Naruto/Percy Jackson Crossover

Dining With Divinity

Part XVlll

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Four Years Later

"Are you sure this doesn't feel too small?" Naruto asked, leaning against the glass cabinet and holding a slim-black book in his hands. He toyed around with it, running his fingers across the smooth leather, feeling the tiny indentations in the material with the tips, "Was the old menu really too big for the customers? I thought people like variety?"

Behind him, the Goddess of the Hearth gracefully moved between the tables where customers were enjoying their drinks and snacks. A tray rested between her left arm and her side, coming to lean against the side of the counter with him. Dressed in clothes similar to Naruto's, a white dress shirt with an orange apron tied across the front, the deity had made some not so subtle touches in the past couple of years to the Fox's Den. Truthfully, he was beginning to wonder if it was such a good idea to let her work here. Not that he'd ever say that to her.

"Naruto, we've been over this."

"I know, but still," The blonde started, looking back and forth between Hestia and the new menu, "I liked the old menu. There was nothing wrong with it."

An exasperated sigh left the goddesses lips, "The menu was growing out of control. You kept adding too much into it, and you weren't taking anything out in return." The old menu, while nice, had grown to the point where Hestia had to put her foot down. When she started working at the Fox's Den, she originally agreed she wouldn't micromanage the cafe. Admittedly, she did point out a few area's where the Fox's Den could improve, and the small changes she made had been for the better. Naruto was happy to work alongside his best friend, but there was a line in the sand. The condition of the menu proved how stubborn both parties could be when they disagreed on something. Hestia wanted to downsize the menu, and Naruto felt it was fine as it was.

Inevitably, Hestia's persistence defeated Naruto's stubbornness, and the blonde conceded to make some changes to the menu. Now half the size, the new menu was much more customer-friendly and didn't leave customers at a loss of what to order from having too many choices. They kept the special of the day, of which Naruto and Hestia would take turns in choosing and making. More often than not, the pair would find themselves competing with each other, keeping track of how many were bought and eaten by customers and comparing who got more by the end of the week. They would tally up the result on Sunday, the one day a week the Fox's Den wasn't opened, and the loser would have to cook Sunday dinner.

"Yeah, I guess I did." He admitted, "Melinoe, was the menu too big?"

Yes, the Goddess of Ghosts was still working as a waitress for Naruto, though she wasn't showing open disdain for the job, nor was she scaring customers away. At least, not as often. Melinoe had fallen into the role as a waitress rather well in the last four years, and despite Naruto and Hestia telling her she didn't have to keep working there, the younger goddess continued to appear. Hades had confided in his sister two years after finding out about the blonde he'd dismissed his daughter from keeping watch over him months earlier. She didn't need to be there, but it appeared the reclusive daughter of the Underworld enjoyed being in their company. Not that she would ever admit it out loud.

"The old menu was big enough to be a life raft for someone lost at sea." She replied, appearing amused as the blonde's shoulders dropped, "The new one is far superior. Much more classy while remaining affordable to the masses. The customers like it more too. No one wants to read a menu the size of a novel."

A triumphant look washed over Hestia's face.

"Fine, fine. I concede. The new menu is better." That was hard for him to admit since he'd solely create the original, but he'd concede the new one made more sense than the previous, "But no more changes, please. I like my little cafe just the way it is."

Hestia giggled and pinched his cheek, only serving to get a pout from the blonde, "Alright, you big baby. No more changes."

"Thank you."

The door to the front of the Fox's Den chimed open, and Naruto was ready and waiting as someone barrelled into him. His clone had dispersed a minute ago, alerting him to their arrival as he found the blue eyes of Thalia Grace looking up at him.

"Hi, Uncle."

"Hello, Thalia," He said while patting the top of her head, "How was school?"

