Jeff and Dixie were tidying the back of the ambulance when they saw a lady drive past on a moped.

"I could see on the back of one of those, driving through the Italian Riviera, livin' la vida loca." Jeff joked to Dixie.

"Dolce vita Jefferey." Dixie replied, looking at her phone.

"French riviera then. Who's that?" Jeff asked.

"Don't know, just says turn around."

Jeff turned around. "Oh mate."

Jeff was very surprised to see who was stood there. Dixie turned around as well, she had a wide grin on her face too.

"You can be my wingman anytime." Jeff said to the man that was stood there.

"Hell no, you can be mine." The man replied.

Jeff stood there for a few seconds and then went over to his friend and gave him a massive hug.

"Oh, its good to see you Lukey boy." Jeff said.

"It's good to see you too Jeffrey. It's good to see you too." Luke replied.

Jeff broke out of the hug and let Dixie have her turn.

"Don't I get one too?" A female voice said.

"Alice!" Dixie said going over to her but stopped before she got there and looked at her. "No!"

Alice nodded excitedly. She rubbed her stomach, Alice was pregnant.

"Oh my god! That's fantastic. How far gone?" Dixie said hugging her almost in tears.

"3 months. The little terrors give me awful morning sickness though." Alice smiled.

"Terrors?" As in multiple? Twins?" Dixie asked.

Alice nodded. Dixie give both Luke and Alice another huge hug.

"Why didn't you say you were coming back." Jeff asked.

"I didn't want to ruin the surprise now." Luke told him.

Jeff and Luke chatted with each other whilst Alice and Dixie did the same. The last time that Luke had really seen anyone from the hospital was his wedding day, almost 2 years ago. After Luke and Alice got married, they stuck around in Holby for a while but then job offers that required Luke to move abroad for a few months here and there prevented him from keeping in contract with his friends as much as he liked. Of course, he still messaged them on social media, but it wasn't the same as seeing his friends face to face. He was excited to be back at Holby. He might have left on a sombre note, following the death of Heather Whitefield. Heather was an F2 that had died on her first day on a shout that she had gone on with Luke. He blamed himself for her death and decided to leave the hospital. But now was the time for him to come back, it felt right. His adoptive daughter, Maisie, was at university studying medicine to become a doctor like Luke. Luke adopted Maisie following the deaths of her parents on his first day at the hospital. As well as this his sister, Lilia, was growing up and needed stability in her education. Luke began looking after his sister after their mum, left Holby to return to Australia following her diagnosis with terminal cancer. She decided it would be better for Luke to look after her than watch her mum die.

The four of them went into the ED. Luke looked around, it hadn't changed much. It was still pretty much as he remembered. It felt good to be back. He hadn't worked in hospital in England for a long time now, so to be coming to somewhere the felt like home was the best feeling.

"Control to 3006" Jeff's radio called.

"And this is where we leave you." Jeff said to Luke. "Pub later on?"

"I thought you'd never ask." Luke replied.

Jeff and Dixie bid farewell to their old friends before they turned and left the ED. Luke took hold of Alice's hand and walked over to the reception desk, where they saw Noel was still in charge. He was busy working on his computer when they got there.

"How can I help?" He said as he continued with his typing.

"Yeah, I'm here to see Zoe Hanna." Luke replied.

"Ok…wait." Noel looked up. "Luke!"

Noel lent across his desk and hugged Luke just like Jeff and Dixie had. He looked around the ED.

"Mac! Look who it is!" Noel called out to his best friend, Big Mac.

"Well aren't you two a sight for sore eyes." Mac said in his strong Welsh accent.

Soon several members of the department that were worked with Luke and Alice before started to come over say hello and comment on Alice's baby bump. Several newer members of the department watched on confused but then started to introduce themselves.

"Hi, I'm Robyn and this is Jamie" One of the nurses said.

"Dr Sam Nicholls." One lady said.

Once Luke and Alice had been reacquainted and introduced. They went over to Zoe's office. They knocked on the door. Just before Luke left, this had once been his office that he shared with his old friend, Adam Truman.

"Yeah." Zoe called out.

Luke and Alice went in.

"Well, it has taken you long enough to get in that chair." Luke said to her.

"It's taken long enough for you to come back." Zoe replied wittily.

Then just like everyone else, she embraced them both in a warm hug.

"It is so good to have you both back. Alice your looking radiant, pregnancy suits you. Tess and Charlie are waiting for you." Zoe said to her.

