Hello everyone as you were, finally here is the continuation of the previous chapter that due to life circumstances was delayed many months. Finally, here is the exciting part 2

Falseness in the Lost Crypt- Part Two Nothing for the Winner

Pov Ash 196 days for the pokemon league.

We entered Mount Moon, in a normal case it would have taken a few minutes to admire its rocky and moldy landscape on walls without light.

This dark probably Purple uses his Charmeleon to illuminate the cave, if he was right he would take out my Ponyta now- Miyuki exclaimed.

We keep walking and we find many Zubat downed.

Pokeball Ve.-The Pokemon Came In Easily Brock caught a new Pokemon.

Good idea I will also take the opportunity to catch one, throw a pokeball and Zubat was captured.

They don't want one Misty, Miyuki-

I'd rather spend my money on keeping Water-type Pokémon-

I don't prefer to leave my options open for now.


We hear Morado scream and continue down. Everyone is nervous except ...

Excellent we already know where it is.-Miyuki who smiled.

That is too optimistic.-I speak Misty frowning.

Well from what little we know this could have been Morado's fault

Ash of all here you are the one who knows him best, Purple is capable of doing this.-Brock asked.

Well, I wanted to say no, but deep down I knew that he was capable of this. It does not matter, we will discover the cause later.

I ran through the cave without seeing ahead and fell into a well.

Pov Morado

I was kneeling on the floor and in my loneliness suffering and having learned that my worst enemy had been reborn here in the Pokémon world as well. That guy ruined my life in the normal world and wants to ruin my second life, the worst thing is that my mind does not let me remember his face or almost anything about him, not even if he is a man or a woman. When I was interrupted by Arceus.-Purple I know this was a great shock for you but Mew's time is limited, so you should stop shaking first.- And I couldn't hear it.

Arceus this is bad if the chosen one cannot speak to me in this way and I will not be able to give him the locations of the other stones and Kanto will be destroyed.-I heard Mew say but I do not care.

He did not know that his reaction was going to be so bad but we have to encourage him.

Leave me alone.-Speak in a dark and angry way -You are just problems, Arceus if you could reincarnate me because you did not do it in some world without other humans.

Calm down Purple maybe everything looks dark but you can still stand up.-

Shut up hypocrite you just want me to save your world.- I said and then I yelled at him -I will not save Kanto! I will never save anyone! And if the world dies because I do nothing I do not care! And if Mask of Ice completes his plan the world would be better with fewer people who could attack me!

I got up and prepared to leave I had already given up on saving the world, as long as I wasn't the one to destroy it it wouldn't be my fault.

And when I started to leave the cave Ash fell on me. In the form of a scene Yaoi with one hand inside my shirt and the other in my crotch. And I really hate that you touch me

Idiot get off me-I kicked him very hard in the stomach to get him off, but the coach did not flinch and left alone.

Purple you know something of the current situation the pokemon are in danger.-

That will be fixed only in a few hours.-I remembered that Mew would commit suicide to return to normal the situation in a few months his sacrifice will be useless and all the pokemon in this region will die by then I will have left this region the only doubt It was to which region I would go to the worst regions has a good pokemon that I want to catch, I guess I'll think about it later.

Hey, that is a Pokémon that has never been before- Ash said pointing to Mew, since he was the only human who could Arceus. Ash did not see him and Ash scanned him with his Pokedex.

Never-before-sighted Pokémon Rank Z. - Ash's metallic Pokedex voice spoke and reminded me that scanning Mew with the Pokedex would give me a fortune of gold. bank.

Hey human in the cap you have to help me convince Purple to help me the Pokémon depend on it-

A talking Pokémon like you Meowth.-

Just ignore him he's like a person who says he works hard and then sleeps on the job- Mew could have stopped Mask of Ice if he had tried. -He's not worth our time.

Purple if the fate of the Pokémon is at risk the least we can do is listen to it.-

I already did it and I'm going to have fun saving the hero world.- I said as I continued on my way and called him Hero while I left in the most contemptuous way possible and with excessive disdain.

Well Purple we can't understand each other with the words so we will have to do it like the Pokémon trainers do in a Pokémon battle.- He said lifting his Pokeball while his Pikachu turned yellow and with a defiant look.

Sounds entertaining I accept.- And then Shout.- Arceus creates a great stadium.- Shout with all my strength towards the invisible Arceus.

You're lucky that I do this just to motivate you. - Reluctantly knowing it was his only hope.

Arceus took me and Ash to a large pokemon league-size stadium with all the silver and large field completely empty.

Purple where we are.-

Ignore that Mustard this place is safe.-

Don't call me that.

The battle will be one against 3 vs 3 and I choose Nindoran.- Thinking a little about the situation Charmeleon was the most powerful of my team, however Nindoran had a type advantage against Pikachu and Ash surely chose Pikachu without thinking twice and If not, the only Pokemon you have right now are Pidgeotto and Buterfree and I will use Rock Attacks.