The nine-year-old didn't answer immediately, first turning and embracing her aunt, whose arms were open and ready to wrap themselves around the form of her darling niece. The little girl that was abandoned at his doorstep so long ago had grown so much, "It was okay, I guess. I have to read chapter four of Matilda tonight and discuss it with the class tomorrow. Miss Carter said she'd be asking everyone in the class questions tomorrow, so she'll know if anyone hasn't read it."

"Then we'll go over it tonight before your bath."Hestia offered, happy her niece was informing them of the work set. At one point, Thalia had been hiding the fact homework was set for the class. Mainly when focused on reading. It wasn't all surprising Thalia had an aversion to reading. Minds of the demigods that came from her pantheon were wired for Greek rather than English and caused a great deal of struggle for a demigod of Thalia's age. It took years of practice to get a grip on reading in the common tongue of the country. They spoke with Thalia privately in the space of their home and promised to help her with her homework, her reading in particular.

"Okay," Thalia replied, shrugging her shoulder, though not appearing happy about it. There had been some tantrums in the past when it came to Thalia's reading, but the little girl knew she couldn't get away with anything when her aunt was around.

A moment later, another pair of eyes were looking up at Naruto and Hestia. Instead of blue, they were tiny pools of sea-green, reminiscent of the Mediterranean sea.

"Hi, Uncle!"

Naruto smiled and picked up the small child before plopping him down on the counter.

"Hello, Percy."

The little boy then turned to his aunt, "Hi, Aunty!"

A giggle escaped Hestia's lips as her hand smoothed down her nephew's jet-black hair. The son of her brother, Poseidon, looked very much like his godly parent. The same eyes, hair, and even his nose were the same, "Hello, Perseus. You too didn't leave your Mom behind again, did you?"

The door jingled, and a voice replied, "They did." Walking into the Fox's Den, Sally Jackson appeared, looking out of breath, likely trying to catch up with her three-year-old son and his eight-year-old cousin, "Percy, what did I tell you about running off?" She asked, taking off her jacket to reveal a similar uniform to Hestia and pulled out a black scrunchy to tie back her hair.

"Not too."

"And what did you do?"

"Runoff." Percy tilted his head to one side, making him looked cuter than he usually appeared. Sally's expression softened at the look, as did Hestia's, while Naruto patted his head. Naruto wasn't a betting man, but he had a feeling the young son of Poseidon was going to be a real heartbreaker when he was older.

Sally sighed, "What am I to do with you?" She asked, softly running her fingers through her son's dark hair and kissing his forehead, much to his delight, "You're going to stay with Aunt Hestia and Thalia while Mommy works. Be good."

"I will."

"I'll get my jacket, and then we'll be on our way." Hestia disappeared with the two demigods trailing close behind, with Percy quickly grabbing onto his older cousins hand. The act was enough to make Naruto and Sally smile. The pair looked more like siblings than cousins.

"You know, Melinoe and I can handle things today if you wanted an early night. You looked tired, Sally."

The brunette mortal waved off the worry, "I'm fine. I was up late trying to finish a report that's due this morning. It took longer than I thought it would."

A lot had changed for Sally Jackson in five years, ever since that fateful meeting during the Christmas holidays. Finding out she was pregnant with the father absent from her life, a job that wouldn't support her financially with a new baby and no family to call on for help, she'd never felt more lost in her life. She'd wandered through New York aimlessly for what felt like hours before eventually ending up the Fox's Den. Unbeknownst to her, she'd wandered into the right place and met people that ultimately helped her get her life in order.

Naruto had been, for the lack of a discression, a guardian angel to her. She was never religious by nature, but a small part of her felt like some unknown power had guided her to his doorstep that day. He changed her life for the better. Through him, she met Hestia, Melinoe, and of course, Thalia. Said little girl had been a constant presence in her life as she grew heavy with her son and seemed to find some kind of fascination that a baby was growing in her tummy. Needless to say, some of the questions she ended up using left the blonde a spluttering mess and looked to Hestia to solve the issue. Sometimes the Goddess of the Hearth came to the rescue, while other times, enjoyed watching the blonde squirm under the gaze of the five-year-old and her endless curiosity.

