For fifteen years, the Earth endured an elongated time of peace after the defeat and taming of Majin Buu. Goku, the world's greatest hero has spent the last five years training the reincarnation of Kid Buu, Uub. Loud sounds of battle and destruction emanate within the Lookout as bursts of light shine from the windows. "Ahhh!" Dende screams as he stands atop the Lookout along with his assistant Mr. Popo as they stand at the edge "They are going really hard down there aren't they?" Dende says as the Lookout shakes below them. Uub dashes away evading a ki blast only to reciprocate firing a barrage of ki blasts. Suddenly a portal at the back of the Lookout appears, as from it exits a small goblin like creature, Garlic Jr. A long heinous laugh escapes Garlic Jr's mouth as he hides behind the main structure as he stares at Mr. Popo and Dende. "Perfect, now as this false guardian sits distracted, I will enact my plan with no interference!" Garlic Jr says as he then starts to sneak out from his hiding spot, creeping into the main structure.

Uub flies forwards with his arm cocked as he engages in melee combat. Uub's shadow on the wall shows him battling a tall figure with spiky hair. The tall figure counters Uub's barrage as they then launch a kick which lands sending Uub flying back.

Garlic Jr creeps down the spiral stairs of the Lookout descending further within as he chuckles saying to himself, "Yes, this is perfect! Soon I will avenge my father and take my rightful claim as the guardian of Earth- what?" Garlic Jr stops as he sees a door shaking furiously as the sounds of battle echo behind it. Garlic Jr holds his hand out closing his eyes "Hmm, they're not behind here anyway," he says as he then turns to his right looking at a second door. "Ahhh yes, this, this is where they lay," Garlic Jr says as he slowly approaches the door. He stands in front of the door as he extends his hand slowly grasping the door handle. He pulls the door towards him opening it as he stands staring into a large empty room withered by age. A large disgusting grin grows on Garlic Jr's face as he chuckles, approaching an altar in the center of the room. He stands above the altar as a black sheet covers what lies beneath. Grinning, he rips the sheet from the altar revealing seven orange orbs with black stars. "They're real, they're really real! Yes! With the Black Star Dragon Balls, vengeance is within my grasp!" Garlic Jr says as a giant laugh roars out from him as he obtains the mystical orbs. Garlic Jr levitates the seven orbs with one hand as with the other he opens a portal saying "Time to head home" he then starts to chuckle as he floats through the portal leaving the Lookout.

Uub deflects several ki blasts as they fly towards him only for one large one to start and speed towards him. "Oh, what!?" Uub says as a look of worry covers his face. Uub puts both hands forth catching the ki blast. "Come on!" Uub says as he struggles pushing the blast back only for it to over take him. The blast explodes as from the dust Uub's body flies back hitting the ground with his gi tattered. The shadow of the tall spiky haired figure stands above Uub. Uub looks upwards at the man as his shadow shows his hair changes. "Well done, that was one hell of a fight!" The figure says with a cheery voice as he extends a hand down to Uub.

The noises and tremors fade as the Lookout sits peacefully. Dende and Mr Popo look at one another as Dende sighs saying "Few, good thing they stopped when they did." Mr Popo then shakes his head up and down rapidly as he nervously says "Agreed" the two then turn as the door to the main structure opens as out steps Uub held by his master, Goku. The two exit in torn rags injured and bruised as Dende and Mr Popo happily rush towards the two "Goku! Uub! You guys finally finished!" Dende says as he and Mr Popo approach the pair eagerly. Goku chuckles as he then says "You bet, Uub's gotten so strong I actually had to apply some pressure" Goku then lets go of Uub as he starts wobbling saying "Oh woah oh!" Goku slowly drops to the ground tired as Dende kneels down saying "You guys really did a number on each other, give me a sec let me patch you two up" Dende's hands start to glow as he begins to heal Goku.

A portal opens in the middle of nowhere as Garlic Jr floats out from it. Garlic Jr collapses to the ground yelling as the portal dissipates and he drops the seven orbs. "Owch! Damn that hurt!" Garlic Jr says as rubs his head standing only to look outwards seeing the Lookout. "What the? The portal spell failed!" Garlic Jr says as he stares back at the Lookout. Garlic Jr attempts to open another portal only to be unsuccessful "Hmm it seems that spell took more out of me than I realized, I'm completely drained!" He says as he then turns back to the scattered orbs saying "No matter, I will make my wish here and now if I have to!".

"There, the two of you are as good as new!" Dende says as he finishes healing Uub while Goku stretches enthusiastically saying "Great work as always Dende"

"Please, my pleasure" Dende says as he smiles nodding to Goku

Uub turns to Goku as he asks "So master, how did I do?" Goku smiles as he responds to Uub saying "Let's just say I haven't had a fight like that in a long time" Uub smiles joyfully with pride only to then ask "So, what's next?"

