The scene opens with Crimson beating away at the projector in rage. The poor machine made grunting noises and refused to start. So for the longest time Crimson was trying to get the damn thing to work.

"Did you fix it yet?" Ruby asked, bored looking at the blank screen.

"Yeah It feels like three months and twenty three days since you got that thing to work." Nora complains.

"Oddly pacific but yes. I agree with her." Sienna added.

"I tried everything, from turning it off and on, to pulling the plug and putting it back in, hell I prayed to this damn thing!" Crimson said in a bitter tone.

"Have you tried hitting it? Worked with my dad's car." Yang chimes in.

Crimson gives her a deadly glare. "What do you think I have been doing for the last 2 hours?"

"(Sigh) Well, perhaps you should hit it harder. It's not like a new video player will arrive on our do... *Ding, Dong*" Before Weiss could even finish her sentence, the sound of a doorbell was heard.

"... huh, I didn't know you have a front door, much less a doorbell." Sun remarks as he looks around for where that sound came from.

"I don't." Crimson bitterly as he walks away from the projector before disappearing from the room. The view changes to a castle in a dark misty land with a blood-colored moon overhead. Crimson walks to the front door, taking a breath before opening it. "What is it, because if this is one of those Jehovah's Witnesses get out of here... But if you're Mormon do you need some water or do you need to use the restroom?"

On the other side of the door was a family Russian gas masked man dressed in a 70's mailman uniform. Holding a package. "Mr. FEV Hrim? Oh hey Crimson. How's the show going?"

"Terrible, the projector is dead." Crimson says as he stares at the people behind the one who spoke.

"Ah, sorry to hear that. Oh that reminds me. Here you go." Wombag then hands Crimson a box and paper clip. "Sign here."

"True Name, Persona Name or what?" Crimson asks with an eyebrow raised.

Wombag give a shrug. "Should be on the paper. I got fifty deliveries after this."

"Alright." Crimson writes down at the line before handing it back.

Wombag takes the clipboard before walking away. Back inside the girls and guys waited patiently when Crimson walked on in with a package of sorts.

"So what do you got there?" Jaune asked

"Not a clue, one of my friends is now working for the post office now. Didn't see that coming." Crimson says as he puts the box down. "Well, wonder what's in here?" Crimson summons a box cutter and uses it to cut the tape before opening the lids.

Inside was a golden carpenter's hammer, with a note. The Note reading 'Happy anniversary honey -JLF'

"Who is JLF?" Weiss asks as she sees the note.

"Not a clue... Also, I'm single... Shit, I got the wrong package!" Crimson screamed before teleporting back to the castle, seeing the people from before inside with a broken door fighting werewolves, vampires and other monsters. "Shit, I knew I forgot to tell him something."

As Crimson Weresloth was busy dealing with the vampires, werewolves, and IRS business men. The shiny gold hammer caught Sun's attention. He quickly picks it up only for Neo to grab it.

"Hey! Mine shortcake!" Sun hissed.

"No mine!" Neo said with a sign, before hitting Sun with the sign.

As they fought, the hammer slipped from each other's hands and landed on the project. Suddenly the machine looked brand new and the next chapter began. Moments later Crimson comes back covered in black and red blood. "What happened to you!?" Velvet yelled in a fright.

"The red ones came from the werewolves and vampires, and the black ones are from some IRS agents." He said as he walked to the project. "... Well shit, who will fix it?" He asked excitedly.

"Well, um. I guess Sun and Neo just hit it even harder." Pyrrha said with a nervous smile on her.

"Huh, I'll remember this." Crimson said as he checked the projector before playing the film.

Ch.19 Nuclear Winter Wonderland

"Nuclear Winter Wonderland?" Weiss asks in confusion, Crimson just shakes his head with a sigh.

West of New Vegas the next morning.

Along a dusty old road three figures walked up the lonely old road. Or more like four if you count the cybernetic dog in Ruby's arm.

Weiss awed at Rex, with Velvet, Penny and strangely Sienna joining in.