They were with her every step of the way. They helped her get an apartment near where they lived in the West Village. They gave her a job and financial stability to support her and Percy once her son was born, and even helped her apply for courses at the local community college. When she was away studying for her Business Management course, either Hestia or Naruto would keep an eye on Percy for her. The blonde even went as far as to teach her some of his recipes, with the goddess occasionally adding her two cents in.

She couldn't help but wonder how those two had stayed friends for so long. Sally was no expert, but she was sure she sensed chemistry there.

Even Melinoe looked after the pair a few times, though often found her son and his cousin in very precarious situations. A few weeks ago, when she arrived to collect Percy from Naruto's home, she found her son being held by his ankles in the air by Thalia while his head was dunked in a fish tank, babbling nonsense to the goldfish. She almost had a heart attack, though her son's grinning face when he spotted her was enough to tell her he was fine.

Naruto's hand rested on her shoulder and guided her to the kitchen, "Come on. Let's head to the back and see how well you remember the Triple Bery Nutella cupcakes recipes."

On the building across from the Fox's Den, perched on the edge of the roof that looked down over the streets two sets of eyes watched the interior with keen looks. One stared inquisitively, while the second looked longingly. Two birds sat motionlessly, one a beautiful brown-feathered owl, the other a hawk of similar colouring.

"This is stupid. Why are we even here? This is toeing the fine line father set up when he forbade us from visiting. "

"Ssshhh. Stop talking, or we'll be spotted!"

"I think we both know that's not going to happen. Unless mortals can climb up verticle surfaces like a spider monkey, I'd say we're safe." The grey eyes of the owl stared in the silver ones of the hawk, and if she didn't know any better, could have sworn a bead of drool was slipping through her beak, "You have a problem. You know that, right?"

Inside the Fox's Den, they watched the blonde immortal walk across the interior and place down a small tray of cupcakes in front of the customer. Artemis let out a short gasp and a groan of longing, "Double Chocolate Peanut Butter filled cupcakes! Oh, that mortal is so lucky! What I wouldn't give to be them right now."

"Your stomach is truly made of celestial bronze," Athena replied. Although, deep down, she had to agree. They did like delicious. In the last five years, the Goddess of wisdom would like to say she'd followed her father's commands to the letter and stayed far away from the Fox's Den, but that would be a lie. It took six months, impressive in her own mind for having the willpower to stay away before she inevitably found herself spying on the cafe and carefully watching the blonde owner.

Naturally, she was full of questions.

"We could sneak in, right?"

"We would be caught the moment we walk through the door. Aunt Hestia would recognise us immediately, as would Melinoe. Naruto," Her grey eyes gazed back through the window and watched the blonde as he brought out another tray of yummy goodness, "Well, there's no telling what would happen, but I imagine he would know it was us too."

A sigh escaped Artemis, "It's not fair. I might be angry at the blonde fool for lying to us, but I still miss the food. I overheard Aunt Hestia mention that they've created a new menu together. Could you imagine what those two have cooked up together?" Naruto and Hestia double teaming in the kitchen were enough to make Artemis go weak at the knees. There was no telling what kind of scrumptious goodies they were cooking up in the kitchen. Knowing she couldn't reach out and devour them was torture!

"I'm still surprised Hestia went to work there. She's spent more time at the Fox's Den and Naruto's residence than she does on Olympus these days. Now that she doesn't need to hide her friendship within him, we hardly see her." All of the other gods on Olympus noticed the lack of the Hearth deity. Zeus, in particular, would grumble about his beloved older sister spending time with that uncouth blonde in the mortal world. Honestly! Who said uncouth anymore? Their father could get jealous easily, and seeing Hestia enjoying the company of someone that wasn't one of them felt otherworldly. He didn't like it but wouldn't voice it unless he wanted to earn his sister's ire. Poseidon, Hera, and Demeter were less put off by it, but still, the absence of the Goddes of the Hearth had been felt by the siblings in particular than the rest.