Salt Pidgeotto.-

Pidgeotto uses fast attack.-

Nindoran uses sharp rock.-

Pidgetto return it with wing attack.-

His quick attack and Nindoran's stone hit him.

Nindoran returns damage with Vengeance.-

The attack hit Pidgeotto but soon took flight I ordered Nindoran to use sharp rock to keep the distance, most of the flying attacks are contact so this strategy bothered Pidgeotto. He couldn't get close but we were at a standstill where neither could attack the other.

Ash decided to risk breaking that impasse.

Pidgeotto uses Bird Brave.-

Nindoran defend yourself using the counter shield- Nindoran began to turn with

speed as he made sharp rock around himself.

Only Pidgeotto took damage.

Nindoran ends the battle with Sharp Rock once again- He started to sound like an anime character naming the same movement over and over again but this was the best option.

Pidgeotto dodges- But he could not dodge Pidgeotto was already on the ground by the counter shield and did not have time to get up again.

Pidgeotto was already weakened and Ash returned him to the pokeball thanking him.

That counter shield is very strong as you came up with, which is why I have already seen it used against Mask of Ice in the Pokémon center.-Asked with genuine curiosity Ash was amazed at the counter shield.

A Pokémon Trainer Doesn't Teach Other Subjects to Repeat Their Mustard Strategy- Partly true and partly stolen from watching the Pokemon anime.

Well I choose Buterfree.-Ash got his first catch.

Buterfree uses sleep powder.-

Nindoran Dig.-I quickly order Nindoran to avoid sleep dust but I didn't think about ...

Buterfree uses cyclone to send the dream powder through the hole.- And with that my Nindoran varicolor fell asleep underground.-

Buterfree uses a net shot to get Nindoran out of the hole and knocking her to the ground.

And so it happened Nindoran came out from under the ground and went against the floor very wounded.-

Buterfree Cutting Air -

Af- I sighed tired I had enough of that and I returned to Nindoran to the pokeball withdrawing it from the combat before the attack hit.-

Hey Morado because you did that Nindoran could keep fighting.-

I could no longer do anything useful for combat, if I had not taken it from the field I would have only received nonsense damage.- Nindoran was no longer capable of damaging Buterfree so that the next pokémon would defeat him or give me some field advantage.-

You are wrong while the Pokémon is not weakened the combat is not determined.-

You have too much confidence, the pokemon combat ends when the pokemon can no longer do anything that can change the outcome of the battle.

You are too pessimistic.-

Or are you the one who is very optimistic, come out Charmeleon.- Take my strongest pokémon to the field, who roared like a lion.

Charmeleon.- Charmeleon roared with all his strength excited to go out onto the battlefield.

Buterfree uses sleep powder.-

Charmeleon set it on fire.-With a simple order Charmeleon burned the dust.

Attack with a wheel of fire.-

Buterfree defend yourself using gale.-

Charmeleon was approaching but could not advance through the gale when ordered.- Charmeleon do not stop making the fire wheel and the flamethrower at the same time.

The flamethrower was mostly repelled but small embers burned Buterfree creating an opening.

Finish it off with Metal Claw.- The attack landed and hit Buterfree and then Charmeleon flipped him to knock Buterfree to the ground.

Buterfree had fallen.-Get up Buterfree.

Charmeleon don't let him get up use flamethrower.-

Attacking a pokemon while trying to lift I never saw that in any series of Pokemon it sounds a little dirty but it's not cheat. It was one thing to watch a program on television and another to be on it and I had to keep fighting.

Buterfree went back to his pokeball.

You saw that Ash that's my strength I will never help anyone.-Shout as arrogant as possible.

If it is seen and you are not someone who trusted the force since you give up too easily, the truth is that you want to help.-

I want to help you, fuck you mustard.-

That is not the truth, you want to be contradicted otherwise you would not have given me this opportunity you want to have friends and you bother yourself because you cannot do it.

That is not true, I am a loner who wants to be more alone than he is. People are the problem, they are only an obstacle, they are monsters, they are pure rubbish, that is what people are, they are only problems for other people, they are just idiots. Living in a world full of idiots and you are just mustard trash, you are not even good enough to be a decent protagonist in an anime program for children.-

What are you talking about.-

It is what I said you are dense, you have the IQ of a mental retard and a lower EQ than that, you are crying and reckless, you are boring and predictable.- Well, I think I began to criticize him for being a boring anime protagonist after all. I calmed down a bit and asked him to continue the battle. He pulled Pikachu out.

Charmeleon flamethrower.-

Pikachu tackled volts.-

Shit he doesn't learn that attack before the border battle.

The rodent impacted its attack on charmeleon and sent it flying towards a wall.

