There was so much to get ready and yet not much that SHE could do. It seemed everyone was excited for the circus's arrival and that the pilots were able to get together again. Even Heero wasn't his entirely stoic self, and she managed to catch a few fragments of conversation over the circus with him from time to time.

The end of the month finally arrived and she heaved a small sigh, eyes avidly watching the main drive as far as she could see through the trees. Fingers gripped themselves tighter behind her back as teeth nibbled her lip.

"They'll arrive, calm down."

"I know that, I just hope they don't have any problems is all." She muttered, her mind praying that didn't happen. She wanted everything to go smoothly.

As soon as she spotted the trucks heading up the lengthy drive, she smiled and quickly went for the door. "I'll be right back. Don't MOVE." She joked, leaving the door open a crack.

He humphed; unable to habitually cross his arms due to the coverings. Even though his forearm was practically back to normal and his wrist had healed at almost twice the speed after putting it back in place, the bandage was still there. "Like I have a CHOICE?" He muttered monotone.

A quiet sigh worked its way through from the instant loneliness he felt, but knew she would NEVER leave him alone for too long. She fed him three times a day at almost clockwork intervals and spent some time with him before she went to bed. She just finished with breakfast and decided to wait for the trucks in his room, as it was a good view.

Nearly running down the steps, she stopped in front of the main double doors and swung them open to be greeted by the commotion outside. She looked on with bright eyes as she moved to spot the one person she longed to see again.

Ecstatic blue spotted Trowa a moment later, helping the crew haul stuff from the trucks. Forcing a casual step, she walked down the large amount to a small plateau and stopped. A few people spotted her above them and called the attention. She smiled brightly when she knew they were all looking at her and inhaled a deep breath.

"Welcome all." She began loudly. She wasn't in front of a microphone this time, so she knew she had to speak loud enough for everyone to clearly hear. "I'm so glad you could make it to the Sanc Kingdom for a few performances."

A hand swept out to the palace behind her. "My house is yours for as long as you're here. If there's something you need or have a question on, please don't hesitate to ask me or one of my staff." The hand swung back to clasp the other in front of her. "I hope you enjoy your stay."

A few cheers and a large amount of clapping followed her brief introduction. Nodding in acceptance, she let the crew resume its work as some of her staff came out to help direct where to put everything.

One hand elevated her lengthy skirt as she walked down the rest of the steps, looking for her friend again. With his height, he was easy to spot. "Trowa!" She called, successfully gaining his attention.

A member of her staff quickly took the box from his hands. The two met in the middle of the developing madness. She smiled a silent greeting, one that Trowa surprisingly copied. She was taken aback, but quickly recovered. "How have you been Trowa?

"Busy." Trowa answered, that tilt still to his mouth. Green looked around the hustle and bustle. "But it's been an interesting six months."

She was going to ask him to explain, but deep green danced around as if looking for someone. They stopped after a minute and the smile widened till teeth threatened to show. She could only stare as he quickly waved to someone behind them. This WASN'T the same Trowa that left just half a year ago!

'What HAPPENED to him??' She wondered. Her eyes sized him up again, taking in the relaxed, happy stance. 'He's so unlike the Trowa I shook hands with before he left here.' She blinked widening eyes.

"There she is." She turned around to see whoever was coming. "Hey love, over here!" Trowa called loudly.

She could've fallen over from shock. Trowa NEVER shouted, or even raised his voice...EVER. He hardly spoke before. 'What HAPPENED to him?!' She nearly screamed. To say she was surprised...and LOST...was an understatement.

A girl about her height and age stopped before them with a wide smile. She turned to Trowa, waiting for an explanation.

Trowa's hand extended palm out. Their hands lightly clasped and Trowa tugged the girl to his side. "Relena Peacecraft, may I present little Washu."

Washu ducked and blushed with a timid smile. "Did you HAVE to introduce me like that love?" She asked sternly, eyes joking. "You could have said YOUR Washu." Trowa only smiled in return.

"You can just call me Relena if you prefer. I know the last name is rather long." She joked, hoping to break the ice.