Only Hades didn't appear to be putting up a front about it. Then again, Artemis was sure Melinoe was transporting precious cargo back to the Underworld for their uncle and occasionally Persephone when it was time for the Goddess of Spring to take to her second home.

"I know. It's so unfair!" Artemis whined, trying not to glare at the mortals leaving th Fox's Den with box's of goodies secured comfortably in their grasp. Just imagining what might be in the box was enough to make Artemis's stomach growl.

Before either could say another world and before Artemis could swoop down and steal the mortals boxed baked goods from their hands, a shroud of warmth appeared from behind them. Athena and Artemis felt something warm grab them by the scruffs of the neck and hold them in the air, unfazed by their attempts to wriggle out of the grasp. They found the warm and curious eyes of their aunt staring at them, one eyebrow raised. A soft glow of fire illuminated around her body with two tendril-like arms sprouting from either side and responsible for grabbing the sisters and holding them in the air like grapes on a vine.

"What are you two doing here?" Hestia asked, her voice calm, though with a hint of annoyance clear for both to hear.

"A-Aunt Hestia! Fancy seeing you here. What brings you to this part of the city?" Artemis stammered out.

Hestia's face didn't change but did turn to Athena rather than Artemis, "I know you're not going to pretend to be stupid. I know how beneath you that is, niece." She felt the Goddess of the Moon deflate in her grasp at her words, "You both know your not suppose to be anywhere near the Fox's Den. If Zeus catches wind that you're here, there will be trouble. I don't particularly want a thunderstorm hovering over the city. Not when I'm about to walk home with the children."

Their father was constantly reminding everyone of the rule in recent memory. It wasn't just Athena and Artemis that tried to sneak a peak, but the others Olympians too, with Apollo and Aphrodite being the two biggest culprits. The God of the Sun tried to sneak in the early morning in disguise, covered head to toe in clothing he'd never be seen in that covered up his dashingly handsome good looks and masking his godly energy. Twice this year Zeus came down from Olympus, grabbed his son by the scruff of his neck and dragged him back home. Apollo would end up grounded for a month, only allowed out to drive the Sun Chariot across the sky. Aphrodite, on the other hand, had been trying to sneak into his home, morphing into a dove and sprawling herself out across his bed in not-so-subtle lingerie, hoping to seduce the hunky blonde into her awaiting arms. Instead, all she found was the Goddess of the Hearth waiting for her, grabbing her by the ear and dragging her back to Olympus. The Goddess of love was persistent in her attempt to try and seduce Naruto.

"I know, but the only reason I'm here is to stop Artemis from breaking the rules. The rules don't state we can't watch from a distance." Athena replied, trying to hold her ground against her aunt but feeling herself wither at the glance she got back, "We're not technically doing anything wrong."

"I think we both know that's pushing it." Hestia snapped her fingers. Artemis and Athena both felt their forms shift and return to their normal states, "I suppose I should be impressed you managed to last this long, unlike your brother and Aphrodite." The glow around Hestia vanished.

"Don't lump us in with those bufoons," Artemis muttered. Gods, she didn't want to be compared to those pair of airheads.

Hestia shook her head and rubbed her forehead, "Go home, both of you. I don't like splitting my essence like this when I'm meant to be watching over the children."

"Thalia and," A look of distaste washed over Athena's face, "Poseidon's boy. I'm still surprised that child and his mother ended up in Naruto's care. It's almost as if the fates are trying to align the paths of the children of the Big Three to him."

"Well, if there's anything I've learned since knowing Naruto, it's that he has a habit of attracting people from all walks of life. Both have flourished with him around and taking an active role in their lives." Hestia moved towards her nieces and looked down at the shop below them, "He's started teaching Thalia to bake, you know. She's quite good at it. We both think she has a knack for it."

