It was an hour into the start of Luke's shift, and he was walking through reception, when he saw a face that he had been waiting to see for a long time.

"Fletch! Welcome back mate!" Luke said happily as he went over to his friend and shook his hand.

Fletch had been suspended for professional misconduct but the charges against had recently been dropped by the board.

"It's good to be back. Fighting fight and raring to go and all that." Fletch said.

Luke left some files with Louise, in reception as he and Fletch walked through to minors. As they walked through the doors, Lily approached.

"Fletch, welcome back. I just wanted to let you know that you have my full support and I'm happy to be working alongside you again." Lily said formally as she shook his hand.

Fletch and Luke looked at each other slightly shocked and confused.

"Lily waiting to hear you say those words has kept me going in my darkest moments." Fletch said to her jokingly.

Lily walked away whilst Luke and Fletch remained where they were, but they couldn't stop themselves from having a small chuckle with each other.

"I'll see you later Luke." Luke said as he walked into the staff room.

"See you mate." Luke said as they continued to walk through minors.

Luke was walking back towards his office, when Ethan appeared out of one of the cubicles.

"Ah, Ethan. How are you? Finding your feet ok?" Luke questioned.

"I've let which vending machines need exact change and which don't." Ethan replied.

"Good. How did you the funeral go?" Luke asked.

"As well as funerals go. It's not the dead that are the problem it's the family members you try to avoid that are." He responded.

"Well we've all been there." Luke said.

"I best get on." Ethan said excusing himself.

Just as Luke was going to get back to work, he spotted Charlie.

"It's starting to get a bit jammed up in here Charlie, anyone that we can start shifting out." Luke wondered.

"Yeah, the teenager with displaced radial fracture in cubicle six, is due to go to theatre any minute now as well as cubicle two. Elderly gentleman, frequent flyer had a close encounter with the pavement thanks to a large quantity of cheap vodka." Charlie informed Luke.

"Nice." Luke sarcastically.

"So, we should be able to suture him up and send him on his way." Charlie said.

"However, he does need to be cleaned up first because he is malodourous." Tess interrupted. "Staff nurse Collier find him a shower and stick him under it."

Jamie sighed as Robyn laughed at him.

"Robyn, you can change his bed linen whilst he's taking a shower." Charlie said to her.

Jamie mocked what Robyn had just done to him as she hung her head before looking to Luke for help.

"I'm in charge of doctors." Luke said holding his hands up. "Right everyone, we need to try and clear as many cubicles as possible, we are over stretched and under manned as usual. Even though the trust has provided us with funding for a locum registrar, who is meant to be starting today, they are going to expect that to improve our statistics as well."

"We'll do our best not to breach." Charlie assured him.

"Thank you." Luke said as turned and walked away back towards the stairs.

As he was walking back towards his office, he spotted a man walking around the department wearing scrubs looking helplessly lost. Luke walked over to him.

"I'm guessing by the aimless wandering you are doing; you are my new locum. Dr Knight?" Luke said as he walked around to the man.

"Yeah, you can call me Cal." The man said to Zoe as he held his hand.

Luke shook it. "Luke, let's walk."

Luke walked back into the department to give Cal the guided tour. They walked around and Luke introduced Cal to everyone

"And finally, this is Charlie Fairhead. He is the man to ask if you have any questions around here." Luke said.

"Well I just have one, where is the staff pub?" Cal asked confidently.

"Ah, The Hope and Anchor just across the road." Charlie replied.

"Good question." Luke smiled before taking Cal to drop off his bag. "So, am I right in assuming you're ok with working in all aspects of the department?"

"Yeah, I've worked in and out of ED for the past five years now." Cal told Luke.

"Excellent." Luke said as he noticed Jeff and Dixie coming in with a patient. "Excuse me, I just need to take this."

"May I?" Cal asked. "Presumably, I'm here to treat patients and not be wheeled around like a single man at a cocktail party."

"Sure." Luke said.

The two of them walked over to the incoming patient.

"Guys this is Caleb Knight, our new locum registrar. What have we got?" Luke asked.