Washu stared at the extended hand before slowly accepting it. They lightly shook in greeting. When both let go, Washu looked up at Trowa. "Who?" She asked in confusion.

Trowa looked at her, also confused. "What?"

Washu looked at her momentarily and jerked a thumb over. "How do you know HER?" Washu asked, trying to figure it out.

Again, she could've fallen over from shock. Was the girl JOKING?? Blue and green both looked on with wide eyes. "You don't KNOW her?" Trowa asked incredulously. His jaw dropped slightly. "Are you SERIOUS?"

'She doesn't KNOW me??' She thought shocked. 'Wow...she must've lived a VERY recluse life!'

"Washu, this is RELENA PEACECRAFT." Trowa repeated slowly.

"So? And that means WHAT to me?"

She felt the harsh blow to her pride, but didn't let it show. 'Ouch.' She thought, mentally wincing. But she kept an even, slightly pleasant face in front of her good friend.

Trowa sighed, shaking his head slowly. "You mean you don't know Relena Peacecraft, former queen of the world?"

She grimaced slightly, remembering the title. "Actually, it's just Vice Foreign Minister." She corrected him with a sly smile.

Trowa looked at her and smiled slightly before turning his attention back to Washu. "She was a big part of the war love. She's the advocate of peace."

Speaking as if she wasn't there, and using such lavish praise, caused her cheeks to redden slightly. But she didn't say a word as Trowa tried to talk sense into the lost oriental girl.

Washu shook her head slowly. "Unless you didn't notice while you were THERE Trowa, my house didn't have any radios or televisions. My father took them all out and sold them." Black dropped to two fiddling hands. "He said he didn't want the war to 'taint' us. Wanted us to stay away from the horrors and all."

Her heart slightly went out to the sorrowful girl. She could see in the girl's downcast face that she went through something painful during, or possibly after, the war. They ALL did. It was unavoidable...

Trowa's face softened. A finger under that slim chin pulled solemn midnight eyes up to deeply caring green. "Well you know of her NOW don't you?" Trowa asked, a soft smile on his face.

"This is true." Washu muttered, the smile slowly widening. Trowa let go of her chin, allowing Washu to turn to her. That smile changed to one of friendship. "Sorry I was so rude, I've just been kept away from everything during that whole fiasco." Relena nodded, smiling to show she understood.

"Well I think it's a refreshing change of pace to have someone unfamiliar with me and my family. Makes it easier to make a first impression." She joked, mirth shining in her eyes. Trowa chuckled quietly and a tiny blush graced Washu's face.

"Well," She piped up, changing the subject, "why don't I show you around Washu. I'm assuming since you've never heard of ME, you've never heard of the Sanc Kingdom before." Washu looked up at the palace, excitement in widening eyes. She took that as a silent yes.

The three turned to the main stairs. Halfway up the first set, she stopped and turned to Trowa. "Oh before I forget Trowa..." Green looked up, giving his attention. "Duo and Hilde are still here." She smiled. "I asked if they would stay for a while, fill up the empty place and they agreed. Plus Hilde's nearly over the result of her injuries."

Her cheeks tinted pint. "Plus...well, um-" A wide idiot grin made its way through, cutting off speech. She ducked her head demurely. Trowa's eyes narrowed curiously and he nodded for her to continue. "Well...Heero is here as well...ALSO recovering."

Green widened and blinked. "I'm assuming you'll tell me what happened."

Her head bowed slowly in agreement. "It's been quite a story." She met his eyes good-naturedly. "You'll have to tell me YOURS when we get time."

Trowa smiled slightly and nodded. The three continued up the way and through the main doors. Washu's head spun around as she took in the beauty that surrounded her while she gave her the grand tour of her beloved home.


"There they ARE!"

"Would you SHUSH, I can't hear what Relena's saying!"

"Hey, who's the new girl??"

"I don't know! If you stop hiding behind the corner you'd find OUT!" A jovial smile was the only response. "Oh, and PUT ME DOWN!"