"Ugh, don't worry Rex. We… will get you… to the doctor." Ruby struggles to say as she trudges up the mountain with Rex snuggling in her arms. After trudging on for a few more steps she collapses landing face first onto the old ground.

The room cringed at seeing the young reaper landed on her face on screen.

As she lays there Rex stands up and whimpers as Weiss walks beside her. Ruby then moans like she was on her deathbed. "Ugh, Weiss. I can't go on… you must carry on without me. Tell Yang I died heroically, ugh…"

Crimson snicker, causing everyone to turn to him. "What's so funny?" Penny asks.

"Just remember this video I saw. Some soldiers were retreating and as they ran, the one from behind told his friend. 'If I don't make it remember me as like- better than I actually was!'" Crimson explains, getting some dark looks. "He and his friend survived, can't say for most of his regiment though."

"Ruby, you didn't have to carry the two-hundred-pound mutt." Weiss scolds her as Rex gives a simple whimper.

"But Rex is sick, I didn't want him getting tired." Ruby said in her defense.

"Yeah I'm sure a two-hundred-year-old military grade mutt will get tired after traveling half a day." Weiss remarks sarcastically as she pulls a flask of water and holds it to Ruby's lips. "You're a dolt if you think that carrying Rex without suffering a heat stroke."

"That actually makes it worse." Sun stated, before realising something that Weiss said. "Wait, that's a 200 year old dog?!"

"Oh, yeah. You weren't here when it was explained. Yeah, Rex came from before the war and has been living like that for a long time now." Ruby explains adding more confusion for the newcomers.

"But he is tired." Ruby groans before taking a sip of the water. "Besides I'm fine."

"Ruby, we were attacked by raiders… five times. Jaune was nearly torched by that guy with the flamethrower. We were also attacked by a horde of those wasp insect things." Weiss had to take a moment to shudder for a moment. "My point is a sniper would have been really helpful for fighting those things, or warning us so we can sneak around them, dolt."

"Ah, shit. That explains it." Crimson said.

"What does?" Weiss asks.

"You three killed Cook-Cook." Crimson answered like it was the most obvious before sighing. "Alright so there is a mini-faction called the fiends, and they are just some waste of life."

"Really, I doubt they're worse than the Legion." Yang said bitterly only to get a crude laugh from the host.

"Trust me when I say the fucking slavers are better than the Fiends. There nothing more than some drugged-up murderous rapist who will rape you, kill you, eat you or sometimes all at once." The room fell to a horrid silence, even the two killers in the room went quiet. "Anyways Cook-Cook got the title of The Rapist of the Mojave, who burns people alive and cooks the Fiends' food." Crimson said in a bloodthirsty tone almost like he wants to kill someone like the Fiends.

"I think it would be wise to leave this subject alone." Coco advises, as everyone agrees, even Crimson nod.

"Also, you have been hallucinating since we passed by Cassidy's caravan." Jaune remarks as he takes the opportunity to wipe the remaining soot from his face. This reveals a few cuts and bruises he received a few hours before the trip.

"But they were real!" Ruby said defensively as she sat up.

"What did I see?" Ruby asks in confusion.

"You went to the bathroom then after a few moments you raced out of the corn field with your jumpsuit down screaming about aliens. That is a clear sign of a heat stroke." Jaune remarks.

Yang sighed at hearing that. "Ruby, for the last time. Aliens aren't real."

"They are!" Ruby shouted, before pointing at Crimson. "He's an alien!"

Upon hearing that, Crimson gives a death aura around the room before speaking in the most murderous tone that anyone in the room has ever heard. "Don't you ever dare to call me a filthy xenos again. Got it." Rather than argue with the clearly still angry honest everyone turns back to the screen with more sweat than they were moments ago.

"But it was real!" Ruby shouts in her defense, but neither one of them wants to hear it.

"Ruby! You were hallucinating." Weiss scolded as she stood up. "Now, seeing that there is no shade around it's up to me to carry you up to this town."

