Kylo noticed Rey was late to lunch, but that wasn't unusual. He went to the vending machines and heard talking. Curiosity compelled him to peek around the corner, and he saw Rey and some guy talking. Well she had her back to the wall and he had an arm on either side of her head, leaning in close. He was saying something to her.

"Come on, go out with me instead. I'll show you a good time, what a real man is like." He was saying. Kylo didn't wait for her response.

"Rey, come." He said like she was a dog. She waved him off, smirking up at the boy. He was about Kylo's height, which was significantly taller than Rey.

"What would we do on this date then?" She asked.

"A little of this, and a little of that, you know." He smirked and moved his eyebrows. His hand moved to her hip and his head dipped in for a kiss. But Rey's knee was quicker than the moves he was trying to put on her, popping up and landing squarely between his legs. He made a pained noise and stumped backwards.

"Corner me again and I won't be so nice." She said before beaming up at Kylo and rushing over. "Did you need something?"

"Do you want something from the vending machines?" He asked in a hollow voice, his limited sympathy going out to the guy now on the floor. Then he realized he had been hitting on Rey and he retracted his sympathy, smirking and giving Rey $2.

They sat at their table once more, Rey two candy bars richer and Kylo with a smirk. "What did he mean by what he said?" She asked looking at Kylo curiously.

"By what?" Kylo asked.

"I'll show you what a real man's like?" She said in a mock deep voice.

"He was implying that I am not satisfying you sexually and that he would." Kylo said matter of factly. She nodded, mouth full of chocolate.

"But I'm not a Wendy." She said after swallowing.

"No, you're my little mouse." He put a hand on top of her head. "I think you might be too innocent to be my Wendy."

"What like you're some dark corrupting force?" She laughed and poked him in the chest playfully. "Oooh Scary." She teased.

"Do you want me to take that second candy bar?" He warned. She looked aghast and hid it away from him. "Why? Do you want to be my Wendy?"

"You're very attractive, and I think our personalities complement each other, but I could take it or leave it really." She shrugged unconcerned.

"You find me attractive?" He asked with a grin. "Got a little crush?" He ruffled her hair.

"I don't really crush on people, I'm not dying for a relationship." She shrugged unaffected by his teasing.

"So if I found you gross you'd be okay?" He asked. She laughed and shrugged.

"I don't really care. I don't get hung up on stuff like that I guess."

"And if I asked you out right now, what would you say?"

"I'd ask what you'd want to do on our date." She smiled innocently.

"And then knee me if I get it wrong?" Kylo crossed his legs.

"I know your weaknesses edge lord." She offered him a devilish grin.

"How about we just go out to eat and see where it goes." He offered.

"That's usually code for then you try to shove your hand in my pants." She said.

"I was thinking more ice cream or something, but if you'd prefer." He laughed. She smiled.

"Can I french braid your hair so you look cute?" She asked.

"For our date, yes. For school, never again." He chuckled.

"Does that make me Wendy?" She asked.

"You're still to small and innocent, just think of it like Peter dating the smallest and mousiest lost boy." He said.

"I always wanted him to date the fox boy in the movie." She said thoughtfully.

"I could see that." Kylo nodded.

"Does that mean you think I'm cute?" Rey asked.

"Shut up idiot." He huffed.

"OOOOH you have a CRUSH!" She teased. He was more susceptible to embarrassment by this, and she knew it.

"Hush or I won't buy you ice cream afterwards." He huffed.

"After our date." She cooed.

"I'll get myself ice cream and you'll have to watch me eat it." He said.

"Are we going to hold hands?" She asked. He sighed.

"If you want to."