"No can DO girl, you're with me! Hmm, haven't we already HAD this conversation once before? You had your answer then and it hasn't changed at all." A frustrated sigh worked through the quiet hallway, but not loud enough to be heard by everybody.

"Come on, let's head um' off at the pass!!" A soft chuckle sounded. The two moved from their dark corner, trying to pinpoint the small tour's ending.


After announcing her presence, she slowly pushed the door open, making sure not to startle him. "Heero, it's only me." She called, still covered by the door. A loud grunt sounded in recognition. She smiled when she finally laid eyes on him, still as handsome as ever...even though he was still black and blue in a lot of spots.

Deep blue eyes swung to her, and the two behind her. His eyes narrowed slightly in defense from the unidentifiable person next to Trowa. Unexpressive eyes took in her profile.

The girl certainly didn't have any tact in his mind, but at least she was honest. Apparently from Trowa's reaction, one that he tried to hold surprise from, the youth agreed. That little conversation and display caused an upward flicker to a brows. It was small, but she saw it since she was still watching him. They BOTH had never seen this side of Trowa.

Turning to the couple behind her, she smiled politely. "Trowa, Washu...may I present Heero Yuy." Trowa nodded in silent greeting and he nodded slightly back, glad for the company to keep from going crazy.

Washu nodded with a smile. "Hi." She announced vocally.

After an almost uncomfortable silence that started with Washu and lessened a little with Trowa's silent eyes communicating something he couldn't pinpoint, an annoying voice broke through the quiet from outside.

"Hey all! Welcome back!!"

Trowa and Washu looked out the door. Trowa jerked Washu out of the way quickly as Duo and Hilde burst through.

Hilde looked miserable by Duo's behavior, unable to do anything in the position she was in. Hunching her shoulders over as much as possible in his arms, a hand gripped the cane tighter from embarrassment. To the casual observer, it would seem Hilde was being held against her own will. But to those that knew of the two's history knew that she didn't mind being carried around by Duo.

Duo stopped near his bed and regarded the two newcomers with a bright smile. Hilde glared at Duo lightly while he eyed the oriental girl. "You know I HATE when you do that! Act like a NORMAL human being!"

"WHAT?" Duo asked playfully, looking into light blue.

Hilde sighed and shook her head, not that irritated with Duo. "Can you put me DOWN now?"

Duo regarded her question/order for a second before complying. He made sure she was able to support herself before walking to Trowa and slapped his back happily. "How ya been dude??" Duo smiled widely.

Trowa blushed somewhat from such an exuberant greeting. He faintly smiled back at Duo, shocking the Gundam pilot.

Duo blinked wide eyes before looking at the girl lightly clutching Trowa's arm, still alarmed at the two that burst through the doorway. "Hi, I saw you outside." A hand stuck out and Washu took it slowly. "I'm Duo Maxwell." A thumb jerked behind him with a wide smile. "And that over there is Hilde Schebeiker." Somehow, that smile widened. "The love of my life, apple of my eye, girl of my dreams-"

"The one who's going to SMACK you if you don't stop EMBARRASSING me." Hilde finished with a wry grin. After carefully walking over to the four, a hand extended with a warm smile. "I don't think we caught your name."

"It's Washu, but I've been called OTHER names." Washu's smile widened, eyes moving to Trowa. A brow rose defiantly at the small evil grin.

"This's JUST what we need!" Duo suddenly exclaimed. Everyone looked at him curiously. "Like we don't have ENOUGH mushy couples loitering the place! Now I have to put up with ANOTHER!" Hilde smiled in apology, feeling embarrassment for Duo's strange outburst.

"Aren't you forgetting somebody?" He asked darkly. He didn't care for Duo to be broadcasting his feelings for Relena to someone he didn't know. He already surmised Hilde and Duo already knew before he left, and now he had to deal with Duo's teasing. He glared at Duo, who only blinked at him innocently.