Everyone raised an eyebrow at the comment, the silence was deafening before Neo spoke up. "Why?"

"Also, you shouldn't do that to someone with heat stroke." Sun pointed out.

"um, aren't you supposed to give people who are suffering from a heat stroke space to recover?" Jaune asked before getting a stern look from Weiss as she picked her up in bridal style.

"My point there!" Sun said when Jaune's story self said what he was talking about.

That stopped when they saw Weiss picked Ruby up bridal style. Coco gave a small whistle before commenting. "Who knew she was that strong." But Weiss has a bad feel about something and Crimson now looks more annoyed than pissed… But honesty which is better at the moment is nobody's clue.

"I said I will carry her. You got Rex." Weiss said sternly before walking away with Ruby in her arms. Jaune stood silently as Weiss struggled to carry an ecstatic Ruby who was glad that someone was carrying her up the mountain leaving the two behind.

Everyone laughs, including Crimson which was a welcoming sight since his outburst.

"… (sigh) Girls am I right Rex?" Jaune asked Rex who simply replied with a whimper as he sat down and refused to stand up. "Really… oh Gods damn it."

"Poor pupper." Sienna said with a sad tone.

As Jaune Struggles to get the cybernetic dog up he thinks back to how he and Weiss got roped up into this situation.

Flashback (Imagine Chibi versions for comedic effect)

"Yes, more flashbacks!" Nora cheered.

As soon as Chibi Six left with Chibi Boone and Ren the group became apparently bored. There was only so much one could do in the Lucky 38. It became so boring that chibi Veronica simply said to hell with it and quickly left the building in her new dress. With no one to look after them and chibi Weiss's mind dulled by the boredom they quickly left for the Strip. Of course, with the little money they have since chibi Six sealed most in a combination safe they went to the Gomorrah. Chibi Jaune was not allowed at the table since they knew what would happen. Chibi Ruby won some money but chibi Weiss was the real bread winner at the table. Not because she was lucky, rather the only educational book at the Sierra Madre was Chibi Dean's copy of Freelancer's guide to counting cards at blackjack.

Weiss felt a blush at the thought of her going to the casino after seeing it for the first time. 'Why am I blushing, it's just a casino… With women in little leather outfits, dancing around, sweating!' Weiss' face turns to a tomato before standing up and rushing to the magic door as she shouts. "I got to go!"

Of course, her winnings brought attention to the Omerta family. They competed with Chibi Weiss for an hour with the house's best prostitute, Chibi Joana. Of course, under normal circumstances Chibi Weiss would have declined but then again, the Omerta's didn't just dress like the old mafia gangsters of prewar Vegas. They acted like it, and god helps anyone who says no to a bunch of thugs with guns. She did however manage to convince them to allow chibi Ruby to be accumulated with her since she wasn't comfortable with the idea of sleeping with a stranger. Besides chibi Ruby will probably waste her hour by talking to chibi Joana.

Coco felt her personal gaydar shut down, which is a bad sign for the prostitute.

This however worked too well in the end, thankfully for chibi Jaune as well. Once the two were brought to a lavish bedroom in the corner of the court yard, they were greeted by chibi Joana. At first, she thought that she was going to watch the two like it was their kink or something. But once chibi Ruby's near childish personality pours out. Chibi Weiss simply sat on the sidelines watching Chibi Ruby talking Chibi Joana's ear off, while taking a cigarette since the urge for one had mixed with the regret of not taking the opportunity with Chibi Ruby. However, chibi Ruby's childish attitude brought forth that chibi Joana was forced into this life and her ex-lover chibi Carlitos, was about to be executed. Also, the family knew about chibi Weiss's card counting and were going to prove it by torturing chibi Jaune. So, after quickly searching through Brimstone they found chibi Jaune tied and gagged in a backroom along with chibi Carlitos. If they were a few minutes late chibi Jaune would have been defiled in the ass by the head torture who was dressed as a slutty cop.

