? How did you do that...that memory thing. And..and-

The male voice cut me off by saying My name is Static

The voice expressed a feeling of disappointment and kept going Huh, figures. That was just me giving you a little motivation.

He went silent for a second then continued with You should carry me with you. Always.


He flashed me an image of the sword in my hand. I thought about it for just a second before responding with How do you expect me to carry around a three and a half foot long sword all day?

The voice let out a small grumble as the tip of the sheath started to glow blue. The glowing parts of the sword slowly started to flake off into the air and dissolved into my skin. A flash of a robed man standing in a tomb made of red sandstone came to my mind.

He walked over to a small throne away from the entrance of the tomb and sat down. On the man's hip was the same sword from before. He sat down then looked at the decaying tomb and said I'll be here. Waiting.

I took a deep breath and thought What the hell is going on? In my head then continued down the street to school.


Luckily on my way nothing crazy seemed to be happen. Around halfway there I met up with Keigo and Mizuiro. Keigo was still being a Don Kanoji fanatic while Mizuiro seemed to be preoccupied with his phone and texting someone named Vanessa.

Mizuiro himself was a pretty young guy and self-proclaimed lady killer. According to Keigo, he was known to make any older female fall to his masculine guile. To me, he just looked like your average black haired teen.

I turned around to see some more of the usual suspects as we finally got into sight of the school. Walking alongside an orange-haired girl screaming about aliens and red bean paste was Tatsuki Ariwasa. She's a tomboy with black hair and brown eyes; she also has a hell of a right hook.

The only reason I got to know her at all was because of a small stint I did in karate with Ichigo. I was convinced to go into by a younger and more delightful Ichigo Kurosaki. Back then, unlike these days, he used to be a bundle of sunshine. After he finally convinced me to talk with him when I first moved here back in Elementary school (AN: I'm going to using the American school system as I'm not sure about the Japanese one and would rather do one I know than mess it up).

Day after day he would come and try to get me to come with him. Eventually, I caved. Those few years I spent in that class were some of the best in my life. I would go there every day and have my Dad drop me off just to get my ass kicked in my spars. Looking back on it now I don't really see how it was that enjoyable, but hey kids are easily entertained.

These happy go lucky days changed rather abruptly though. Six years ago or so Ichigo went home with his mother on a rainy day after getting his ass kicked by Tatsuki again. Being the Mama's boy he was, he went and cried to his Mom when she got to the dojo. I still don't know how, but she always seemed to be able to bring a smile to Ichigo's face.

These days I think he could use that again. To make a long and dreadful story short on that rainy day she was murdered next to the town's local river. Ichigo blamed the event on some white-masked monster as a kid. Me and Tatsuki tried to keep talking to him and whatnot but he wouldn't have any of it.

After that day he completely changed, and to be honest I couldn't blame him. Since then I haven't really talked to him much. Tatsuki couldn't ever really get over her childhood crush so she kept trying, but after some Orihime came onto the scene she gave up on him.

Stop it. I heard the voice say.

I straightened my posture before thinking back Stop what?

Thinking about things like that. You're blowing up a sand storm in here. You can't change the past, nor should you.

Before I could continue I saw a familiar face in the crowd. Rukia?

I walked forward between Keigo and Mizuiro about to call out just as she rounded the corner.

Tch! Dammit.

Mizuiro put away his phone and looked at my face then said "Something wrong Al?"

I turned back to him and said "Ah, nothing. I thought I saw somebody I knew."

Mizuiro responded with "Okay, then I guess."

Keigo, Mizuiro, and I kept walking throughout the school towards our homeroom. Following behind Tatsuki and her ditzy friend we filed into room 2-B.

Already in the room was Ichigo with the usual look of wanting to kill something all over his face. Tatsuki and the airhead went and sat next to each other in the back. Keigo and Mizuiro went to sit down as I heard a deep baritone from behind me say "Excuse me."

