Whatsup everybody! I'm back! I love Starkid and I really wanted to do a fanfiction about them. I hope I don't make it to cringing. Here goes!

Chapter 1: I just wanted pizza.

Joey was craving something to eat as we were walking back from rehearsal. But no one could blame him Lauren thought.We had been rehearsing for so long everyone was hungry.

"We need food!" Joey whined for the 10th time today.

"I can't say I don't agree." Jamie replied.

"Yes!" Joey exclaimed,"So we should eat!"

"There's a pizza place not far from here." Joe (walker) suggested.

We all agreed that we would go to the pizza place.

As soon as it came into sight Joey just bolted down to get to it. We all followed.

"Oh yes I'm starving!" Rachel said.

We all got in and ordered pizza. We got 2 pizzas between all of us.

"Joey you've gotta leave some for us!" Jeff laughed.

"Sorry." Said Joey his mouth full of food.

"Hey Lauren you okay, you haven't been talking much?" Robert asked.

Lauren knew he was going to ask her that eventually. She had been acting wierd all day because she had this wierd dream that felt so real.

She had heard this wierd spooky voice. It had told her that she was chosen to do some sort of mission and she had to take her friends. But it said only one worthy survivor would come out alive and that she had to go to this master boss for the rules of the quest or all of her friends would be in mortle peril.

She was very freaked out the next day and felt like she had to actually complete this quest. Of course she wasn't going to tell Robert that especially in front of everyone.

"Oh nothing, just... tired." Lauren lied.

"Oh yeah." Robert replied," long rehearsals! The show might not even be that good!"

Lauren forced a laugh. But inside she was actually very worried and stressed. What if this was real and she didn't go to the master boss. Would all of her friends really be in mortle peril?

The rest of the meal they just talked about the show and how stressful it was. Except Joey he was still eating.

Suddenly a dark black hole appeared in the roof. All of the other people in the restaurant ran out of the place as fast as they could.

But Lauren, Robert,Joey, Rachel,Jamie,Joe and Jeff all stayed.

"What the fuck is this!?" Joe shouted.

There was this wierd spooky voice coming from the black hole. Just like the one Lauren heard in her dream. The voice spoke: "The chosen one has refused to come within the time limit. I will stay true to my word. Your friends will all be in mortle peril."

And with no warning the black hole sucked Lauren and all of her friends into the hole.

This was by far the worst day of Lauren's life.

End of chapter one. I really love this fanfic so I'm definitely going to do more anyway. I really hope you like it. I couldn't include all of the Starkid cast members as there is a lot but maybe more will show up later in the story! Hope you like it!

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