Everyone in the room eyes widens sans for Crimson who gives an annoyed look. But the surprise about ROSG Weiss' feels fall behind at the torture which cause Yang to cover Ruby's eyes as both Coco and Velvet did the same for Penny.

At the end of the afternoon the three manage to sneak not only chibi Joana and chibi Carlitos but three other chibi girls that were forced into prostitution. Of course, this also didn't go unnoticed, A few of the chibi Omerta's men followed and resulted in a shootout. Thankfully no one was seriously injured… except for Chibi Jaune who was shot in the ass. After looting the corpses and hiding them in a nearby dumpster they took chibi Jaune to Followers to get patch up. The doctors were surprised how lucky Chibi Jaune was considering the bullet nearly hit his Iliac artery. After hours of surgery chibi Ruby ran into the chibi King who was there to get his chibi dog checked up.

The shootout was enjoyable, even when Jaune was shot. Though they were surprised at how lucky Jaune was at where his wounds were.

Chibi Ruby was moved by how Chibi Rex's cybernetics were failing him and that he will be passing away soon. However, it was revealed that there was a saving grace. Turns out there is a town in the mountains that has a doctor who specializes in robotics and brain surgical procedures. The chibi King would have made the journey and left his second man, chibi Pacer in charge. But with everything going on he couldn't send one of his guys or hire a guard to escort the dog. Before he could even propose chibi Ruby offers to do so, free of charge as well. The chibi King was absolutely stunned by chibi Ruby's generosity, but he welcomed it all the same. Chibi Weiss was a bit dismissive of leaving the softy of Vegas but after chibi Rex's low whimpering and puppy eyes pierced her heart, she was moved to taking the dog to hell and back by herself in need.

The sounds of awes can be heard from the girls, sans for Blake for some reason.

The chibi King handed chibi Rex over to the three, after giving a few ground rules. First he hates rats; it doesn't matter which kind he simply hates them. Secondly, he hates hats. The King figured it probably has to do with the fact that hats rhyme with rats. The last thing is that he can eat candy but no bugs apparently, he can't stomach the suckers and leaves a huge mess to pick up. So, with the rules made clear the two waited till Chibi Jaune's surgery was finished before setting off to the town in Mount Charleston.

"Huh, didn't see the last part." Nora said out loud.

As the flashback slowly ends, Chibi Jaune thinks heavily back on how they were attacked by everything from simple bugs like chibi Bloatfly to Legendary chibi Cazador's. Junked up chibi Fiends with makeshift weapons and flamethrowers to more of chibi Ceasers assassins. Then there were the strange things they had witnessed through the night. Chibi Ruby's supposed encounter with chibi Aliens being attacked by chibi bandits accusing Weiss of turning one of his friends into a newt… to which he got better.

(End chibi flashback)

"Just so everyone knows, Ruby did see aliens… Also as for the newt friend, yell he did get better." Crimson information causes Yang to go bug-eyed as Ruby buffs up her chest in pride. Just then Weiss came in not noticing the glare Yang was giving her.

Still despite their scuffles they finally made it up the mountain after traveling all night. Now Jaune was struggling to catch up with Weiss and Ruby. Rex was stubborn and Jaune ended up giving the old cybernetic dog a piggyback ride up the mountain. Unlike Weiss who had to carry Ruby and her weapons, Jaune nearly broke his back carrying the metallic dog and his weapons. He finally manages to catch up to the two when they arrive at the town. It was an old-world skiing resort turned into town with sharpened trees lining the resort like a fence. A huge sign that said Mount Charleston ski resort was covered in a white paint with the words crudely saying "Jacobstown."

"Huh, looks nice. But isn't it a little small to be a tome?" Jaune asks.

"Not really, that looks about the size of some small towns in Vacou." Sun answers.

As the two talked, nobody noticed in the town having large green and purple muscle males?

"Hugh, guys, can you give me a hand." Jaune struggles to say as he walks over to the two not noticing that they were staring in shock.

