Chapter 3

That Night...

Kim sat in her room, finishing up her home work, when she heard the familiar sound of her Kimunicator,

She picked it up and turned it on, showing the face of her friend Wade. "Hey Wade, what's up?"
Kim asked. "Kim!" Wade said "I just received word that Drakken is robing the state federal gold repository, I need you there ASAP!"

"I'm on it Wade" Kim replied


Drakken rubbed his hands together as his henchman finished unloading the gold into his truck.

"Just perfect, my scheme is going just as planned, and no sign of Kim Possible, However, she does have an unsightly habit of spoiling my fun at the last minute."

"Sorry" a voice called out "it's what I do"

Kim jumped down and landed in front of Drakken. His henchman immediately moved toward Kim, but Drakken stood in front of them.

"Don't waste your time boys, I have a surprise in store for little Kimmie"

He put his fingers in his mouth and whistled, immediately, three streaks of light, one red, one green, and one blue zipped in.

"What the..?" Kim said as she stared, dumbfounded.

"Kim Possible" Drakken said "I would like you to meet my newest henchmen, or henchboys , the RowdyRuff Boys!"

"Hiring kids to do your dirty work?" Kim scoffed "that's low, even for you Drakken"

"Oh these are no ordinary kids, Kim" Drakken said smiling "BOYS ATTACK!"

"With pleasure" Brick said

"They immediately rushed at Kim, who put up her hands in defense, Butch launched a power-
packed punch which sent Kim flying into a wall.

Dazed and hurting from the blow, Kim attempted to get up, but the boys rushed at her and started furiously beating her up.

Drakken laughed maliciously as he watched.

"Ha ha ha ha ha!, that's it! Destroy Kim Possible!"

One of his henchmen reached over and tapped him on the shoulder.

"Uh boss,are you sure you wanna just kill her now?"

"Hm" Drakken thought "your right, I should save some fun for next time"

He walked over to where the boys were demolishing a bruised and bloody Kim Possible.

"Boy's, let's stop for now, we want to save some fun for later, don't we?"

The boys stopped and looked at Kim. "Eh, I suppose your right dad" Boomer said smirking.

"Besides" Butch said "this bitch really ain't putting up much of a fight".

"Butch! Watch your language!" Drakken said sternly.

"Sorry dad" Butch said as they headed to the car.

"Farewell Kim Possible!" Drakken said as the got into the car "next time, I promise you'll get much worse" .

With that, they drove away laughing as Kim closed her eyes and fell unconcious, wating for the police to arrive and find her.

To be continued...