Charmeleon uses Metal Claw.-

Strike Back with an Iron Tail Pikachu.- Again, an attack should not learn until reaching Hoenn.

Pikachu won the match again and Charmeleon fell to the ground but got up quickly.

He would have to carry out a sneak attack.

Charmeleon smoke screen.-

Pikachu uses electro network.-

Or not Pikachu shouldn't know that attack before reaching Alola.

The electronet absorbed the smoke and impact on Charmeleon by entangling him and electrocuted him.

I was completely losing this battle and my strongest pokemon was cornered.-

Pikachu ends this with Electrocañon.-

Another attack that according to the anime never learns although with what was happening it was already becoming predictable and boring, I suppose this is mustard.

The attack hit a tangled Charmeleon causing serious injuries and falling close to my feet still entangled in the electrical network.

I leaned into it with the pokeball to put it away when.-


Go back to pokeball you can't win anymore and you can't do more damage to Pikachu for Sandshrew to finish it.- Try to use logic to get to him.

Char, char char.-

You want to keep fighting, well then don't blame me if you hurt him.- Charmeleon smiled and got up slowly. And he bit my hand, I remember the pokedex said that this is the way to show your love and love hurts a lot.

Alright Charmeleon break free using flamethrower on yourself.

Charmeleon released himself knowing he would only have energy for one last attack and apparently Pikachu and Ash were waiting for him.

Charmeleon uses Sunny Day.- The field was filled with a scorching sun and Charmeleon began to be illuminated was his ability Solar Power increases his special attack in sunny weather, plus the increase in sunny weather. He radiated a great orange aura and stood up and charged his most powerful attack.

Now Charmeleon uses hot flush.-

Pikachu tackled volts and iron tail.-

Pikachu used the wall to propel himself and launched himself at high speed towards Charmeleon who was already engulfing himself in flames to attack the electric pokémon.-

The clash of both powers caused an upward tornado consisting of fire and electricity.

-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! - Ash from the power of the attack had shot backwards just like me.

The explosion appears to have generated a large red mist.

and out of the red mist 2 giant pokemon emerged, a Pikachu Gigamax and a Charmeleon Dynamax.

Pikachu you're fine.- Mustard asked worried but received a pika in response indicating that things were fine.

Generally the first thing I would do would be to ask Arceus this but.- Charmeleon the battle is not over attacks Pikachu.

The Pikachu battle continues.-

And then none of the 2 coaches passed we knew the names of Dynamax's attacks so Pikachu and Charmeleon exchanged turns to slap each other.

And then the dynamax effect ended and both pokémon returned to their original size.

Now Pikachu Thunder.-

Pikachu's attack hit Charmeleon and weakened him. I returned Charmeleon to Pokeball.

Bien Morado brings out your last Pokémon.-

That no longer makes sense your desire.- I gave up there was no sense to continue with this, Sandshrew could not beat Pikachu nor with the type advantage possibly not be a rival for Pikachu until he evolves.

Arceus accepted it and returned us to the cave in front of Mew.

We both fell at his feet hitting us with the hard rocks of the silver mount.

You won I will fulfill my part of the deal I will help and the price will be 10% percent of your monthly income for the next 12 months.-

Hey that was not the deal.-

I do not work for free, not even tax payments.-

Well this is better than nothing Ash said resigning himself.-

Suddenly Mew began to slowly disintegrate.

It seems that my time is already finished.- Mew spoke dryly accepting his death.

No you can not resign so there must be another way.-I speak Ash

But Mew didn't hear it, it was falling apart.

Ash, Purple entrusted to them the fate of the world.- Those were the last words of Mew

And Mew evaporated to dust.

I saw Ash mourn his death sincerely I did not understand Ash's pain I only knew Mew for at least half an hour but I respected him and I left to let him cry calmly.

With Mew's death all the Pokémon in this region would live if I beat Mask of Ice.

Author's note

I am excited to write this chapter which is the first step for the slow, very slow, really slow period of evolution of the purple character which is slow because what he becomes is a good character if you take away his defects.

Ash was right in what he said to Purple he didn't want to be like this unconsciously he has a childish desire that they want him to contradict them so he can change but he doesn't know it. Maybe Ash was a little OOC but Arceus will explain it later.

In the battle of Ash vs. Purple the power of Ash's Pikachu was shown in the story which easily defeated Charmeleon who he would have sincerely beaten faster without the Dynamax scene which will also be explained in the future by Arceus.

The level of pikachu varies a lot in the anime with Latios to lose with a Snivy and a rookie coach and this Pikachu of the story is far from both he would not lose are Snivy but he is far from the legends so you have an idea of his power is close to Paul's Electivire or Gary's Blastoise.

As for why Morado gave up well he didn't think he could win and he was very tired he had a long day which is not over yet as he will have to deal with Miyuki and the police in the next chapter.

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