Neither of them answered but a soft tone replied as the weight on Jaunes shoulders lightened. "Sure thing."

"Ugh, thanks man…" Jaune paused as he turned around to see that it wasn't a man, but rather a green giant.

"Holy crap, they come in green?" Nora asks.

"You know you shouldn't carry something over cumbersome. If it doesn't slow you down, it will break your back eventually." The giant remarks with a slight chuckle. The three didn't respond but kept quiet as they stared in awe at the giant.

"Huh, good advice." Jaune muttered under his breath.

"… um I take it you three never met a friendly Super mutant before… Well where are my manners, names Marcus welcome to Jacobstown." The super mutant name Marcus said friendly as he held out his hand for someone to shake. The three continued to stare before Ruby, who was still being held by Weiss, reached out.

"Ruby Rose, nice to meet you Marcus." She replies with a mixture of confused and pleasant tone.

"Aw, well it's lovely to make your acquaintance MS. Rose. By chance you are hurt?" Marcus asked, pointing out that she was still in Weiss's arms.

"Why am I still holding you?" Weiss asks only to now notice the glare Yang was giving her. "What?"

"We'll talk later." The blonde said as she turned back to the screen.

"Hmm, oh no. Weiss insisted that she carried me up because she thinks I'm suffering from heat stroke or something." Ruby remarks as she manages to stand on her own.

"Heh, heat stroke. That's how it starts at first." Marcus murmurs as he thinks back on his memories with fondness. "Right then, as mayor of this haven for super mutants I wish you three welcome to Jacobstown. It's like any other town out in the waste, don't start trouble and don't steal. Otherwise you have free reign of the place. Oh, a piece of advice, don't stare at the Nightkin. They don't like it when people stare at them."

"Wait, you're the mayor?" Weiss asked with a brow raised.

"Is that so hard to believe?" Sienna asks the heiress.

"I've never met a Super Mutant, have you?" She stared back at the highlander who paused before shrugging.

"Yes, I founded this place a few decades back. A refugee for super mutants, named after an old friend of mine. Heh, you know I once was a mayor of a different town once. Was a long time ago but did lead to some exciting adventures." Marcus hums as he invites them to follow.

"Really now, what was it like?" Ruby asked with more interest than Weiss.

Everyone leans in to hear the story of the experienced leader's tale.

"I ran a town near Vault city called Broken Hills. Was a place where humans, ghouls, and super mutants got along… for the most part. I was it's mayor till I met a tribal looking for a G.E.C.K. Had one strange adventure that ends with us nuking an oil rig." Marcus recalls.

"Wow, it must have been crazy." Jaune said as the rest nodded.

"Tell us more." Nora pleaded.

"Wow, it must have been crazy." Jaune comments.

Jaune facepalm himself with a groan.

"Heh, it was. We once met an entire vault filled with Deathclaws, but they weren't any normal Deathclaws. They were intelligent Deathclaws. Could speak, read, hell if it wasn't for their big hands, they would have been able to write. They did make some mean Sweet blackberry mountain tea though." Marcus musses as he remembers tea he had with the tribal.

The original viewers' eyes widen all while the newcomers have no idea what Marcus just said.

"I see. Mr. Marcus by chance is doctor Henry a resident of Jacobstown?" Weiss interrupts.

"Hmm, oh sure he is. He's in the lab with his assistant Calamity. Just enter the lodge and take a right. We do have another human here but she is currently hunting Night Stalkers that have been eating at our bighorn herd." Marcus answers.

"Huh. Why do I have a feeling I know where this is going?" Pyrrha said as she felt something familiar.

"Thank you, Mayor Markus. I will get Rex here inside to see the doctor." Weiss replies before whistling to Rex who lets a small bark and follows her inside.

"So back to this Tribal, who was he?" Ruby asked with some curiosity.

"She was kind. Went the extra mile when it came to helping people. I believe you may have heard one of her embellish stories from NCR. The Chosen One." Markus comments as he thinks back on his time traveling with the Chosen one.