"Cool, I'll leave you to catch up." Alice said standing up. She kissed Luke's cheek before leaving the office to go and find Tess and Charlie.

"Well then deputy." Zoe said leaning back in her chair. "How does it feel to be back?"

"Honestly, like I never left. What's the plan then boss?" Luke asked.

Before Zoe could reply, there was a knock at the door. In came a doctor that Luke hadn't met yet.

"Ah. Luke meet Dr Martin Ashford, one of our fellow consultants." Zoe explained.

Luke stood up and shook Martin's hand.

"Please call me Ash, everyone else does." Ash said to Luke warmly.

"Dr Luke Stone and I will answer to pretty much anything." Luke replied.

Ash sat in the chair next to Luke's whilst Zoe explained what was going to happen today. Luke and Ash got better acquainted with each other. Just then there was another knock at the door. It was Noel.

"Dr Hanna, this is Dr Lily…"

"Dr Lily Chao." The lady said rather rudely cutting off Noel.

Luke didn't know what to think of her just yet, maybe his opinions would change as the day went on. Zoe introduced both Ash and Luke. Apparently, Ash and Lily had bumped into each other earlier on in the car park. Luke offered Lily his seat whilst Zoe found Lily's file.

"So you've come with us after a six month rotation in gerontology." Zoe said.

"That is correct." Lily responded.

"How was it?" Luke asked.

"Old people are either very sweet or very rude." Lily answered.

Luke tried to hide his snigger.

"And medical?" Zoe asked.

"By the time they've reached that age, you aren't really curing them but more maintaining them."

The three consultants looked at each other not really knowing what to make of her response.

"I trust you wouldn't say that to an elder patient." Ash wondered.

"No, of course not. If I did, I would be stuck talking to them for hours." Luke supposed Lily was trying to be funny, but it wasn't really working, and Zoe certainly didn't look impressed.

"Is this your first ED placement?" Zoe asked.

"Yes." Lily nodded.

"And what are you expecting?" Zoe continued.

"All of human life." Lily said confidently.

"You think you can cope with that?" Luke wondered.

"Of course, a human body is a human body. There's only so many ways it can be fixed and so many ways it can break down." Lily carried on.

"That isn't always true. There isn't always a right or wrong answer, you'll find that out here." Zoe said shutting Lily down.

Zoe stood up and walked towards the door. Lily, Luke and Ash all followed her.

"Yes, but if way doesn't work you try another. And if that doesn't work you keep trying but if nothing works…you die." Lily said trying to outsmart Zoe.

"What do you hope to get out of your time here with us?" Luke asked.

"After completing my training and a couple of hospital jobs, I would like to be living in the countryside with my husband." Lily replied.

"Oh, I didn't realise you were married." Luke said.

"My future husband." She explained. "By that time, I'll be specialising in dermatology."

"Why dermatology?" Zoe asked.

"That's where the money is. It is also of special interest to me, if making a blog on skin care." Lily said abruptly. "Which moisturiser do you use?"

"An expensive one." Zoe said bluntly. "How about you Dr Stone?"

"Which ever the wife buys." Luke laughed.

"Dr Ashford?" Zoe carried on.

"I…." Ash began.

"Your skin looks a little dry. I'll bring you some samples." Lily cut off Ash.

"Perfect, because Dr Ashford is going to be your mentor." Zoe smiled.

"If you would follow me this way." Ash said, leading Lily away.

Zoe and Luke carried on walked with each other around the ED.

"She was certainly something." Luke said.

"That doesn't even come close." Zoe laughed. "Right I'll see you later."

"Yeah see you." Luke smiled.

Luke walked around the ED. He put his bag away and sorted himself out with a new stethoscope. Once Luke was ready, he stood at the nurse's station and he could already see Alice getting stuck in, this made him smile. Then he heard the ambulance bay doors open, Luke rolled up the sleeves on his shirt and pulled on a pair of gloves and walked over.

"Ok Luke, this is Suzanne Bridger. 32 years old, rolled her car at 30 miles an hour. No other vehicles involved, she hasn't KO'd. GCS has been 14 and 15 on the way here. She has facial laceration and bruising to her face probably caused by the airbag and chest injury most likely from the seat belt. BP is 125 systolic, pulse is 80 and we've given her five of morphine." Jeff explained.

"Thanks Jeff. Hi Suzanne, I'm Luke one of the doctors here. We are just going to move you across on to the bed ok."

Lily walked through just as they were about to move Suzanne.

"Lily can I borrow you?" Luke asked.

"Sure." She replied.

