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Molly watched as Dorothy ran over to her husband who was trying to suck in air on the floor.

"How dare you!" Dorothy screamed. "This is our house you're trespassing on. We have people in high places and I will make sure you all go to jail for life!"

Molly sat on the floor shocked. It was so unlike her father to get violent.

Ed came back to where all his children sat surrounding Nick, carefully scooping her up.

"Good luck explaining this to the authorities then." Liz spit out as she followed her family out the door. Molly could only hope that this would be the last she would see of the Harbaugh's.

Her mother got into the driver's seat accompanied by Jeremy. Molly helped her father slide Nick into the car so that she was lying on top of the back seat's laps. Gripping her midsection as Will held onto her ankles.

Liz turned back, "We ready?"

"Go!" Ed saying as he slammed his door as he cradled Nick's head.

Liz set the car into drive and slammed on the pedal. Molly never thought her mother would blatantly break a law like this. Making it onto the main road going way over the recommended speed limit, nothing felt real.

Molly looked down at her best friend. Her father was gently brushing the hair from Nick's face, seemly trying his best to keep it together.

All Molly could do was hold onto her sister every time her mother made violent stops at lights and stop signs.

Jeremy kept looking back in the review mirror, trying to keep an eye on her like the rest of them.

Molly couldn't help herself, "Are we almost there?"

"Almost!" Liz replied, "How's our girl?"

Looking back at Nick she realized she didn't know. Alive. But…

Her mom must have read the situation through her silence, making the car go even faster.

In the move to get Nick into the car, Nick's shirt sat a bit up from her abdominal. A dark splotch was apparent on the tanned skin.

"Dad?" she said pulling the man away from Nick's face. Ed sucked in a breath.

"Liz." He started.

Liz stopped the car and turned around, "Were here get out!"

Ed jumped out of the car and grabbed Nick from Molly and Will's arms. Molly was barley out of the car as her father started towards the front doors of the ER.

Leaving the car rest at the front of the building,the family followed along with Will. Rushing to open the door for the man as made his way in with Nick.

It seemed to be a slow night for the hospital, nurses standing at the desk talking. Other patients sat in the waiting room to be called next.

"Help!" Ed shouted as he got inside the doors. Molly watched how fast the people in scrubs stopped what they were doing, making their way towards the family. The nurses surrounded her father, asking multiple questions Molly couldn't keep up with. They shined a light into Nick's eyes as another took her pulse. Soon a nurse was taking Nick from Ed's arms and rolling her into another room, others rushing behind.

A lady from behind the desk called to the family. The lady was an older woman with dark brown eyes and a warm smile that seemed to reassure her that her friend was in good hands.

The older woman handed them a clipboard and told them to fill it out while waiting.

Molly's adrenaline rush was starting to fade. Sitting down on the cheap plastic chairs in the waiting room, all she wanted to do was be with Nick.

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