"Well Uub, I think you deserve a break. Go home to your village and see your family for a bit, i'll swing by and grab you for further training"

"Really!? You mean it?"

"Absolutely, catch you later" Goku waves as a large smile covers his face.

Uub nods as he then runs off looking back as he waves goodbye "Bye Dende, Bye Popo, see you all later!" Uub says as he then blasts off flying away as Dende and Mr. Popo stand atop the Lookout waving "Bye Uub!" Dende says with a smile.

Garlic Jr stands tall above the seven orbs as he holds his hands out saying "Eternal dragon! Rise, hear my howl, and grant my wish!". Light emits from the pile of orbs as they start flashing only for them to rise upwards in a large golden beam as it blasts upwards striking the now darkened skies.

"So Goku tell us, Where is he now?" Dende asks as Goku smiles rubbing his nose as he responds saying "Lets just say he is nearly as strong as myself in Super Saiyan two"

"Super Saiyan two!? That's remarkable!"

Mr. Popo then interjects as he says "Most remarkable indeed- huh what the?" Goku then curious asks "What is it?" Goku then stops as he looks up seeing a now cloudy dark sky as he continues saying "Hmm skies darkening, someone must have summoned Shenron" Dende then points outwards as he says "I think so, but that doesn't look like him" Goku turns as his expression turns from curiosity to surprise "Well that's different? I'll go check it out and see what's going on" Goku says as he then ascends upwards only to then blast off towards the source. Uub flies through the cloudy skies as he looks around saying "Odd, it was clear and sunny only a moment ago" Uub then stops flying as he looks out spotting in the distance what looks to be a large red dragon "Shenron!? I thought he was supposed to be green" Uub continues saying as he then decides to fly towards it curious.

Garlic Jr looks up in awe at the tall towering red dragon as it stares downwards at him saying with a deep booming voice "Speak your wish!" Garlic Jr screams to the sky in joy as he says to himself "I did it! I really did it! Soon father, soon! Dragon my wish is-" His wish is interrupted as Goku's cheery voice cuts him off saying "Yo whats going on" Goku descends landing in front of Garlic Jr as Garlic Jr yells saying to Goku "Listen fool, I am in the middle of something. Begone!" Garlic Jr then turns back to the dragon as Goku scratches his head saying "Are you trying to wish to be taller or something?"

"You feculent waste of man, once I use this dragon to exact my revenge you will suffer a most terrible fate due to the large size of mouth you carry"

"Ohhhh so, you want to fight?"

"Such a fool" Garlic Jr turns his head away as he scoffs at Goku. Garlic Jr looks up at the dragon as he shouts "Dragon, I wish-" his wish is once again cut off as Goku interjects saying "For a bowl of strawberries". Goku laughs as Garlic Jr starts to say "Wait, wait no hang on-" the dragon's eye's flash as a bowl of strawberries appear beneath him "Your wish has been granted" the dragon says as the Black Star Dragon Balls are then sent flying in different directions scattered. Garlic Jr stands feeling empty as he stares downwards at the bowl of strawberries as Goku laughs saying "Well now that that has been handled, still wanna fight?" Goku enters a fighting stance as Garlic Jr slowly walks towards the bowl of strawberries only to drop to his knees in front. He stares downwards at the bowl as he starts to say "You fool…" immense laughter spills from Garlic Jr's mouth as he cackles turning to Goku with a villainous grin. Goku exits his battle stance as a confused look arises on his face as he then asks "Uhh did I not just ruin your evil plan?" Garlic Jr laughs with a look of insanity as he says "Oh no, you've simply dug your own grave!" Garlic Jr's body starts to grow and expand as he smashes the bowl of strawberries and turns to Goku standing ready to fight.

Garlic Jr now large and monstrous stands above Goku as a smirk covers Goku's face "Alright! Let's do this!" Goku says as he enters his fighting pose as Garlic Jr starts charging towards him saying "You fool! Die!". Garlic Jr cocks his arm as he prepares to strike Goku only for a stray ki blast to hit Jr and send him sprawling to the floor. Goku stands as he looks back seeing Uub descending downwards "Hey master, sorry to interrupt just saw some dragon and thought it might be some sort of problem" Goku chuckles as he rubs the back of his head saying "your not too far off." Jr sits up and looks towards the two as he holds his chest saying to himself, "What the? What is he?" Jr then stands as Uub and Goku look back towards him. "Oh, he's still standing" Uub says as Goku looks at Uub with a grin as he then says "You know what? He's yours." Goku stands back as he crosses his arms watching to see Uub face Garlic Jr. Garlic Jr rushes towards Uub aggressively with his arms raised as he screams at the teen "I'll slaughter you too if I have to!" Jr stops as Uub quickly dashes forward landing a sharp elbow. Uub presses his elbow into Jr's stomach causing Jr to grab his stomach holding it in pain as he staggers back, wounded. Uub throws his arm back only to thrust it forward throwing a ki blast at Jr's head. The blast hits, distracting Jr as Uub advances quickly floating above Jr as he throws a powerful kick to the side of Jr's head sending him flying to the floor nearly unconscious. Jr's body reverts to its original form as Uub lands.

