Disney Princesses on Strike - Sgt. Frog parody fanfic

-A Disney Princess-Inspired KND & SGT. FROG Fan CROSSOVER-

Sgt. Frog belongs to Mine Yoshizaki, KND goes to Tom Warburton & Cartoon Network USA, & Disney Princess franchise belongs to Disney respectively. Enjoy!

Author's Note: This Disney Princess-inspired Sgt. Frog & KND crossover is definitely Inspired by The famous "Squid on Strike" Spongebob episode.


- KERORO as Snow White

- Tamama as Vanellope Von Schweetz

- Kululu as Rapunzel

- Giroro as Cinderella

And finally, - Dororo as Ariel

- Chapter 1: Keroro as Snow White -

Narrator: This story takes place in The KND universe in the USA, Most likely in The Bay Area around California, which The Keroro Platoon from Japan are visiting at in this story. The Keroro Platoon crossdressed as said Disney Princesses then temporarily stayed at The Sector V's treehouse to hang out there. But then, The Sector V of The USA got surprised by The Keroro Platoon's said Disney Princess costumes when they walked home to their Treehouse.

Numbuh 1: Who are you all Mysterious alien frogs hanging out at our Sector V treehouse?

Keroro: My name is Keroro, I'm cosplaying as Snow White. Woohoo!

Tamama: My name is Tamama, & I'm a huge Vanellope fan! Hooray!

Kululu: I'm Kululu. I really admire Disney's Tangled movie since I was growing up. Hehehe.

Giroro: Hello Sector V! I'M GIRORO. I love the Disney's Cinderella movie since I was a precocious Red tadpole.

Dororo: Hello everyone! My name is Dororo. Ariel is such an awesome Disney mermaid in her own right.

Numbuh 1:What Interesting & Unique names you all have there.

Numbuh 2: Wow, The Keroro Platoon's Disney Princess cosplays are like possibly a millions time better than The regular, mostly girly Disney Princess they were based off of.

Numbuh 3: Yeah. Especially Dororo's Ariel cosplay & Tamama's Vanellope cosplay respectively. They both look very adorable to me.

Numbuh 4: Yes. I finally get to see The Keroro Platoon cosplaying as Disney Princesses for once, because I'm so fed up with watching The regular girly Disney Princess movies in general.

Numbuh 5: Wow, Numbuh 5 is Impressed. The Keroro Platoon are trying to imitate The real Disney Princesses that We all know & Love for once by cosplaying as them.

Keroro: Yup. This time We are going on strike as Disney princesses.

Tamama: Yeah, Sergeant Keroro, We are all going on a strike as Disney Princesses. Yay!

Kululu: Oh Believe me, Giroro & Numbuh 1, We're all going on a strike by wearing Disney Princess costumes for once. Hehehe

Dororo: Oh yeah. Bring it on My Disney-loving friends.

Giroro & Numbuh 1: (Unison) Do you all want to go on a strike dressing up like that?

Keroro, Dororo, Tamama, & Kululu: Yeah!

Giroro & Numbuh 1: (Unison) Are you all sure that you want to do it all in one shot?

Keroro, Dororo, Tamama, & Kululu: (Loudly) Oh Yeah!

- One failed first attempt at going on a strike cosplaying as Disney Princesses around the Bay Area, California, USA later -

Dororo: (Sobs out of Frustration) Nooooo! NOOOOO! Why did we fail at Our first attempt to go on a Strike cosplaying as Disney Princesses around the Bay Area in California, USA?

Keroro: I'm Sorry to say this, but I'm not sure why Dororo, probably because Most little girls in the US in general still prefer the Regular Disney Princess movies over our Disney Princess cosplay parodies any day Unfortunately.

Dororo: (still sobbing out of Frustration) But If we don't try going on strike with Our Disney Princess costumes again with Giroro & Sector V's help, We'll lose our Hope of trying to break out the "Girly" stigma surrounding the Disney Princess franchise forever. Wahahahahaha!

Kululu: Oh Don't Worry Dororo, Maybe sooner or Later, That problem will be solved eventually with Sector V's & Giroro's help. Hehehe

Tamama: Kululu is Right. If we try to solve that "Too Girly" problem surrounding the Disney Princess Franchise as a Whole team with Giroro & Sector V's help, then Maybe There will be more Male Disney Princess fans just like us someday. We are Disney Princess Fanboys United!

Dororo: (Sniffles Happily) Thank You Guys! I knew you agree with Trying to break out of the "Girly" stigma that surrounds The Disney Princess franchise again, But this time with Sector V's & Giroro's help from now on!

Keroro: You're Welcome Dororo!

Tamama & Kululu: Alright!

- To Be Continued - Next Chapter: - Tamama as Vanellope Von Schweetz -