Standing behind me at a whopping six five was the gentle giant of the school. I think his full name was Yasutora Sado, but most everybody called him Chad. I turned towards him and said "Yeah, sorry." then walked to my seat and promptly leaned back in my chair.

As I leaned back I saw a brief look come over Ichigo's face as I was brought to his attention. He started to get up and open his mouth so I just mouthed later to him. Looking a little bit conflicted and much more annoyed he sat back down directing his stare elsewhere.

A few minutes later the talking started to quiet down as the first bell rang and our homeroom teacher walked in. The depressed-looking guy walked in wearing his usual suit and hobbled forward to the podium. After droning on about yesterday's work for a bit an almost glazed look came over his eyes as he said: "Students today we'll be welcoming a new student to our class."

Ichigo suddenly became much more alert and almost looked to be a little bit nervous. I turned my attention forward as murmurs started to flow through the classroom. Our teacher waited a second then said "Quiet down. Quiet Down!"

The classroom went silent.

"As you may have heard our transfer student is a girl."

Ichigo's face went pale.

A grin came over mine.

The same super-powered girl from last night bounded through our classroom's only door with a pep in her step. She had an obviously fake smile on her face as she went to the front of the classroom by the podium. When she reached the podium the teacher drawled on "Well go ahead. Introduce yourself."

She turned to the class and bowed her head then said "High my name's Rukia Kuchiki!" in a high pitched girly voice. Ichigo immediately stood up and pointed a finger at her.

Goddammit, Ichigo.

"Y-You. You're from last night!" he stuttered.

She turned to the teacher without responding to Ichigo and said, "So where would you like me to sit?"

Our Teacher pointed one gnarled hand to the seat behind me and in front of Ichigo. Ichigo still stood there looking like he was trying to catch flies with his open mouth while Rukia bounded over to her seat. As she passed she dropped a small piece of paper in my lap.

Looking behind me she gave one to Ichigo too, Then promptly sat down. I opened up the small scrap of paper and on it was an almost artistic handwriting that read 'Meet me and Ichigo on the roof during lunch.' Contrary to the almost perfect handwriting there was a poorly drawn rabbit on the bottom left corner of the paper with a dialogue box outlining the words.

How the hell is her drawing so bad? I thought.

From behind me I immediately felt a disturbance as a gleam suddenly appeared in Rukia's eye. For some reason my shin felt like it was in danger.

Time continued to slowly tick by as we went over a mundane math lecture, followed by a relatively short break. My homeroom teacher walked out of the classroom while half of the people in our class split off into small groups to talk amongst themselves. Keigo and Mizuiro went over to where I sat.

Keigo turned a chair around and straddled it then said "What do you think about the new girl huh?" He nodded his head behind me. Rukia sat at her desk surrounded by a small crowd with a sickeningly sweet smile on her face. After a few seconds I responded back with "Nothing much to be honest, haven't really had a chance to talk to her yet."

But I mean she is quite the looker I thought.

Noticing the look on my face Keigo wriggled his eyebrows then said "Oooh is over here finally going to make a move on somebody? Has the new girl struck you with her feminine wiles?" He leaned forward and nudged my shoulder.

I went to open my mouth but Miziuro interrupted me saying "Come on Keigo leave him alone. At least he'd have a chance." Keigo quickly turned to Mizuiro sprouting a hurt look sprouting on his face then exclaiming "Betrayal!"

I let out a small snort of amusement.

"Well boys, I got places to be and food to eat so I wish you the best of luck."

Standing on my feet I proceeded towards the classroom's door. I heard footsteps behind me. A quick look over my shoulder revealed a familiar mop of orange hair closely followed by Rukia. Surprisingly enough the crowd at her desk dispersed after a short time.

The walk to the stairwell that leads to the roof was taken in silence. Out of my two compatriots, Rukia seemed to be the most at home with herself as she walked up the stairs onto the roof. I opened the door in front of me which lead to a large fenced-off concrete-floored canopy with large swashes of ivy and a few weathered benches.