"Huh, so the Chosen One was a woman." Ruby smiles, remembering how much Trudy talked so highly of them.

"Wait, you met the Chosen One!?" Jaune asked in complete shock.

"I see you have heard of her. Yes I did, do you wish for me to regale you with our adventure through the waste?" Marcus offers.

"Hell yeah!" Nora and Coco cheered in, causing some laughter from everyone.

"Yes, yes please!" Jaune said giddily. Marcus gave a simple chuckle before leading the two into the lodge. As they walk toward the lodge the door opens up and out steps a Nightkin in female overalls with a straw hat. As she walked past them, she stopped Ruby.

Ruby and her friends got a little nervous, not knowing why the Nightkin stopped her.

"Jimmy? Little Jimmy is that you?" The Nightkin asked. "My oh My have you grown little Jimmy."

As soon as she spoke caused everyone but they're host to take a second take. "What the fuck?" Neo said, breaking the silences.

"Who are you talking to?" Ruby asked.

"Oh don't be silly Jimmy, it's me, your grandma. Grandma Lily." The Nightkin known as Grandma Lily replies. Before outstretching her arms and hugging Ruby with a death hug that only grandmothers could give.

"That looks worse than Yang's hugs." Ruby commented.

"That looks worse than Nora's." Jaune added in.

"That looks worse than Kali's." Sienna added, causing some confused looks. She notices the confusion before explaining. "Kali is Blake's mom, and as much as I do love her she has to be a chimera because there is no way someone could squeeze that tightly and be so small." Blake nods at the high leader remembering the times her mother couldn't hold back.

"I (Choke) think you have the wrong… person!" Ruby struggles to say

"What are you talking about…" Grandma Lily's eyes went wide and she instantly let go of Ruby. "Oh silly me. I forgot to take my medication today."

"It's alright, (cough) um I'm Ruby. Ruby Rose." Ruby replies as she tries to catch her breath.

"What a sweet name for such a young girl. Do take care of yourself, oh do this Granny a favor. Our other guest didn't eat all her Big Horn casserole. Would you be a dear and finish it for me? That will just be peachy for you." Lily requests to which Ruby's stomach answers for her.

"Um sure, it sounds good." Ruby said with a small smile.

"Is it that good?" Ruby asks.

"You can have it for lunch after the next chapter." Crimson said.

"See you again soon dearie." Lily said before making her way to the Bighorn pen.

"Heh, sorry about that. Lily means well but it seems she is suffering from dementia. She sees someone that looks like her supposed grandkids and she will either call them Jimmy or Judy." Marcus replies in a humorous apologetic tone.

"Why wasn't I called Judy?" Ruby asks now for the first time feeling a little self conscious about her looks.

"Beats me." Crimson said, not knowing himself. He played New Vegas as a Female Courier enough times and he never once heard Grandma call them Judy before.

"Oh, no problem. I never met my grandparents." Ruby said deflecting the apologies. Marcus gave a simple nod and the two enter the lodge as the snow began to blow down the mountain side.

"Sorry to hear that." Weiss said, patting her partner's back.

"Huh, Lily reminds me of my grandma." Nora added in, remembering the kind old woodswoman before it got soured when she started to remember that cunt of a mother of hers.

Inside was the remains of a Pre-war Ski lodge, it has been remodeled into a living home for the mutants. As Marcus told some of his story's traveling with the Chosen One to Jaune, Ruby decides to try this Bighorn Casserole. It was a strange meat, almost like lamb but gamier and tougher. Still the fresh potatoes and carrots and a strange egg topping mixed with BlamCo Mac & Cheese proved to be delicious even when cold. As she eats the casserole, she makes her way downstairs to the lab to meet up with Doctor Henry. He gave the final verdict on Rex to Weiss as Ruby entered the lab.

The casserole started making the viewers mouths watering, even Crimson was getting hungry by the dish.