"That's RIGHT." She piped up, snapping her fingers. She turned to Trowa and Washu with a smile. "Quatre and his secretary are coming to Earth for a couple of performances." The smile turned to a smirk. "He said that he wasn't going to pass up an opportunity to take a vacation and see you again. He said he was going to bring along his secretary to still get a little work done though. The two are staying here for the duration."

Duo watched the loving exchange between the new pair with wide eyes. It was the first time he'd ever seen Trowa so vocal and it cast him into shock. He quickly recovered and smiled widely. "Too bad Wufei isn't here eh Trowa?" The two pilots looked at each other. "We could have a reunion. Have a REAL get together!"

Trowa's eyes narrowed curiously. "Where IS Wufei at?"

"On some MISSION." Duo's shoulders rose in a carefree gesture. "No one's heard from him."

"That's because I haven't been able to get to a transmitter station and check FREQUENCIES." He broke in irate. His gaze met blue with his normal glare, looking at the reason for his current position.

She returned it full force, propping frustrating hands on both hips. She could DEFINITELY give him a run for his money when she got mad. "Well excuse ME Mr. Yuy for making sure you recovered to full health!" She spat out.

She was getting rather tired of his ego, pride, and general obstinacy when it came to trying to help him. How did she ever fall in love with him?? That was so hard to answer sometimes...

He could've cringed from such formal use of his name, and the way it was said, but kept his glare going. She knew the mission he sent Wufei on was important, but she kept him bedridden like a little child. Besides, he could set his OWN broken bones...and already did, though SHE would never know.

He knew if he blabbed that she just might think it the same as him trying to get out of bed, which he ALSO did and would never admit, and throw him out as well. It was rather nice to not talk sometimes.

"I just wanted to make sure you were as comfortable as possible and nursed back to health; is that so WRONG of me?" She asked, frustration in her voice. Mission or not, she was tired of him acting like a spoiled BRAT through all her kindness. There were so many instances when she wanted to say to hell with pacifism and slap some sense into him!

A small twinge of guilt ate at his conscience. She was right...though right now, in front of all these people, he loathed to admit it. His glare softened minuscule, but still kept eye contact with her.

After a minute of uncomfortable silence, deep blue eyes dropped to his injuries. "Well, there has to be SOME way to get a station in here so I can work. Since I apparently can't MOVE..." He muttered, still eyeing the bandages on his wrist, ankle, and knee.

The glare dropped in an instant, knowing she won that 'battle'. There were many times when she had to have this type of talk with him, reminding him he was only human. There was no WAY he could get out of bed even if he wanted to, he couldn't even walk.

An easygoing smile popped up, the whole ordeal already forgotten. She turned to Trowa and Duo. "Well I'm sure there's a way. Now that you're here Trowa, you can help Duo figure out a way to rig something up in here for Heero. Duo said that there's supplies around here to jerry-rig something, but I have no idea what that means."

Hilde's small conversation with Trowa fluttered her heart and she blinked back the mist to her eyes. The girl was so kind, and it was mildly funny to see Trowa blush. Trowa just wasn't the type and it was hard to see him blush, even with her own two eyes.

Walking to the door, she eyed everyone. "Well...why don't we let Heero alone for some sleep." She could still feel the evil eye he was giving her from the argument and felt it best to cut out while she could.

He stared at her, mentally shocked. His face was entirely composed as he watched Duo scoop up a protesting Hilde and carry her from the room.

Once all were out, she looked at him with soft eyes and smiled. "I'm only doing this to keep you safe Heero." One hand lightly gripped the doorknob and started slowly swinging it closed. "And to keep me from worrying about you too much. Sleep well..."

His eyes stayed on the door long after it softly clicked shut. Her words kept ringing through his ears. Unfamiliar warmth started expanding in his heart. Slowly, deep blue gravitated to an open window across from his bed, thoughtfully staring at the blue sky.

Silence poured through the room as he curiously chewed on her words, still uncertain of his feelings and what their whole situation was. Only in clear times was he ever sure about them.

Exhaling a soft breath, his body sagged into the mattress and multiple pillows stacked behind his back. Staring at the ceiling, his eyes slowly closed, feeling fatigue from his injuries catch up with him.