Ichigo being the last one in closed the door behind us with a rather large bang. As soon as it shut the happy go lucky smile melted off of Rukia's face, followed by her taking a seat on the bench and pulling out a small sketchpad and a marker.

Well here goes nothing. I thought.

"So do you want to start or should I?"

The petite woman looked me in the eyes.

I continued with "What in the hell was that last night!?"

Ichigo turned to me as he leaned up against the fence and said "Shh quiet down! You want the whole school to here you?"

"Quiet down! Ya, sure I'll quiet down when you tell me what in the fuck that shit was!" I exclaimed. A small flash of anger went down into my chest as I felt my not so friendly imaginary friend peek open one eye.

Rukia seemed to be drawing something on her pad while all of this was going down. After a few more quick strokes she turned to me and said "Be quiet. You're being hysterical. I'll-"

"You'll wh-"


I let out a small sigh "Fine."

She let a smirk come to her lips then said "Thank you. Now, what's the best way to tell you this?" She put a finger to her lip then nonchalantly said "You know spirits exist yes?"

Seriously? Spirits. Ghosts. Goddammit, Keigo.

She flipped the page on her notebook to reveal a drawing of two different cartoon bunnies. Ichigo put his hand on his forehead and said, "Again. Why!?"

Rukia didn't say anything but threw her black marker at Ichigo hitting him in the temple. After this, she took her index finger and pointed to the left side of the page. On it was a small bunny surrounded by yellow lightning and darkness with the words 'Evil Spirits' and 'Hollows' printed in large bold letters.

Rukia opened her mouth and went on to explain "This is one type of spirit someone might encounter. The monster you confronted from last night was one of them. They are mostly psychotic and they indiscriminately eat the living and dead alike."

She stopped to take a breath then pointed to the other side of her cartoon. The right side of the sketch pad contained yet again another small white rabbit, however, this one, unlike the other, was surrounded by bright red hearts and had the words 'Good Spirit' and 'Plus' printed below it.

How did she draw in color with a black marker?

"These so called good spirits are those that have passed on normally and are waiting to go onto the Soul Society, or as most like to call it here. The Afterlife."

She looked at me and said, "Are you keeping track so far?"

"Yes. It's pretty simple." I responded.

She turned from me to Ichigo and let out a small glare and said "See? At least someone could understand my drawings."

Ichigo let out a small snort through his nostrils and didn't say anything.

She turned her head back to me and started speaking again "These pluses usually have to wait for a Soul Reaper to come and perform a Konso on them so they can pass on. Unfortunately, if a plus is left alone long enough they end up becoming a hollow."

She flipped her notebook's page again to show a line of bunnies slowly turning into a bunny with large teeth and yellow eyes.

"Hollows can usually be identified through the hole over there heart and their white mask. Meanwhile, a plus just looks like a normal person except they have a chain falling from thier heart."

Rukia stopped talking and a thoughtful look came over her face then she said, "Well I think that's about it." She shuffled around in her skirt's pocket for a second then pulled out a finger-less leather glove. On the glove was a skull surrounded by bluefire. The Soul Reaper slowly pulled the glove on her right hand.

"Hey, Ichigo?" She asked.

Not thinking much of it Ichigo said: "Yeah what do you-"

Suddenly Rukia lunged forward and pushed her gloved hand towards Ichigo's face. Unfortunately for him, Ichigo wasn't fast enough to dodge out of the way as her hand went all the way through him.

My eyes widened and I felt my mouth unconsciously gape for a second. Ichigo's body started to fall to the floor as Rukia put both of her arms out and caught it. Behind her sat another Ichigo in the same black robes as yesterday wearing an oversized sword on his back. At this point my mental facilities started to come back a little bit and I said "B-But how? There's two-"

Rukia spun around with a cheeky smile on her face and said "Your turn!"