"Ah, well it seems that his neural degradation is almost saccharine. Bio med gel can only preserve the brain for so long before it piklizzes it. Sorry young lady but if your dog is going to survive for another two centuries it needs a new brain." Doctor Henry said.

"That's it?" Ruby asks to be surprised by the verdict.

"That's it?" Ruby asked as she entered the room.

Ruby slams her face into her hands before silently cursing the universe.

"Yes, Ms. A simple brain swap should keep O'L Rex here alive, if it's alright I wish for him to stay so I can make some basic repairs on this O'L pup. God knows what he went through these past two hundred years." Doc Henry replies.

"Yeah, that would be a good idea." Velvets said.

"Alright, so where are we going to get a dog brain?" Weiss asked, slightly disturbed at the idea of getting a brain.

"If memory serves correctly there is a lady near Novac with a lot of dogs. Maybe she has a few on her last legs." Doc Henry suggests.

"Old lady Gibson? I know her." Ruby remarks thinking back to how she bought a thrust component to help Jason and his followers fly to their promised land.

Crimson's eyes widen before an evil smile starts to form.

"Ah, good. If you see her again, tell her I said hi." Doc Henry remarks as she lights up a cigarette.

Ruby gave a simple nod and went to get Jaune with Weiss. After explaining everything to Jaune he was hesitant to leave. He wanted to hear more stories on the Chosen One and Rex forcing him to carry up the dog did not do his back or puncture ass any favors. So, he agreed to stay behind and watch over Rex as Ruby and Weiss leave for Novac. After saying their goodbyes, they said they will be back in a few days and left Jaune at Jacobstown. Hours after Marcus finished his tales of the Chosen One Jaune decided to check in on Rex and Doctor Henry.

"That's actually a good idea." Sun said.

"… So, do you need any help?" Jaune asked as he sat on top of a gurney near the door with a plate of Bighorn casserole in hand.

"No, I'm good." Doc Henry replies as his assistant hands him a scalpel.

"Ok… tell me if you need anything." Jaune said to which the doctor gave a small hmm for a response.

Jaune sat silently as he ate the Bighorn casserole that Lily had set aside for the other human. It was definitely delicious. Much better than the Saulsberry steaks he has been living off on. As he ate, the door to the lobby opened and someone walked in.

"Lily, Marcus, Doctor Henry! Are you guys home?" A feminine yet polite sounding voice calls out.

Everyone's eyes widened at the voice, it couldn't be that soon could it?

"In here, Marcus and Lily are dealing with something!" Doctor Henry replies as he surgically removes the brain from the Night stalker. "So how many did you manage to scare away?"

The doors to the lab open up and in step a young female wearing a red flannel with a tan pair of jeans. She removes a Rattan cowboy hat and brown satchel. When she removes her hat she reveals bright crimson hair tied in a ponytail.

"Only a few, I'm going to have to venture into their den if I want to end the Nightstalker prob…" She stopped mid-sentence as she turned to face Jaune with emerald eyes. Jaune himself was completely stunned, the hunter that they were talking about was Pyrrha.

"Pyrrha!" The students cheered as Nora tackled and hugged her teammate as the champion laughed along with they're cheers.

"… Jaune?!" Pyrrha asked with a shocked look on her face.

"Pyrrha!" Jaune said as he set aside the plate and leapt off the gurney. He was about to say something but before he could even, she was already hugging him.

"Oh, thank Oum. I missed you so much." Pyrrha said as she held Jaune tightly.

"Yeah, I missed you too." Jaune said as he hugged back.

"Yes!" Nora cheered louder, causing even more confusion.

"As much as I would love to see more of your excitement, but prizes first." Crimson said as he summons six Skyrim Imperial armor from light to heavy. "Each one has been enchanted for each of you. Ruby has Stamina Regen, Nora has Poison Resistances, Pyrrha has Block, Velvet has Unhanded, Sun has Lockpicking, and Neo has Illusion." As he said that they put them on and felt the power pouring through them. Crimson was lucky he didn't turn it on yet though.

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