"Ok, ready? 1,2,3," Jeff said.

They lift Suzanne off the trolley and across on to the bed.

"She was trying to escape from three men, the police are on their way." Jeff added.

"Did they hurt you?"

"No, I stayed in the car, but I think I ran one of them when I tried to get away." Suzanne said through the pain.

"Ok, not to worry. You'll have plenty of time to talk to the police, let's just focus on fixing you." Luke said as he listened to Suzanne's chest. "Ok, guys I would like to do a log roll."

They rolled Suzanne on to her side to move the spinal board out of the way. Luke felt down Suzanne's back. She winced.

"Does it hurt there?" Luke asked.

"A little." Suzanne winced.

"Let's get her back flat ok." Luke said. The team laid her back down. "Ok, let's get her on some monitoring please. I'm just going to feel your neck Suzanne."

Luke released the collar from around Suzanne's neck and he began to feel for anything damaged. "Is that tender?"

"Yeah." Suzanne replied.

"Ok." Luke said putting the collar back on. "I'm going to need a head and neck scan please. Ok Suzanne, I'm just going to feel around for any more damage."

Luke felt Suzanne's arms and legs for anything else that was causing her pain or discomfort. Luke felt Suzanne for a while whilst he arranged for her scans and waited for the results. When they came back they were clear, so he was able to take off her collar. Lily came back to help him, whilst Luke was treating Suzanne another patient came in.

"Lily can you go help over there for me please." He asked Lily. Of course, she agreed. "Ok Sam, this is Lily Chao one of our new F2s she's coming to help."

"Of course." Sam called back. He then heard her begin to introduce herself and explain what was going on.

Luke turned his attention back to the treatment of Suzanne.

As they day progressed, Luke continued to see and hear reports about the way that Lily was talking to not only staff but patients as well. Luke decided that he needed to intervene.

"Dr Chao, can I have word please?" Luke said when she was looking over some results.

Lily followed Luke into the staffroom.

"Now I might not be your mentor, but I want you to listen to me and I want you to listen to me very carefully. There is more to being a doctor than just assessing and treating patients. There's an old-fashioned phrase that I was taught when I was in your position, bed side manner. All the best doctors have a good bed side manner, right now you don't…" Luke began.

"Hold on, I thought I was doing a good job." Lily cut in.

However, Luke spoke over her. "I might have only came back to work in this ED today but this ED is a team. We protect each other, work with each other, rub alongside each other as best as we can. The nursing staff are your friends and you really want them on your side. Also, you have no business talking to some of your patients like you have, specifically Elliott Thomas."

"If I hadn't have pushed him we might have let him walk out of here infected with TB." Lily said.

"You made a judgement call which meant you commented on his personal life. That is nothing to do with clinical decision making, you also did in front of his wife I'm told. Now, let's try and get through the rest of today without repeating any of those mistakes." Luke finished.

Luke left Lily too think about what he had just said and went back to work.

Luke was sat in Zoe's office at the end of his shift with Charlie and Ash at the end of the shift, unsurprisingly they were talking about Lily.

"She accused a married man of having an affair in front of his wife." Zoe said.

"I don't intend on writing a glowing report of her days work." Ash replied.

"She's also the first doctor I've ever met who's keen on doing her own paperwork." Charlie joked.

"Tess is going to love her." Luke laughed.

"We are going to have fun with this one. Let's just try and get her to stop being so rude to people then we can pack her off to her Harley Street Skin Care clinic." Zoe said as she got her things together ready to leave.

"I don't know…." Ash said.

"What? You actually like her." Zoe said flabbergasted.

"Like is a very strong word, a very strong word. But I think she has got something. A little bit of personal charm, she could be a brilliant ED doctor." Ash continued.

"Ok then, Michelin starred dinner says that you'll ask me to get rid of her before her time is up." Zoe offered Ash her hand. Ash shock Zoe's hand. "Boys you're my witness to this."

"Actually, I'll have a slice of that action." Charlie said.

"So will I." Luke joined in.

"Ok Michelin starred dinner says that I'll have her committed to being an ED doctor by the end of her rotation." Ash proposed.

"Deal." Everyone else agreed.

"Pub?" Charlie proposed.

"Not tonight, Charlie. I've got to get home and reveal Maisie of looking after Lilia so she can go out tonight." Luke said.

"Alright, then." Charlie replied.

Luke bid farewell to his old friends and new. When got to his car, Alice was there waiting for him already.

"Good day?" She asked.

"Like I've never been away." Luke replied as he got in the car.