The daughter of Zeus has a preference for cupcakes with lots of icing. They had to be careful they didn't let her eat too many. Otherwise, the girl would find herself bouncing from wall to wall with the electricity across the block going crazy. The last time she had a sugar rush, all the electrical appliances in their home and the next two homes blew up.

"That's nice and everything, but I think there's a conversation we haven't had since news of Poseidon's son became public to Olympus." Athena crossed he arms and hardened the look in her eyes, "Is it wise for Thalia Grace and Percy Jackson to be allowed to remain so close to each other when their scent alone attracts the biggest and most dangerous monsters that plague our children and descendants. I have yet to see Naruto's skills in actions and have yet to see how he would handle such a foe."

Hestia remained tight-lipped about the capabilities of the blonde. Neither could get their aunt to answer many of their questions, nor the other gods for that matter. Both of them, as warrior deities wanted to know how well he could handle himself. To be able to put himself between their father and their uncle and walk away alive was a feat in itself. What they had managed to piece together was the fighting capabilities of the Old Ones. The Men of Gold that reigned during the era of the Titans were far greater than that of mortal in this day and age, with powers and skills that few could dream of. It would be like something out of a fable or comic book.

But he was a Man of Gold like no other. Someone Gaea herself visited to aid the Titans in defeating the Olympians during their rise to power. They knew he was strong, but how strong? Both wanted to learn that answer. None more so than Athena, who hated seeing a puzzle she couldn't solve.

To their surprise, Hestia merely smiles and let out a low chuckle.

"Trust me when I saw this, sweet niece. There is no one on this planet more capable of fending off the monsters that plague the children of the gods than the man currently teaching Sally Jackson the correct way to make Triple Berry Nutella cupcakes." Hestia informed. Naruto was an iron wall between Thalia and Percy and the monsters that might try to harm them. They wouldn't be able to go over, beneath, around, or through said wall. They would merely be blocked every time and sent to their doom for trying to reach the children.

He was a protector.

A guardian.

"How sure are you?"

"I'd bet my essence on it. Every last drop of it."

The statement was enough to make the sisters look at one another.

"Now, go on," Hestia made a little shoo notion with her hand, "I'll keep this little visit our secret, but next time I will inform Zeus. Rules are here for a reason, and I won't always bend them for you. Leave it be." Giving one last smile, Hestia warped away in a swirl of fire, leaving the sisters alone on the rooftop to ponder everything she had said.

It was the elder of the two who acted first, "Come on." Athena huffed, grabbing her sister by the sleeve of her shirt, "Let's go before Hestia makes good on her promise. I don't feel like getting confined to my temple any time soon."

"Urh! Fine!" Artemis groaned but followed along, "Do you think we can convince Hera to make us her famous shepherds pie?"

At the same time as the Goddess of Wisdom and the Goddess of the Moon were making their way back to Olympus, a very different immortal also found themselves in New York City though this one was visiting for a different reason. Knowing New York was technically under the jurisdiction of the Olympian Pantheon, he didn't appear to care as he teleported his way to Midgard and threw himself into their backyard. He wasn't afraid of any Olympian, but he ensured his arrival was subtle, lest he wanted to face the wrath of his father and mother.

They were far more frightening than some puny God like Zeus or Ares. Ha! Their arms were twigs in comparison to his own.

A deep, bellyful laugh broke the calm silence as men and women peacefully going about their afternoon through Central Park were caught unaware. All stopped and couldn't help but marvel at the sight they were seeing in front of them.

"Come on, one more! No five more! Better yet! Ten more! Let me show you my great strength!" A pair of large and meaty hands ushered a woman forward, soon followed by a squeal as he hoisted her up and placed her on his wide and powerful shoulders, "I'm sure I came here for a reason, but I'm having such fun with you, young mortals!"