With a feline like grace, she leaped forward and pushed that gloved hand through me. I fell backward as her hand seemed to push me out of my body and Rukia exclaimed, "I knew Kisuke would pull through!"

I heard a slight laugh as the voice in the back of my head let out a few chuckles then said Ha, my wielder got trumped. By a little girl!

A slight blush came over my face as I said: "Oh, shut it!"

Ichigo and Rukia stared at me curiously. Shit.

As quickly as I could I said, "Uh, nothing." Great stupid now their gonna-

Rukia looked at me for a second then said "Weird." She looked like she was going to continue but thought better of it. Ichigo didn't really seem to care as he continued to scowl at Rukia and grind his teeth a bit.

I stood up and finally took a look at myself. I was clothed in black robes similar to Ichigo. The only major difference being my color scheme having more red and black than Ichigo's white and black. I turned my head to my left and there sat the sword from this morning sheathed at my side. A familiar presence touched the back of my mind as I took note of the sword.

So are you done making fun of me? I thought to it.

After one last mirthful chuckle, the male voice responded For now. Although I might just continue if the looks on their faces are anything to go by.

I pulled myself out of my inner conversation to see Rukia staring at me wide eyed while Ichigo directed his scowl towards me for a second then shifted it back to Rukia. Berry-Head pursed his lips then said "So what is all of this for? Why bring us up here?"

Rukia had little bit of an aha moment then said "I almost forgot. As you know I'm a Soul Reaper, after last night I no longer have my powers."

Ichigo's glare lessened a bit.

"I'm one of the only two Soul Reapers who patrol the KaraKura district in the World of the Living so I want you to cover for me until I get them back."

His glare returned I full force.

"Why in the hell would I do that? Just go and call your Soul Reaper boss or something. Have them send someone to-"

A sweet smile came over Rukia's face "A little problem with that."


"The whole giving your powers to a human thing, It's illegal and the usual punishment is the death of all parties involved-" she gave a knowing look to me "- and a memory wipe of any unaffected humans."

Ichigo started to go a little bit pale "They...They can't just do that. Can they?"

Rukia started to become a little somber as she answered him "Yes, they can. Central 46 has all of the authority in the Afterlife. The only person who could even go against them is the Head Captain and he wouldn't have any reason to.

I started to process all of the bombs that were just dropped in the span of a few seconds.

Woo! Great. Just Fucking GREAT! The afterlife has a policy of shoot first ask questions later with me being downrange...or down-sword? Eh, that's beside the point.

All the more reason for you to get stronger. Hunt and Feed! He flashed a feeling of hunger in the back of my mind.

I heard a beeping noise come from Rukia's pocket as a scheming look came over her face. She flipped open her phone and said aloud "There's a few hollows around." She turned the phone around to us. On its screen was a grid of the city with multiple red dots. Three of them were near a playground by the school.

She looked at me and Ichigo then started running to the edge of the rooftop.

She's not gonna-

She pushed her right leg forward and somehow jumped over the eight foot tall fence.


Ichigo looked at me then did the same as her.

How in the? How was he just okay with that?

A mocking male voice came from the back of my mind Your fear serves no purpose. Jump or I'll make you.

Nope fuck this I'm taking the stairs like a normal person.

I heard the voice laugh and force out some electricity through my fingertips inadvertently making me shock my own leg. I jumped up slightly as I felt energy being forcibly pushed down my legs towards my feet.

You better not be-

A familiar blue glow came out of the bottom of my feet as I seemed to push off the air and shoot forward over the edge of the roof. The last thing I said before gravity caught up with me was "You God damn asshole!"


In front of me stood an already half destroyed park. Ichigo stood in the center of it while Rukia was watching from the sidelines. The spirit of a young girl was sobbing away behind Rukia as Ichigo engaged a large spider-like hollow.

