Star Trek Hunter
Episode 10: Interview With An Ethicist
Scene 1: Pilgrim's Landing

Pilgrim's Landing

On arriving at Pilgrim's Landing, Dr. Kenny Dolphin met with Governor Emory Ivonovic's representatives, who ushered him into a room and demanded all of his clothing. A suit of clothing, complete with undergarments and a highly polished pair of Wellingtons, was laid out for him. Dolphin was a bit discomfited that the governor's representatives insisted on watching as he disrobed and then searching him for tracking devices, but they seemed satisfied once he entered the shower and allowed him to don his new wardrobe in relative privacy.

Dolphin could not help but admire the new clothing he had been given. He had never worn anything so well made – all hand-made clothing, including the socks and undergarments. Made from fabrics with extremely high thread counts. The suit was simple, dark brown with a subtle gold pin striping and a simple white shirt, but flawlessly tailored from extremely high quality wools, silks and cotton and fitted to him so precisely that he wondered where they had gotten his measurements from.
As he emerged from the dressing room, one of the governor's representatives stepped up briskly behind him and administered a fast-acting sedative.


Dolphin awoke in a darkened room, seated in an overstuffed leather armchair. Another of the governor's representatives, this time an attractive young woman, ushered him, once the sedative had worn off, to an adjoining room. A simple table supported a small amount of fresh fruit, water and a few slices of homemade breads and cheeses. The two rooms appeared to have only the one door between them. But when Dolphin returned to the interview room, only one other person was in the room – Governor Emory Ivonovic.


"I apologize for any inconvenience and discomfort, Dr. Dolphin. Your clothing and any items they contained, including your communicator, are safely stored back on New Hope and will be returned to you when you return to Pilgrim's Landing. I hope that the gift of a tailor-made Gillano suit will serve as sufficient apology for our precautions."

"I take it that Gillano is a tailor on New Hope?" Dolphin responded.

"Gillano and Sons. Established shortly after the city of Charity was founded. The shop is still located on the original main street where Philippa Gillano first opened it with her sons more than 200 years ago. Most people are unaware of the many fine goods manufactured by hand on the Colony of New Hope, but the founders of the colony brought that aesthetic with them and we natives are quite proud of the quality of our home industries."

"I have never worn anything so comfortable or so well-made. It is a fine gift. I had anticipated some fairly intrusive inspection on my arrival. Your representatives were respectful, if quite thorough. My doctor might learn something from how carefully they inspected my loins…"

Ivonovic laughed, then ushered Dolphin to the overstuffed chair he had awoken in. He took a seat in a similar armchair situated at a 90 degree angle. A small table between them held a carafe of ice water and two glasses. "Let's talk a little before we begin recording. I want to be sure that you are comfortable with what we are doing here. We should lay out some ground rules – I will start: It is my intention to air this interview in its entirety, unbroken, with no edits except for those you request. If I believe we are getting into something that, for any reason, I would be uncomfortable airing, I will let you know as we are discussing it. Please let me know what areas you would like to avoid."

"I want to keep my family out of this," Dolphin said. "People may be aware that I am divorced, but I don't want my daughters or my ex-wife to suffer any more exposure than they already have in all of this."

"How many daughters do you have?"


"Do they still talk to you?"

"Just recently I think things have warmed up a bit with my youngest. The elder daughter hasn't spoken to me in years," Dolphin said.

Ivonovic relaxed back into his overstuffed armchair. "Count yourself fortunate, Dr. Dolphin. I have two ex-wives, three daughters and two step-daughters. None of them are on very good terms with me – we talk, but not often. I'm afraid my career has been very destructive to my attempts at family. At least you stopped at one marriage."

"I have no intention of re-marrying," Dolphin said.

"Wise move. If one woman divorces you – maybe it's her. If two divorce you, you are the problem."

"I didn't need the second marriage to tell me that."

Ivonovic laughed again. "Are you ready to begin the interview? I will call my assistants in. There will be two recording specialists here throughout. They will stop us only if there is a problem with the equipment or a security issue."

Dolphin relaxed back into the plush leather armchair, rolled his head back, letting his body melt into it and remained motionless for several heartbeats. He leaned forward and stretched, sat up and composed himself, then said, "Let's go."