KP meets the PPG!
Chapter 1

The city of Townsville...

A peaceful city, were the citizens were fast asleep and resting up for a bright new day, But wait!
What's happening at Mojo's volcano top observatory?

The dark lair was dimly lit up as a window was opened, letting a ray of moon light shine in. Then
two figures sneaked quietly in and checked to make sure that Mojo hadn't woken up. One of the
figures was tall and wearing a dark blue suit with a black belt, he had a blue face and a scar on the
side of his face. The other person was female and had long flowing black hair, and a jumpsuit that
looked like a mixture of green and black. Her skin had a greenish tint to it.

" Sheego, will you stop wasting time and hurry up!" the blue skinned person said. " Sorry
Drakken," The green skinned person said " Are you sure this is the right place? This is the 76th lair
we've looked in". " I'm sure this time" Drakken said. As he looked through Mojo's library,
Sheego leaned against the wall and crossed her arms impatiently. " I FOUND IT!" Drakken
shouted a few moments later. "Shhh!'' Sheego hissed "do you want that monkey to wake up?, by
the way, what did you find?" Drakken was clutching a black book labeled My Best plans by Mojo
Jojo. "What good will that do?" Sheego asked. Drakken flipped open the book and flipped page
after page until he came to a specific page. "This is what good it will do!" he said, thrusting the
book into Sheego's face. The page was titled My recipe for the RowdyRuff Boys. " this is what
will help us defeat that infernal Kim Possible once and for all!". Sheego looked puzzled "how will
that help us?" she asked. "You'll see Sheego, You'll see" Drakken said, he laughed as they snuck
out quickly in order to put Drakken's plan into action

to be continued...
MOJOJOJO22: Well, that's my first part, I hope you liked it, and also, if anyone knows the names
of the Rowdyruff Boys, please tell me them. Thanks!