I started running forward as fast as my feet could carry me. Rukia seemed to be trying to calm the girl down but it didn't look to be working any. After a few more seconds of the girl's nonstop crying, Rukia let out a small sigh and looked in my direction.

A familiar sensation came from the back of my mind as I pulled the sword from my hip. The voice in my head pushed some excitement and feelings of hunger to the forefront of my mind. Rukia meanwhile was looking around quite frantically and said "Be careful! There's another one around here somewhere. It burrowed underground."

I looked around the playground and saw upturned dirt next to some distinct looking claw marks. Rukia picked up the child and pulled back into the street. Adrenaline started to pour through me and I felt my heart rate start to steadily increase.

Alright I got this. Just gotta beat a giant burrowing monster...with a sword and powers I have no idea how to use. I'm fucked.

Pulling me out of my thoughts a male voiced screamed in my mind. Dodge left!

With an almost ingrained instinct, I jumped to the side as the ground in front of me split open to reveal a centipede-like hollow with large dripping fangs. The hollow looked annoyed for a split second then it turned to me and bolted forward with its fangs raised high.

Rolling to the side I felt something hot start to roll down my left arm. I pulled my left arm up to see a small incision on my forearm.

"Dammit!" I shouted.

Ichigo behind me seemed to be handling his hollow better as he jumped around it leaving progressively larger gashes all over its body. I turned back to my foe and raised my sword. Any ideas? I said in my head.

Almost immediately my friend responded with If you deal enough damage I can heal our wounds. Use our lightening to stun the beast then put it down.

The centipede hollow started to turn its lumbering body around to charge me again. Quickly I tried to come up with what to do next.

It really seems to lack any higher-intelligence except it's instincts. I guess after it ambushes you it just keeps trying to charge at you. I thought.

The hollow reared it's head forward, facing me, as it's large spindly body started to get ready to charge. One of its large black limbs stepped forward, followed by another, and another as it started to barrel towards me again at the speed of a golf cart.

Well here goes nothing.

Just before the hollow hit me I rolled to the side with a sudden burst of speed. As I rolled past I brought up memories of some of the things that have gone wrong in my life. A recognizable feeling of anger started to bud in my chest as the energy all around my body started to become more active. I pushed that same energy down the length of my arm like a few nights before.

Bursting from my fingers large snakelike tendrils of red energy slammed into the hollow causing it to keel over on its side spasm. The hollow cried out in pain, and I felt my sword thrum with satisfaction. The wound on my left arm slowly started to stitch itself back together as my sword felt like it was feeding off the hollows suffering.

Ha. Hell Yeah! I thought.

Get over there and finish it off. Hurry before it recovers!

I quickly strode to the hollow as it continued to spasm on the ground slightly and let out small hisses of pain. I quickly raised my sword and wrenched forward to plunge it through the creature's mask. My sword's tip reached the front of its mask and I felt some resistance as blood began to spurt along the length of the blade.

I quickly pulled out my sword as the black liquid fell to the ground already starting to evaporate. As the hollow disintegrated I felt more joy come from my sword. The wound on my left arm was already healed so I turned around to see how Ichigo was fairing.

Behind me Ichigo took to his strikes quicker and quicker as the hollow cried out in pain. The large spider-like hollow lost one of its limbs as Ichigo brought down his ridiculously sized sword. Berry-Head let a grin come over his face as he stepped forward and lunged at the hollow.

The hollow raised one of it's other seven remaining limbs to protect itself, but Ichigo's sword seemed to cut through it with no resistance going straight into the monsters mask. Immediately the hollow fell to the ground as all of it's limbs went limp. Its body started to quickly disintegrate into black particles.

I let out a breath I had been holding as Ichigo sheathed his sword. Meanwhile Rukia at the sidelines of the battle seemed to have calmed down the deceased girl as she sat there staring at us hopefully. I sheathed my sword and felt the feeling of unnatural but tolerable hunger disappear.