"Hi Caleb. This is Caitlyn Connor, seventeen-years-old. A pane of glass fell top of her from a height of about four feet, she's got several facial lacerations but unwilling to open her eyes to let us take a proper look but she does seem sensitive to light, GCS fifteen, pulse eighty and SATS ninety-five percent. I've given her five of morphine." Jeff said as they walked towards resus. "This is Roz, Caitlyn's mum."

"Hi Caitlyn, I'm one of the doctors." Cal said introducing himself to Caitlyn.

"Robyn! Jamie! Can you join us?" Luke called out. "Alright, Caitlyn we are almost there. We are just going to need you to move across to another bed in a minute sweetheart."

Jeff and Dixie wheeled the trolley into the cubicle.

"Ok darling, just wiggle your bum across to the left, nice and gently." Dixie said as she supported Caitlyn.

"Am I blind? I can't paint blind." Caitlyn asked panicked.

"She's going to art school this year; I'll never forgive myself if she's blind." Roz also said equally as scared.

"There is no reason to assume that yet." Cal reassured them both.

Dixie called Cal outside for a quick chat whilst Luke checked Caitlyn's breathing.

"Ok airway and breathing are both ok." Luke told Cal when returned. "Over to you."

Cal began to assess Caitlyn and suggested possible injuries and began to devise an action plan in order to treat her successfully. When he took her bandage off, Cal did freeze for a few seconds, but Luke put this down to first day nerves.

"Did I miss anything?" Cal asked Luke after he finished his assessment.

Luke shook his head. "No, you got it all. I trust I can let you get on with treatment in the eye cubicle."

"Sure." Cal said confidently.

About half an hour had passed, Luke was sat in his office when got a call from Charlie. A major RTC, a limousine had crashed and was hanging precariously off the edge of a suspension bridge. He knew the perfect man for the job. Cal.

Luke walked down to the eye cubicle. He saw Cal sat in there with Caitlyn. He knocked on the door.

"Are you free?" Luke asked.

"We have just finished up here." Cal said.

"Good, you file says you were an active member of BASICS?" Luke asked.

"Yeah, and I also did six months as a registrar on Heli-med twenty-one in Kent." Cal answered.

"Wonderful, I need you to attend an RTC for me, if you could meet me in reception that would be great." Luke told him. "Chat with the parents as quick as you can for me."

Luke turned and left the room and invited Caitlyn's parents into chat with Cal.

Cal ran to catch up with Luke, they both walked into reception where the TV had the RTC on the rolling news channel that was on.

"Ok, so two people are trapped inside that limo and paramedics are concerned that one of them has a chest injury so they don't want to move her. She's one of ours, Emily Gambell. She has a rare genetic abnormality of the immune system, atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome." Luke started to explain.

"Wow, that is rare." Cal said slightly impressed by her condition.

"Yeah, so we need a doctor out there as soon as. I've got your current patient file, so I'll hand that over to another doctor for you." Luke looked around the department for a spare doctor. "Ah Ethan!"

Luke gestured for Ethan to come over.

"I'd like you to meet our new locum doctor…." Luke began but was cut off.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Ethan asked Cal.

"Oh, you know each other?" Luke asked.

"What's he done with his patient?" Ethan questioned.

"Nothing." Luke and Cal answered at the same time.

"Thanks for the vote of confidence." Cal said defensively.

Luke looked very confused between the two of them. "I just need Dr Knight to attend an RTC."

"Cal will love that. It will be like Alton Towers for him." Ethan rather dismissively.

"How do you two know each other?" Luke wondered.

"Brothers." The two doctors answered at the same time.

"Different surnames. Knight. Hardy." Luke said even more confused.

"Yeah it's a long story." Cal sighed.

The two brothers started to bicker with each other, which only Luke found slightly amusing but also made him even more confused, but it reached a point in which Luke decided that he needed to interject.

"Is this going to be a problem for me?" Luke asked.

"No." They both answered again in-sync.

"Good." Luke said as he answered his phone. "Right the rapid response team is ready for you, so you better go."