Only two hours after everyone got settled, things put away, and lunch done with, the last of the party finally arrived. "Quatre! Divinity!" She loudly greeted, hurrying down the steps. She briefly, but tightly hugged them both before grabbing a hand. "I'm SO GLAD you could make it! Everyone else is inside waiting."

"Everyone?" Divinity asked, trying to roll the bag up the stairs.

"Well, ALMOST everyone." She answered, a smirk appearing.

As soon as they got past the grand double doors, an even GRANDER entrance surrounded them. Divinity's eyes widened again as she looked around in utter shock. "¡Aye DIOS MIO!" She breathed.

She smiled. "Come on; leave your stuff at the stairs. You can take it to your rooms later." Doing as requested, they dropped the luggage and carry-on, being drug in a direction seconds later. "I want you to meet our friends Divinity."

"Okay..." Divinity muttered, still eyeing the room.

After going into a sort of sitting room, she let go of Quatre's hand, but tugged Divinity next to her. "Divinity Barbados, may I present Duo Maxwell and Hilde Schebeiker, Trowa Barton and Washu, and Trowa's sister Catherine."

It was funny along with sad to see how Quatre and Divinity's flirting reminded her of Duo and Hilde. She fought a grimace when Quatre started speaking Spanish with that loving look on his face. Another extremely close couple.

She watched the whole proceedings between friends and couples until Duo stepped up and grasped Divinity's hair. She had to smile. It seemed she, Washu, Divinity, and Duo all had something in common. The thought made her want to laugh, but she bit her lip and kept quiet.

Clearing her throat for attention, a gracious smile popped up. "Now that introductions are over with, how bout everyone get to know each other or tell how their half year has gone? I personally want to hear the outcome of how you two got things figured out." Blue eyed Quatre and Divinity.

Each couple, minus her, sat together in the furniture setting. She sat in one of the plush armchairs and looked around, wishing Heero were well enough to sit with. Even though she knew she wouldn't be able to sit like the others, he'd be in the room and that's all she wanted, his presence near.

"So," She piped up, "who should start FIRST?" The three couples looked at each other, but Trowa figured he should give his instances with Washu first, then let Quatre speak.

She sat back and listened with an open ear, her heart going out to Trowa and Washu during the more trying times. She smiled during the humor parts Washu recanted and worried a little during the explanation that eventually started the friendship.

When Quatre and Divinity started, she got a little more detailed account of how they met and some instances than what Quatre already said. She kept silent on what she was told of the family call that started things for them, seeing the two bypass some of the details.

Hearing Divinity's offer for musical requests, she wondered who ELSE played what. From what she knew, Trowa played the flute; Washu played guitar; Quatre the violin; and Divinity piano plus a few other instruments. She had a regular BAND in her sitting room. The thought made her smile.

When they finished, her mind was swimming with both tales. And she had yet to tell HERS! "It seems that you two have had quite the six months!" She kidded, smiling to Quatre and Divinity. A hand ran over her face. "Man, where to start with MINE?" She absently wondered.

"How about AFTER Trowa and Quatre left Lena'?" Duo humorously suggested. Hilde lightly elbowed him in the chest while she playfully glared.

"THANK you, DUO." She wittily retorted. He cheekily grinned and nodded. With a sigh, her mind threw itself back to six months ago, going into the more 'adventurous' parts of her life. She told little about Hilde's condition, leaving that in the past.

She also didn't want to upset Duo anymore than he would be over that, knowing the brunette would be protective of Hilde until the feelings past...which could take a few days. The last thing she wanted was to be a part of Hilde's irritation because she innocently told about trying to help the healing process. Not to mention she had a feeling that if she mentioned Noin or Sally's treatment during her time on L-4, that Duo would go ask about that, knowing they wouldn't be so strict.

She gave little of Heero's 'mission', leaving that up to him to tell, if he wanted to. She let Duo talk during his absence in Sank, hearing a few details he hadn't gone into the first time after he returned. Her eyes widened. "THAT'S what Heero sent Wufei after?!" She nearly screeched, trying to keep calm. This wasn't good... She hoped Wufei would fair better than Heero...