Some laughed at the exuberance that vibrated from the man, while others looked at him as if he wasn't human. Was he one of those strong men that competed in lifting competitions? It would explain the physical strength he was displaying to everyone. He had the body for it with arms like tree trunks and standing somewhere around six and a half feet tall. Four women sat on his enormous shoulders, two on each side with his arms extended out. It looked as if he wasn't even trying and all four girls looked as if they were having the time of their lives, with one being so bold to run her hand beneath his vest.

There wasn't even sweat on his brow. His shoulder-length red hair wasn't even sticking to his skin.

"You midgardians are so light! It's like I'm lifting little more than feathers!" He tried to usher another woman over, claiming he could fit another one on those wide shoulders of his, but none dared to step forward, "There are none who can match my strength throughout the Nine Realms!"

Just who in the world was this guy?

A few more minutes passed before the jovial man appeared to have enough as a look of recollection appeared on his face. Letting the four women of his shoulders, he gave one last laugh and eyebrow wiggle before a determined look was on his face. He swept his hand through his long hair before asking, "I'm looking for a place known as the West Village! I'm in search of a man who runs a shop of sorts. He calls it the Fox's Den!" He fumbled around in his pocket and pulled out a piece of paper. A crude drawing of a blonde man with whiskers was on full display, though it looked as if it was drawn by an eight-year-old, rather than a grown man, "He looks like this!"

Everyone looked at him funny as they stared at the drawing, though none dare to voice a joke about the man's lack of drawing talent.

By chance, one of the girls that were on his shoulder had visited that very afternoon and was good enough to point him in the right direction.

"You're sure!?"

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure. That's the guy behind the counter."

The red-haired man gave a loud laugh and surprised the woman by planted a big kiss on her lips, leaving the woman swooning and baffled at the same time. He was overjoyed and didn't remain for much longer before everyone watched as he took off at speeds that should have been possible for one as large as himself.

The last thing any of them saw was the man reached for his waist and pulling up a hammer with a large trapezoidal-shaped iron slab. He waved it in the air as he pursued his target.

Naruto tapped his chin as he inspected the cupcake, taking everything in over its form, smell and taste.

Smell? Check. The wave of chocolate wafting around his nose was perfect. Not too overpowering, nor was it too sickly. The ratio was just right.

Texture? Check. Nice and fluffy, just how they were meant to be. It didn't want to fall apart with the slightest bit of pressure and wasn't too hard that it became uncomfortable to eat.

The most important part, though, was the taste. Everything rode on how well the cupcake tasted in his mouth. The last batch Sally made was passable but that wasn't enough to serve their loyal customers. A standard was set by the blonde, and later on, Hestia when she officially joined them. Some could say it wasn't fair to put such pressure on Sally's shoulders, but it wasn't like they were asking her to master a dozen recipes in a short time frame. Sally had asked for them to teach her a thing or two about baking, and by Olympus, they would do just that.

Speaking off said woman, she stood a few feet to the side, ignoring the clones at work around her and gazing nervously at her boss. If she was to work at the Fox's Den, then Naruto had to warn her about some of the strange things she would see. It wasn't every day a mortal, even a clear-sighted mortal like Sally, came across a dozen or so carbon copies of the man who employed her, working around the kitchen. To her credit, she took it on the chin and fell right into the craziness, as if she belonged there from the very start.

One of her hands gently pulled on her sleeve, trying to take a calming breath as the blonde lifted one of the cupcakes up to his mouth and took a bite out of it. She tried not to look too visibly nervous, but she didn't want to let Naruto nor Hestia down. Both had shown her on multiple occasions how to make the cupcakes and felt she was getting closer and closer to perfecting them.

Was it strange that she wanted to make them proud? She didn't think so. They'd done so much for her that she wanted to show them every day that their time and effort had been for nothing.

"Hmm." She heard him say aloud, licking his lips as he tried to gather up any loose crumbs, "I gotta say, Sally," He turned and looked at her and smiled, "They're perfect."

Sally's eyes lit up, "Really!? They are?"