Cal just glared at his brother as he walked away.

Luke was stood in the ambulance bay waiting for Cal to return with his patient. Within seconds of him stepping outside the ambulance arrived. Luke helped get the patient out of the ambulance.

"Ok, this is Emily Gambell, twenty-one. She was the unrestrained patients in an RTC. Injuries from top to toe are as follows: a head injury with associated lacerations, confirmed left side pneumothorax and an open left side fracture to the tibia. Observations, she is tachycardic, pulse one hundred and twenty, BP one hundred and thirty over seventy, GCS thirteen which has risen to fourteen on route. Interventions, we have had pressure dressing to lacerations, needle decompression of the pneumothorax and chest drain plus a splint to the left ankle. She's had ten of morphine and thirty of ketamine which is wearing off a bit now." Cal explained to Luke as they wheeled her into resus.

They moved Emily across onto the bed.

"Ok, I would like to repeat the primary survey." Luke said.

"Emily!" A voice called out from the next bed over.

Luke began to assess Emily. "Ok can we get the portable chest x-ray over here now please and can we attach the chest drain." Luke got his torch out and began to shine it into Emily's eyes. "Emily I know you are on dialysis but can you tell me if you've taken anything today?"

"Tell the doctor the truth Emily." A woman said, which Luke assumed was Emily's mum.

"Champagne and pills." Emily muttered quietly.

"Champagne and pills, right ok." Luke said.

"Oh Emily, you know you shouldn't you need to start taking care of yourself better." The woman said.

"Ok, excuse me." Luke said to the woman, her attention quickly switched back to the girl that called out to Emily when she came in when Ash started talking to her.

Luke was treating Emily when he heard arguing coming from cubicles. He handed over to another patient whilst he went to see what was going on. It was Cal and Ethan.

"Dr Hardy? Dr Knight?" Luke asked.

"Dr Hardy is intent on telling that I am unable to treat my patient." Cal said defensively.

"That is because you have a personal relationship with this patient." Ethan retorted.

Caitlyn's parents began to bicker with her whilst Ethan and Cal bickered amongst themselves.

"Dr Knight do you know this patient?" Luke asked.

"Yeah, we met last night." Cal said.

"We need to have a word right now in private." Luke said rather annoyed.

Luke walked to Zoe's office. When he got there, he noticed Cal was still with Caitlyn.

"Dr Knight!" Luke shouted across the department.

This made everyone stop and stare. They all watched as Cal slowly walked towards Luke and into the office. Luke shut the door, Cal stood in front of the desk whilst Luke went and sat down.

"You've got a lot of secrets haven't you. First Ethan and now this." Luke said.

"She lied about her age when I met her last night. I've never treated her before so professionally I've done nothing wrong." Cal said defending himself.

"She does look young though." Luke sighed.

"In a dark nightclub with a lot of makeup on, she looked a lot older than she is." Cal said. "Don't tell me you've never got with a girl that's younger than she looks."

"Well…that's not the point and you still should have told me about Ethan." Luke continued.

"Ethan has a way of telling people about me. I wanted you to make your own first impressions first." Cal replied.

"We'll you've certainly succeeded there alright." Luke said. "Now go home. Your shift ended ten minutes ago."

"Thank you, Dr Stone." Cal said apologetically on his way out.

"Dr Knight, don't keep secrets from again." Luke said to him firmly.

Luke went back up to his office and got his bag and came back downstairs. He saw and most of the team leaving to go for a drink at the pub.

"He's going to be a handful for you that one." Tess laughed.

"No, he's going to be a handful for us." Luke laughed back.

Just then one of the receptionists told him that there was a call waiting for him. He answered the phone and his faced dropped when the Lady on the other end of the phone told him what was happening.

"Luke? Is everything ok? Its not Alice is it?" Tess asked concerned.