"Way to go Uub!" Goku cheers as he walks towards his pupil "Thank you master!" Uub says eagerly as he turns to Goku quickly bowing while carrying a large smile. Quiet snickers emerge from Jr's mouth as he lays barely conscious on the ground "You idiots, premature celebration is so foolish!" Jr says as Goku then asks "What do you mean? We won this battle. You should continue training and try again."

"Oh my, your naivety is quite charming"

"What are you talking about?"

"You fool, you have just used the Black Star Dragon Balls"

"Which means?"

"Which means this planet is doomed!" Jr starts to laugh only to pass out due to his injuries. Goku and Uub stand puzzled as Uub says "Black Star Dragon Balls? You never taught me about those" Goku chuckles as he then responds "Don't know about them myself? However that didn't sound good"

"Maybe Dende knows something about them?"

"Knows something about what?" Dende's voice says as he descends from the sky. "Ahh Dende, great, just in time." Uub says as Dende asks "In time for what? What happened?" Goku shrugs as he then explains "Well basically this guy had some grudge and attempted to use some new set of Dragon Balls to solve his issue, before he passed out he mentioned that the Earth is now in danger"

"New set of Dragon Balls?" Dende asks as he rubs his chin pondering the concept

"He called them Black Star Dragon Balls, ring any bells?"

"Black Star Dragon Balls? Never heard of those, maybe King Kai has?"

"Good idea"

King Kai stands on his small planet as suddenly Goku's voice calls to him saying "Hey King Kai! King Kai we need to talk it's important!" a look of surprise covers King Kai's face as he responds saying "G-Goku!? It's been awhile"

"Yeah, sorry no time to talk I have an urgent question"

"Alright, what is it?"

"Have you ever heard of any Black Star Dragon Balls?"

"Black Star Dragon Balls…. Hmmm" King Kai sits in silence repeating the phrase as he then exclaims "Wait, Black Star Dragon Balls!?"

"Uhh yeah, you've heard about them-"

"Goku please tell me you did not use them!"

"Why what happens!"

"Uh oh, you used them"

"King Kai! What does that mean!?"

"It means in one years time if all seven of those Dragon Balls are not returned then the Earth itself will be enveloped by the negative energy that emanates from the balls and… and"


"The Earth will be destroyed" King Kai hangs his head as Goku starts to chuckle

"That's not so bad?"


"Collect seven Dragon Balls in a year, that's a cake walk"

"Oh, I see, I forgot to mention"

"Mention what?"

"The Dragon Balls aren't scattered across the Earth, Goku, they have been scattered across the entire galaxy!"

"What!? Ok maybe that'll be a bit harder"

"You think!? You idiot, what were you doing messing with those things!"

"It's a long story King Kai, but I gotta go!"

"I understand. Good luck Goku." the conversation ends, as Goku now possess information on the elusive Black Star Dragon Balls.

"What did he say?" Dende asks as Goku rubs the back of his head saying "Well, we have one year to travel the galaxy and collect these Dragon Balls or else in one year, the Earth will be destroyed"


"Yeah, but I think I have a plan."

"Which is?"

Goku ascends upwards as he nervously chuckles saying "Ask Bulma for help!" Goku turns preparing to fly to West city as Uub then says "Wait, let me go with you." Uub floats upwards as Goku says "Sure, I bet everyone would love to see you."


"Alrighty, see you soon Dende!" Goku says as he and Uub then blast off flying towards West City.

A bank is surrounded by the advanced police of West City "Drop the money, exit the mechs and we promise you will not be harmed" the captain says only for laughter to stem from the small blue leader of the Pilaf gang, Emperor Pilaf, "Please, if anyone should be worried about harm, it should be you cops!" Pilaf says as he then starts to laugh "Uhh, boss? You sure about that? There is a lot of them." Shu says within his mech as Mai then interjects saying "Not to mention we're surrounded."

"And not as young as we use to be."

Pilaf then turns to his allies as he yells "Would you two quiet down! We are going to get through this with the money!" Shu and Mai then start nodding from within their mechs as they both say "Yes Emperor Pilaf sir".

A young girl walks down the street with a young boy as the two talk "So what did you think about the movie Pan?" the boy asks as Pan happily says "Oh I loved it, thought it was really exciting. How about you?"

"It wasn't half bad"

The two continue walking only to stop outside a large crowd "Hey what? Aww man are you serious" the boy says as Pan then asks "What's going on?"