"Yep. I can't taste a single fault with them. If I didn't know any better, I'd say Hestia or myself made these." Rubbing his hands together, he took a step forward and rested a hand on Sally's head, "Good job, Sally. I'm proud of you."

"Y-You are?" The former lover of Poseidon asked, doing her best not to get misty-eyed at the compliment sent her way.

"Of course. Whatever Hestia, myself or the world for that matter has thrown at you, you've adapted and worked hard. You never stop trying to better yourself, and it shows in the food you make." He picked up the tray with the rest of the cupcakes and handed them back to Sally, who grasped at the edges eagerly, "I think these deserve to go in the cabinet and make sure you tell people who made them. I'm sure they would all be very pleased to eat anything made by your hands."

Sally was very well-loved by the regulars who dined at the Fox's Den. For many of them, they'd watched Sally prosper into the confident young woman she was today. Even better for Naruto, who got to watch her blossom as an incredible mother to young Percy. He'd been there in the waiting room at the hospital when she was giving birth to the son of Poseidon. According to Hestia, Sally kicked childbirths ass. All nineteen hours of it.

He still didn't understand how women did it all these years later. Kudos to them.

Minutes later, the back door that led to the alleyway swung open, with Naruto walking out with a trashbag gripped in one hand. Whistling a jaunty little tune with a slight skip in his step, he moved to the nearby bin and threw the bag inside.

'I wonder what Hestia's making Percy and Thalia for dinner tonight. I know Thalia has her hopes on burgers, but I doubt she'd make them two nights in a row.' He laughed imagining a patient-looking Hestia with her arms crossed as Thalia stomped unhappily in front of her, her fingers in her ears and trying to hold her breath. The daughter of Zeus had certainly inherited her father's stubbornness and often tried to get her own way by acting out, but Hestia was no stranger to such dramatics. If she could handle one such as Zeus, she could handle a young girl. He didn't know what the record was, but Hestia was overwhelmingly in the lead, whilst Thalia only had a victory or two over the past four years.

"HA! Found you!"

Blinking in surprise, Naruto had little time to react as he jumped high in the air, using his chakra to stick to a nearby wall as a large object flew past the spot he was previously standing. Turning his head to the entrance of the alleyway, he fought back a groan when he spotted a familiar deity blocking the way, his hand outstretched.

"Thor! What are you doing here!"

A jovial laugh escaped the God of Thunder as his hammer, Mjolnir, flew back into his hand in the blink of an eye. A grin was plastered on his face and swept his long red hair back as his intense blue eyes stared down the blonde with unfavoured glee.

"My old friend! I've spent the better part of a month trying to track you down until I finally got the word you were in this city!" He swung his hammer in the air, his smile turning into a grin, "I've come to challenge you! It's been centuries since we last fought. Let us shake the heavens with our fists one more time!"

Naruto wanted to groan, "We are not fighting in the middle of New York!"

The answer he got was another laugh from the God of Thunder and watched as he jumped high in the air with his hammer held high. He meant to crush it into the blondes skull but instead found himself getting drop kicked square in the chest and forced higher into the air. In the blink of an eye, Naruto landed and pushed himself back into the air and grabbed Thor before his body could exit the alleyway. When they landed, Naruto didn't give Thor a chance to act and promptly dragged him over to the nearby trash can and threw him inside. He threw the lid down with a loud resounding echo and flashed away with the bin and Thor in tow.

A bitter chill ran across his face as he landed on the steep mountainside of the Matterhorn in Switzerland. This would do for the time being.

"As I said, you idiot! We're not fighting! I like New York! I'm not levelling another city with you!" He blinked away, leaving the God of Thunder groaning inside the bin as he tried to gather his bearings. Naruto flashed back again, "Twice! We did that twice!" He flashed away again, returning to The Fox's Den to hurry his customers home and abruptly close his business for the evening.

This was not how his day was meant to end.

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