Duo nodded darkly. "That girl isn't all there I think." Hilde looked at him disapprovingly, but Duo just shook his head. "I'm SERIOUS babe, she was like, FREAKY. I'm surprised Heero was able to LAST against her as long as he had! I know I wouldn't have!"

"But, enough about this strange girl," Quatre answered, "can I go see how Heero's improving?" Blue met blue expectantly. "Besides, I want Diva to meet him too. See if she can jostle his exterior."

She smirked and looked at Washu. "Good luck. Washu didn't have any real effect on him, except make him more suspicious."

Even though she was hesitant to keep bringing people into his room like he was some sideshow, she did want him to be acquainted with those he would be spending the place with. Depending on how long it took for him to heal that was.

She looked at the clock. It'd only been a few hours since she checked on him with Trowa and Washu in tow. But she figured, with HIS acute hearing, he was awake as soon as Quatre and Divinity got inside the main entrance.

"I'm sure he's had enough time to rest." She grinned wryly. "Probably cursing me for keeping him stationed so long." Quatre and Duo grinned.

She soon got in front to lead them to his room. She knocked quietly, announcing her presence. Slowly opening the door to check his state, she was mildly relieved he WAS awake. She didn't want to wake him up as much as possible, knowing he rarely slept during the war, if at ALL. "Heero," She smiled and pushed the door open, "I have more visitors for you."

His eyes slowly closed as if she was pushing his tolerance. They opened to find three couples plus Relena crowd in the large room. He nodded to Trowa and Washu again, eyeing Duo, and locking eyes with Quatre.

He nodded a small greeting to the Arab; able to hear bits and pieces of their conversation downstairs when he woke. Part of him was tempted to tear off the bandages and go down to hear for himself, but he restrained that urge. He knew she wouldn't hesitate to scoff and lecture him about her promise in front of everyone.

And even though this position was utterly boring, uncomfortable, and undignified, he had no REAL qualms about Relena BABYING him like she did. Sadly enough, he felt a little out of place being so far away from her when she was alone with so many people. It seemed wrong somehow, to not at least STAND by her with three couples crowding the place.

After more introductions and small talk, she nearly shooed everyone from the room with promise that she'd come check back on him with dinner and to TRY and get some more rest. He sighed and stared at the ceiling for what seemed an insurmountable time before finally doing as she suggested.


It had been a long day. A hectic one, but one spent with friends. She couldn't really complain in that case. There was a lot of big plans going on under this roof and she was mildly glad to be apart of some of them.

She let Trowa do what he wanted with the cooks for dinner, still unable to hide the romantic grin she first gave upon finding what he intended on doing.

After helping decorate the music room, she let Washu get ready for tonight and spent some time alone in her room, grabbing a small nap. She was going to need it and the others were all busy. The circus was puttering around here somewhere; Quatre and Divinity were exploring; Noin and Sally were SOMEWHERE in the big place; and Duo and Hilde were somewhere outside. She had nothing to do as hostess for now.

By the time she woke again, it was time for dinner. It was still pretty early for a normal time, but nothing of a hassle. The cook was pretty used to her schedule, and was nearly on call anymore, as she wasn't expecting anything for eating on the run all the time.

The dining room was full and the long table put to use for once as the circus and her friends crowded around. Duo asked about Trowa and Washu's absence, but she gave a brief explanation, trying not to smile. She didn't want to blow Trowa's surprise by having Duo head up there to bug either.

After the early dinner, she grabbed some of the food on a tray to feed it to Heero. He greeted her with his normal silence, but with all these people around, she felt a lot more at ease tonight. She didn't feel as lonely, even though there were so many people around. There were friends here.

"Don't worry," She muttered, smiling as she set the tray down, "it isn't soup this time."

"You get pleasure out of tormenting me, don't you?" He muttered, slowly turning to face her.