"Just some goons trying to rob the bank"


Pan rushes away as she enters the crowd pushing by other onlookers "Pan wait!" the boy says as he follows. "Let us go officers or it's a ticket to your funeral!" Pilaf says as the captain responds "Not gonna happen, so as I said-" Pan now on top of the police car interjects as she says "Stand down! And drop the money" Pan crosses her arms as her friend watches confused from the crowd. A tiny smirk grows on Pilaf's face as he starts to slowly chuckle. His chuckles turn to vicious laughs as he bursts out in immense joy as he mocks Pan saying "Oh that's rich, run along now little girl. This is grown up stuff!" Pan shakes her fist as she snaps yelling at him "What! How dare you? I am mature for my age! That does it!" Pan leaps from the police car as she soars through the air. Pilaf looks upwards seeing her fly towards him as his face of joy turns to worry. Pilaf stares at Pan mid air as in his mind she takes the image of a young Goku, "No, no, not again!" Pilaf says as he leans back scared as he then barks at his lackeys saying "Stop her!".

Shu within his mech throws a punch towards Pan. Pan drops below the robotic hand evading the strike as she then looks up leaping into the air, grabbing the arm as she pulls it from the mech tearing it off. Shu's mech collapses backwards into the wall of the bank as he then remains there in fear. Pan's friend watches with an expression of fear as he then says "I saw a movie with her, oh god!" Pan stands holding the ripped piece of the mech above her head as she turns to Mai. Mai within her mech aims her arm forward prepared to fire. Pan quickly throws the broken arm at Mai. The arm hits the glass of Mai's mech causing the machine to stagger back as Pan then rushes towards it. Pilaf hides behind one of the bank pillars as he watches saying to himself, "She's just another one of whatever that monkey boy was, she has to be!" Pan leaps upwards throwing a punch shattering the glass protecting Mai only for Pan to then grab Mai and throw her out of her mech. Mai hits the ground in front of Pilaf as Pan lands, turning to the three criminals as she walks towards them. Pan stands above Pilaf as Pilaf turns attempting to run off only for Pan to grab the back of his shirt and lift him. Pilaf struggles in the air attempting to run away from her only to then stop as he looks back, screaming. "Please oh please for the love of god don't turn into an ape and eat me!" Pilaf holds himself tightly as Pan drops him saying "What?"

"Uhh nothing" pilaf says as he then chuckles running off only to run into a police officer and fall on his back. "Uh oh" pilaf says as he stares up at the captain. Pan returns to her friend gleefully as she says "Hey sorry about that just-" she is then interrupted as her friend says "Yeah no worries bye see you at school!" her friend then runs off screaming as everyone leaves. Pan stands alone as she says "But, but why?" Pan's eyes become filled with tears as she then bursts out crying. "Why? This isn't fair!" Pan screams with tears in her eyes as she runs away.

Goku and Uub descend in front of the Capsule Corps building as Goku puts his hands on his hips saying "Wow, it's been a while" Goku grows a smile as Uub says "So this will be my first real time meeting Bulma?"

"Hopefully everyone"

"Huh, hope they like me"

"Oh trust me, that's probably the least of our concerns" Goku says as he sighs

A man with spiked hair and a mustache exits the Capsule Corps building "No way, it can't be, is that… Vegeta?" Goku says as the mustached man approaches the two "Well well well, Kakarot finally paying a visit" Vegeta says with a smile as Goku then says "It is you, wow it's been so long"

"Yes it truly has. So this is him, eh?"

"Yeah, you bet."

Uub bows to Vegeta as he says "I have heard so much about you" Vegeta chuckles as he replies "Likewise" Uub rises as Goku says "So where are you off to Vegeta?"

"Off to grab my daughter out of school"


"Yes. Now I'm no fool Kakarot, you obviously didn't just come to see us all, so what's the matter"

"Leave it to the prince, well basically we need Bulma's help to track down Dragon Balls"

"So back to business as usual for you eh?"

"Not exactly"

"Well I'd love to hear more about it when I return"

"Sounds great"

Vegeta walks off as Goku then turns calling out to him saying "Vegeta!" Vegeta stops as he turns "When this is all over Vegeta, you and me are training" Vegeta chuckles as he walks off saying "If my schedule's clear, sounds fun" Vegeta then leaves. Goku and Uub start walking further towards the entrance as they prepare to meet with Bulma about the new Black Star Dragon Balls. Meanwhile Pan with tears in her eyes knocks on a door "Uh who is it?" A famous and masculine voice says on the other end as Pan then responds saying "Grandpa, it's me"

"Pannie poo, one sec darlin."

Pan sits outside for a moment as the door opens showing an older Hercule Satan as Pan then rushes into his house slamming the door behind her while loudly crying.