Ichigo proceeded to walk over to where Rukia was standing as I followed behind him. When we reached the sidewalk Rukia said, "Well you both seem to be doing fine." She started to look us over then looked at my blood-soaked sleeve and said "Mostly..."

Ichigo walked closer to the two and pulled out his sword while mumbling to himself. He looked at Rukia then asked, "All I gotta do is the same thing you did with that glasses ghost right?"

Rukia let a smile come over her face then said "Yep. Just tap the pommel of your Zanpakto to the spirit's head while channeling spiritual energy through it."

For a second I was a little bit worried when he pulled out his sword but let him continue as the little girl seemed to be fine with it. Ichigo raised his sword high into the air as his blue spiritual energy started to seep throughout the sword and onto its pommel.

I felt a small tingle of unnatural hunger come from the back of my mind as I watched the energy build up. Ichigo started to lower his sword then unceremoniously bopped the deceased child on the head. A bright light was let out as some symbols appeared on her forehead.

The girl looked to be crying again as she grew brighter and said "Thank you!" with a smile and a wave. After the bright light reached its peak she finally faded away as a small black butterfly appeared and flew into the distance.

Rukia's smile slowly started to turn back to it's resting position as she said aloud in a quiet voice "A Konso..."

I started to get ready to go back to the school as my sword no my Zanpakto, as Rukia called it, interrupted me I sense the presence of another hollow. Prepare yourself.

Almost immediately Rukia's peaceful visage changed as her ears perked up slightly and she raised her hand. She yelled out "Move!" as I felt a disturbing presence behind me. I jumped to the side as Rukia started building up her spiritual energy to her hand and began to chant.

"Ye Lord! Mask of Flesh and Bone, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Truth and temperance, upon this sinless wall of dreams unleash but slightly the wrath of your claws! Hado number 33 Sokatsui!"

After she recited this entire paragraph in a split second, blue flames built up in her palm as a hollow emerged from behind a large slide in the playground. This hollow was relatively small compared to the others but from what I've seen just as much a threat. The long snakelike hollow slithered it's body forward and let out a small hiss as Rukia's ball of fire seemed to reach its peak size.

I felt the energy in her arm suddenly shoot forward as the fireball launched at the hollows mask with a practiced aim. It burst forward at lightning speeds and directly impacted the hollow's mask in a dome of blue fire. The hollow's entire head seemed to instantly disintegrate as Rukia put her hand back down.

I turned back to her and said "Fucking A."

AN: Alright then. This chapter is about 2k more words than the last one. Going into my writing process real quick so the readers can get an idea of how I'm going to update this story. I usually write 2-4k every other day as long as nothing comes up. I end a chapter after I met the goal for it (like this one) or I reach 8K words. If I reach 8k words I usually split the chapter up into two parts so I can keep the updates semi-consistent.

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Going into this I'm thinking about having either an entire AU where the Jedi and the Sith existed as two differing ideologies before the time of the Seireitei. They still exist as legends of souls living there however they were said to have wiped each other out in a multitude of wars.

The way I'm rationalizing this with bleach is that after these wars the Soul King or the Head-captain came in during all the chaos and started to set up what would eventually be known as the Sereitei and their government.

With how the powers in general work for the Star Wars stuff it would mostly be considered Kido with the force abilities. The Jedi and Sith themselves would be two ancient clans of soul reapers who had differing ideologies . Their zanpaktos themselves also would have similar powers/features in each respective clan. This is kind of like what you see with Zangetsu and Mugetsu but it would be on a larger scale.

The real reason I'm asking for your guys opinions on this Is because in the future I'm thinking about Al having a Star Wars character as a mentor/teacher later on in this book. I wont say who yet, but he is a fairly notorious Sith during the age of the Empire. The main thing I'm wanting him for is to teach Aldwin the 7th lightsaber dueling style as well as the history behind the Shan name.

Other than that guys I hope you enjoyed and the next chapter should be up next Friday see you then!