She couldn't help but grin at his weak glare. She picked up the plate and held it out, letting him take it with his good hand, compromising this once. "Somewhat...but you don't make it easy you know..."

He looked away in silence, putting the much needed food in his mouth. He hadn't eaten in five or six hours and his stomach was going to start growling soon. He took another bite of the rice ball and didn't answer her. He knew that, but he wasn't going to admit it.

After a while, curiosity of being inside these four walls was eating at him about everyone else's whereabouts. "What's going on out there?" He mumbled, going for another rice ball.

She gave a small, gentle smile at his attempt to talk. Perhaps letting him feed himself was a good idea... Standing, she went to the window and looked down, seeing the sun setting. "Trowa and Washu are going to celebrate their six month anniversary." She softly reported. "Quatre and Divinity went to look around, but later they're going to be apart of Washu's surprise. As far as I remember, Duo was carrying Hilde outside for a porch to watch the sunset."

He silently nodded and stared outside as well. This time was different, she was different. He couldn't really identify it, but she was a lot less stressed than normal. That was always a good thing really.

After a while, she sat at the table and met his eyes. A hand propped her head up as she watch. Whatever possessed her to do this she didn't know. It had to be the romantic atmosphere surrounding the place, brought on by three couples in love. She would like to make it a fourth, but Heero wasn't that type of person. If he felt ANY emotion toward her, as she was sure he had to've, he expressed it in his own way.

When the sun was halfway down, he finally blinked. "Something wrong?" He quietly asked, confused at why she didn't look away.

She simply smiled and shook her head, standing to go back to the windows. She opened one for the fresh air, also wanting to know what song Trowa had in mind for tonight. She let him wire the area he intended on taking Washu to, with the only stipulation that he explain what it was for. Trowa only explained his intentions, but not the song.

It wasn't long before soft music fluttered through the opening. Her head tilted at the piano, leaning out in the archway a little to hear better. She disregarded the person behind for a moment, ears perked to the lyrics. She was able to easily pick them out since they were so slow. A soft smile tilted her lips. This was what Trowa was going to sing?

Some of the words struck a chord, and deep blue couldn't remove themselves from the figure in the doorway. The concept of light and dark in the dusk of night. He swallowed and suddenly found his throat dry... Blinking, he felt his heart race a little more...mostly toward her. His blue-eyed, blond angel. "Relena..." He whispered, the word leaving his mouth before he knew it.

She slowly turned to the bed, head tilting in small wonder. She met his eyes with a soft, neutral expression. She was minutely startled at seeing such intensity in his gaze and found her feet moving by themselves.

Before she knew it, she was sitting by his side on the bed, still locking eyes. She harshly swallowed as her heart fluttered dramatically, pulse skyrocketing. What was he thinking right now? A hand rose and slowly touched his injured wrist, entwining their fingers...

Before he knew what he was doing, too lost in the words and those eyes, his fingers squeezed hers in some unknown message. She seemed to understand as she squeezed back and smiled minutely. His jaw clenched at that smile and his bad arm rose as if in a trance to her face...

Blue fluttered shut when calloused fingers came in contact with soft skin. Her head tilted into his touch, feeling her heart roar as his fingers slowly moved over the side of her face. How long had she waited for this kind of tenderness? She knew there was a spark of it inside that soldier exterior and if she just chipped away enough at it...

He harshly swallowed at the look on her face. Her hair spilt to the bed and he had a desire to run his fingers through it. His mind was interestingly blank for once, void of everything except emotion over that song. His thumb brushed over her cheek, fingers cupping her jaw. Her skin was so soft...

Her fingers tightened against his as she inhaled a shaky breath. "Heero..." She whispered, eyes fluttering open.

It was a good thing his ribcage was nearly healed or he would be going through intense pain the way his heart was beating. As it was, he was finding it hard to breathe... "Relena..."

She wanted to kiss him. Never had a moment been so right. Somewhere in the place, a crash sounded, even through the closed door. Both pairs of eyes jerked to it. When they looked to each other, the piano hit the final notes and the spell was broken.