"Yeah, its Alice. She's gone into labour. I need to go." Luke said slowly trying to process what had just been said to him. "Tess, please call Miss Naylor and Professor Hope and tell them the good news

Luke handed Tess his bag and he ran out of the department. He sprinted across the department, he had never been so scared and excited at the same time. The babies were coming two weeks, he wasn't prepared for this. But he was so excited to meet his babies. Luke arrived at the maternity ward and found out where Alice was. He rushed into her delivery suite. She was in there with her mum, Tracy. Luke greeted his mother-in-law. He sat down next to his wife and kissed her.

"Surprised." Alice said as she breathed through the pain.

"How dilated are you?" Luke asked.

"Nine centimetres." The midwife said.

"Why didn't you call me earlier?" Luke asked.

"Because you were working and you were would have been more use there than sitting around waiting for the action to happen." Alice told him. "You made it for the most important thing."

Alice squeezed Luke's hand. Just then Alice's consultant, Emma Todd, came in.

"Hi Luke. Well guys the good news is both babies are looking as if they are going to be positioned head first during delivery. Which obviously, you know is the best possible situation for you to be in Alice. I'm just going to examine you again Alice and see if we are ready for these twins to make an appearance in the world." Emma smiled.

Emma examined Alice and it was time.

"This is it." Alice smiled at her husband.

Emma talked Alice through the birth and on every push, Luke was glad Alice wasn't wearing any rings because she crushed his fingers. It wasn't long before twin number one arrived into the world. With number two arriving not very long after.

The sound of babies crying filled the room. Luke couldn't help but cry at the sight of his babies. He kissed his wife.

"Well done darling, they're perfect." Luke whispered to his wife.

"I'm pleased to tell you that you two healthy baby girls." Emma smiled.

The midwifes had wrapped the babies and handed one to Luke and the other to Alice.

"We made good babies." Luke laughed through his tears of joy.

"I'll be back in a bit." Emma said.

Emma, Tracy and the midwives left the new parents to get to know their babies. They both sat in silence for a little while just looking at the babies for a while.

"Is it too discuss names?" Alice asked.

"I don't think so." Luke replied.

"You first." They both said at the same time.

They smiled at each other.

"Together?" Luke suggested.

"Sure." Alice replied.

They counted down and at the same time and they both said their names.

Alice said Olivia Jade.

Luke said Erin Lara.

"Well at least we both didn't say the same thing." Luke smiled.

"That was easy." Alice smiled back.

Just then, a midwife knocked and came in.

"Sorry, but you've got some people out here for you." The midwife said.

"Thanks, I'll be two seconds." Luke said.

"Send my love." Alice told Luke.

He stood up and carefully placed his baby into the hospital cot and went outside to see who was waiting out there for him. The midwife directed him to the relatives room. He had only expected a couple of people. But the room was full.

Everyone who had just finished shift in there ED (Charlie, Tess, Zoe, Ash, Robyn, Jamie, Fletch, Rita, Ethan, Cal and Lily as well as many others) were waiting there. Dixie, Jeff and Iain had come straight from a shout. Jac, Elliot, Zosia, Jonny and Mo had all come down from Darwin. Sacha and Serena were there. Adam and Jessica bad arrived. Donna had come down from Liverpool; she must have driven at break neck speed. Tracy was waiting there too. Most importantly Maisie and Lilia were there. The only person missing was Lara but Luke knew she was watching over him.

"Well?" Jac asked impatiently.

"Two healthy and beautiful baby girls and most importantly Alice is doing fine." Luke shouted.

Everyone cheered and came over to congratulate Luke.

Luke quietened everyone down.

"Names have been chosen. Drum roll please." Luke announced. Everyone started to stamp their feet. "Olivia Jade Stone and Erin Lara Stone.

Everyone cheered and ahhh'd again. Luke asked for hush again.

"How did you all know." Luke asked.

Everyone pointed at Tess. Luke went over and gave her a massive hug.

"Thank you." He whispered too her.

"You are more than welcome." She whispered back.

"She didn't tell me." Donna protested in her thick country accent. "Alice phoned me herself."

"Donna, don't spoil the moment." Someone shouted.

Everyone laughed.

This was by far the happiest moment of Luke's life.