With a heady blush, she fought an embarrassed grin and pulled away to the door, opening it enough to look out and see what the commotion was. She stepped to the archway, looking both ways but not seeing anything. A whisper of a voice floated up, laughter following it. That sounded remarkably like Duo and Hilde and she heaved a sigh at their behavior.

She turned back to the bed with a small smile. "Those two..." She muttered, feeling a little uncomfortable. When she met blue again, any trace of that earlier emotion was gone. Mentally sighing, she wandered to the window to see if she could hear anything about Trowa and Washu.

Any distraction was a good thing right now...although she was tempted to march downstairs and yell at those two for interrupting what could've been their first real kiss! But if she did that, neither was going to hear the end of it from Duo and Hilde.


The night wore on slowly, few people still up. Only a few pairs of teen couples still loitered about, two still singing in the dance hall.

Another spied from their vantage from the open doors, the beautiful music wafting through. The two smiled, coming to find out what was going on as soon as the piano started up.

"They are SO CUTE together." Hilde whispered excitedly.

Duo smiled widely and nodded in agreement. "Yea. Trowa really did alright for himself." He muttered happily.

Hilde smiled from the onslaught of an idea. "Dance with me Duo." She asked happily.

Violet looked at blue, slightly skeptical. "That's kind of impossible to do cutie, through your limp." Hilde shook her head and grabbed his hands, drawing his body to hers.

"Nothing's impossible." Hilde whispered, resting her feet lightly over his.

Duo smiled widely in realization and quietly rested her cane in an easy to reach place. Wrapping on arm around her waist tightly, the other grasped a hand as he slowly led the two in a silly romantic dance.


The song roaming through the silent halls. She smiled and stared out the window, feeling the romance in the area full force. She listened to the pairs of voices, hearing the beautiful words and their meaning. She knew that this was Washu's and Trowa's song, Washu came to her and told her so.

She was so happy for Trowa, finding such a kind girl to love. She was glad she got to know Washu and hoped they would become friends. Turning from the window, she looked across the room, arms casually folded.

She was bathed in moonlight, creating a beautiful contrast of shadow and light with her face. Smiling softly, she stared at him, never wavering. A halo from the moon created on the crown of her head, giving her an even more angelic look than she already possessed.

"It's a beautiful song." She softly commented.

He nodded slowly, his gaze transfixed on the lovely creature in front of him. Slowly, she walked over to the edge of the large bed, standing at the foot.

"It's a shame you can't stand with your injuries or I'd ask you to dance with me." She whispered. He blinked and blue softened slightly. She noticed it and her eyes crinkled through a smile.

Moving closer, she carefully sat at his side just like minutes ago, staring at deep blue, almost black by the lack of light. She never got tired of looking into those eyes. They held so much emotion, even though the rest of his face carefully lacked it. A hand moved over his body and pressed into the mattress on the other side as she shifted her weight.

Confusion and bashfulness was clearly written in his eyes, though kept from the rest of his features. She smiled slightly, eyes sparkling. "I guess I'll have to take what I can get, won't I?" She softly continued. A brow furrowed slightly, wondering what she was getting at.

Biting her lip for a second, unsure to continue, she quickly threw all caution to the wind. This wasn't the first time; it wouldn't be the last. Leaning forward slowly, she stopped a breath away from his lips. "Kiss me Heero." She breathed.

Time stopped, her breath held in waiting, heart hoping against hope. This was technically the first time he would kiss her. Perhaps they would be able to have that kiss that got so rudely interrupted only minutes ago...

His eyes slowly fluttered closed as he timidly responded to her request. Their lips met in the center in a gentle kiss, full of unknowing love.

Though unable to dance along with the romantic air that saturated the area, they provided enough of their own to the mix. Four couples shared all the love in their hearts, some held captive by unsure emotions, others willingly showing it after so long of holding it back. Their happiness reigned throughout the night, even after the song was done and the spell broken.

Three other couples joined in the soft romantic kiss, touching souls with their soul mates. Some unknowing of the fact; others knowing all too well.